Davis Q. of Italy  Davis ordered one of Bests Custom made Upgraded / Enhanced internal replacement TT keyboard Mylars.   "I will able to fix the TT keyboard giving it the right functionality :) Having the ESC and CTRL on Atari Unix will be an improvement!  I just received the item and it works great!  Able to use keyboard and its ALL keys.   Thank you!"


David D. of OH  David placed his 1st Atari order to Best via E-Mail.  "THANK YOU!!!  My order of parts just arrived today. The order was %100 correct, packed very well, and you shipped it extremely fast!!!  With customer service like that i can see why your super busy.  Keep up the great work!!!  If and when i have any more Atari needs, i will be sure to come back to you."         


Matt M. of WA.  "The 1200XL mylar arrived this morning (!!!) -- incredible speed! I've already swapped it in and it works PERFECT! Thanks for helping me bring my 1200XL back to life!"

Follow up Comment:  "Thanks again for doing what you do for us Atari fans!"


Robert F. of NY.   Robert contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was trying to revive his old Atari 520ST (the very 1st 1/2 meg Atari 16 bit ST computer they ever made) keyboard that was not fully working.  Over several E-Mails back and forth,  Best give Robert some Atari ST trouble shooting tips to try on his ST Keyboard to get if fully working again.  In the end, we had exhausted Roberts trouble shooting ability.  So Robert ordered one of the just about impossible to find in the world, New 1987 Japan made Atari 520ST US Keyboard assembly from Best.   "The keyboard for my 1987 520ST arrived today and works perfectly!  Thank you very much for your assistance."


Matt of CO.   Matt ordered a New boxed Atari 2600 game and one of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded (with Best 2nd Gen. S-5 Lifetime Super Pots) CX30-S5 Paddles.  "I received the order in great shape!  The games were terrific but the best paddle controllers are amazing"


Elliott S. of NJ.  Contracted Best about 8 months ago.  He was looking for one of Best Upgraded / Lifetime 1200XL replacement mylars.  He E-Mail back saying he got the old stock 1200XL Keyboard working again.  Best has heard this

thousands and thousands of times over the years.  The temporally fixed stock 1200XL internal Keyboard mylars always 100 fails again.  The final fix is a new Best designed upgraded / enhanced 1200XL keyboard mylar.   "Just wanted to let you know that I received the mylar on Monday as it came in two days!  I just installed it and it works like a charm.  Basically took me 15 minutes"

Follow up Comment:  "Feel free to post." (His Best feed back comment) "Pleasure working with you!


Douglas B. of IL   "Douglas contacted Best saying "I just had issues with one of my original" Atari stock 7800 "power supplies this weekend."  He ordered 2 of the New Upgraded / Enhanced Auto Switching 7800 power supplies.  "Thanks for all the years you have supported and worked for the Atari community.  You are truly a treasure."

Zack N. of NC  On his 1st Atari order to Best  "You set me up with some Atari ST and XE keyboard contacts" Bests 2nd Generation ST TT Touch and 2nd Generation XE Touch Atari Keyboard internal upgrade Silicon contacts "that did not disappoint (such an improvement!), and a schematic that I now have framed behind me.  Now I'm back for some 2600 paddle potentiometers. I respect and sympathize with your hunt" over 1 year and 7 months Best search "for such an elusive part.  I'd like 2 sets of the 2016 super pots please." 


Tomala M. of Japan  Tomala ordered 2 sets of Best new 2nd Gen. TT Touch ST / STE / Falcon keyboard internal upgrade contacts.  Placing another Atari order with Best he said.....  "First, I would like to thank you for the excellent quality of your TT Touch 2nd generation I ordered last time.  I have already installed one set in my STE and the difference is amazing !  I will now have to install the second set in my Falcon, once all my project is over"


Ben S. of WA   Ben ordered some new Atari 2600 silver slide switches and a Best Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Gold Rebuild kit (Best designed CX40 Gold Lifetime board and Best designed CX40 Super handle.   "I got a chance to install the new 2600 switches you sent me, and they work perfectly. I also want to thank you for the gold PCB and super handle for my CX40 joystick. It feels better than new, and I spent a wonderful 30 minutes playing Missile Command as if I were 5 years old again. My wife picked it up after I upgraded it and immediately said "wow this feels so much better". I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you for the work you put into that :)"


Steven P. of ME    Steven purchased a used Atari 800XL computer.  When he received it, it worked but he discovered that somebody had tried to rework the 2 DB-9 Joystick connectors and messed up / damaged the PCB board around the Joystick connectors on the 800XL motherboard.  So he ordered one of Best's fully populated drop in replacement Atari 800XL US motherboards.  He also had a special request for Best.  He said the 800XL top case pop in clear snap in cover was damaged / cracked and he wanted to replace it.  We told Steven our 40+ Atari Super tech would try to find one for him.  "I received the 800xl parts yesterday and installed them last night.  The computer is now fully functional thanks to the new motherboard and looks great thanks to the new clear lens.   Thank you once again for providing these top-notch Atari parts and helping your customers to continue enjoying these timeless machines."


Rafael L. of MA.   Rafael ordered an Atari loose cart and boxed 8 bit games.  He also ordered Bests New 2nd Generation XE Touch Keyboard Internal Upgrade Silicone contacts.  That takes a stock Atari 65XE / 130XE and XEGS computer mushy / spongy feeling keyboard and turns into a high grade type laptop keyboard with tactical feed back on every key stroke.  "I wanted to thank you and Best Electronics for the prompt shipment. I am very happy with the games and the XE touch caps. I installed them earlier and they are fantastic night and day difference, as advertised. As always, I appreciate the packing and that Atari tape you use. Hoping you have a great week ahead."


Steven P. of ME.  Steven took advantage of Best's Atari 5200 CX52 Joystick exchange program.  He sent in two very old stock carbon dot barely working Atari CX52 Joystick cores for Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX52 Joysticks.   "After testing it on a couple of games, all I can say is WOW!  These rebuilt/reconditioned controllers took my barely usable 5200 console and in an instant, transitioned it into pure retro gaming nirvana!  Thank you and your team for doing what you do.  Your efforts are truly helping to keep these legacy consoles running at their peak performanceÖand building a very appreciative fan base."


Chris S. of TX.  Chris placed an Atari order with Best for 1 Best Designed / Best Exclusive Upgraded New 1200XL Keyboard mylar.  "I received the replacement Mylar for the 1200XL.  It works perfectly and fast shipping from California too.  Thank you"


Jeff W. of OK  On Jeff's very 1st Atari order to Best, he ordered some new boxed 7800 games, including the Atari 7800 Sentinel Prototype Light Gun game, never released in the US.  "My order arrived safe and sound last night. Thank you once again for the excellent packing and fast shipping. The level of personal service you provide is rare these days and much appreciated. I am excited to try my new games!"


Marino M. of FL  Marino ordered one of Best new Upgraded / Enhanced Atari 1200XL replacement internal keyboard Mylars  "I received the 1200XL keyboard Mylar yesterday, installed on my computer, it was easy to install and got my keyboard back to life thank you so much, great product, better than the original."  


Karl L. of the UK   Karl has placed several Atari orders to Best over the years.  On International Atari orders Best always gives a complete break down of costs or a rough estimate on what an Atari order will run / cost before the Atari order is placed.  The very nature of any International Atari order involves Very Very High International shipping costs (almost double the cost of a domestic Atari order shipping costs), plus incoming VAT (Value Added Tax) and incoming Customs fees.  So 1st time International Atari customers are sometimes shocked on these final Atari order costs.  This time Karl wanted to order 3 Atari items, two of them were very heavy.  So Best gave him a rough estimate on shipping cost for his next Atari International order.  "Those estimates for postage are in keeping with what I expected so Iím fine with that. The overall cost is similar or better to eBay items but I know ordering from you, the items are in great condition and well packed.  Let me know overall cost.  Just a short note to let you know the package arrived today.  Everything looks great thanks to the packaging, so I'm a happy Atari customer again with a few new toys to play with." 


Tom N. of WA   Tom has been an Atari customer for over 35+ years.  He was a member and past President of the SEATTLE / PUGET SOUND ATARI COMPUTER (SPACE) Atari users group.  During the 80 and 90's (hay day of Atari computers) Best meet Tom many many times at 8 to 10+ Atari shows put on by the Seattle / Puget Sound Atari users groups Best Electronics attended.  Tom recently retired as an Instructor of Bates Technical College of WA.  Both of his Adult sons and families are still hot and heavy into Atari computers passed on to them by Tom.  One of Toms sons contacted Best for some Atari hardware / replacement Atari Parts about a year ago.  It was how we got back in touch with Tom.  He has been going thru his rooms and garage full of Atari hardware.  Tom now was trying to revive some Old and New 1200XL computers in his Atari collection.  Tom purchased one of Best Upgraded / Enhanced Lifetime 1200XL replacement keyboard mylars  "I installed my first Atari 1200XL upgraded keyboard mylar recently in a NOS unit that had never been out of the box until now. Despite that, the keyboard was defective. I want to personally thank you for the work and thought you put into creating an excellent replacement mylar.  It works exceptionally well.  Thanks for your excellent service."  



Carl T. of CA  "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my recent order placed over the phone with you on Monday. I received the package the very next day (Tuesday) and everything is working perfectly. Whenever I need anything else for my Atari's your company is now at the top of my list as my first choice for parts."


Dave Y. of NY.    Dave contacted Best because he as trying to revive his 30+ year stored away Atari 800XL computer.  It had developed XL Keyboard problems.  He saw recommendations for Best on some Atari forums.  Dave ordered one of Bests 2nd Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced XL keyboard replacement mylars.  In 98% of the Atari XL cases over the years, this cures 30+ year old Atari XL Keyboard Failures.  In Dave's very rare case it did not fix all of his XL Keyboard problems.  Bests 39+ year Atari Super Tech, gave Dave some Atari tech tips on swapping the 2 800XL keyboard interface chips on the XL motherboard to see if the XL keyboard problems shifted.  They did.  Dave replaced the 2 chips and his Atari XL keyboard is now fully working again!  "Thanks for the advice, Bradley.  I really appreciate your patience and help.  I will probably be purchasing more from your company as I work on getting my Rana 1000 hard drive working (if possible) and my venerable old Atari 400.  You have an incredible inventory and I'll be checking your site regularly.  Put me down as another satisfied customer. :-)"


Donovan C. of AZ.  Upon on receiving an E-Mail from Best saying his latest placed Atari order had been shipped the same day to Donovan, he E-Mailed back and said....  "Thanks for everything. Youíve been my 1st stop for keeping old Atari gear alive since the early 2000s Ė 5200 Gold dot kits, XEGS keyboard membranesÖ everything I need to keep these things running. I love that your solutions arenít just replacements for worn out parts that will fail again in the same way, but offer improved features, engineering, and components that correct and enhance the durability and features of the OEM parts they replace".


Tom J. of AL  Tom is a new collector of old stock atari XE in box games!  Placing his very first Atari order with Best he said......  "Received my games yesterday!  Very appreciative on multiple counts:


  Games are all in great condition!

I  I appreciate how you utilize environmentally friendly biodegradable shipping peanuts

  Packed perfectly

  Shipped across the USA in two day!

Again, thanks!"


Patrick P. of SC  Patrick contacted Best because he had problem with his old Atari 800XL Keyboard.  He order 2 NE4051 keyboard interface chips (for the 800XL motherboard) and one of the New Best 2nd Gen. Upgraded internal keyboard mylars.  "I want to thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I was very surprised (but very grateful) to see my order ship on a Saturday and to see it delivered to my front door the following Monday! That's super fast. Thank you. I'm also happy to say that the 4051 CMOS chips that you sent sorted out my keyboard issues. And thanks to your very helpful instructions, I was able to install the replacement mylar into my 800XL.  It's clear that you care very much about your work. Definitely expect to hear from me again!"


John L. of AR  John contacted Best by phone.  He said he just bought a used Atari 65XE computer on E-bay.  It was listed as tested and fully working.  When John received it, it had keyboard problems.  John ordered one of Bests New replacement Atari OEM XE Keyboards and a replacement Atari OEM XL / XE vertical mounting power switch.  By an E-Mail sent to Best John said "Just wanted to say I'm impressed. I ordered I believe on Thursday, and my wife walked in with the replacement keyboard today (Saturday).  Thank you very much."


James S. of AZ  James contacted Best by E-Mail.  He wanted to order one of Best Exclusive / Upgraded Atari 1200XL replacement internal keyboard mylars.  "I was able to successfully install the Best Electronics Atari 1200XL Mylar replacement today with ease.  Your online instructions were excellent"   


Bob P. of FL   Bob contacted Best by phone.  He said he was trying revive his old Atari 800XL computer.  The 800XL keyboard was having problems, some keys were not working at all.  He asked if the 2nd Gen. Best Upgraded / Enhanced XL replacement keyboard mylar would fix his XL keyboard problems.  Best told Bob, the XL Keyboard replacement mylar is the best starting point when trouble shooting Atari 600XL / 800XL 25+ (since it was 1st made) year old keyboard problems.  "Thanks for sending the Mylar keyboard quickly.  The quality of your replacement/upgrade Mylar keyboard is impressive.  Just a quick note, your replacement keyboard was fantastic.  All is now well with the 800XL."

Follow up Comment:  "As a postscript to my previous mail your installation instructions were outstanding.  Made the process of installing the keyboard a snap.  I liked the Atari Tech Tips as well." 


Erhard P. of Germany   It is extremely rare to get an Atari German user feed back comment an any of Best Atari products.  Over the last 39+ years in the Atari Business, we have had a total of 8 German Atari comments back.  Erhard ordered a set of Best ST / Falcon Keyboard TT Touch internal Silicon upgrade contacts.  "I immediately opened one of my ugly-touch-keyboards and replaced the greenish silicone things with the new ones from BEST and reassembled the keyboard.  I must say that I got more than I had expected: pushing the keyboard keys now requires a bit more pressure, but I am extremely happy with that pushing-point-feedback" (Tactical bounce / feed  back when the ST key cap is pushed down and released). "In addition the computer now recognizes every key press which was not the case before"  Old worn out / bad ST / Falcon keyboard Silicon dome contact conductive internal dot contacts.


Joel F. of MO   Joel visited the Best Atari Web site for the 1st time.  He spotted some Atari Collector items he wanted.  He also ordered Bests 228 page all Atari catalog.  "Thank you getting my order out so fast. I got it today and love my catalog and collectibles!  It is truly an honor owning the catalog.  I cannot think of anyone who has impacted Atari in such a huge way in the same time frame that you have.  I just listened to a podcast interviewing you"


Glenn M. of Australia    There has been a 2 1/2+ year dispute between the US Post Office and the Australian Post Office.  The US Post Office has removed all of the cost effective shipping methods to Australia from it web site shipping calculator.   Glenn read Bests New International Shipping information Tip for 1st time and current International Best World Wide Atari Customers.  Per that Best article, Glenn arranged to have his Atari order to a Florida Freight forwarder (they forwarded / shipped his order to Australia) that he opened up an account with.  "My order arrived yesterday and I just wanted to say a big thank you for your advice, care and diligence in getting the ordered nicely packaged and delivered to me here in Australia. Iím so glad I also ordered the Atari Jaguar Power Pad controller conversion cable as it works very nicely on my Atari 2600.  I wish you all the best and look forward to ordering from you again in the future."      


Randy P. of CA   Randy contacted Best and said  "Iíve missed my old Atari Lynx for many years In browsing your site i was very pleased to see your huge selection of Lynx products."  He ordered one of Bests 1st Generation Japan made New in the box Atari Lynx I combo packages with new Lynx games.  Upon receiving it he said  "I am really excited to start playing this. Thank you for the awesome customer service despite you guys being slammed (7 days a week, 14 to 16+ hour days here). Take care."


Michael P. of CA   Michael ordered one of Bests custom made Designed / Upgraded Atari 1200XL internal keyboard replacement mylars.  "Well it works like a dream! Installation was super easy, with the only challenge being to keep the thin PCB contact board in place until I got the two screws lined up and started.  Real quality product."


