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One of the more common Atari Questions / E-Mails we get, do you really have that Atari part or Atari item in stock.  I have checked the world wide Internet and you are the only one that lists it?  I noticed that your that your Atari web page(s) have not been updated (bottom of each Best Web page has a last updated date) for weeks, months or years?  When we cleared out the local Atari Sunnyvale Warehouses here over a 10 to 15 year period, we hauled in thousands and thousands of Pallets of Atari Goods.  Some Atari items we have a lifetime supply of (hence why the Best Atari web page for that product never gets updated) and other Atari items have sold out fast to the world wide Atari users and collectors.

New Best International Shipping information Tip for 1st time and current International Best World Wide Atari Customers


Bests Atari Hall of fame  A little background into why Best Electronics was started 40 years ago and a short list of Best Exclusive made Atari Products, Atari Upgrade kits, Replacement and Upgraded Atari parts Best has developed / produced in the last 40 years in the Atari business.  See why some of the Best made exclusive Atari items and stock Atari products we carry, even show up on E-Bay after they are purchased direct from Best Electronics and resold with a big mark up by E-bay Atari sellers! 


After 5+ months work, On September 17, 2022 Best is now shipping the Best Electronics exclusive 2nd Generation ST / STE / Falcon Keyboard TT Touch internal upgrade silicon cups and the 2nd Generation XE Touch XE keyboard upgrade internal silicon cups.  Check out the feed back comments of World Wide Atari owners who have upgraded their Atari made stock keyboards with the Best 1st Generation ST TT Touch or 1st Generation XE Touch upgrade contacts for over 20+ years now.


On March 9, 2020 Best started another Atari CX52 Joystick upgrade product.  After 14+ months of work, Best is now releasing a New Upgraded / Enhanced CX52 Rev. 10 Gold flex circuit, that cures one of the hidden problems (most experienced 5200 CX52 Joystick rebuilders do not even know about) that caused the old Carbon dot Atari CX52 Joysticks to always fail and a very very few of the Best Gold CX52 Joysticks to temporally fail.  The Gold plating of the stock Atari CX52 Rev. 9 flex circuits has always been a 16 year headache for Best which is now cured with release of the Best designed Rev. 10 Gold upgraded Flex circuit.  Now all Best Reconditioned / Upgraded exchange and out right buy Atari CX52 Gold Joysticks in sock have now been upgraded with the New Best designed State of the Art Rev. 10 Gold Flex circuits


On February 14, 2021 after a 3+ year search (longest in Best company history), the many many steps involved and set backs on the making of the New Best State of the Art Auto Switching Atari 2600 Power supplies.  Now shipping.


All Atari World Wide Atari CX78 JoyPad Owners!  On June 17, 2019 after 16+ months work, Best has released a CX78 Upgrade Gold Kit that will fix / cure the known Atari CX78 JoyPad problems that causes them to fail early and it also Enhances / Upgrades the stock Atari made CX78 JoyPad features / functions!    


On June 17, 2019 Best released another Upgraded Atari replacement part.  The 16+ month story behind the making of the New 4th Best designed Upgraded / Enhanced Atari CX40 Joystick replacement cable.


After 30+ months (2 years and 6 months, the 2nd longest in Best Company history) of work, Best is releasing the 3rd upgrade for the stock Atari made stock CX40 Joystick.  The Best 1st CX40 Lifetime Gold internal PCB upgrade was introduced in 2005.  2nd Best CX40 Lifetime Silicone Joystick boot, released in November 2016.  Released on August 09, 2018 the 3rd Best CX40 Upgraded / Enhanced / Beefed up Atari CX40 Joystick replacement part.  The Best Super CX40 Joystick replacement handle.  Three New Best CX40 Joystick upgrades, 15 to 20 years after very last Atari Engineering Upgrades / Revision Changes were made to the stock Atari made CX40 Joysticks.   


As of July 10, 2018 Best Electronics is now shipping 4th Generation / Rev. 4 of the Best exclusive Atari CX40 Joystick Lifetime Gold PCB boards.  For over 13+ years now, they have become a World Wide Upgrade board that turns the always failing (because of the stock CX40 boards) Atari CX40 Joystick into lifetime Gold CX40 Joystick (assuming the inner CX40 white handle is good).  Read the upgrade stats / information on the Best CX40 Gold PCB's and the 110% positive feed comments from World Wide Atari / Commodore CX40 Joystick users that have installed the Best CX40 Gold Upgrade boards  They are even purchased direct from Best Electronics and resold on E-Bay! 


