Best Electronics Company wide Recycling and Eco efforts!

At its current location (about 15+ years), Best Electronics has made a major effort to recycle, reuse and properly dispose of all of its consumable items we use and to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.  Here is a short list of some of the efforts we do to this point:

1.  We have recently switched to the newer Biodegradable shipping Peanuts (box cushioning material / fill). These New State of the Art Biodegradable peanuts are made from 100% Recycled Polystyrene and will Biodegrade in 9 - 60 months in the presence of microorganisms.  Even though the new Biodegradable Peanuts cost Best more ($5 to $7) per 13 - 14 cubic foot bag than the standard shipping Peanuts, but Best is willing to pay more for the better Biodegradable Shipping peanuts in our small effort to reduce our Eco foot print.  Packages that are shipped into Best Electronics that have the standard version shipping peanuts are saved and recycled / reused to ship out our Atari orders. 

2.    We recently installed small Solar Powered Motion Detecting LED light fixtures (with rechargeable batteries) thru out our Atari warehouse.  So we no longer have turn on our main Atari warehouse fluorescent lights at night.

3.     All Best trash bins are weekly hand sorted by a company volunteer for recyclable items (paper, cardboard, cans, bottles).  On an average week, we have reduced our amount of amount of recyclable items that goes into our trash by close to 99% or more and have properly recycled those items.

4.     All non-critical or non-sensitive Accounting paper work, internal paper work, in coming mail / junk mail, magazines no longer needed or used, are first shredded in cross cut fine paper shredder (paper work and junk mail) and then put into our Paper-recycling containers.

5.     All Atari boxes (Atari product Master cartons and their internal individual boxes, New Product boxes shipped into Atari and bought from Atari by Best (thousands and thousands of boxes)) are reused as shipping boxes or new storage boxes were ever possible.  If the Atari boxes are no longer useable, they are broken down and put into our Paper / Cardboard recycling bins.  Several Pallets (5ft by 5ft by 6ft high) of new Atari Small Lynx shipping cardboard boxes were saved from the Sunnyvale landfill when we cleared out the different Atari Warehouses over the years.  For sure they would of ended up in the Atari garbage 40 foot dumpsters and Not properly recycled when Atari shut down their warehouses. 

Small Padded bubble product mailing envelops shipped into Best are recycled and reused to ship small Atari items to our customers.  Our USPS Priority Mail boxes we use for shipping domestic Atari orders are recyclable.  The Larger shipping boxes we use to ship Atari items like Computers, Hard Drives, large Atari items like plastic computer and monitor cases are recycled boxes from another company that does not recycling them, they just toss them in their normal garbage dumpsters. 

The VERY Large and Heavy Atari Pallets (hundred of pounds per pallet) of Atari Logo paper shipping tape we use to seal up all of our Atari domestic USPS and other shipping boxes, came right out of the Atari warehouses as they were shutting them down.  For sure those pallets of Atari paper Shipping tape (it is also paper recycle able) would of again ended up in the 40 foot Dumpsters and not properly recycled.  This was 10 to 15 years before recycling was even considered.

6.    All our of Best Invoices are printed on standard paper.

7.    All of the Best Shipping labels and Invoice printers use Recycled / Re-inked Printer ribbons.  Best has not bought a new printer ribbon for over 20+ years now.

8.   All of our office Photo Copiers use recycled / refilled Toner Cartridges.

9.    We have now started to print all of our Atari Color flyers we include in each and every Atari Domestic and International order we ship on Ink Jet printers using recycled / refilled Ink Jet Cartridges.

10.    Best workers not use any type of Plastic or Styrofoam cups for their beverages.   We all use ceramic coffee cups for our beverages.  Any beverage cans and bottles are always put In our recycling bins.

11.    All our Best Atari warehouses and offices use fluorescent lighting, LED light bulbs or the newer Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) bulbs.

12.    All electrical devices like Computers, Monitors, Photo Copiers, Atari Shipping tape machines, Bag sealers, warehouse and the different office / bathroom lights are always turned off when not in use.

13.  Where possible, we use rechargeable batteries on office devices that use batteries.

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