John S. of NJ   John contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was trying to revive an old Atari 2600 for his son.  He ordered one of Best New State of the Art Auto switching Atari 2600 Power Supplies.  Also ordered a New boxed Atari 2600 Centipede game and two of Bests best of the best Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Gold Joysticks.  It has the Bests lifetime Gold CX40 PCB board, the Best Designed / Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Super handle, the Best designed Enhanced / Upgraded Lifetime CX40 Silicon Joystick boot and Bests New Upgraded / Enhanced 7 foot (stock Atari 4 ft CX40 cable) Gold CX40 cable.   "My son is extremely happy that now he can try the system with the power supply.  He also loved how much better the joystick as compared to the original."


Follow up Comment:  About a month later, John contacted Best again.  He was going to place another Atari order with Best for some different Best Upgraded / Enhanced Atari controllers (2 CX24 Gold Joysticks and a set of Best 5X lifetime use CX30-S5 Super Paddles)  "My son and I both truly appreciated the help you gave us.  You are correct the new CX-40 controllers we ordered are soooooo much better than the original, that remember playing with.  Thank You."


Dominick F. of MA  On his 1st Atari order to Best, Dominick ordered some of Bests exclusive CX30-S5 replacement Super Pots for a set of bad (shaky paddle cursors) Atari CX30 Paddles he owned.  Placing another Atari order with Best he said...   "I just wanted to say the CX30 Super Pots I purchased last year have worked out phenomenally!   Great product and service!"


Pete R. of IL  Pete contacted Best via E-Mail.  He had a second old Atari 810 Disk drive he wanted to get going again.   Several E-Mails back and forth, Atari 810 diagnostic questions asked and answered, things tested, picture received.  "IT WORKS!  Best has been the BEST site for Atari products I have seen. I had not purchased anything from them previously. I had an 810 disk drive that had the more recent upgrades. My problem was I wanted an original 810 disk drive working. The Stepper motor was not functioning. I contacted Best with my issue and after a few emails, they recommended a replacement side board. It worked Perfectly! They know what they are doing!"


Peter W. of IN  Peter ordered one of Bests Upgraded / Enhanced 1200XL replacement internal keyboard mylars.  "I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today. I installed the new mylar this evening, and it works like a champ. Thank you both for the quick turn-around in getting the package out to me and for going through the effort of getting the mylar made in the first place. It's great to be able to bring a piece of history back to life, and I don't know how I would have done this otherwise."


Andrew M. of IL  Andrew contacted Best by E-Mail.  He we looking replace his failing Atari 1200XL internal Keyboard mylar (they almost have a 100% failure rate) with the Best Designed / Upgraded 1200XL replacement Keyboard mylar.  This is Andrews 2nd or 3rd Atari order to Best this year.  "This mylar for 1200XL that youíre selling is just out of this world.  It just works without any fiddling, so easy to install.  Thanks for the quick shipping"


Christopher F. of NM   Christopher ordered 2 of Bests Upgraded Gold CX40 joysticks.  They have the Best designed CX40 Lifetime Gold PCB board, the Best designed upgraded / enhanced CX40 inner Super Handle, the Best designed Lifetime CX40 Silicone boot.  "I've already received the two Lifetime Gold CX40s that I ordered over the phone last week. That was speedy!   The joysticks are SUPERB. I can't praise your products highly enough. Your stellar reputation is highly deserved.  Best Electronics is more Atari than Atari itself has been for decades"


Steve J. of Canada   Steve ordered one of Bests reconditioned Atari 800XL Computers with a Best 2nd Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced Atari Composite Video cables.  The shipping cost to send his Atari order to Canada was almost double the shipping cost to send the same Atari order across the US.  "Just letting you know this arrived today, I must say that is the best packing job I have ever seen.  Fired it up and it is working perfect. Thank you so much for fast excellent transaction"


Paul R. of GA  Paul ordered of the Bests Reconditioned Atari 800XL computers with Best 2nd Gen. Upgraded Atari Composite Video cables.  "Early birthday gift from my Amazing wife.  And a special thanks to Best Electronics.  Ordered on Monday evening and received Wednesday.  In excellent condition!"


Dustin S. of NJ   Dustin ordered one of Bests Reconditioned Atari 800XL Computers with Bests 2nd Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced Atari Composite Video cable and XL / XE Lode Runner game.  "I received my 800XL system today and I am blown away.  The package was securely packed and arrived in excellent condition. The system appears new and works perfectly.  All the accessories were also in better condition than expected.  I look forward to placing an order soon for some games to go with the system   Thank you for your professionalism and for keeping our favorite brand ATARI alive!!"


Chris V. of Canada   Chris contacted Best and ordered a Best Recondtioned Atari 65XE and a recommend Best 2nd. Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced Atari Composite Video cable.  The shipping cost to send his Atari order to Canada was almost double the shipping cost to send the same Atari order across the US.  "I received my package from you and I'm very satisfied, Thank You   You really packaged it well. Thanks for the flyers included to read.  The condition of the Atari 65XE is like new, very appreciative for its condition, I saw some others for sale and they were not as clean and not all grey in colour. I will take great care of it.  The video cable is nice and I already have it powered on and connected to my TV at the Ready status.  Hooking it up to a newer TV like you said is better than trying to view on a small 10" or so Atari monitor"


Jonas K. of Canada   Jonas purchased Bests Jaguar Power Pad to other Atari systems adapter cable and a Best Upgraded CX40 Gold Joystick with Bests Lifetime CX40 Gold PCB, Best Designed / Upgraded CX40 Super Handle and Best Upgraded CX40 Lifetime Silicon boot.  "The Best CX40 is OUTSTANDING.  Put it to the Robotron 2084 test - the game which I can feel my old sticks creak to their death under my pressure - and it was strong and responsive.  Amazing work.  Simply amazing.  Thanks again!  Your continued work is a gift to the Atari community."


Ricardo C. of Costa Rica  Ricardo contacted Best via E-Mail.  He purchased a used 5200 4 port console.  When he turned it on, it went from Snow on the TV screen to a Black screen.  4 to 5 E-Mails back and forth, Atari 5200 Diagnostic questions asked and answered.  Because of his International location, Best told Ricardo the safe bet was to get a complete set of 5200 Atari custom chip set.  "I got the chips few weeks back, but it was until today that I dedicated some time for this... And I have great news, Its Alive!!! Ha ha.   I'm writing this email because I wanted to say THANK YOU one more time, and also thanks to the rest of the Best Electronics team, you guys really are the "Best Atari Supporting Company ever", I wish you guys have a successful and very productive year, keep on the great job guys and thanks again for making this thing happen!!!  Also, I have recommended Best Electronics to some of my Retro Gamer colleagues so hopefully they will be in touch with you some day!"   


Faraz H. of NY   On his 1st Atari order to Best, he ordered 2 of Bests Upgraded Gold CX40 joysticks.  They have the Best designed CX40 Lifetime Gold PCB board, the Best designed upgraded / enhanced CX40 inner Super Handle, the Best designed Lifetime CX40 Silicone boot.  This next Atari order to Best, he ordered two more of the CX40 Gold Joysticks and 2 Best designed CX40 Super handles for some old stock Atari Joysticks he had.  "I have ordered two CX40's from you back in 2016 and they are still going strong.  Would like to order two more of them ( the $40 ones ) along with two super handles."


Daniel W. of Canada  On his very 1st Atari order to Best, Daniel ordered a New Atari STM1 replacement mouse and to rebuild his 20+ year old ailing Atari ST STM1 mouse as a back up, a New Best Hong Kong version (there were about 6 to 8 different Atari STM1 mice versions made over the years) STM1 Mouse rebuild kit.  "Thank you items received.  Excellent service, excellent items and excellent (and safe) shipping!  Will definitely order again."


Karl L. of the UK   This is Karl's 2nd or 3rd Atari order to Best.  He has been ordering New in box Atari 8 bit games that are getting very hard to find now a days in the UK.  Because of the very high cost of International shipping to the UK, UK VAT (Value added tax) and UK customs in coming charges on his Atari orders, can almost double the end cost for each new in the box Atari 8 bit software he orders.  "Just a short note to thank you for the last order.  It arrived today in perfect condition.  It's much appreciated to still be able to buy these Atari items in a condition as good as the day they were made.  I'll get another order in next month as I want to get my old 1020 printer going again and I see you stock the pens."                       


Todd S. of OH  On his 1st Atari order to Best, Todd ordered 2 of the Best Upgraded Gold CX40 joysticks.  They have the Best designed CX40 Lifetime Gold PCB board, the Best designed upgraded / enhanced CX40 Super Handle, the Best designed Lifetime CX40 Silicone boot and the Best designed upgraded / enhanced 7 foot (stock Atari CX40 cable is 4 ft) Gold CX40 cable.  Basically the Best of the Best CX40 Joysticks Bests carries.  This Atari order Todd ordered 4 more the same Best CX40 Gold upgraded Joysticks.   "I bought a set of your CX-40 controllers about a year ago and absolutely love them. Better that the original, when it new and I was a child...World Class product!  I want these for my Telegames Heavy Sixer and Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer."


Oliver F. of Germany  Oliver is one of those hard core World Wide Atari collectors.  He contacted Best via E-Mail and said he wanted to order one of the New in box Atari XDM121 Daisy wheel printers (never released in Germany, they use 220 Volts in Germany).  We explained to Oliver that the XDM121 US 110V Printer is a very heavy item and the XDM121 printer box is very large box.  The International shipping to Germany ended up costing more the Atari XDM121 itself.  Oliver said he had already budgeted for more shipping cost than the XDM12 printer cost.  "I didnít get around to writing back earlier to let you know that the XDM arrived safe and sound already last Friday here.  Super quick, all working as expected and I just wanted to thank you and your Atari team for your excellent service."  


Jerry E. of CA   Placing another Atari order with Best for 3 new boxed Atari Lynx games, Jerry said:  "Also those Best Atari lynx II speakers are still going strong after several years ! Still no rattles, distortion, or loss of volume."


Jared T. of PA  Jared ordered Bests Exclusive Atari Internal Paper work Collection.  Very very few non Atari Employees have ever seen this internal (about 10+ years of) Atari paper work collection.  "Received the (2) packs of Atari documents today.  Very fascinating and exciting snapshot of Atari.  Thank-you for the great service and patience.  Many pieces I can frame up for my game room, any Atari fan would appreciate these packs you have to offer."


Michael T. of CA  Michael took advantage of Bests 5200 CX52 Joystick cost effective exchange program.  He sent in two old non working carbon dot CX52 Joysticks for 2 Best Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Joysticks.  "Its been about two weeks since I received my Atari CX52 Gold Joysticks, which you refurbished.  I am delighted to say that the results have exceeded my expectations!  I have, and will recommend ANYONE with original Atari 5200 Joysticks do exactly as I did and get them to you ASAP.  I am thoroughly enjoying the machine now, with no worries whatsoever.  Thank you for your service."


Chris K. of the UK  Chris ordered two of Bests best of the best CX40 Gold Joysticks ($49.95 each) with 4 different Best CX40 upgrades installed.  "Just wanted to say thank you. My order arrived safe and sound.  Excellent service.  Well done"


Scott Z. of MI  Scott contacted Best to place another Atari order.  He said:  "I recently have been going through my Atari systems, and got my 5200 going again, and of course the first thing I noticed was what bad shape the controllers were in.  It was finally time to place an order with you.  Of course I replaced everything, new gold dot keypad, new gold auxiliary keypad, new gold tactical fire buttons, and of course new gold flex circuits.  After calibrating the pots inside the joystick, and on the console, I now have a perfectly working Atari 5200, with perfect-looking and working joysticks that are better than new!  That joystick is almost a pleasure to use now!  :-)  So, I just wanted to say thanks.  Without your parts, bringing some of these consoles and systems back to life simply would not be possible."

"I also wanted to say, the lengths to which you have gone to create your upgraded replacement parts is astounding.  I really enjoy reading all your pages, about how these parts were developed -- the communication back and forth between you and the vendors...the detailed descriptions...the detailed photos...the money and time you have clearly invested...the unwillingness to settle for less than perfect.  I am blown away, and feel EXTREMELY fortunate that a guy like you is around for us collectors and restorers.  I know many may take you for granted, so I just wanted to send a HUGE "thank you" to you...for your replacement parts...for your time writing and creating your website...supporting the Atari community...everything.  Without your help, passion, and parts...this hobby would have died long ago for many folks."  "I may be a small time collector and customer, but you helped me out BIG time.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future."

Follow up Comment: Received everything today, Thanks again!!


Peter H. of Canada   Peter contacted Best because he was having problems with his Atari 130XE computer and could not tell where the problem was.  A lot 130XE different symptoms information from Peter and one word from him (Buzzing sound) told Best were to start the Diagnostic check list.  We told Peter it sounds like his 25+ year Atari XE power supply was going to fail.  Best told Peter to stop using it right now.  If it fails high (5VDC goes to 12+ volts) it could damage all of 5 volt chips on his 130XE motherboard), turning his old 130XE motherboard into burnt toast, not worth repairing.  A couple of new E-Mails back and forth, Peter decided to buy a Best Reconditioned Atari 65XE computer with a new rebuildable Atari XE Power Supply, a second new Atari XE rebuildable Power Supply for his Atari 130XE Computer and a MPP direct connect Printer cable, Atari SIO connector to Centronics Printer interface connector (this cable takes the place of an Atari external 850 Interface and Centronics printer cable to like a DOT matrix printer of that era).  Because of his International location, the shipping cost to ship Peter his Atari order to him was almost double the shipping cost, to send the same Atari order across the US"Just a quick note to thank you again for all your help with placing my 1st order and getting it shipped out so fast!  I received the order yesterday!  Amazing!  (Monday was a holiday here, so no mail delivery )  I look forward to ordering more items from you in the future !"


John H. of WA.  John ordered two Best Atari CX40 Joystick Gold rebuild kits (2, 4th Gen. Best designed CX40 Gold PCB boards and 2 Bests designed Atari CX40 Super handles) and 2 Best designed new 7 foot CX40 Upgraded Gold Joystick cables.  "Wow what an improvement!  I put the CX40 upgrades in last night and they are amazing!  Thanks for keeping the Atari spirit going!"


Jeremey Z. of WI  On his very 1st Atari order to Best, Jeremey ordered a Best CX40 Joystick Gold Rebuild kit (Rev. 4 Best Gold CX40 Lifetime internal PCB board and Best designed CX40 Super handle) and a new Best Designed / Upgraded Atari CX40 Joystick Silicon Joystick boot.  A Best designed 2nd Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced XL replacement keyboard mylar to repair his ailing Atari XL computer Keyboard.  The final Best upgraded Atari part Jeremey got from Best was a set of replacement CX30-S5 Super Pots to fix his old Atari CX30 Paddles that had cursors that were jumping all over the game screen during normal Atari Paddle game play.  "I just wanted to send you a quick email saying holy cow, that was FAST. I didn't expect the package to show up until later this week, it was on my front step yesterday afternoon. The Joystick is 100% better, the new joystick handle feels even better with the new grip and stick, I'm thoroughly impressed. The keyboard mylar was also way easier to install than I thought, Lined it up with the keyboard and just screwed it in no problem. The paddle pots solved the problem with flying ALL over the screen and they're like new again. Thanks again for all your help and support! I'll definitely be coming back for more parts in the future!"


Harry M. of IL  Harry ordered a set of Atari CX52 Joystick new internal silicon pads for his 2 non working Atari 5200 Joysticks.   "I received and installed all the repair parts I recently purchased from Best Electronics for my Atari 5200 game console controllers today.  Both CX52ís are now working just fine for the first time in many years. Thank you for your prompt service. You have earned another satisfied customer."