Be advised of the Atari 7800 clone power supplies ($22.61 to $40.97) and the very over priced ($49.95 to $89.95) stock New and Used Atari made OEM 7800 Power supplies listed on E-bay / Amazon, all suffer from the same known 7800 Power supply design problems that cause them to go bad early for the last 25+ years and is one of the many reasons why Atari 7800 users are always looking for a New / Replacement 7800 Power Supply.  After 11 months of work, Best has cured these known 7800 Power supply problems with its New Upgraded / Improved / Enhanced 2018 Auto Switching Atari 7800 Power supply which costs less than any of the ones listed on E-Bay or Amazon and has a better / longer Atari Warranty.  Read the Best Article on the making of the New 2018 Best 7800 Upgraded / Improved / Enhanced Power Supply


Best Electronics is releasing its 1st upgraded Atari product for 2018.  Read about the 10 month story behind the making of the Best Atari 600XL / 800XL Enhanced / Upgraded replacement Keyboard Mylar


After 12+ months work, Best Electronics is releasing another upgraded Atari product for 2017.  The Best 2nd Generation Enhanced / Upgraded Custom made 12 ft Atari Composite Video Cable for Atari 8 bit Computers


After 10+ months work, Best is releasing its latest Atari Upgrade part for the 35+ year Atari designed CX40 Joystick.  See why Best went back to a 1982 Atari Engineering designed CX40 part to inspire its latest Upgraded / Improved CX40 Lifetime replacement part.


Where the average Atari company would of given up over a year and 7 months ago, looking for a replacement / upgraded Atari CX30 Paddle Pot.  Best would like to thank the hundreds and hundreds of patient world wide Atari CX30 Paddle users who have waited and inquired over and over for the last 19+ months about the status of Bests Super Pot search.  Read what Best Electronics went thru searching the world for a new 2nd Generation CX30 Pot vendor.  What sounds like a very easy Atari part to find, ended up being a very very long extended search (the 2nd longest in the 37 year company history) for Best Electronics. 


After over 8+ months work, Best is releasing its latest exclusive Atari upgrade.  It is a 2016 Upgraded / Improved / Licensed version of a bench mark / proven Atari 800XL 256K Ram Upgrade, 1st released in 1990.


After over 6 months work, Bests New and Latest Gold controller Upgrade for a troubled Atari 7800 Joystick (like the Atari CX40 and CX52 Joystick problems which Best has fixed) with a shaky past.  If you liked Bests CX40 Joystick lifetime Gold PCB boards, Upgraded Gold Lifetime Atari CX40 Joysticks and Lifetime Atari 5200 CX52 Gold Joysticks you will love this latest Atari 7800 Lifetime controller upgrade.  


After 8 months work, Best's latest 2016 Atari 1200XL Keyboard Upgraded internal replacement Mylar for an Atari keyboard with almost a 100% Failure rate!  

Here is a chronological listing of all Best Atari Web site Updates, Corrections or New Atari items since it went up in early 2002. 

 As you will see, we keep the Best Atari Web site current and up to date for all Atari Consumer products we support.


The World Leader in Atari Parts and Atari Supplies.  On February 1, 2023

Best Electronics started its 40th year in the Atari business!

As of 02-07-18 the Best Web site has had over 1 Million+ views from World Wide Atari users!

The Perfect Holiday / Birthday Gift for that Atari Person

Best Electronics was Voted "The Best Atari Supporting Company" in the World.  By World Wide Atari users,  in the Independent online, MyAtari 2002 and 2003 web site Surveys and 1st Runner up in the 2004 Survey!  Survey was not run in 2005 - 2023!



Best Atari Customer feed back:

All comments are spontaneous unsolicited Best customer feed back comments and are posted here with the permission of each Best customer.


David D. of OH  David placed his 1st Atari order to Best via E-Mail.  "THANK YOU!!!  My order of parts just arrived today. The order was %100 correct, packed very well, and you shipped it extremely fast!!!  With customer service like that i can see why your super busy.  Keep up the great work!!!  If and when i have any more Atari needs, i will be sure to come back to you."


Matt M. of WA  "The 1200XL mylar arrived this morning (!!!) -- incredible speed! I've already swapped it in and it works PERFECT! Thanks for helping me bring my 1200XL back to life!"

Follow up Comment:  "Thanks again for doing what you do for us Atari fans!"


Robert F. of NY.   Robert contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was trying to revive his old Atari 520ST (the very 1st 1/2 meg Atari 16 bit ST computer they ever made) keyboard that was not fully working.  Over several E-Mails back and forth,  Best give Robert some Atari ST trouble shooting tips to try on his ST Keyboard to get if fully working again.  In the end, we had exhausted Roberts trouble shooting ability.  So Robert ordered one of the just about impossible to find in the world, New 1987 Japan made Atari 520ST US Keyboard assembly from Best.   "The keyboard for my 1987 520ST arrived today and works perfectly!  Thank you very much for your assistance."


Matt of CO.   Matt ordered a New boxed Atari 2600 game and one of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded (with Best 2nd Gen. S-5 Lifetime Super Pots) CX30-S5 Paddles.  "I received the order in great shape!  The games were terrific but the best paddle controllers are amazing"


Elliott S. of NJ.  Contracted Best about 8 months ago.  He was looking for one of Best Upgraded / Lifetime 1200XL replacement mylars.  He E-Mail back saying he got the old stock 1200XL Keyboard working again.  Best has heard this

thousands and thousands of times over the years.  The temporally fixed stock 1200XL internal Keyboard mylars always 100 fails again.  The final fix is a new Best designed upgraded / enhanced 1200XL keyboard mylar.   "Just wanted to let you know that I received the mylar on Monday as it came in two days!  I just installed it and it works like a charm.  Basically took me 15 minutes"

Follow up Comment:  "Feel free to post." (His Best feed back comment) "Pleasure working with you!


