On April 10 -11 1999 the Semi Annual International Atari Neuss Messe (Fair/Show) took place. The Neuss show site is located near Dusseldorf Germany!

This Atari Messe attracts Atari Vendors and Users from all over Europe (UK, France, Brussels, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands (Holland), Spain and so on). On Saturday the show hall is packed with Atari users body to body solid!

The first grouping of photos were taken at night on Friday 9, during the Atari vendors set up time!


best booth before setup.jpg.jpg (4618 bytes)Best Empty.jpg (5343 bytes)Best booth almost done.jpg (6048 bytes)

The Best Booth before all of the fun? started!

Best booth setup.jpg.jpg (8280 bytes)Buyers at best booth.jpg.jpg (8395 bytes)setup vendor 2.jpg (8363 bytes)setup vendor 3.jpg (8085 bytes)setup vendor 4.jpg (6125 bytes)setup vendor 5.jpg (5414 bytes)

Atari Club.jpg (8593 bytes)Portfolio club.jpg (5398 bytes)








papyrus booth.jpg.jpg (6665 bytes)




Papyrus is a "State of the Art" ST Word Processor by Ulli Ramps.

Seidel.jpg (6800 bytes)




As you can see by the piles of Atari products at his booth, the Seidel Company is a Long time Atari Vendor/Supporter!


Atari Books.jpg (7210 bytes)




A German Atari vendor with a whole wall of Atari Books, Supplies and Hardware!






Centek, is the French Atari company who makes the Centurbo II Falcon accelerator and is currently about to release a Brand New 060 Atari ST Motherboard! Best Electronics is the Only Authorized Centurbo Distributor for the US Market!

centurbo ii.jpg (7417 bytes)Close up shot of An Atari Falcon with the Centek Centurbo II Accelerator. Note the special plug in board on the left hand side with the black cable coming off it! This is a Modular componet of the new 060 Phenix motherboard that is being debugged and tested on the Falcon!phenix.jpg (7640 bytes)

This picture of a Centek Monitor, shows a Drawing of the new 060 Atari Motherboard with all of it components!

centex booth.jpg.jpg (5636 bytes)


Centek booth, late Saturday night!





setup vendor 1.jpg (6512 bytes)nick harlow.jpg (7681 bytes)games.jpg (5955 bytes)Milan booth.jpg (4162 bytes)

Herr (Mr.) Wolf Grob and his collection of Atari Gaming software!    The Milan is an Atari TT 040/060 Clone!


Saturday Morning, solid Atari users are far as the eye can see!

people 2.jpg (8275 bytes)people 1.jpg (7668 bytes)people 3.jpg (7824 bytes)

Saturday Morning Fun!


Atari Computing.jpg (7059 bytes)



This is Joe Connor (one in the black) with his partner! Their UK Atari Computing Magzine is one of the last English ST Atari magazines still produced! By the way Joe, drove all night from (and Back to! ) the UK to Germany to be at the Neuss show!





Some Last minute information! With connecting Flights, for Brad Koda of Best Electronics, it is about a 12 hour flight to Neuss Germany! Typically he leaves on a Thursday morning arrives on Friday afternoon! Does some of the Best booth set up on Friday night, the Atari Show/Messe Saturday and Sunday, and is back in his office in California on Monday Night!


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