 Alexandre S. of Brazil  On an earlier Atari order to Best, Alexandre ordered the Best CX52 Gold Joystick parts to rebuild his 2 old non working stock carbon dot Atari 5200 Joysticks.  He said the Gold CX52 Joysticks are working good now.  This time, he said his 30+ year old Atari 5200 console was acting up and he required some 5200 motherboard replacement Atari Custom chips to get it up and running again.  "The package arrived and my Pong and 5200 are operational again. I just wrote this message to send you a big THANKS! You rock! =) I hope you keep your business for decades on =D"  


James S. of the UK.  James ordered one of Bests Recondtioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Lifetime Joysticks, non exchange version $85.00.  On top of that, the International shipping charge (not including the UK Customs and VAT tax fees James had to pay on top of it all) to the UK was about 3 times the highest single shipping cost to ship one across the US.  "Just a quick thank-you: I received the refurbed CX52 last week and am delighted with it."  James was the very 1st Atari 5200 owner in the world to receive a Best CX52 Gold Joystick upgraded with the just released Best Designed / Upgraded / Enhanced Rev. 10 Gold Flex circuit.


Ray T. of Canada   On his very 1st order to Best, Ray ordered Best's bench mark replacement ST mouse for the the last 24+ years, called the Truemouse.  "Thank you. Your shipment arrived today (May 20). Pleasure doing business with you. You excelled in every aspect of this transaction.  All the best"


Ken C. of CT.   Ken contacted Best and asked "I am looking for pots for my standalone Super Pong console (C-140)."  Ken did a little more research and said the Atari Super Pong console used 800K pots.  All though the Atari Super Pong old pots look just like the Best CX30-S5 Super Pots, the only difference was the 3 legs.  The Atari Super Pong console pots had 3 straight metal connecting legs and The Best Super Pots had three metal legs with metal loops (to put the CX30 wire harness pot wire on and solder them to) on the end of each straight metal leg.  The chances of Ken finding those exact style of New replacement pots 25+ years after they stopped making them, Very Very slim.  The Atari Super Pong Pots ohm rating were so close to the Best 1 Meg Ohm Super Pots and basically the same shape.  Best told Ken he should take a chance and purchase 2 of Best CX30-S5 Super lifetime Pots for his old failed Atari Super Pong pots.  "Hi, and thank you!  Those S-5 Super Pots were a perfect match for the Atari Super Pong console. The threaded part was exactly the length needed and the key on the shaft fit the original knobs perfectly."


Boris S. of NV  On his second recent Atari order to Best.  Boris picked up the Best Rev. 10 220+ page all Atari catalog.  "Just wanted to say thank you for servicing my recent order!  The Rev 10 catalog is outstanding! I think it's more like an Atari field guide than a catalog. I love the historical background and pictures of prototype hardware! The 1040ST+ was a new one to me.  I will reach out to you in a couple weeks for another order request, if that's ok with you. :)"

See his 1st feed back comment below.


Asan T. of the UK  Asan must of read a review on the Best exclusive TT Touch internal ST - Falcon keyboard upgrade Silicon cups.  He ordered 3 set of them.  "Just to let you know that these have arrived safely here and I've just fitted them.  Oh my goodness, these are absolutely amazing! They completely transform the feel of the keyboard and my only regret is that I didn't experience the benefit of these 30 years ago!  Thank you so much and best wishes"           


Ricardo M.  of TX   On his 1st Atari order to Best, Ricardo picked up one of the Atari CX78 JoyPads that has been upgraded with the Bests New CX78 Gold upgrade Kits.  It cures the known stock CX78 JoyPad problems that causes all of them to fail early.  Its also Enhances the CX78 JoyPad and Fire button features with new Tactical feed back functions.  On his second order to Best.....   "I really loved the CX78 controller and now I want another one... :-). Can you please confirm the total price with shipping for one "CX78 Joypad upgraded with Best's New 2019 Gold Enhancement Kit"


Boris S. of NV  Boris 1st contacted Best because he was having problems with his 25+ year old original / 1st Gen. Atari 520ST computer with a non Atari made external power supply.  He suspected the problem was with the non made Atari external power supply.  "Thanks for the excellent service! :) I received everything very, very quickly!  I tried the new power supply this weekend. Sadly, my 520ST did not come to life. :(  I'm thinking a component somewhere failed due to the AC power coming from my faulty power supply or my TOS is corrupted. Boo! I'll putter around with it some more in the coming days but I may be reaching out to you regarding another order soon."  On hearing this Best E-Mailed back some Atari ST Tech Tips and things to try on his Atari 520ST computer from our 39+ year Atari Super Tech.  "Great news! I followed your advice to remove and reseat the PLC chips. In fact, I went a little further and checked all socketed chips. My little 520ST booted to a beautiful green desktop! :) :) Your advice was very simple but very helpful and very, very effective. Thank you!!!  But wow ... it's huge! Haha!"


George E. of CA   "I'm glad I live in a world where you guys exist!  Atari parts are hard to come by otherwise."  


Alan W. of OH   On his second Atari order to Best, Alan picked up a New replacement Atari 800 computer motherboard for his 800 computer that was having SIO port problems.  "Just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipping and being a great resource to find old Atari parts!  Received the motherboard yesterday and now have a fully functioning Atari 800 working perfectly.  Thanks!"  On his 1st Atari order to Best Alan picked up a couple of Best designed Rev. 4 Gold Lifetime Atari CX40 PCB boards.  "And the 2600 joystick PCB boards are working awesome as well.  Excellent upgrade."         


Lindsay B. of NY  Lindsay sent 2 old non working CX52 Joysticks in for Bests CX52 Joystick exchange program.  "I sincerely cannot thank you enough!!!  You have given us so much to smile about:) The joysticks are amazing, and what a fast turnaround!  I honestly didnít think Iíd ever find a resource to get them going again...you do good and important things!!!!  My 7 year old and I played for two hours straight - I had to bribe her to put it down for the night (and practice some very real restraint myself haha).  Again, thank you so much!  All The Best"       


Murray M. of TX  Murray ordered 3 complete Best CX40 Joysticks upgraded with Bests Gold lifetime CX40 PCB board, Best designed new CX40 Super handles, new Bests CX40 lifetime Silicon boots and an extra Gold lifetime CX40 PCB board  "I just received my shipment yesterday and first off, I have no idea how you got this to me so fast. No other seller of anything in the past few months has been able to get anything to me, priority mail or otherwise, so quickly. Thanks for acting so quickly!  Now for the real feedback: Wow this rebuilt stick feels good. Really good. Unfortunately I've never played on a brand new CX40 so I don't have that as a frame of reference but I have played on a NOS Gemstik (just as squishy and sloppy as my dead CX40s) and a CX40 rebuilt with some PCBs from eBay that use some super tiny tactile switches instead of metal domes (very good at first but fell apart after about 2h play time)"  Best has seen these new black replacement CX40 PCB boards on E-Bay and they sell for more money than the Best designed 2005 Gold CX40 PCB boards.  The E-Bay seller claims the tiny micro switches are rated at 1 million cycles.   The Best over sized 4 leg Gold plated Dome contacts are rated at 5 Million cycles each.  "and this beats both hands-down. Everything about your CX40-GSHSB stick, from the feel of the boot (Bests new CX40 lifetime Silicone boot) to the responsiveness of the buttons and directions just screams quality.  At this point I'm just a little bit regretful that I didn't get the silicone boot and new wiring for the sticks I'm repairing but hopefully I'll be able to do another order in the near future for that. :) Thanks for making such great products!


Martin S. of Ireland.  Originally Martin contacted Best in August 2020 for some Atari Lynx II parts he wanted to rebuild his Lynx with.  At that time because of the World Wide COVID 19 virus, Best recommend to Martin to hold off placing an Atari order with Best.  At that time a lot of International Countries we have shipped to in the past, most of the Postal Systems had shut down or International Atari shipments were taking months and months to be delivered.  Compared to the normal International shipping times that averaged a could of weeks to a month.  On January 19, 2021 Martin placed his Atari Lynx II parts order.  "Thanks SO MUCH for sticking with me through all my questions and queries.  You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and you're an example of how online stores should be run.  Stay safe, and thanks again."


Griffith E. of NY  Griffith ordered Bests 2nd Generation Atari ST Multi Sync adapter cable.  It allows Atari ST owners to get away from the stock Atari made custom (Only works with ST / STE / Mega / MegaSTe computers only) ST Color and ST (12 - 13 inch diagonal displays) Monochrome monitors.  It allows Atari ST owners to use larger diagonal display Multi Sync Tube monitors and much larger and up to State of the Art Flat Panel TV's with a VGA in port.  Some Multi Sync tube monitors and most Flat Panel TV's require an additional Sync box to get the Low and Medium ST Color displays.  "I just got the ST VGA cable, thank you so much for the fast shipping and the excellent cable, I cannot stress how much of an improvement it is over my last generic cable, 110% better!  Thank you!!!!"


Doug A. of NC  Doug ordered one of Bests new 2nd Generation Upgraded / Enhanced Atari 600XL / 800XL internal keyboard replacement mylars with complete installation instructions.  "I installed the Mylar without problems.  Now I have a fully functioning 800XL.  Everything went flawlessly, and it worked first time, so thanks for an excellent product!  Iím sure you will be hearing from me soon with requests for more parts :-)"


Anders G. of Sweden   Anders ordered some new Atari TT Custom replacement chips and the Best Exclusive TT Touch internal keyboard  Silicon replacement upgrade / enhancement contacts for Atari ST / STE / Falcon computers.  "I just wanted to write and thank you for the TT-Touch keyboard upgrade! It made a huge improvement over the stock 520STM keyboard and Iím very happy with it."   


 Darius V. of IL    Darius has placed several Atari orders in a row with Best.  His very 1st Atari order, he ordered 1 Best Lifetime Gold Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Joystick with all of the options (best of the best), a set of Best upgraded Atari CX30-S5 (5 Lifetimes worth of normal use) set of Paddles.  His latest Atari order he ordered a second Best Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Gold Joystick and 2 of Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX24 Joysticks.  When Atari 1st released this new second generation (CX10 / CX40 was the 1st ones) Atari CX24 Joystick, it quickly got a bad reputation with Atari users.  It seemed to almost fail right of the Atari new box or with any normal use they would fail faster than the early generation 1980's made Atari CX10 and C40 Atari Joysticks.  So most very old Atari users avoid them like the plague.  Best Electronics has always known the Atari CX24 Slim Line / Pro Joysticks were a better designed 2nd Gen. Atari Joystick, but had internal PCB problems that caused all of them to fail early.  Atari was so busy back then with the Very Very fast growing Video Game Industry, they simply did not have free Engineering time to try to fix the Atari CX24 Joystick internal problems.  So like Best has done with other Atari made controllers (Gold CX40 Joystick, CX30 Paddles and Gold CX52 Joysticks) that have always seemed to fail early, designed a new set of Best Upgraded / Enhanced Gold Lifetime CX24 internal PCB board set, that turns the orphaned Atari CX24 Joysticks into another Best Lifetime Gold Atari controller with excellent feed back Click / Tactical feel on all of the Joystick handle functions and duel fire buttons.  "I have received my order, and the CX24-REG joysticks work great, thank you! I didnít think I was a fan of the CX24, it turns out I am a fan of the CX24-REG. Who knew?"


Garry R. of FL  Garry took advantage of Bests CX52 Joystick exchange program and sent in 2 old carbon dot non working Atari CX52 Joysticks for Best Recondtioned / Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX52 Joysticks.  "Thank you for the incredibly great service. 5 days from start to finish.  I bought this 2 port 5200 37 years ago, 3 years later because of necessity switched to Wico command controllers which still somewhat work for certain games. I had many more that were not workable, so to be able to play these games after all these years the way thy were intended  (don't laugh) is emotional and brings back wonderful memories of a better time.  and I am so happy you could help bring me there.  Also I see Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus in my near future. Thank You for bringing these opportunities to me. You are an ATARI HERO."


Bob S. of IL   "I've had my 5200 for about 37 years and for just about all of that, its been unusable.  After years of searching, and searching and more searching, to have finally found your Gold replacement parts; what a joy!  In September I purchased two of the Atari 5200 Gold replacement parts kits.  It's been a month but I finally got around to the rebuild.  Your explicit, step by step instructions were easy to locate on your website.  As for the rebuild, it was easy, straight forward and most of all fun.  All 2 joysticks work flawlessly.  The 5200 games I have (over 20) all bring back memories.  My son who just turned 31 is enjoying this experience for the first time.  In short, it's really nice to pull the 5200 out after decades of non-use. The sense of accomplishment that my perseverance of the pursuit of 5200 parts has brought me.  I am an Electrical Engineer and retired 2 years ago. With the weather getting colder (Chicago) and most of the 'Covid 19' outdoor chores done,  I was this close to designing my own joysticks. But now I don't need too.  Thank you for giving me the tools (parts) to brighten up what has been a stay at home."


Steven  R. of NC.  Steven ordered Best's Lynx II internal Upgrade speaker and two New loose Atari Lynx game carts.  "I received my order today. Two games and a speaker for my Lynx II. The games are perfect, and the speaker looks perfect.  Thank you so much for the easy ordering process, the quick shipping, and the great products. And thanks also for the stack of articles you included in the box. It will be fun to read those."


Christopher D. of Canada   Christopher purchased a Best Recondtioned Atari Lynx II combo package.  He also opted to have the Best Lynx II upgrade speaker installed on the Atari Lynx II console.  This is Christopher's second feed back comment to Best, see below.   "I just wanted to confirm that my Atari Lynx II combo pack arrived today, and the console is in fantastic condition. I appreciate the  additional literature on Best Electronics as well. I'll definitely be back for more soon."

Follow up Comment:  "I've just purchased an Atari Jaguar from my local game store, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon!"


Rod L. of Canada  Rod was rebuilding his Atari 8 bit computer collection.  He ordered a New Atari 65XE Computer with Bests new 2nd Generation / Upgraded Atari Composite Video cable two months ago.  He contacted Best this time because he wanted to order a 1050 Disk drive to go with his new Atari 65XE.  "Thank you for sending the new 65XE and new 2nd generation composite video cable - what a treat it was to unpack and use, it felt like Christmas arrived early!  Thanks, too, for your unbelievably great support to me and thousands of other Atari aficionados over the years."


Christopher D. of Canada.  Christopher placed an Atari order for Bests New Upgraded / Enhanced Auto Switching 7800 Power supply, a New set of Atari 7800 OEM bottom case rubber feet and a couple of New boxed Atari 7800 games.  "I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that my order arrived today in great shape.  I am particularly impressed by the improved Atari 7800 power supply!  It truly feels like such a substantial upgrade in quality over the stock power supply!  I feel much better about the durability of this power supply than I have ever felt about the stock unit. Thanks so much for your help. I'll definitely be back for more products in the future!"               


Jack B. of CA.   Jack sent in two old carbon dot non working Atari CX52 Joysticks for Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Lifetime Joystick exchange program.  He received them and was happy with them.  But Jack noticed that one of the Best CX52 Gold Joysticks would not go far right on the 5200 Centipede game.  We told Jack that Atari CX52 Joystick symptom was covered in the 1/2 sheet of Best CX52 Joystick information / Trouble shooting information we include with each CX52 Joystick we send out.  All Best Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Joysticks are tested twice (once during reconditioning and just before they are sent out).  They are tested on an Atari 5200 motherboard that has pasted all of the Atari 5200 Factory Diagnostic tests and it up to Atari 5200 Engineering motherboard specifications.  What has happened, is Jacks Atari 5200 30+ year old motherboard has drifted off the original Atari Factory electronic port setting.  Atari 5200 Engineering knew this could be a possible problem in the future, so they designed a way this could be corrected.  10 to 15 minutes on the phone with Jack, Best walked him thru the minor 5200 motherboard port adjustment / calibration.  "First let me say that my newly calibrated, gold CX52s work perfectly.  I am enjoying my 5200 every day, and am so happy with my purchase.  I honestly can't believe how well they work, and I'd like to do some more business with you."


Steve K. of Canada   Steve wanted to rebuild his Atari Lynx II console.  He ordered a New Atari OEM Lynx II Flex circuit and new mating silicon pad set and a few new Lynx lose games.  "Just to let you know, the package arrived safely toward the end of last week. I've installed the new flex circuit and pads and everything is working well. I'm amazed that it's still possible to buy brand-new, OEM Atari parts in 2020. It feels like a miracle. Thanks for helping keep this hobby alive."