Douglas B. of IL   "Douglas contacted Best saying "I just had issues with one of my original" Atari stock 7800 "power supplies this weekend."  He ordered 2 of the New Upgraded / Enhanced Auto Switching 7800 power supplies.  "Thanks for all the years you have supported and worked for the Atari community.  You are truly a treasure."

Zack N. of NC  On his 1st Atari order to Best  "You set me up with some Atari ST and XE keyboard contacts" Bests 2nd Generation ST TT Touch and 2nd Generation XE Touch Atari Keyboard internal upgrade Silicon contacts "that did not disappoint (such an improvement!), and a schematic that I now have framed behind me.  Now I'm back for some 2600 paddle potentiometers. I respect and sympathize with your hunt" over 1 year and 7 months Best search "for such an elusive part.  I'd like 2 sets of the 2016 super pots please." 


Tomala M. of Japan  Tomala order 2 sets of Best new 2nd Gen. TT Touch ST / STE / Falcon keyboard internal upgrade contacts.  Placing another Atari order with Best he said.....  "First, I would like to thank you for the excellent quality of your TT Touch 2nd generation I ordered last time.  I have already installed one set in my STE and the difference is amazing !  I will now have to install the second set in my Falcon, once all my project is over"


474+ Additional Best Customer Atari Feedback Comments from all over the World


   Best Electronics Company wide Recycling and Eco efforts!




Best Electronics has been Sold Out of the very popular Wizztronics Atari 8 bit Midimax MIDI interfaces for close to 6 – 7+ years now.  Not to use the over used RARE word on E-Bay Atari listings, the MIDIMAX product is one step more.  In the last 10+ year of watching for Atari items on E-bay every single day, I think in total, we have only seen one used Wizztronics MIDIMAX listed and sold on E-Bay.  Think of it, have you ever seen a Wizztronics Atari MIDIMAX ever listed on E-bay at all?  World wide Atari 8 Bit Computer (400 (48K), 800 (48K), 1200XL, 800XL, 65XE / 130XE and XE Game owners simply will not part with their highly prized Atari MIDIMAX interface.  With an inexpensive MIDI Keyboard you can now learn how to use MIDI Synthesizers, Drum machines, Write/Save, Play and Modify Music without the normal High cost of a normal MIDI system and Atari ST, PC or Mac Computer.  With the MIDIMAX MIDI interface, standard MIDI Keyboard, 2 MIDI cables and an Atari 8 bit computer with disk drive, you have a Brand New application for your Classic Atari 8 bit Computer!!

We have some interesting News on the Atari MIDIMAX product



I over paid for an eBay logoAtari item!  E-Bay is a great place for Atari Bargains, but over the last 14 to 15+ years we have seen Atari E-bay bidders over pay for thousands of New and Used Atari items that have No Warranty at all, when Best Electronics has the exact same New Atari item in stock for less money with the normal Atari 90 Day Warranty (same Atari Warranty for the last 40+ years) and in most cases with cheaper shipping charges.  So when you find an Atari item on E-Bay you are thinking about bidding on, suggest you come to the Best Atari Web site to find if Best Electronics has the same New Atari item in stock.  Remember that not all of the over 5,000+ Atari items we have in stock are listed at this Atari web site, only the more popular ones we get requests for.  If you can not find it on this all Atari web site, send us an E-Mail:  The lesson here is, you should always check the Best Web site before bidding on any Atari item and do not get caught up in E-Bay Bidding fever or get caught by an E-Bay land shark trying to get over market value for a new or used Atari item.  If you do have a problem with your Atari E-Bay item you won and it is sold as Seller does not offer returns, you can come to Best Electronics to get the Atari replacement parts or free Best Atari Technical advice on how to fix your ailing E-Bay Atari items. 

Here are some recent samples of over paid or over priced Atari items we seen on E-Bay


Atari CX7802 849119 Atari 7800 Asteroids NIB SEE PICTURES AND DESCRIPTION.  14 days returns  Buyer pays for return shipping   Current 2 day E-Bay auction as of 02-18-24.  Buy it now for $84.95 with free shipping  

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 7800 Asteroids with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $15.00 plus shipping


Rare Sealed F-15 Strike Eagle Jet Simulation Game Atari IBM Tandy Big Box PC.  30 days returns  Buyer pays for return shipping  Current 2 day E-Bay auction as of 02-18-24.  Buy it now for $149.95 plus $16.40 shipping 

Bests New in the Shrunk wrapped box disk based game (this disk information was not listed in the E-Bay auction information), F-15 Strike Eagle for the Atari 400 800 1200 XL XE Computers, with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $9.95 plus Max. US shipping $10.40  In stock for over 20+ years


New hand assembled (not molded) Atari ST External Floppy Disk Drive Cable - 14 Pin DIN To 14 Pin DIN.  Last One / 18 sold on 12-10-23, 10 available, 19 sold on 02-18-24.  Returns accepted, buyer pays return shipping back to the UK   Current 10 day E-Bay auction as of 02-18-24.  Buy it now for $49.07 plus $8.81 shipping

Bests New Atari fully molded and fully Shielded ST Disk Drive 14 pin to 14 pin external ST Disk Drive cable with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  25 inch ST cable $15.95, 3 foot ST cable $17.95 plus Max. US shipping on either cable $10.40     


2 ( TWO ) NEW White Plastic Joystick Handles for Original Atari 2600 Joystick.   More than 10 available / 33 sold 

60 day returns | Seller pays for return shipping  Current 10 day E-Bay auction as of 02-18-24.  Buy it now for $25.95 with free shipping  Best has seen these non Atari made CX40 replacement white clone handles on E-Bay for years.  On average they last about 2 to 4 months of normal CX40 Joystick use and all of a sudden you hear a snap / cracking sound (bottom thin round ring breaks) within your CX40 joystick as they 100% fail.

All Atari CX40 Joystick owners for the last 35+ years have known how fast their stock (two Atari versions / styles made) CX40 inner handles would fail with any kind of normal use.  3rd party replacement CX40 handles of the same era would fail even faster than the Atari OEM stock CX40 Handles.  After 30+ months work, The New Best Designed / Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 replacement Super Handle with the normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $12.95 each plus shipping.  See the Best customer feed back comments on the Best Gold CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the New Best CX40 Super Handles


USED ORIGINAL FACTORY ATARI CX-2600A CONSOLE VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM POWER SUPPLY ADAPT.  Seller does not offer returns  Current 11 day E-bay auction as of 02-18-24.  Buy it now for $31.99 plus $6.30 shipping  Buying a 25 to 35+ year old used Atari DC 2600 Power, is like buying a used 30+ year old car battery and expect it to run like a new Car battery.  Old linear DC power supplies have a fixed useable life, they degrade with time / use and then they all fail.  Read Bests Atari Information Tip why you should never buy used Atari DC Power supplies on E-Bay!

Bests New (3 years in development) in the Shrunk Wrapped box state of the art Auto Switching Atari 2600 Power Supply for all World Wide made Atari 2600 consoles with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $13.95 plus Shipping


Used Donkey Kong Junior Atari 2600.  Seller does not offer returns   Sold on 02-04-24 for $40.00 plus $12.00 shipping

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 7800 Donkey Kong Junior with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $19.95 plus Max. US Shipping $10.40


NEW ( NOS ) ATARI 2600 BIG BIRDS EGG CATCH GAME IN FACTORY SEALED & S/W BOX 7800.  30 day money back, buyer pays return shipping  Current 28 day E-Bay auction as of 02-11-24.  Buy it now for $89.99 with free shipping  

Best New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 2600 Big Birds Egg Catch Game with Atari Kids controller over lay with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $15.00 plus Max. US Shipping $10.40


Factory Sealed 1988 Atari 2600 Mouse Trap by Exidy Video Cartridge Game Mint NOS.  30 day returns | Seller pays for return shipping  Current 28 day E-Bay auction as of 02-11-24.  Buy it now for $68.40 plus $12.00 shipping     

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 2600 Mouse Trap with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $15.00 plus Max. US shipping $10.40


Sea hawk Atari 7800.  Seller does not offer returns  3 available  Current 27 day E-bay auction as of 02-11-24.  Buy it now for $100.00 plus $9.00 plus shipping   This was listed wrong by the E-Bay seller.  It is a Froggo 2600 game cartridge.  It will also play on the Atari 7800 consoles.  Froggo games Never made an upgraded 7800 version Sea Hawk game.

Bests New in the Shrunk wrapped box Froggo Game 2600 Sea Hawk with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $12.95 plus Max. US Shipping $10.40


Gordo 106 Atari Lynx NEW Factory Sealed.  4 available 28 sold on 06-15-18.  Only 3 left 29 sold on 08-11-19, 58 sold on 02-11-24   Seller does not offer returns  Current 25 day E-bay auction as of 02-11-24.  Buy it now for 34.95 plus $6.28 shipping 

Bests New in the shrunk wrapped Lynx Gordo 106 game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $19.95 with Max. US Shipping $10.40


Used Galaxian (Atari 400/800) with Box and Manual Atari CXL4024.  30 days returns  Seller pays for return shipping  Current 19 day E-Bay auction as of 02-04-24.  Buy it now for $70.00 with free shipping

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE /XE Game Galaxian with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $29.95 plus shipping


Used Atari 400/800 Computing Language Basic 1979 Cartridge and Box.  14 days returns. Buyer pays for return shipping  Current 19 E-Bay auction as of 02-04-24.  Buy it now for $34.00 with free shipping

Bests New in the Shrink Wrapped box Atari CXL4002 Basic Cartridge with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $10.00 plus shipping