Wesley R. of KY  Wesley ordered one of Bests very very rare New in the box, 1st Generation Japan made Atari Lynx I combo (includes New Lynx I with US Power supply, California game, Comlink cable and 4 other new Atari Lynx games with normal Atari 90 day Warranty) packages.  "I received the package today. All I can say is, WOW! I am in love with my new Lynx! I will definitely be buying some more items from Best Electronics soon."

Follow up Comment:  "I will be reaching out to you again here soon to order some Atari ST and Lynx items. Pleasure doing business with Best Electronics."


Ian S. of TX.  Ian had purchased an Atari 5200 2 port console, but when it arrived it was having some video issues which he was not to happy with.  A couple of Best 5200 trouble shooting tips to Ian and several E-Mails later, Bests suggestion was to get a new drop in Atari 5200 2 port US motherboard.  "Thank you so much! The 5200 motherboard works perfectly!"


Steve H. of NH   Steve said he had left of couple of voice mails to Best, but never heard back from us.  Then he tried an E-Mail to Best.  In our same day E-Mail reply back, we explained to Steve we are so busy here (7 days a week, 14 to 16 hour days here) that we get to our Atari voice Mails around 12 midnight to 2 AM typically.  It has not changed for last 20+ years.  Steve said he just got an Atari 130XE but it had keyboard problems.   He said he wanted to order the Best better made XE Keyboard CB101049 replacement mylar.  One of the two Atari made stock XE Keyboard mylars has a close to a 99% failure rate.  The Best made upgraded XE Keyboard mylar has a 1/4 of 1% failure rate for the last 28+ years of sell them all over the world.  "130XE keyboard mylar arrived today.  Itís in and working!  Good price, great service, thanks for being there!"


Gary G. of OH   Gary sent in 3 old Atari carbon dot CX52 Joysticks for Best CX52 Gold Joysticks on Best CX52 exchange program.   When he received them he said "I received my sticks back. New buttons are great but I'm having a similar problem with each stick."  We explained to Gary that all Atari CX52 Joysticks Bests reconditions are tested on Atari Factory consoles that are calibrated to Atari 5200 Engineering Spec's using Atari 5200 Diagnostic hardware.  Just before the Reconditioned CX52 Joysticks are sent out, they again go into our 39+ Atari Super Tech's area to be again tested on Factory spec Atari 5200 consoles.  We explained to Gary, that we have found over the last 39+ years selling Atari CX52 Joysticks, that some of the Atari 5200 30+ year old consoles have electronically drifted off the Atari 5200 Factory Joystick port settings, casing the CX52 Joystick problems Gary was seeing.  Atari 5200 design Engineers put in device to correct this port problem on all 5200 motherboards made.   We explained that we can help Gary do the minor internal setting adjustment over the phone within his 5200 console to get his Best CX52 Joystick problems corrected.  A couple of E-Mails back and forth, Best told Gary how to prep his 5200 console, the 5200 game cartridge required and the tools required before he called Best.  We arranged for Gary to call Best around Friday afternoon here, where is slows down just a little (Ha ha) here.  About 10 to 15 minutes on the phone with Gary:  "All 3 sticks work great after calibration. Thanks."

Follow up Comment:  "Sticks work great and over-the-phone console calibration was easy!  I look forward to doing more business with you later!"


 John F. of NY    John ordered 1 of Bests new CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the Best designed CX40 Gold lifetime inner PCB board, Best designed new CX40 lifetime Silicon Joystick boot and Best designed / Upgraded CX40 inner Super Handle.  "Today, I opened your package and handed Jess our newly purchased Upgraded CX-40 Gold.  All she said was, ď...now thatís what Iím talkiní about...Ē  So, itís nothing but high scores for her and  Iíve finally saved the princess from Donkey Kong - and I totally suck.    The firm, smooth stick response and a fire button that ďclicksĒ coupled with the soft grip - makes youíre upgraded CX-40 work the ďGold StandardĒ of joysticks in this house."


Michael O. of CA   Michael sent in an old non working CX52 carbon dot Joystick for Bests CX52 upgraded Gold exchange program.  "I love the action of this 5200 controller you had rebuilt for me its awesome."

Follow up Comment:  "the joystick has a feel that takes you by surprise.  It makes the 5200 very enjoyable now."


Mark S. of FL   Mark took advantage of Bests Atari CX52 Joystick exchange / Gold upgrade program.  He sent in a non working Atari CX52 Carbon dot Joystick.  "I love my rebuilt Gold Contact 5200 Joystick!  It has transformed my Super System from practically unplayable to one of my favorite consoles of all time!" 


Chace C. of CA  Chace ordered 2 of the Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari CX24 Gold Joysticks, upgraded with the Best designed new CX24 Gold lifetime board sets (Gold X/Y Main board and 2 Gold fire button PCB with extra large Gold dome contacts, all 3 PCB boards have tactical sounds and feed back on the Gold dome contacts).  The stock Atari made CX24 Joysticks have the bad reputation over the years of almost failing right of the new box.  "The joysticks arrived safe and sound in excellent condition.  They work great and feel much more responsive than the stock sticks.  Thank you once again and I look forward to my next purchase with you."          


Eric S. of Germany   Eric was having a problem (black screen) with his Atari PAL 2600 console.  He contacted Best via E-Mail.  A couple of E-Mails back forth, Best recommended Eric get a new set of Atari 2600 plug in PAL chips.  "I just received the 3 chips I ordered from you in March.  I already put them in my 2600 and what can I say?! It works!!!  Thank you very much, for your help and customer service.  If I need anything else for my Atari I will order from you.  Big thanks again, I hope you are doing fine in those crazy times."      


John D. of CA  John ordered 2 new Best CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the Best designed CX40 Gold lifetime inner PCB board, Best designed new CX40 lifetime Silicon Joystick boot, Best designed / Upgraded CX40 inner Super Handle, and just released Best designed Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Gold 7 ft (stock CX40 cable is only 4 ft) Joystick cable.  Basically the Best of the Best upgraded CX40 Joystick Bests sells.  "Thank you for the Joysticks!!!!  They rock!  Even my 17 year old had fun!!!"


Scott S. of UT.  Scott took advantage of Bests Atari 5200 CX52 Joystick exchange program.  He sent in two old non working Atari Carbon dot CX52 Joystick cores and received back two Reconditioned / Upgraded Best CX52 Gold Lifetime Joysticks.  "I wanted to let you know that I received my better then new Atari 5200 controllers today and they work great! Now I can really play my 5200 games they way they were meant to be played. Thank you for your great customer service and for the fantastic work you did in making my controllers better then new!" 


Jimmy F. of TX.  "I just wanted to thank you for the quick response filling my first order with you.  I received the package today and I am very happy with the performance of the paddle controllers with your super ports installed.  My originals never worked that well even when they were new back in the eighties.  I will be back for more once I find the rest of my 8bit computers and peripherals and am able to test everything."


Steve M. of NC.  Steve contacted Best via E-Mail.  He ordered one of Bests 5200 CX53 Trackball internal rebuild parts Kits, a couple of Bests exclusive CX30 S-5 (5 lifetimes worth of use) Paddle replacement Super Pots, 2 of Bests Upgraded (with Bests lifetime CX40 Gold internal PCB boards with tactical feed back (click) Gold plated dome contacts, Best designed and just released Atari CX40 Upgraded Super handles and Bests new CX40 lifetime Silicon boots) CX40 Joysticks.  He paid via PayPal.  "I received my shipment yesterday. I couldnít be happier with the 2600 joysticks. Before I even turned the console on; the tactility alone is incredibly satisfying. I had spent a lot of time playing particular games but lately I had resigned to the notion that I just suck at Atari 2600 now. The first game I threw in to give the new sticks a test run (River Raid), I got further than I had in years. Iíve tried the cheesy joystick remakes off of Amazon and they arenít even in the same league as your product or any better than my 30+ year old originals for that matter.  Track ball optocouplers, bearings and chipset, went in easy enough (I have a good soldering set). Itís so much more precise now. First game of Missile Command after over a year and I was in 6x points.  I donít have much to say about the paddle pots because I donít particularly enjoy the paddle games. Easy installation and they work great though. I might get a couple more for the sake of four player Warlords.  Thank you for the very fast shipping and for helping the community keep a small piece of our childhoods alive!"


Jeffrey J. of NC.  Jeffrey is a developer of Atari Jaguar Homebrew games.  He contacted Best because he was looking for Jaguar game Cartridge shells and internal Jaguar game cartridge PCB boards.  A month before Jeffery purchased one of the Atari CX78 JoyPads that have been upgraded with the Best designed CX78 Gold Upgrade / Enhancement kits, that cure the known stock CX78 JoyPad problems that cause all of them to always fail early.  "I ordered the 7800 gamepad from you guys at Christmas time and I just wanted to let you know it is AWESOME"


Bruce D. of TX   Bruce contacted Best he had an Atari 400 / Atari 800XL computers with some problems.  A few E-Mails back and forth Bruce ordered a New drop in Atari US 400 Power supply side board, a couple of the Best exclusive Atari CX40 Gold Joystick rebuild kits (Best designed CX40 Gold lifetime PCB board and the just released Best designed CX40 Super Handle) and a couple of Pro-Stick Joysticks.   "I have received the order, and rebuilt my old joysticks last night.  The gold boards are wonderful! The restored responsiveness and the just-right tactile feedback level of the contact domes has left me on a nostalgia high.  Thank you for recommending I add these to my order."


Karl L. of the UK   Karl contacted Best because he had pulled his Atari 8 bit computers out of storage.  He was a little concerned on the voltages he was seeing on his Atari 800 internal Power supply side board.  A few E-Mails back and forth and Best told Karl all of the voltages he was seeing on his 800 internal Power supply board we normal.  "Everything on my Atari 800 works except for the SELECT and START keys."  A few E-Mails back and forth again, Karl was considering getting a new replacement 800 internal power supply board, which Best had in stock.  Best suggested to Karl, because of the very very high cost of International shipping costs to the UK, it would be more cost effective for him, if he got 4 New 800 function button replacement Atari switches and replace all of the 30+ year old 800 Internal Power Supply side board with new ones.  In the end Karl ordered the 4 new 800 switches, a New boxed copy of Atari Necromancer game and one of Bests New Atari 800 translucent dust covers.  "The parcel arrived on Saturday morning, so less than 5 days to get here which was a lot better than expected.  I swapped out all the buttons on the Atari 800 power board just to have them all new.  I'm over the moon that the old girl now looks and performs like it just rolled off the production line.  The Necromancer game worked perfectly.  The cover looks great too.  All in all - very satisfied with my purchases.  I'll get another order in next week."


Brad V. of IL    Brad had a couple of old Atari CX40 Joysticks we wanted to rebuild / upgrade.  He ordered Bests exclusive Atari CX40 Gold rebuild kit, with the Best 2005 Gold Atari CX40 lifetime PCB board and the Best designed and just released CX40 Super handle.  He also ordered Bests new just released upgraded / enhanced longer 7 foot (stock Atari CX40 cables are 4 foot long) Gold Atari CX40 Joystick cables to.  "I rebuilt a few joysticks with previous sent Gold Rebuild kits this week and am so happy with the result!  They work great and I love the longer cord length! I can't believe I have not done this sooner with my poor old controllers!  I have a few more rebuild needs from findings going through my storage and want to rebuild those as well."


Walter A. of AL   Walter ordered one of the Impossible to find New in the 25+ year box Atari 825 Dot matrix printers from Best.  "I just wanted to say thank you for being there for us Atari enthusiasts.  Owning a brand new Atari 825 printer is a real attention-getter at vintage computer shows.  With this printer, I can now display a full Atari 800 era computer system, complete with communications, storage and printing... all Atari-branded.  I look forward to buying more items from Best Electronics in the near future"  We can tell by Walters low Best Customer number, he has been a Best loyal Atari customer for over 20+ years now. 


Faris M. of TX.   Faris contacted Best because he had a bad Atari 1200XL Keyboard.  He ordered one of Bests made Upgraded / Enhanced Atari 1200XL internal keyboard mylars.  "I received the Best mylar today and was able to replace it with the Mitsumi original one.  While all the keys work like a charm now thanks to your high quality mylar.  Any way, I now have a fully functional 1200XL which I am loving more than before with all they keys registering as they should!"

Follow up Comment:  ďThanks to Best, I now have a fully functional 1200XL which I am loving more than before with all they keys registering as they should!Ē


Randall L. of Canada   Randall found an Atari Mega ST, but it was missing the external Mega Keyboard assembly, Keyboard cable and ST mouse.  So he ordered Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari Mega ST keyboard, Best made Mega ST Keyboard cable and Bests Truemouse ST mouse.  "Received the hardware and wanted to say thanks for the great packaging allowing it survive Xmas mail, most appreciated.  As for the hardware, WOW! The keyboard looks and feels brand new, I am so impressed with the professional job Best did with this!" 

Follow up Comment:  "This is my second purchase from you and both have been excellent experiences."


Steve A. of WV.  Steve had a non working Atari 800XL computer.  A couple of E-Mails back and forth, he decided to buy a new replacement / drop in Atari US 800XL motherboard.  "I received it this morning and it works fantastically! Great product! I could not believe how clean and minty the board was! I cannot thank you enough!" 


Jay S. of AL  Jay sent in 2 Atari 5200 CX52 Joystick cores for our Best Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Joysticks exchange program.   "I received the two rebuilt 5200 joysticks that I mentioned in my earlier message, and I like them even better than my earlier rebuilt joysticks!  Your new gold fire buttons and keypads are truly outstanding."  About 3 days latter, Jay sent Best another E-Mail saying he is sending 2 more Atari CX52 Joystick cores for exchange.  He end game was to demo his 5200 4 port system at school demonstration.  Jay has one of the Newer Home brew 5200 games that allows 4 players to play a singe game at the same time.  Because of the programming code limits, high costs of game ROMs within the game cartridge and their very limited amount of memory they had back in the 1980's, Atari never had a true 4 player head to head 5200 stock game.


Brian T. of OH.   Brian purchased a Best reconditioned US Atari 800XL computer (all in new like condition) to replace his 20+ year old Atari 800XL that was having some problems.  "Received my 800XL very quickly.  Your product is in incredible condition and I am very happy with my purchase."   Brian had a follow up Atari Tech questions on his old ailing 800XL computer.  He decided to fix it and keep it as back up Atari 800XL Computer.  A few E-Mails back and forth, a received picture of his Atari old 800XL Keyboard, a couple of Tech questions asked on Brian's old 800XL problem.  Brian placed his second order with Best for one of new Bests Upgraded Lifetime replacement XL Keyboard mylars.


Marlin F. of IN.  Marlin contacted Best looking for a US STE Keyboard for his PAL 1040STE with a Euro / PAL Keyboard he bought in Europe.  He asked questions on the condition of the 1040STE US Keyboards Best had in stock.  "I received my "new" U.S. STE keyboard today, only two days after ordering."  He also ordered one of Best new Atari 4160STE (Atari official model for a fully upgraded 4 meg STE computer) Upgrade labels.  "As always, thank you for your excellent service and for all that you've done and continue to do for our little community. It is much appreciated."


Joe M. of CA  Joe purchased 2 of Best's new S5 (5 Lifetimes of normal use) Upgraded Atari Paddle CX30 Super Pots to rebuild his old Atari CX30 Paddles.  "Just wanted to say what an awesome product those pots are.  Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to re-engineer that old technology. I try to stay active in the 8-bit world and love it when people stand up to the plate and deliver great products and service.  Thank you for fighting the good fight!

Product quality 10 out of 10.
Installation ease 10 out of 10.

Product function 10 out of 10."


Robin R. of Germany.  Robin contacted Best because he was rebuilding / upgrading a couple of Atari Lynx II's he owned.  He bought Bests New Atari Lynx II internal Flex circuits, mating Lynx II New Silicon pad set, New Lynx II rubber grips and a Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.  "Thank you so much for your very good service! I became the parts and already got my Lynx working again like it is a new one. (Also built in a BennVenn Display now...) But until then I wish you all the best and thank you again for doing your business so great. I am sure I will order again and will recommend your shop to all Atari lovers.   Best Regards from Germany.  Your satisfied customer."


Ray D. of PA.  Ray purchased a complete set of Best Upgraded Atari CX30-S5 Paddles with our S5 Super Pots and 2 extra Best CX30-S5 replacement Super Pots to upgrade a set of old Atari CX30 Paddles he had.  "I got a chance to play around with the paddles, and they are awesome!  Thank you very much! Iíll be sending in another order shortly"


Jason W. of PA  Jason placed his 1st ever two Atari orders at the same time with Best Electronics.  We split them into two separate Atari orders.  One Mail in order for two Best CX52 Recondtioned / Upgraded Gold Joysticks exchange program.  Jason sent in 2 old Atari CX52 Joysticks and 2 more extra old CX52 Joystick cores and got a $6 per extra non exchange CX52 core credit off the total exchange order cost toward the two CX52 Gold Joysticks Jason ended up.  He also wanted to rebuild / upgrade 2 old non working Atari CX40 Joysticks he had.  He ordered 2 Best Atari CX40 Joystick Gold Rebuild kits (Best CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB board and the New just released Best designed CX40 Super handle), 2 Bests new upgraded CX40 Lifetime Silicon boots and a Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.  "Thank you!  I received both orders and was anxious to test everything out.  It made itís was to PA at lightning speed. Love the packaging, the Atari tape!  Everything is wonderful Ė cannot believe what a difference your redesigns have made to both these controllers (CX40, CX52).  My CX40s buttons" (end of the center CX40 Fire button (which Best is sold out of) tit was worn down and would not make proper contact with new Best CX40 PCB board Gold plated dome contacts.  Jason used the Best CX40 fire button Tech Tip at the Best Web site on how to correct this Atari CX40 fire button problem) "wouldnít press down because the bump was worn down, but I took about 5 layers of scotch tape and made a dot through a hold punch, put it n the center of the dome, and we are in luck.  That thousandths of an inch makes all the difference.  Received and loved the catalog.  I cannot believe the attention to detail you pay, and it really makes all the difference.  Look forward to my next purchaseÖ.."


Ian H. of Canada  "I recently ordered a CX40 joystick that was upgraded with the gold pcb board and silicon boot. (price was $39.95).  I am very happy with this joystick!  I am looking to purchase another one."


Bryan J of CA  Bryan placed his second Atari order this year to Best, for some more Best CX40 Gold Joysticks Rebuild Kits (Best designed New CX40 Super Handle and Best CX40 Gold lifetime PCB board) and new some replacement Atari CX30 Paddle knobs.  "You continue to exceed my every expectation. I just received my order. I am a customer for life!"


Michael B. of MI   Upon receiving his second Atari order in a row from Best:  "As always I am impressed with your shipping speed! Prompt well packed ship and only TWO DAYS from CA to MI!.. every time! Also, very happy with all my Atari items again"


Jason M. of WA   Jason dug out his old Atari ST computer system he put away a few years ago.  He had a non working Atari SC1224 color monitor and a working SM24 monochrome monitors.  Both with (back then large 12 - 13 inch display screens) tiny display screens now.  Jason wanted to try Best 2nd Gen. ST Multi Sync adapter cable, to go to larger Flat screen displays / TVs he had.  "Thank you for the cable.   I finally had time to test it yesterday.  It works swell, both color and monochrome modes."


Marc G. of MI  Marc ordered a new Atari 2600 OEM On / Off switch and Bests Atari Engineering 2600 6 switch Composite Video mod.  "I have recently resurrected an old 2600 ďLight Sixer,Ē which now works but has a couple of minor issues,.  Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived this afternoon. Iím very pleased that it arrived so quickly, and everything inside looks great. Thanks for including some of the magazine articles and what not, as well. Bonus points for the Atari-labeled packing tape! Loved it." 


Sebastian S. of Germany   Sebastian ordered a new Atari Portfolio Serial interface from Best.  "Today (Friday) I received the serial interface. :) Wow, what a superfast shipping and good packaging!  Thank you very very much for this smooth & fast deal and the great  customer service - my recommendations!  Many greetings from Bavaria/Germany"


Aaron C. of AR  Aaron did not have an old Atari CX52 Joystick to do Bests CX52 Joystick exchange program, so he went with an outright buy of a Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold lifetime Joystick.  "I received the controller today, plugged it in, fired up my and was VERY happy with the performance.  The old joysticks I've had never worked as well as the one I ordered from you.  I didn't realize how much of the games I was missing without a fully operational controller.  The tips on extending that controller life are very helpful and the additional reading material is nice as well.  I'll be looking it over today.  I was amazed at how fast it shipped!  Only two days to get from California to Arkansas.  I really thank you for all your help and amazing customer service.  I will definitely recommend Best Electronics to other Atari fans/owner and will be ordering from you again."


Garry T. of OH  This is Garry 3rd feed back comment to Best.  "Subject: Another great product from Best!  I just replaced the 30+ year old keyboard mylar in my 1200XL with the Best Internal Mylar.  Fantastic upgrade.  My Atari 1200XL works like new again!  The best part was that is was super simple to replace using the instructions on the Best website.  Thanks again for all the Best does for the Atari community." 


Dewey K. of WI  Dewey ordered a new Best Mega 2 replacement Keyboard cable to replace the used one that was in bad shape on his just received Atari Mega 2 computer.  He also ordered a new Best ST True mouse.  "WOW!!  I am very happy with the service I have received. You answered my questions, helped me through the ordering process, and shipped my order quickly.  The keyboard cable is a great replacement for the old one.  I really like the TrueMouse.  Ití much better than the Atari mouse!"


Al L. of CT  Al ordered a New loose Atari Jaguar Super Burnout game Cartridge.  "Just wanted to drop a quick follow up:  The Super Burnout cart looks and runs great.  Thanks for the lightning fast shipping, the pro packing/handling and the cool background info on Best Electronics.  Once my wallet is ready, weíll be back in touch.  Thanks again for your help and services."


Will of L. of FL   Will contacted Best because he had an old Atari 7800 CX24 Slim line Joystick that was not working well.  He read all of the information on Best's CX24 New Gold Lifetime board set (that uses the same Gold Dome contract technology, used on the very popular Best Lifetime CX40 Joystick Gold internal PCB boards) and wanted to order them.  Although Will only had one  old Atari CX24 Joystick to rebuild, he went ahead ordered two sets (our Min. order for the New CX24 Gold Lifetime upgrade boards) of them.  "I don't know how I received it so quickly but I actually found it in my mailbox after work. I threw the new parts in my stick and it's so crisp. A 7800 stick in good working order is surprisingly good. Thank you for engineering and carrying replacement parts for such a niche product and the rapid product delivery!  Mark me down as very satisfied, when I have the budget I'll be ordering 2600 stick parts for sure!" 


Brain G. of WA.  Brain was about ready to place another Atari order with Best and he said:  "I recently purchased an improved set of paddle controllers" (Bests Atari CX30-S5 Paddles upgraded Best 2nd gen. CX30 lifetime Super Pots) "from you and they work great!  I broke all my previous paddle game high scores very quickly". 


Garry T. of OH.  "The Best catalog is a treasure-trove of tips and hints for repairing/trouble shooting your Atari.  The tip about how to fix your ST keyboard if the mouse wasn't working correctly was terrific.  I was able to fix the keyboard very easily without having to replace the keyboard or getting a new mouse.  The Best catalog should be every Atari owners' best friend!  Super resource.  Thanks again for everything"

Follow up Comment:  "Feel free to post any of my comments.  Very appreciative of what you and Best represent to the Atari community!"


Garry T. of OH  Garry ordered one of Bests "TT Touch" Internal upgrade Silicon contacts for the Atari 520ST / 1040STF / 1040STE / Falcon keyboards.  "The Best TT Touch keyboard silicon replacements work great.  Much nicer feel when typing on my 1040 ST.  Super easy to install."

Follow up Comment: "After years of mushy typing on my 1040ST, I discovered the Best TT Touch keyboard silicon replacements.  I was a bit nervous about opening up my ST as I am not technical, but the instructions were super clear and the whole replacement process only took about 10-15 minutes and only required a screwdriver.  Now I have a super responsive keyboard, it's like having a new ST again!  Thanks Best!"


Michael W. of CA  Michael contacted Best via E-Mail, because his old Atari 810 disk drive would read and load some Atari disk based games, but refused to properly format Atari floppy disks.  He was think of getting a New Atari 810 sideboard with data separator and a C version (last 810 revision ROM made) 810 upgrade ROM to fix his 810 format problem.  Several 810 diagnostic E-Mails questions back and forth, pictures sent and received.  Best told Michael his Atari 810 already had a  810 sideboard with the 810 data data separator and in most cases that was not his 810 format problem.  We recommend he should get a new upgrade Atari 810 Grass Valley Rear power board and top head card, to replace the old 810 single rear power board with known 810 Speed problems.  "Just wanted to say "thank you!" - the Grass Valley board got my 810 working again - what would I do without your great support and stock / supplies of retro parts!  Thanks again" 


Mark Y. of PA  Mark contacted Best because he was trying to get his not working Atari 800 computer (he purchased new in 1980's) going again.  Atari 800 Diagnostic questions asked and answered, 5 to 6 E-Mails back and forth, Best suggested Mark get a new Atari 800 US CPU and a new Atari 800 OS plug in replacement cards.  "Just wanted to let you know that your board replacement suggestions were spot on. The new boards work perfectly and the Atari 800 is up and running again after 40 years. Thanks again!"


Kevin S. of CA  Kevin had a couple of old Atari CX40 Joysticks that were not working correctly.  He ordered 2 of Bests New CX40 Gold rebuild kits with Best's CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB board and after 30 months work Bests New Upgraded / Enhanced CX40 Super handle.  "These controllers are amazing with the new parts."


Kyle D. of IL   Kyle contacted Best because he was having problems with an Atari 2600 console he just picked up.  Best give him some Atari 2600 trouble shooting tips.  4 to 5 E-Mails back and forth, it looked like his 2600 console had a bad chip set.  So Kyle ordered a 2600 replacement 3 chip set from Best.  Kyle installed the Best 2600 chip set.  It cured the original 2600 problem and the 2600 worked fine.  But a new 2600 problem showed up.  Kyle's 2600 had a very good display with good sound, but when the 2600 console was turned off and on again a new video problem appeared.  We asked Kyle to do a new channel scan on his flat panel TV with the 2600 running a game.  "Scanning after changing to the new chips picked up Channel 2, and it runs beautifully on it! Even got full audio! All problems solved!!  Thank you so incredibly much for the hugely substantial amount of assistance and components!!"   


Paul J. of Canada  Paul contacted Best via E-Mail.  Several E-Mails back and forth, Atari questions asked and answered.  Paul placed his very 1st Atari order with Best.  "Thanks -  We received the shipment yesterday!  The new drive belt is installed and my 1050 drive works like it was 1985 again.  I am sure it will run for another 35 years!  The new 130xe main board also works perfect.  I can honestly say Best rescued both items from the landfill.  Thanks for helping persevere a little bit of Atari computing history in our home!  I can say with 100% assurance that we will be back for additional purchases.  Best is the best!  Thanks Again!"


Mark H of DE.  Mark just ordered one of Best's 7800 CX24 Reconditioned / Upgraded with Best's new CX24 Gold Lifetime internal board set, to replace a stock always going bad Atari CX24 Joystick.  In 2016 Mark ordered one of Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX52 5200 Joysticks.  "Best Electronics does it again! I received my CX-24 controller today and I have to confess I never liked playing my 7800 because the controllers I had were so bad. (I never knew any better)  Today I found out how good it should be, this controller is amazing. Can not say enough positive things about Best products and service.  My 5200 Best controller still rocks having had it since 03/2016."


Colton M. of Canada   Colton contacted Best looking for a pair of Atari CX30 Paddles.  We told Colton we had Atari CX30 Paddles upgraded with Bests New 2nd Generation (five lifetimes worth of normal use) S-5 Atari Paddle Super Pots.  "I have now received the order, and I must say I am very impressed.  The paddles are of a ridiculously high quality - it has been a real pain for me to find decently reliable paddles lately, and now I think my search is over!  Keep up the good work, if any of my buddies are looking to get into the retro-gaming scene, I know where to send them!  Thanks again!"


Paul T. of Australia  Paul contacted Best looking for some new replacement parts for an Atari 2600 he was rebuilding.  He ordered 4 new Atari 2600 slide switches, a 2600 R/A Power jack and 2600 7805 voltage regulator.  "You are a legend. I got the parts this afternoon, couldnít be happier. Beautifully packed to boot. Iíll have to scour markets for more busted 2600s!!!"


John N. of NY  John contacted Best and said "hello,  just came across your website and it's fantastic.  I need full button and gold circuit for the Atari 5200 controller.  How much for the new circuit board,  fire buttons,  keypad and start/pause/etc button setup?  Can't wait to get this controller back up and running!"  John ordered one complete set of Best CX52 Gold lifetime parts for his 30+ year old Atari CX52 Joystick.  "Got the items and fixed my controller!!  Works like a charm!!!  Thank you so much." 

Follow up Comment: "It was fantastic to be able to use this system, especially since I never had it as a kid!"


Andrew M. of IL  Andrew placed his very 1st Atari order with Best.  He ordered a new in box Atari XC12 Program recorder (the very last new Atari 8 bit Cassette drives made)  A few XL and 800 replacement Key caps to replace some missing old Atari keyboard key cap locations and the Best made exclusive upgraded 1200XL Keyboard internal replacement Mylar.  "Lovely stuff.  Mylar for the 1200XL is perfect.  Atari XC12 looks perfect.  That was the last piece of equipment I needed to recall some good childhood memories"


 Ted S. of Canada  Ted contacted Best looking for 2 1050 Disk Drive Tandon replacement top head pads.  Best told Ted we have them in stock.  He second E-Mail back to Best, said he was also looking for a second complete Atari 130XE Computer to back up his second bad Atari 130XE Computer he had.  We told Ted we do have Reconditioned Atari 130XE US / NTSC Computers in stock, but we had a lot more cost effective choice for him.  Best has New complete drop in replacement Atari 130XE US / NTSC motherboards for far less than a complete Reconditioned 130XE Computer.  "I received the package today.  My 1050 Disk Drive now appears to be 100% operational again.  The 130XE motherboard was very easy to install and is working great.  Thanks again for staying in business for us atari addicts!" 


Mike M. of NC  Mike's 1st contact (via E-Mail) with Best, he said he had just picked an Atari 5200 console and of course it had two bad carbon dot CX52 Joysticks.  He asked Bests advice on the new CX52 Joystick parts he should get.  Mike was considering mixing some working to a degree old Carbon dot parts with Best's CX52 Gold Lifetime Joystick parts.  Best told Mike if he was on a budget, go with a full set of new Atari Carbon dot CX52 Joystick parts (good for about 3 to 4 years of normal use, before they will have to be rebuilt again).  If he wanted to end up with Lifetime CX52 Joysticks, go with all Gold CX52 parts.  Upon placing a second Atari order in a row with Best, Mike said: "Hi, picked up a 7800 this week.  Also wanted to say how awesome the gold parts were to fix those old joysticks on the 5200. Night and day and worth the extra cash. Nice to know that they wonít fail.

Follow up Comment: "Sure on use my feedback. So glad I found your company and happy to promote it. I do on Atariage as well."


Zach R. of WI   Zach took advantage of Bests Atari CX52 5200 Joystick Exchange program.  He sent in two old non working Carbon Dot CX52 Joysticks for 2 Reconditioned / Upgraded Best CX52 Lifetime Gold Joysticks.  "Just wanted to let you know I got the controllers back today and theyíre working well.  Thank you for the super fast turnaround time and service"


Louis M. of CA  Louis has been a Best Atari customer since 2013.  So far this year he as placed 6 Atari orders with Best in 2018.  Before he placed his latest Atari order with Best he said...  "As always, many thanks for your help, great service and support of the global Atari community."