NTSC Brand New Sealed Atari Jaguar Video Game System Console Controller.  More than 10 available, 193 sold.  Seller does not offer returns  Current 24 day E-Bay auction as of 02-04-24  Buy it now for $49.95 plus $12.95 shipping    

Bests New Atari Jaguar Controller with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $16.95 plus shipping


JOUST Atari Lynx NEW Factory Sealed.  Seller does not offer returns  9 available, 55 Sold.  Current 25 day E-Bay auction as of 02-04-24.  Buy it now for $79.95 plus $7.80 shipping

Bests New in the shrunk wrapped box Atari Lynx Joust game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $39.95 with Max. US Shipping $10.40


NINJA GAIDEN III Atari Lynx NEW Factory Sealed PA2092.  11 left / 201 sold on 05-09-21, 2 left /  238 sold on 02-04-24  Seller does not offer returns  Current 29 day E-Bay auction as of 02-04-24.  Buy it now for $79.95 plus $7.80 shipping

Bests New in the shrunk wrapped Lynx Ninja Gaiden III game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $45.95 with Max. US Shipping $10.40 


Used Lot of 2 - Original Atari 7800 Pro-Line Joystick OEM Controller Pair Tested.  30 days returns  Seller pays for return shipping  Sold on 01-24-24 for $59.99 with free shipping  Ask any old Atari CX24 / Proline Joystick owner how fast their old CX24 Joysticks failed.  Many times a few days to weeks right out of the New Atari box, the CX24 Joysticks would fail.  When Best cleared out the local Sunnyvale Atari warehouses years ago, there must of been over 10 to 15+ Pallets (5 to 6+ foot square pallets each stacked with boxes up to 6+ feet high) of thousands and thousands of returned / defective Atari CX24 Joysticks.  Atari could Never cure the CX24 Joystick failure problem.  So the Atari CX24 Joysticks got a bad reputation with Atari users over the years.  Now Best has designed a New Best Gold CX24 Upgrade board set that turns the old CX24 Joysticks into another Best upgraded Lifetime Atari controller.

Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari CX24 Joystick using the exclusive Best made New All Gold Lifetime CX24 Gold PCB board set with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $29.95 plus shipping  For more information on the Best CX24 Gold Lifetime board sets and Atari CX24 Gold Joystick Atari user feed back comments click here.


Star Raiders II Atari 800 CIB NOS.  60 days returns  Buyer pays for return shipping  Sold on 01-23-24 for $45.00 with free shipping  

Bests New in the Shrunk wrapped box Atari Star Raiders II disk game (this information was not listed on the above E-Bay auction listing information) DX5084 for Atari 800 XL / XE computers with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $29.95 plus Max. US shipping $10.40


New iPlay CX-40 Board [ Atari 2600 ] Joystick Controller w/ Fixed Switch Repair.  30 days returns  Seller pays for return shipping  10 available / 9 sold  Current 30 day E-Bay auction as of 01-28-24.  Buy it now for $19.95 plus $5.50 shipping   This is a new Blue cloned version of the stock old Atari CX40 internal PCB.  It uses the same small tin plated dome contacts but one worse feature than the stock Atari made OEM CX40 PCB's.  It has all tin plated exposed metal circuit traces vs Atari CX40 Copper circuit traces.   Ask any old Atari CX40 Joystick owner, how fast their Atari CX40 Joysticks failed because the Atari internal CX40 PCB's 100% failed. 

Bests New 4th Gen. Lifetime CX40 Joystick Gold PCB board with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  Since 1st released in 2005 the Best designed all Gold CX40 PCB, thousands and thousands of Atari World Wide CX40 Joystick owners have found, once you install a Best CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB board, it turns a standard Atari CX40 Joystick that fails all of the time, into a Lifetime CX40 Gold Joystick.  $9.95 plus shipping  For more Information and World wide Atari CX40 user feed back comments on the Best Exclusive CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB's click here.  These very popular Best CX40 Gold PCBs are purchased direct from Best and are resold by E-Bay Atari sellers for more money.


Used Battle Wheels Atari Lynx Game Rare With Instruction Manual-PreOwned- Tested, No box!  Seller does not accept returns  Current 3 day E-Bay auction as of 01-28-24.  Buy it now for $95.99 plus $6.60 shipping

Bests New boxed Atari Lynx Battle Wheels game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $99.95 with Max. US Shipping $10.40  In stock at Best for over 15+ years !


CYBERMORPH Atari Jaguar Cartridge W/manual & Overlay NEW In Box Seller does not offer returns  9 available 27 sold on 06-15-20, 6 available 30 sold on 11-11-20, 6 available 43 sold on 05-09-21, only 5 left 53 sold on 10-31-21, 3 left / 58 sold on 06-04-22, Last one 73 sold on 01-28-24.  Current  day E-Bay auction as of 01-28-24.  Buy it now for $79.95 plus $8.60 shipping       

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari Jaguar Cybermorph game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $29.95 plus Max. US shipping $10.40


Used CALIFORNIA GAMES Atari Lynx Game Cart - RARE! w/instruction manual.  No box.  Seller does not offer returns   Current 6 day E-Bay auction as of 01-28-24.  Buy it now for $115.00 and $6.99 shipping   

Bests New Atari Lynx California games with new manual, no box with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $14.95 with Max. US Shipping $10.40


Tower Toppler (Atari 7800, 1988) - NIB Brand New In Box Vintage Video Game Seller does not offer returns  Current 24 day E-Bay auction as of 01-28-24.  Buy it now for $71.20 plus $9.99 shipping

Bests New in the Shrunk Wrapped box Atari 7800 Tower Toppler game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $15.00 plus Max. US shipping $10.40


Pitfall (1983) ATARI 5200  NEW IN BOX SEALED  NIB.  Seller does not accept returns  Sold on 01-21-24 for $82.00 plus $9.75 shipping 

Bests New in the Activision Shrunk Wrapped box 5200 Pitfall game, only works on 4 port 5200 consoles, not 2 port consoles (this information was not in the above E-Bay 5200 auction listing) with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $15.00 plus Shipping


4,219+ examples of over paid or over priced E-Bay Atari items


Best Electronics Atari Joystick, Paddle, Trackball and other Atari Controllers Quick Reference Guide!

Best Electronics Quick Reference Guide for Atari Replacement OEM Power Supplies, Cables and Connections to TV's and Monitors

Best Atari Information tip:  Atari Power Supplies or what you should know before you buy a used E-Bay Atari Power supply or E-Bay Atari product with an used internal Atari Power Supply.

Best Atari XL / XE Power Supply information tipAre all Atari XL / XE replacement power supplies the same?


Best Electronics Final Answer to the Atari 5200 Joystick 25+ year Problems, What Every Atari 5200 Owner Should Know!


New Best exclusive 2nd generation Atari CX52 Joystick Upgrade


After close to 28+ years of selling Reconditioned Atari Carbon dot and Gold CX52 Joysticks, we have finally run out of the Atari CX52 Joystick cores to rebuild, we got out of the local Sunnyvale Atari warehouses years ago.  Any Atari 5200 owner who purchased our Best CX52 Gold Joysticks, 1 to 11+ years ago from us, knows that they are now lifetime upgraded CX52 Joysticks and you do not need any spare old / used CX52 Joysticks to keep as possible back up controllers.  We are asking you to send us any old / used Atari CX52 Joysticks you have.  Keep them from going into a land fill and recycle them so another deserving Atari 5200 owner like yourself will have the same fun / lifetime use of a Best CX52 Gold upgraded Joystick that you have.  If you like Best will credit you Best customer account a $6 credit per sent in CX52 complete controller for a current or future Atari Purchase / order from Best Electronics.

Best Electronics Exclusive and Very Comprehensive article on the proper rebuilding Atari CX52 5200 Joysticks  Includes a short list of the more popular Atari CX52 Joystick and Atari 5200 OEM replacement parts we carry (end of Article).

Brand New Custom made Atari Dust Cover for the Atari 5200 Consoles.  Back in stock after being out of stock for 12+ years


Do you have one of the Classic Atari CX40 Joysticks that is not working well? We have the perfect Solution for you.  Includes a short list of Atari CX40 OEM replacement parts and New Best 4th generation Gold CX40 PCB boards

Good News! CX40 stock Joystick Rubber boots back in stock, no limits for now.

The New 2016 Best CX40 Silicon Lifetime Joystick boot




Do you have an old pair of Atari CX30 Paddles that have Shaking / Jittery cursors when you use them?   Read how simple it is to cure this problem.  Includes a short list of Atari CX30 Paddle OEM replacement parts.  One of the critical Atari OEM parts we got out of the local Atari Parts warehouse, required for this Atari CX30 Paddle rebuild finally Sold Out, but after a 6 to 7 year search the critical CX30 Paddle part just got upgraded to a 3X better version (Sold Out), now shipping a 5X 2nd Gen. Paddle Pot.   See information below.


Another Best Electronics Exclusive Atari Upgrade item!  Read about Best Electronics 6 to 7 year search for a replacement Atari CX30 Paddle Potentiometer.  New Extended life Atari CX30 Paddle, Gemini (non Atari Clone paddles) with the half shaft paddle knobs (not for the Gemini paddles with the splined paddle knob/pot shaft) and Ultra Pong, Super Pong, Super Pong Pro Am hand held Pong Paddle controllers replacement 1st Generation Super Potentiometers!!!





1st Generation CX30 Paddles Super Pots have finally Sold Out


Read about Bests 19+ month search for a 2nd Generation Upgraded / Enhanced S5 Atari CX30 Paddle and Atari / Sears Pong Paddle Super Pots! 


Can the Best S5 Lifetime CX30 Paddle pots be used / installed on Non Atari made Paddles?





1st Generation Super Pots


2nd Generation S5 Super Pots


Back in Stock after a long absence, the Atari CX24 Joystick / Atari CX22 Stock Trackball Fire button replacement PCB's.