Follow up Comment:  "I have been doing business with you for many years and am always very pleased with your service. That and you have a lot of really nifty stuff to keep us Atarians happy!  ;^)"   


Steve R. of TX  Steve has placed over 4 Atari orders with Best in 2018 so far.  This time he was one of the very 1st Best Customers to order two of the New CX40 Joysticks, upgraded with Bests 2005 Lifetime Gold CX40 PCB boards, upgraded with Bests 2016 New Lifetime CX40 Silicon boot and upgraded with the just released (after 30 months work) Best CX40 upgrade Super Handles.  "Received the joysticks and they are great!"


Taro K. of Japan  Taro purchased from Best, a reconditioned Atari Lynx II upgraded with Bests exclusive Lynx II upgrade speaker, a replacement Lynx II replacement snap in clear window (for an old Lynx II he had), a new loose Atari Lynx Klax game and the Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.   "I received the products today.  Thanks for the fast shipping.  I really love them! I was impressed by the condition of the Lynx2.  It's like a new one.  I really love the sound of upgraded Lynx2 speaker. The catalog is amazing. I'm a very happy customer."   We have told by Atari users in Japan, because of the very very high Japanese incoming Customs and other fees, a typical Atari shipment to Japan can almost double in cost to the Atari user.    


James B. of MA.  On his 1st order to Best James purchased one of Bests Jaguar Combo (S-Video and Composite Video Cables in one) video cable for his Atari Jaguar console.  About to place his second Atari order with Best for one of our 2nd Gen. Upgraded New Atari 8 bit Composite Video cables.  "I just wanted to add a comment that I have one of your Atari Jaguar video cables and I love it! Beautiful picture and first rate quality. I know I'll be happy with your 2nd Generation Composite Video Cable." 


Angle H. of IN  On Angles very 1st Atari order Best, he ordered 5 New loose Jaguar Game carts,  a new Jaguar US Power supply and a new Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 Audio CD.  "My order came today and I just wanted to say thank you and everything was packaged wonderfully!!! Super fast shipping, too!!! I appreciate the great customer service and your prices are great!!!  Thanks so much"


Steven C. of CA   Steven had purchased some of Best exclusive Atari Lynx II upgrade replacement speakers.  Upon placing his second Atari order with Best Steven said:  "I actually just purchased 3 of your Lynx II speakers a couple weeks ago.  Awesome!  Fixed my sound issue."


Stuart D. of Australia  Stuart ordered Bests, TT Touch keyboard upgrade contacts, Falcon Translucent Dust cover and Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.  "I have received the order.  TT upgrade is fantastic, thanks!  The catalog is also a great read."

Follow up Comment:  "I have to say that over the years I thought I'd forgotten how to touch type.  With the TT Upgrade, no spell check, no autocorrect (and a little bit of practice) I'll be back to 75WPM quite quickly!  Much better than any keyboard I can buy today!"


David P. of FL  "I want to sincerely thank you guys for the two CX52 Atari 5200 controllers with the Gold dot revisions that I purchased from you around 2006.  When I received them they were great, and outperformed my original controllers even when they were brand new.  Around 2010, the Atari went into storage, kids were into their own systems and it wasnít getting any fair play.  Now, my ďkidsĒ are young adults and they were feeling nostalgic and asked about the Atari, so I pulled it out of storage, hooked it up and the controllers worked flawlessly as soon as they were plugged in!  I feel this is a testament to the quality craftsmanship that Best Electronics put into both the design of the upgrade parts as well as the workmanship invested in the controller rebuild process.  Many thanks!!!"  30+ year Atari 5200 History has shown, if David went with the Carbon dot version freshly rebuilt CX52 Joysticks back in 2006, they would of gone bad after 4 to 5 years of storage.          


John C. of OH  John contacted Best via E-Mail and said he wanted to purchase Best's New 2nd Generation Upgraded / Enhanced 600XL / 800XL Keyboard internal Mylar.  "I did the replacement mylar install this morning and I now have a fully functional Atari 800XL ... Your instructions were perfect!  Thank you for making this product, it was worth every penny I spent on it!  I also appreciate the super fast shipping!  Best Electronics is the BEST!!!"

Follow up Comment: "I've decided to place another order since I now have my Atari XL up and running."


Tracy C. of NC   Tracy ordered one of the New just released (after 11 month work) Best Upgraded / Enhanced Auto switching Atari 7800 Power supplies, that cures the known stock Atari 7800 power supply design problems that cause them to all fail early.  "The power supply arrived today safe, and the 7800 works beautifully.  Thank you!"


Scott S. of CA  "I want to commend you for your excellent customer service.  I ordered a keyboard mylar & power switch on Tuesday afternoon, and the order was waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday!"


Spencer W. of IA   Spencer contacted Best by E-Mail on a Saturday.  He wanted place an Atari order for a New
Atari 2600Jr Power supply, loose Donkey Jr. 2600 game, a Prototype 7800 Sentinel game and Best Atari Light gun.  He paid on Saturday via PayPal and his Atari order was shipped the same day. 
"Wow-  shipped Saturday after Post closed from California-  arrived in Iowa on Monday -  wildly fast!  Thanks!"


Michael K. of CT.   Michael purchased one of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold CX52 Joysticks.  I've been using my upgraded Gold CX-52 for about a month now, and it works flawlessly.  Best has an excellent reputation in the Atari community, and it is well earned.  I'm continually impressed with Best's customer service and their commitment to quality product.  I definitely recommend anyone interested in making an Atari purchase should contact Best Electronics.


Sam C. of TX.  By Sam's low Best Customer number, we can tell he has been a Best Electronics Atari customer for over 20+ years now.  He recently placed back to back Atari orders.  On his second Atari order, Sam ordered the Best Falcon Compact Flash 2 GB upgrade for his Atari Falcon.  Placing his third Atari order in a row with Best he said:  "The Best Electronic Compact Flash upgrade is phenomenal. I regret waiting so long before acquiring one. It was an effortless installation thanks in part to the included printed, very detailed instructions and accompanying photos.  Those are what made it ďfool-proofĒ for me. Great job!  Bravo!!!"


Emmanuel D. of France  Emmanuel ordered some new Atari 2600 replacement parts and 2 of Best exclusive CX40 Gold 3rd Gen. Lifetime PCB boards.  "Wow this is incredible ! I just received the parcel. It took less than 5 days for it to arrive in France. This is lightning fast :)  And It took me only 10 minutes to replace the old PCB with the new 3rd Gen Gold PCB inside my CX40 Joystick. The wiring color labels made the upgrade very easy.  The result is beyond what I expected. My CX40 joystick is better than new and very precise. The tactical feedback is great and the click sound so pleasing ! Thanks !"


Boris K. of Germany.  Boris read the different Atari reviews on Best's XEGS keyboard upgrade called "XE Touch". 
So he placed an Atari order for two set of XE Touch internal upgrade silicone cups for his two Atari XEGS consoles he had from Best.
 "I just received and already changed the XE best contact upgrade into one of my XEGS keyboards. This is really amazing, it turns this wobbly thing into an actual usable keyboard with a very professional feel to it. I'd say this is a must-buy for any XE owner - wow! Thank you so much for this! Danke!  Best regards from Germany"


Jeff J. of FL  Jeff contacted Best via E-Mail.  He want to upgrade his two old non working carbon dot pad Atari 5200 CX52 Joysticks with Bests exclusive New Lifetime upgraded CX52 Joystick Silicon pads with Gold Metal dots.  I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that the parts already arrived.  I appreciate your excellent communication, and ultra quick order processing time. The buttons exceed my expectations all around. They are tactile, and responsive just like you described. No more mushy CX52 controllers! Thank you so much, and have a great day!


Lee C. of Canada  Lee was having some problems with an Atari 6 switch 2600 console he got off E-bay.  Couple of E-Mails latter, Lee placed his 1st Atari 2600 parts order with Best.  "I had the chance to change the switches and power adapter I bought from you.  Everything worked like a charm.  You're a lifesaver, these parts are really hard to find.  Thanks alot"


Trevor B. of Canada  Trevor was one of the very 1st Atari 600XL owners to receive the just released Best exclusive 2nd Generation Upgraded / Enhanced Atari 600XL / 800XL Lifetime Keyboard mylars  "Received the mylar, and installed it, and everything works great, thank you."


Billy F. of Scotland  Billy asked Best "I was wondering if you could help me troubleshoot to see what I would need to buy to fix my Atari. I have a PAL CX2600U 6 switch. I haven't had much luck with most forums and people have been recommending yourself.  Any help or recommendation of parts needed would be really helpful."  A couple E-Mails back and forth and Billy placed an Atari 2600 PAL chip order with Best.  "I would just like to thank you for your help in restoring my Atari back to its former glory. Working again like the day it was born. Your service is second to none.  Thanks again for your help.  From Scotland" 


Mark A. of Canada  Mark ordered 2 sets of Best's exclusive Atari CX30 Paddle S5 (5 lifetimes worth of use) upgrade Super Pots fix his old stock Atari CX30 Paddle jittery cursor problem.  "Got my Paddle pots yesterday, installed them, and they work perfectly. Thanks so much!!!! I will definitely keep you in mind if I need anymore Atari stuff!!!!!!!"


Richard K. of the UK  Richard has placed 2 back to back International Atari orders with Best.  He is ready to place his 3rd Atari order.  "I fitted your Best TT touch Falcon Keyboard Upgrade contacts to my Atari Falcon - what a fantastic transformation!!  In fact so good I'd like to purchase two more kits for my Atari ST's."


Daniel M. of Belgium   Daniel ordered some Atari CX40 Joystick replacement parts including Bests exclusive made 3rd Generation CX40 Gold Lifetime internal PCB boards.  "Your pack arrived yesterday, it was quite fast.  And these cx40 gold pcb are indeed great !"

Follow up Comment:  :-) I will always talk positive about your products and services, be on atariage or on Belgian/French forums.


Michael P. of CA  "Just wanted to let you know that I un-boxed the CX77 Touch tablet today and tried it out, and I'm a very happy customer. It's probably the first time in 30+ years that I've had something brand new and sealed from Atari. Really brought me back in time in a good way. And the product works great!"


Chris T. of FL  Chris purchased one of Bests CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the Best CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB board and the new 2016 Best Lifetime CX40 Silicon Joystick boots.  This is Chris's 2nd feedback comment to Best  "Just wanted to let you know that I received my order for a Best CX40 joystick and it is everything I thought it would be! Great job on making these better. Ill be ordering another one soon."


Marcal M. of Spain  Marcal contacted Best about his Atari CX53 5200 Trackball problem (the game cursor would not go up down, a common Atari problem on the CX53 Trackballs) he was having.  He ordered two new Atari CX53 Optocoupler replacement modules and one set of Best's exclusive CX52 Gold Lifetime Joystick upgrade parts.  "Just wanted to confirm that my order was received and installed and all works flawlessly, I'm very happy!"


Mark W. of MA  Mark ordered 2 sets of Best's CX30-S5 Atari Paddles upgraded with Best's S5 (5 lifetimes use) CX30 Super Pots and 2 of Bests CX40 Gold 3rd generation Lifetime CX40 Joystick internal PCB boards.  "Got the order and promptly upgraded my joysticks with the new PCB's, WOW!  All my childhood memories of fighting against ailing joysticks just vanished like a dream.  Tested the CX30 paddles with Warlords and am equally impressed.  They are utterly smooth and perfect, better than anything I can recall as a child!  Thanks again for all your hard work in making these improvements a reality.  I mean that sincerely"


Thomas B. of MT  Thomas sent in two old CX2 Joystick controllers in for exchange for two Best CX52 Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Joystick controllers, the most cost effective method.  "Got the controllers today and they work great!  Had a blast playing games with my kids today"


Frank S. of NH  Frank contacted Best by E-Mail.  He was looking for a hard to find replacement Atari Lynx II internal flex circuit.  A few E-Mails back and forth and Frank placed his very 1st Atari order with Best.  He ordered a New Atari Lynx II Flex circuit, the Best recommended mating Lynx II Silicon pad set (the other half of the mechanical switch) for the Flex circuit, 2 Best New Lynx II internal upgrade speakers and one New in the shrunk wrapped box Atari US Lynx external power supply.  "Hi I just want to personally thank you for your exceptional customer service product quality and fast shipping! I will recommend you to anyone I know! Do you have social media ille give you a plug and thanks again!"


Andrew M. of IL  Andrew ordered one of Best Exclusive Upgraded / Enhanced New 1200XL replacement Keyboard Mylars"Just wanted to say thanks - 1200xl keyboard works like new.  1200xl is a joy to use with the mylar from Best Electronics!"


Rod U. of MO.  Rod placed his very 1st order to Best for, Bests exclusive New XE Keyboard Mylar, a New Best Atari XL / XE US Rebuildable Power supply, 65XE / 130XE Translucent Dust cover, Bests just released 2nd Gen. Upgraded / Enhanced Atari 8 bit Composite Video cable, Bests 2nd Gen. S5 CX30 Paddle Super Pots, Best 3rd Gen. CX40 Joystick Gold Lifetime PCB board and one of Bests New CX40 Joystick lifetime Silicon boot.  "Got my parts and just wanted to thank you. Everything is working even better than i had hoped. My 130xe looks amazing over your rgb cable, and all the keys now work perfectly. Your cx30 paddle pots are installed and play better than when they were new. I haven't installed the joystick pcb upgrade yet but they look great and I'm sure they'll hold up to your high quality standards.  Fantastic!  Thanks for the great advice, service, and communication.  Keep up the great work"


Andreas K. of Germany  Andreas has always placed his Atari orders with a friend of his (a 20+ year German Atari customer of Best).  This time he decided to order direct from Best.  He ordered a Best ST Trackball, an Atari ST Handy Mouse and two loose Atari 8 bit cartridges.  "My order arrived today (okay, customs caught it for two or three days).  Thank you very much for extremely fast shipping, the packing/package (including several articles from various magazines) and last not least the great Atari items.  That's first class customer service !  I am quite sure, I will make another order before XMAS.  Greetings and thanks."


Mike H. of GA   Mike ordered a total of 12 Atari Custom chips for his Atari 8 bit computers.  "Received everything in great working order.  Your service is very much appreciated.  I gave you major kudos on Atariage.com for you past and present fantastic service and commitment to our hobby, which has been very well received and expanded on.  Again, thanks."


Chris D. of NY  Chris placed an Atari order for two ST Computers and 2 Atari SF314 external DSDD Disk Drives for his sons.  "Ordering from Best is like calling up a friend with a time machine and asking him to pick up a few things from 1985!  The STs and drives arrived in perfect condition, and everything look like it just came from the factory!  Shipping speed is like Amazon but with much better packaging. No delivery delights me more than a box from Best with the Atari security tape! My fourth order and definitely not my last!  Thanks so very much!"


Dan C. of PA.   Dan ordered a set of Atari CX30-S5 Paddles upgraded with Bests S-5 Super Pots (5 lifetimes with of normal use).  "Goods arrived today.  Go right to the acid test: Kaboom! Oh my god these feel glorious!  Now I suck as bad as I did 35 years ago and it feels wonderful. Many thanks"


Frank V. of  PA.  Frank contacted Best looking for some Atari 2600 replacement parts (New DB-9 Joystick ports, New 2600 R/A Power jack and New in the box Atari 2600 US Power supply) for his 2600 console he was working on.  He placed his very 1st Atari order with Best.  "Received my parts today.....ordered two days ago. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Thank You very much!  I could not be more pleased." 