The New Best CX24 Joystick Upgrade matched set of 3 Gold Lifetime PCBs.

jaguar pad.jpg (49385 bytes)



State of the Art, Atari Joystick for the Older Atari Systems! 

 Click on image for more info.



Ever hear an old Atari person talking about an Atari BBS or Sysops and wonder what they were talking about?  Find out what Atari Computer users did 15 to 18+ years ago, before the Internet as we know it!  See a Demo of an Atari BBS or with a little effort, you can once again connect up to a live Atari BBS!

Read about a recent visit we had to Best Electronics from one of the premier Atari / Activision programmers of her time, Carol Shaw!

Best Atari Information Tip:  What you need to know before you buy an Atari Light Gun for your Atari 8 bit computer or Atari 2600 /  7800 game system

Having trouble connecting up the your old Atari to your Cable Ready TV and think your  Atari is Bad? or What you should know before you connect up your Old Atari Product to your Cable Ready TV.  Check out our Best Electronics Money Saving Atari Information tips (and other common problems) before you doing anything else with your Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8 bit Computers or ST Computer system!  These Best Tech Tips also apply to Most Atari products made, that connect up to a TV.

 Best Atari 2600 Tech Tip!  What to look for when Buying/Bidding on a Used or third party Reconditioned Atari 2600 / 2600A / 2600Jr console.  Includes a list of Atari OEM 2600 replacement parts. 

New Atari Dust Covers for the Atari 2600/2600A Consoles and for the first time in 22+ years, Brand New Custom made Cover for the Atari 7800 Consoles


New Atari Engineering 2600 Heavy and Light 6 switch console Composite Video Kit Rev. 2



Best Atari Tech Tip: Faulty Game Cartridges?

How you can salvage questionable Atari Game Cartridges.

Other Best Free Atari Tech Tips

Latest Free Atari Tech Tip on getting Composite Video out of your Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800 without any internal Mods.

32in1.jpg (44699 bytes)



Atari 2600 Cartridge Collectors! Do you have an Atari 32 in 1 Game Cartridge in your Collection?



New Atari Prototype / Unreleased in the US, 7800 Light Gun Game!  Atari US / NTSC version Sentinel.



Have you seen those E-Bay Auctions for 7800 Composite Video modifications?   You pay from $35 to $50+ and send (you pay for the shipping) in your 7800 console to be modified.  Best Electronics has a new Atari Engineering designed 7800 Composite Video mod for US 7800 Consoles you can do yourself for far less money!

New or First Time US eBay logoAtari bidders, Read our informative Best Atari Information Tip, That will save you some Grief, Hassles and Money!!

Thought to have passed into Atari History (lost for over 10+ years in our Atari Warehouses, we recently found a box of upgrade instructions on an Atari Pallet we were breaking down), Atari User written 8 bit Atari Computer Upgrades / Atari Hacks.   The Atari 65XE to 320K / 130XE Ram upgrade, 256K 600XL , Atari 1200XL Operating System back to the more popular 400 / 800 OS standard and Indus 8 bit GT Disk Drive Upgrade ROM.

Bests New Enhanced Composite Video cable for the Atari 65XE / 800 / 800XL / 130XE / 1200XL Computers

Are you an Atari 8 bit computer collector and have every Atari SIO peripheral Atari product made connected to your Atari SIO Daisy chain, but have run out of empty SIO ports to plug in all of your Atari SIO devices into?  Best has the perfect answer to this Atari SIO problem!

Brand New Custom made Atari Dust Cover for the Atari 800 Computer Back in stock after being out of stock for 8+ years

New Unreleased / Prototype Atari XE Game Cartridge!

Once is a Lifetime buy.  New Atari 825 80 Column printers in the Atari Original 30+ year Factory boxes!

One of the misdiagnosed Lynx II known problems and Best Electronics final Cure / Upgrade fix for it.

New Atari Lynx Collector Items, Very Limited Supply

Reconditioned Atari Lynx I and II Console Specials!  

Best Atari Tech Tip for a dead Atari Lynx


New Feature:  You now can sample the Music Tracks on the Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 Audio CD before you buy!  Originally scored for the Tempest 2000 Jaguar Game Cartridge.  Normally Only sold with the Jaguar CD players,  Now you can purchase it separately!  Only $5.00


Now in stock the long over due Jaguar combo Composite and Enhanced S-Video Cable.



Best Electronics Repairs Atari Jaguar CD Drives.  Please E-Mail us at: for details and costs.

Best Electronics exclusive Jaguar console Red Screen of Death Atari Tech Tip.

Atari ST / Mega / STE / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon Owners.  Heard of the Atari produced Upgrade Ajax Disk Controller Chip and wonder what it was?  Read about this Atari Custom chip that is fully Backward (to all ST computers made) and Forward compatiable to the very old WD1772 Disk Controller chip.  Atari designed State of the Art Custom drop in replacement DSDD / HD Floppy Disk Controller Chip.

Best Electronics is now the US Distributor for the Atari ST Bench Mark HDDRIVER Rev. 11.14 ST Flash card / Hard Drive Mech. Prep program.