Joe B. of CA.  On Joe's second or third order to Best in a row, contacted Best via E-Mail.  He said he was considering upgrading his small ST display to a larger one.  He asked Best if the NEC Multisync 1970VX 19 inch color Flat panel display was compatiable with the Atari ST Computers.  Best told Joe, that the NEC Multisync 1970VX display was on our two large lists of (plug and play) Compatiable ST monitors.  So Joe ordered one of Bests 2nd Generation Multi Sync adapter cables.  "Surprisingly I got the shipment Friday...super fast since you mailed it Thursday night. The ST cable to the Multisync works great and I'm very happy I finally made the investment to get a good monitor"


James R. of CA.  Placing his 4th Atari order in a row in the last few months, this time James ordered a New in the box Atari CX77 Touch Tablet and the very hard to find New in the box last Generation made, Atari XC12 Program recorder.  See his other Best Feed back comments below.  "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I received my latest order today - the touch tablet and program recorder.  As always, Iím thrilled and so appreciative to you guys for keeping the brand alive.  Love to share the happiness you guys provide."


Joe B. of CA.  On Joe's second or third order to Best in a row, contacted Best via E-Mail.  He said he was considering upgrading his small ST display to a larger one.  He asked Best if the NEC Multisync 1970VX 19 inch color Flat panel display was compatiable with the Atari ST Computers.  Best told Joe, that the NEC Multisync 1970VX display was on our two large lists of (plug and play) Compatiable ST monitors.  So Joe ordered one of Bests 2nd Generation Multi Sync adapter cables.  "Surprisingly I got the shipment Friday...super fast since you mailed it Thursday night. The ST cable to the Multisync works great and I'm very happy I finally made the investment to get a good monitor"


James R. of CA.  Placing his 4th Atari order in a row in the last few months, this time James ordered a New in the box Atari CX77 Touch Tablet and the very hard to find New in the box last Generation made, Atari XC12 Program recorder.  See his other Best Feed back comments below.  "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I received my latest order today - the touch tablet and program recorder.  As always, Iím thrilled and so appreciative to you guys for keeping the brand alive.  Love to share the happiness you guys provide."


Ben G. of WI   Ben ordered one of Bests 2nd Generation Atari ST computer Multi Sync adapter cables.  "I received my MultiSync cable today and it works wonderfully!  Thanks for the super fast shipment!"


Jim F. of AZ.   Jim ordered two sets of Bests exclusive made CX52 Gold dot Lifetime upgrade parts for two bad Atari 5200 CX52 carbon dot Joysticks he had.  "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The order of the 5200 Controller Replacement Parts (gold) arrived quickly with exactly what I ordered.  Best of all, in no time flat my two Atari 5200 controllers were fully functional! I used rubber cement, as your site suggested, to secure the flex circuits. Once everything was back together, they worked! No fiddling needed. Galaxian, here I come!"


Aaron L. of TX   Aaron has placed 3 to 4 different Atari orders with Best Electronics.  This time Aaron wanted take advantage of Best's CX52 Exchange Joystick program (the most cost effective method) and sent in two CX52 Joystick cores for exchange for some of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold dot Lifetime Joysticks.   "Wow! These CX52 Gold Joysticks have completely exceeded my (high) expectations! They are a pleasure to use and make the 5200 as it should always have been. Thanks for your continued efforts on this front! Realsports Baseball is so much fun to play with these joysticks!!"  Aaron did notice a minor problem on his 5200 console, where the game cursor on some 5200 games would not go to the far right.  He read the Best CX52 Joystick trouble shooting sheet that we include with each Best CX52 Gold Joystick.  One E-Mail back and forth to Aaron, Best concluded that his 35+ year Atari 5200 console had drifted off the Atari Factory 5200 port settings very very slightly. So Aaron arranged to Call Best Electronics with his 5200 console near the phone and Best talked him thru the very very minor port adjustment Aaron had to do on his old 5200 motherboard.  A total time on the phone of less that 5 minutes and Aaron's 35+ year old Atari 5200 console was again back to the Atari 5200 Factory port settings.  All of Aarons 5200 game cursor problems of not going the far right went away.


James R. of CA  James placed his very 1st Atari order with Best in early May.  It was for a New in the box Atari 65XE Computer and the Best Rev. 10 all Atari catalog.  He placed his 2nd Atari order for some New boxed Atari 8 bit software, a New boxed Atari XM301 Modem and an Atari collector pin mid May.  Mid June he placed his 3rd Atari order for a reconditioned Atari XF551 Disk Drive and a New box of Verbatim 5 1/4 DSDD Floppy disks.  "I received the floppy drive order this evening.  So happy!!! You guys really did put the Ďbestí in best-electronics!!  Thanks a million!!!"


Davis L. of Canada  Davis placed his 1st Atari order with Best Electronics.  He ordered some New replacement drive belts for his Atari 1010 program recorder.  A very very hard to find New 63 Ohm Atari OEM 400/800 internal replacement speaker.  An impossible to find New Atari 1027 Printer Ink Roller and the Best Rev. 10  220+ page all Atari Catalog.
"Got my order yesterday and was extremely pleased - love the catalog! It arrived in less than a week from the west coast of the US to east coast of Canada."


Matt M. of WA  On placing his 3rd in a row Atari order for the month of May with Best Electronics, Matt wanted to order the Mega Touch ST Keyboard Key Cap springs that stiffen up the mushy ST keyboard key caps.  Best recommended that he would be much better off getting the Best TT Touch 1040STE Keyboard internal Silicon upgrade cups.  "Installed those rubber cups on my STEís keyboard this morning ó BIG improvement! Thanks!"


Kimmo P. of Sweden  Kimmo contacted Best, a couple of E-Mails back and forth.  He placed an Atari order for one of Bests Custom made 2nd Generation ST Multi Sync adapter cables, a HD 15 gender change for the Best cable, 1 each Best Atari Hong Kong, and Taiwan made STM1 Mouse rebuild kits.  "Thank you very much! I received the products yesterday. Excellent quality!

But I found another LCD TV that does work in all three resolutions and it is not listed in table of supported monitors on your site. You may want to add it. I have not found the supported horiz. and vertical frequency range in the documentation, but the model is Denver DFT-1904. It has a 19" inch widescreen display. The display cannot be rescaled to 4:3 in PC mode, but it autoscales the picture in a nice way so low res. looks fine anyway."


N. Gabriel of Romania  Gabriel purchased 2 of Bests recycled 1 MB PCMCIA cards for use with the Atari Portfolio (with adapter card) and his NC-100 Laptop.  "Also good news, I've just formatted the two cards on my NC-100 and they are fine :) The price and the service is unbeatable! Well, now I have to search a Portfolio PCMCIA adapter. Thank you and best regards!"


Melissa R. of FL.  Melissa had recently moved and in the process found her old Atari 2600A game console.  She wanted to get it going again but it had some problems with the RF cable and the Atari CX40 Joysticks had problems too.  3 to 4 E-Mails back and forth, Atari questions asked and answered, Melissa placed an order with Best for an Atari 2600 RF cable, 2 CX40 fire button springs, 2 3rd generation Best CX40 Joystick Lifetime Gold PCB boards and a new Atari 2600 US power supply.  "Just wanted to update you on my Atari.  I received the parts that Monday.  I have now had the time to do the repairs to the unit itself and to the joysticks.  I am now the proud owner of a working 2600 and 2 working joysticks once more.  I tested it with 4 games, and everything did well.  A Very Satisfied Customer."


Bill L. of  NJ.  Bill had two 8 bit computer products that either one would end the Atari SIO daisy chain.  He wanted to run both products at the same time on his 8 bit Atari computer.  So he ordered the assembled version of the ApeLink 13 Pin SIO splitter / breakout product  "Thank you once again for the quick delivery of the APE-LINK device.  It works perfectly!  I can now hook up my Alien Group Voice Box I as well as my SIO2PC cable, both of which terminate SIO.  Iíll be using it to archive the rare disk images that came with the Alien Group Voice Box I for the ATARI community.  Iíll also be using it at Vintage Computer Festival East 2017 and Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 2017 for my ATARI exhibit."


Ray D. of PA  Ray took advantage of Bests CX52 Joystick exchange program (the most cost effective method) and sent in two old carbon dot used / non working Atari CX52 Joysticks for exchange toward two of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold dot lifetime Atari 5200 Joysticks.  "Thanks, received them yesterday, and theyíre awesome!"


Charles L. of WI  Charles placed on order on Thursday, for 2 sets of Best CX52 Joystick Gold Lifetime upgrade replacement parts.  "Thank you so much for the super fast shipment!  I had the parts in time to rebuild the controllers this weekend and they worked great!  The controllers are better than new!  Thanks for offering these parts to enthusiasts!"


Rick of Canada  Rick contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was having some problems with his Atari 2600 six switch light console and wanted to order some New replacement Atari 2600 parts from Best.  We told Rick to try some Best Atari 2600 trouble shooting tips before he placed an Atari order with us.  "In the future I wouldnít be afraid to order parts from you ... I did as you suggested ... I took the consul apart and found the 3 soldered joints ...They looked fine ... But I moved the jack and noticed a bit of movement in the 3 prongs ... So I did a nice job re soldering them ... Reattached the system to the TV ... Put in a cartridge and turned it on ... And guess what ??? Looks like the system was made yesterday ... YAHOO...My 11 year old  grandson is very happy ... He says he would some day like to pass it on to his children ... Imagine an 11 year old today wanting to even bother with that old system ... Hope you have a great day ... You sure made mine ... Rick"


Joey S. of Canada  Joey sent in two old Atari CX52 non working Joysticks for exchange, for some of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded all Gold lifetime CX52 Joysticks.  "Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I received the controllers and had a chance to give one of the sticks a play.  Holy cow!  These are top notch!  I was enjoying my 5200 before by using a 2600 stick and a redemption box but I couldn't enjoy the analog control games. The analog sticks are wonderful... sure there are games like PAC man that benefit from a digital stick by the 5200 sticks are awesome for Star Wars arcade and others!  Overall, I am a satisfied customer and Would recommend these refurbished sticks to anyone with a 5200!"


Chris T. of FL  Chris said he was very very happy he found the Best Atari Web site.  He placed his 1st Atari order for a Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari CX24 Gold lifetime Joystick, a Best CX78 Composite Video upgrade, a Best 7800 Euro OS upgrade, 3 new Atari 7800 games, new Atari 7800 Translucent Dust cover and the Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.  "I placed an order on Friday, and I received it Monday. I cannot believe how quick the turn around was. The BEST CX24 joystick is amazing! I will have to replace the other one now. Everything I ordered came just as expected. I am so glad I found you! Kudos to this company. You have a new customer. Great Job!"


Dan S. of CA  Upon receiving his very 1st order from Best, for an Upgraded Gold CX40 Joystick with the Best New Lifetime CX40 Silicon boot, Upgraded Atari CX30 Paddles with Bests S5 Lifetime CX30 paddle pots installed and an Atari ORG 500 2600 / 7800 game cartridge storage unit.  "I got the package yesterday and am extremely happy with both it (the contents of the package) AND the service I received. You do very good work - and I'll most definitely order from Best again and will also tell others what an outstanding outfit you manage there."


Christopher D. of NY  Christopher ordered one of Bests Custom made ST Multi Sync monitor adapter cables, XE Touch Keyboard upgrade contacts, TT Touch ST Keyboard upgraded contacts, one of Best's New Atari 600XL Computers and the Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.  "The factory fresh 600XL Best Electronics sent me smells just like Christmas morning when I got my original one I got in 1984! Itís rare to see so much attention to careful packing, and delivery was lightning quick. But the biggest surprise of all was is the Best Catalog, wow! I didnít see this much Atari product available in the 80ís! I wish I had found you 20 years ago! Thanks Brad, Iím getting ready for my next (and not last) order right now!"

Follow up Comment:  "I am spreading the good word to all my friends who grew up with Atari too!"


Taylor G. of Canada  After a couple of E-Mails back and forth regarding some Atari 8 bit computer hardware and Atari Modem questions, Taylor placed his 1st Atari order with Best"Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely, and quickly, too. I'm seriously impressed with the quality of the packaging itself, and the products as well! Everything looks like it was taken straight off a store shelf in '89, brand-spankin' new, and all set to dial up and relive a bit of history. I'll be honest in saying that I wasn't expecting all that much at first (I'm always one to err on the side of caution when ordering from someplace new), but now I'll definitely be coming back to order again from you soon. Thanks a ton."


Cliff F. of PA  Cliffs 30+ year old Atari 800 required a New replacement Atari Keyboard.  "I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I got the keyboard yesterday and installed it today.  It is working great and the Atari 800 is up and running.  You guys gave me back a piece of my childhood and I wanted to say thank you!  I will definitely make sure to recommend you guys for everything Atari!"


James S. of Japan  James purchased a Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx I, some Lynx games and Lynx accessories.   "My order arrived this afternoon. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. I was impressed by the condition of the Lynx. It looks like it had never been touched! I am a very satisfied repeat customer."


Stephen W. of WA  Stephen ordered one of Bests reconditioned CX24 Joysticks upgraded with Bests CX24 Gold lifetime PCB sets.   "I received the joystick today, thanks for the fast shipping! It's so much better than the original."


Derik S. of KS  Derik placed an Atari order for two new Jaguar boxed games.  His Atari order was shipped to him on Thursday evening and it arrived on Saturday.  "Everything arrived safely on Saturday and made for a excellent weekend.  We were surprised to see Hover Strike supporting 2 players.  It ended up being quite fun that way.  Thanks for the super quick shipping"


Raymond K. of NY   Raymond placed an Atari order for one of Bests 2nd Generation ST Multi Sync monitor adapter cables.  His Atari order was shipped on a Friday and he received it on Monday.  "thank Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable works great so well made. fast shipping too. thank again"


Howard Z. of Canada   Howard ordered 2 of Best CX40 Joysticks upgraded with Best CX40 Gold lifetime PCB board.  "Your joysticks arrived today and they are AMAZING. People can talking about the leaf switch sticks or micro-switched sticks, but yours are truly the best. The short throw, and the responsiveness are unparalleled.  It's like everything you loved about the old CX-40, but without the weaknesses of the old CX-40. Thank you so much! I am sure I will be ordering more products from you."


Darren J. of KS  On his 1st Atari order to Best Darren ordered some of Bests CX53 5200 Trackball Gold lifetime silicon pads sets and a new CX53 Internal upper case control PCB panel.  He also ordered one of Best CX52 Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX52 Joysticks and a New replacement 5200 4 port motherboard with Heavy Duty RF cable.  "Thanks for getting my order so fast! You guys are awesome! I am so happy to get incredible service and find a knowledgeable staff that can help me fix all my atari needs. My new 5200 motherboard works great as well as my track ball parts and gold controller upgrades are top notch.  Thank you again! you guys really are the best!"

Follow up Comment received the same day:  I shipped an atari 5200 controller today for the exchange program for the full gold upgrade with all the options.


Wade R. of SC  Buy his very very low Best Customer number, we can tell Wade has been a Best Atari Customer for over 20+ years now.  Wade contacted Best about 1/2 month ago, looking for a Reconditioned Atari 1040STE computer that he wanted to be upgraded to 4 Meg of memory (Atari's official name / model for that Atari 1040STE computer upgraded to 4 Meg of memory is 4160STE)  At that time we told Wade there was a couple weeks delay / wait on getting an Atari 4160STE Computer for him.  Wade put in an order for one.  "Thanks for the timely delivery of my new 4160STE.  The unit looks simply amazing and works flawlessly - both are attributes Iíve come to expect from Best over the years!  Thanks again for great service and a great product!"        


Roy L of CA   Earlier this year Roy purchased an Atari 130XE computer from Best to upgrade from he old Atari 400 Computer he was using for years.  "I donít care for the key action on the 130XE.  If I remember right, you mentioned that the keyboard on the 130XE I bought from you is upgradeable. Is that correct"  The Atari answer to Roy's question was Yes.  Roy was referring to Bests XE Touch upgrade internal silicon contacts for one of the two Atari XE keyboards made, that gets rid of the mushy feeling XE key caps.  Roy purchased a set of XE Touch contacts.  "Much better!  almost feels like the old IBM XT keyboard."  This is Roy's second feed back comment to Best.