New Double Sided, Double Density (DSDD) 3 1/2 Floppy Disks!  Atari 520ST, 520STFM, 1040ST, Mega 1/2/4, Stacy 1/2/4, MegaSTE, early Mac's and Amiga Computers Owners.  Have you tried to find New 3 1/2 inch DSDD Floppy disks lately?  They are basically an obsolete / discontinued item and have not been produced by Floppy Disk Manufactures for close to 8 to 10 years now.  Best Electronics recently got in a lot of New DSDD 3 1/2 Floppy Disks, probably the last new ones we will ever see.  Also see the Best Floppy Disk Information tip below.






Best 3 1/2 Floppy Disk Information tip:  for Atari ST Midi Composers and ST Users who use Atari 520ST, 520STFM, 1040ST, Mega 1/2/4, 1040STE, Stacy 1/2/4, MegaSTE, TT Computers equipped with 720K Internal Disk Drives also early Mac's and Amiga owners, are you having problems saving data to your floppy disks?  Are you using the wrong type of Floppy disks?

Alldata and Bell and Howell users!  Best Electronics has full Hardware support for your Atari ST/Mega (Alldata 3 and 4 Systems) Auto Diagnostic System and 1040STE, MegaSTE or Falcon based Bell and Howell Mail sorting System.  Atari Mice, Atari Keyboards, Atari Replacement Monitors/Multi Sync adapter cables or board level Components.

Atari STM1 Gray ST  / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon Mouse Rebuild Kits

Atari TT and MegaSTE Owners, Looking for Replacement Internal SCSI 1 Hard Drive?

Looking for an Atari ST Color, ST Mono Chrome Replacement Monitor?  Find out how you can get 2 ST monitors in 1, using Best Electronics Multi Sync Monitor adapter cable.  Now with a New Expanded List of over 110+ Compatible ST Multi Sync Monitors!  New Updated Information on using the Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable with a RGB to VGA Converter Box to just about any of the Newer Larger LCD / TFT Computer Monitors, The Largest LCD TV's and Projection TV's.  This RGB to VGA converter box will also work with any of the largest Tube type of Multi Sync monitors too.

New Update on the Brand New 2nd Generation Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable!

Best Electronics ST/Mega/TT/Falcon Truemouse Special!Truemouse Special.jpg (26871 bytes)

To Celebrate Best Electronics 20+ years in the Atari Business and 14+ years selling the High Quality Truemouse (The ST/MegaSTE/TT/Falcon replacement mouse), we are running a Limited Special!  Buy 2 Truemouse’s for $34.95 each (click here for more information on the Truemouse) and get a "FREE" Atari Handy Mouse / Mini Trackball (click here for more information on the Atari Handy mouse), a $32.95 value!

Special to end without notice!

Best Electronics exclusive Mouse Plus Teflon upgrade internal roller set for the Taiwan Made STM1 Gray 520ST / 520STFM / 1040ST / 1040STE / MegaSTE / TT and Falcon ST mice.

Now back in stock, the PC version of the Best Trackball!

Best Electronics is now the exclusive World Wide Distributor for the Wizztronics Falcon 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" IDE Hard Drive plug in adapter board

The New Best Atari Falcon Upgrade all Falcon users can use!

A Money Saving Best Tech Tip for Atari SLM605 Laser Printer Owners!

Atari Falcon / PC/Mac Owners! Special Buy on External Iomega Jaz 1 Gig drives


 1987 era Atari Player on Board Car Window sign


Atari Collectors, think you have one of just about one of everything Atari in your Collection, Maybe not?Atari Paperbag.jpg (23881 bytes)

On one of our recent Trips to a German Atari Messe (Fair) we found a rare Atari Collector item, which most Atari Collectors have Never seen before, a Genuine Atari Made German Full Size Grocery Bag with the Atari Logo's on it.   These Atari Collector Bags, were given out at the Atari Booth Store when you purchased some Atari Collector Clothing, Products or supplies 20+ years ago. Very Limited Supply! and Limited to 1 per Lucky Atari Collector.  $20 each

See pictures of Best Electronics at the April 10 -11 1999 Semi Annual International German Atari Neuss Messe (Fair/Show)

Our Revision 10 Catalog all Atari Catalog with over 5000+ Atari Parts and More! New Updated information! Catalog front and back cover pictures, Catalog Specifications, Catalog Questions and Answers, Comments and Reviews on the Best Rev. 10 Catalog, Ordering information.

Best Revision 10 Catalog 14 page Addendum online with color photos.  Best Rev. 10 Catalog Owners, Down load and add the current Addendum to your Best Atari Catalog!  New information on future Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog Addendums.

We are the Largest Atari Dealer for Atari OEM Replacement Parts in the World, for Atari Computers and Game Machines with over 5000+ different Atari Parts and Atari  Accessories in Stock and Ready to ship.  We cannot list our complete 5000+ Atari inventory on the web, but it's in our catalog. order your copy today.

Looking for a Best Electronics On Line Order form and can not find one?  Click Here!

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