Zolotarev E. of Russia  "Your work is IMPRESSIVE !  Yesterday I got your postage" (Atari order), "but I really wait it a week later. !!! Today I bought step down voltage converter 220V-110V, 60W. And ...All stuff came in saved, working and etc. etc. manner.  Now I checked it and all are WORKING! And ... XF551 is a really ATARI creation... :) Many thanks!  Best wishes from Moscow! RU"  Zolotarev paid over $86 in International shipping charges alone (all Atari shipping is done at cost only for the last 39+ years) to ship his Best Reconditioned Atari XF551 disk drive to Moscow!


Guillermo G. of FL  This is Guillermo's third customer feed back comment to Best. "Thank you again for all your help. I don't know what I could have done without Best Electronics. You have solved many of my computer issues throughout the years."


Andrew R. of NY   Andrew contacted Best Electronics because he was looking for an Atari 1040STE computer in prime shape.  Andrew said he was going to use the Atari 1040STE computer a little, but when it was not being used, he planned to put it into a clear show case, as an Atari ST Display / Museum computer.  We suggested to Andrew get one of Best Reconditioned Atari 1040STE computers.  We also told Andrew, we could upgrade his reconditioned 1040STE from 1 Meg of memory up to 4 Megs of memory and upgrade the stock 1040STE TOS operating system to the last TOS Atari made TOS 2.06.  Both 1040STE upgrades Robert went with on his reconditioned Atari 1040STE.  Best also installed one of the official 4160STE labels (Atari official model number for a 4 meg 1040STE computer) on his upgraded STE Computer.  "Just a quick note to say I received the machine in perfect condition (A1 on the packing, this is how it should be done!) and it works great!"


Edward B. of IN   By Edwards low Best Customer number, we can tell he has been a Best Atari customer for over 20+ years now.  Edward ordered one of Bests Falcon Compact Flash (Solid state replacement for the Falcon internal 2 1/2 inch mechanical Hard Drive mech.) upgrades kits.  "Just wanted to say that installed my CF upgrade for my Falcon. It is wonderful and works like a charm. I cannot believe the speed in the boot process. Now all I have to do is setup the boot partition. Thanks much for this and thanks much for the very fast service. I did not expect the upgrade to arrive in just two days time. You guys are awesome.  Thanks again"


Faraz H. of IL  On his 1st Atari order to Best, Faraz ordered one CX40 Joystick upgraded with Bests CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB and one non

Atari made Pro-Stick Joystick.  Upon placing his 2nd Atari order with Best.  "I am very pleased with my New Atari CX40 Upgraded Gold Joystick !  I would like to order another one.


Edward B. of IN   By Edwards low Best Customer number, we can tell he has been a Best Atari customer for over 20+ years now.  Edward ordered one of Bests Falcon Compact Flash (Solid state replacement for the Falcon internal 2 1/2 inch mechanical Hard Drive mech.) upgrades kits.  "Just wanted to say that installed my CF upgrade for my Falcon. It is wonderful and works like a charm. I cannot believe the speed in the boot process. Now all I have to do is setup the boot partition. Thanks much for this and thanks much for the very fast service. I did not expect the upgrade to arrive in just two days time. You guys are awesome.  Thanks again"


Sean R. of WA  On upon placing his second back to back Atari Lynx order with Best.  "Thank you again.  I'm loving this upgraded Lynx II speaker... it's so loud"

Follow up Comment:  "Had a good laugh about the original speaker being low volume and the new one needing to be turned down.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to refurbish their Lynx II to add this speaker."


Jon B. of the UK.  Jon contacted Best with a two to three page large Atari order.  We told Jon because of the very high cost of International shipping to the UK, it would not be cost effective for him.  Jon located a Freight forwarding company in the US that would take his many many Atari shipments (Best had to break up his very very large Atari order into 4 to 6 smaller Atari orders) consolidate them and send them to him in the UK at a good cost saving on International shipping costs.  "Just to let you know that I have received all of the items now in the UK, I have repaired my Atari 800 and I am really pleased.  Thanks so much for supplying the items, my six year old daughter really loves playing Galaxians!  I will be in touch later on in the year to buy some more bits from you. Thanks again."


Sam C. of TX  By Sam's very very low Best Customer number, we can tell he has been a Best Atari Customer for over 20 to 25+ years now!  Sam ordered one of Best's reconditioned Lynx II console and had Best install the Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.  "Just a short note to thank you for the terrific repeat experience I had with BestE.  I inquired about an item on Wed, got your quote and then paid on Thurs. and, BOOM, got my purchase on Sat.  Magnificent!  Many, many thanks of appreciation."


Nathan B. of Australia  Nathan was repairing his Atari XEGS console.  He ordered a new replacement Atari XE Keyboard and the Best's XE Touch XE keyboard Internal Upgrade contacts.  Best made sure that the XE version Keyboard (2 different version available) we sent Nathan was the one that could be upgraded with XE Touch upgrade contacts.  "Thanks so much for the brand new XE keyboard and the XE touch rubbers. They arrived some time last week and after fixing up the keyboard my XEGS now feels like a brand new machine. It will be something to show off at the next retro computer meet up.  The Atari community is really lucky to have someone as dedicated as you are to the brand. Congrats for being around for as long as you have been!"


Mark H. of DE  Mark placed his 1st Atari order with Best Electronics in February 2016.  He ordered one of Best Reconditioned / Upgraded 5200 CX52 Gold Lifetime Joysticks.  Placing his second order with Best in May 2016 he said:  "By the way, The controller I ordered from you is still working fantastically. Love playing my 5200 everyday."  


Luis B. of Canada  Luis ordered some of Best's 3rd Generation CX40 Joystick Gold Lifetime PCBs for his bad Atari CX40 Joysticks. Right after he received his Best order, he ordered two more of the CX40 Gold Lifetime PCBs.  "I received my CX40 gold PCBs and these are extremely good.  I feel like I donít have to treat the joystick with overly great care, especially playing games like Decathlon and Track&Field.  I would highly recommend that everyone upgrade at least one of their joysticks to the gold PCBs.  I installed one and will install the other one asap. Excellent product!" 


Spencer W. of IA   Spencer's order for 2 new Atari CX78 Joypads was shipped on 04-20-16 and it arrived on 04-22-16.  "WOW,  I am extremely pleased.  They arrived today.  Thank you!  I will be a repeat customer!"


Kevin C. of DE  Kevin's 1st PayPal order from Best was shipped to him on 04-19-16. On 04-22-16 He received his Atari order.  "I just wanted to write you and let you know my order of a DB9 controller port, Jungle Hunt, and Berserk arrived today and I am SO THRILLED with your service. The package arrived super quick, and the games I ordered I was just expecting to be carts.  Not only were they actually complete in box, but still factory sealed!  That's amazing!  I ordered them because they're carts I wanted to actually play, but I don't know if I want to open them now haha!  Thank you so much again for the excellent service and quality of your products.  Consider yourself my go-to guy for Atari parts and games from now on."


Miguel C. of OR  Upon receiving his 1st Atari 5200 parts order from Best.  "I have received the package, everything looks good. It was a pleasure buying from you, thanks."


Robert M. of MI.  Robert ordered one of Bests just released after 8 months work, New 2016 Atari 1200XL upgraded replacement Internal Keyboard Mylars. "1200XL keyboard mylar worked great, my keyboard now works again after many many years of being broken.  Thank You!"


Todd P. of AL  Todd contacted Best, because he was trying to repair a bad switch (there are about 5 to 6 different switches used on Atari 800XL Keyboards. Todd sent Best a picture of the one he needed) on his 800XL keyboard vs buying a new replacement Atari 800XL Keyboard.  After several hours work on the switch, the problem was not getting any better, but worse.  "I just wanted to drop a line to confirm order receipt and say a big thank you.  Now I should be able to get my main 800XL computer back to 100%, and a lot sooner than I would have ever expected.  Those of us still interested in Atari hardware have a great resource in Best Electronics!"

Follow up Comment:  "Soldered in the new switch and key cap tonight and all is in working order again.  Life is good."


Jared C. of TN  Jared placed his first Atari order with Best for 1 Reconditioned / Upgraded lifetime Gold CX52 Joystick and a New CX78 Atari Joypad.  "Thanks so much for the smooth transaction I received my shipment today and everything is perfect.  I look forward to doing business with you in the near future and will tell everyone I know about your website"


Danny V. of FL  Dan purchased one reconditioned Atari CX24 Joystick Upgraded with Bests New 2016 CX24 Lifetime Gold board set.  "I absolutely love the CX-24 Gold upgrade joystick! The CX-24 is actually a pleasure to use now!  I will be buying an additional CX-24 soon. Good job!"


Manuel R. of Spain  Manuel contacted Best looking for a replacement Impossible to find PAL MegaSTE internal Keyboard Mylar (Atari made one has a close to 100% failure rate) for his Atari Midi Studio.  The Best Exclusive better made NTSC and PAL MegaSTE / TT Keyboard replacement mylars have a Zero Failure rate based on selling them for the last 15+ years to world wide Atari MegaSTE / TT owners.  "I have already received the Atari Keyboard Mylar. All perfect. Superb packaging!  Thanks for the information of your products.  A greeting from Spain and thank you for everything."


Mike K. of CT  Mike placed his 1st Atari order with Best.  He ordered a new in the box Atari Jaguar Bubsy game and New Atari Assembler Editor Manual. "The order arrived. Thank you so much! I'm very pleased with the order and look forward to doing more business in the future!"


Roy L. of CA   A few months ago, Roy picked up from Best one of the rare Atari 400 Factory 48K Ram upgrades and successfully installed in his Atari 400 computer (that was connected up to his TV via an Atari RF cable and TV switch box).  Then he was considering getting an reconditioned Atari 130XE from Best.  A few E-Mails back and forth, Roy put in an order for a Best reconditioned Atari 130XE computers.  At the same time Best suggested to Roy, that he dump the Atari RF cable and old style TV switch box (that comes with the 130XE) and go with Best Enhanced Atari Composite Video cable for a better / clearer 130XE display.  "Iím loving the 130XE (although my 400 is lonely now).  I could have bought it for less than 1/2 the price on Amazon or EBay but I wouldnít have had confidence in the condition, the seller or the machineís history.  You guys did the self-tests, put in a new upgradeable keyboard and even added the video cable that I didnít even think about so I had confidence that I was buying the best 30-year old machine I could."


Jim R. of MD  Jim ordered some new Atari 2600 Joystick and Atari 5200 Joystick replacement ports.  He also got two new Atari CX40 Joysticks that had been upgraded with Best CX40 Lifetime Gold PCB boards.  "I received the joysticks today.  I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality of these sticks!  Does the world know you sell these? Anyone who has any interest in 2600 gaming would be thrilled to know these are available!  Your CX40 Joystick upgraded with best lifetime gold PCB board are nothing short of spectacular !!!  You've reinvigorated my gaming experience!  My advise to anyone contemplating buying something from eBay... Don't bother... Go with BEST!!!!"


Jaime G. of Spain  Jaime connected Best looking for some very old Atari 8 bit disk games he always want to buy but never did.  Now they are almost impossible to find, but Best still had them in stock.  "I have received the parcel -thank you very much! :-)   It is a pleasure when a purchase is so smooth. Many thanks."


Jeff F. of ?  Jeff contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was thinking of purchasing an Atari CX53 Trackball that was listed with a problem.  He wanted to check to see if Best had a certain CX53 new replacement part in stock.   We told yes we did have that new Atari part is in stock, but in most cases that will not fix the CX53 Trackball problem.  We gave Jeff some Atari CX53 Tech tips on how to check out on his CX53 Trackball when he received it and how to possibly fix that CX53 Trackball problem before he purchases any Atari CX53 Trackball replacement parts from Best.  "I'll go ahead and purchase the trackball.  This is going to be interesting!   Also, I just want to say, thank you so much for creating and maintaining such an awesome site.  I'm an old school gamer that is getting back into gaming and thank you so much for creating a site such as this.  I've literally spent hours reading and learning from your webpage. Thanks again"


Michael G. of CA   By Michael's Best low Customer number, we can tell he is very old Best Atari Customer (10 to 15+ years).  Upon receiving a second recent Atari order from Best.  "Really appreciate your service, promptness and just the plain maintaining of Atari computer hardware throughout the world.  One of the services you provide is actually with your packing of orders. It's like stepping back in time every time an order arrives at the door step, wrapped in the Atari Logo. Really swells you up!  Thanks again for your great service"


Giovanni M. of DE  Giovanni is a returning Best Customer.  He wanted to purchase a Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx II console and have it upgraded with the Best Lynx II internal Upgrade speaker.  "I've just received my Lynx today and I have to say it's in amazing condition. Finding an Atari Lynx in this condition would be absolutely impossible to find on an auction site.  Everything about it is just fantastic. I'll be sure to take good care of it. You guys are absolutely the BEST!"


Chris C. of PA  Chris contacted Best Electronics wanting to purchase a reconditioned Atari 2600Jr console.  We explained to Chris there is a unadvertised option on the Reconditioned Atari 2600Jr consoles.  He could trade in the two non Atari made BP Joysticks for a credit toward any Atari made controller we have in stock. Chris opted for two of the new CX40 Joysticks that have been upgraded with Bests Lifetime CX40 Gold PCB boards.  "The package arrived today, I just hooked everything up and itís working great. The console and joysticks look and feel like theyíre brand new, Iíve very pleased with the quality of everything and looking forward to getting back to playing some of the games from my younger days, and maybe a few new ones.  It was great doing business with you."


Jason F. of UT  Jason purchased Best Electronics TT Touch internal silicon cups that upgrade Atari 520ST, 520STFM, 1040ST, 1040STE and Falcon Atari Computer Keyboards.  The easy to install TT Touch product will remove the ST / Falcon Mushy Key caps and end up with a high grade tactical feedback PC feeling Atari ST keyboard  "I have to say the TT Touch I installed into my Falcon is premium work, I can tolerate typing on it now! Certainly, definitely a worthy product to back"  


Matt P. of PA  Matt contacted Best Electronics about a half month ago, looking for one of our reconditioned

Atari 1040STE computers.  We explained to Matt, that we did not have on the shelf ready to ship out. Our 39+ year Atari Super Tech was swapped with more Atari work than he can do 7 days a week here for the last year+ (one of the reasons why we did not have any on the shelf ready to ship out).  We told Matt it would be at least a half month before we could ship him one.  He put one on order. "Brad, arrived from you today one Atari STE. Wonderful!  It is in perfect condition. It's as if I went back in time to buy it. Remarkable. Thank you so much."

Follow up Comment: "Best Electronics are apparently capable of miracles. The Atari STE I bought looked brand new and works like a dream. They also have some amazing items of stock most ST fans wouldn't have dreamed they could acquire 25 years ago - the diagnostic cart, a VGA adapter, the STacy. Highly recommended!"


Francois H. of Canada  Francois purchased Best's ST Multi Sync adapter cable for his ST computer.  After he received it E-Mailed Best again, he was considering getting his old bad Atari SC1224 ST Color monitor fixed as a backup and asked for some information.  Best E-Mailed him back with some information on getting his SC1224 monitor repaired in Canada.  "Thanks for your help, I think for now I will then stick with the multi sync adapter and Ambry scaler box. Works very well on my old Dell LCD monitor."


Rick M.  of  ?  Rick contacted Best via E-Mail.  He was having problems with his old Atari 130XE computer he was trying to get going again.  He asked Best  "The Start and Option keys on my Atari 130XE do not work after I recently unpacked it from many years in storage.  All of the main QWERTY keyboard keys still work fine.  Do I need your $22 CB101049 replacement keyboard Mylar? We told Rick, before he considered getting one of Best upgraded Atari New XE Keyboard replacement internal Mylars, try these Best Atari Tech tips on his old XE Keyboard 1st.  "Your first suggestion of simply unplugging the keyboard mylar and plugging it back in worked!  All keys work fine now.  Thank you very much for the suggestion and not selling me something I didn't need!"


Wielkoslaw S. of Poland  Wielkoslaw contacted Best Electronics for some new replacement Atari Portfolio PDA parts to get his bad Portfolio going again.  "Yesterday I got your package with my shopping. All things are fantastic, I am very satisfied. I liked your interview.
I started to browse the catalog of Atari, but more precisely I will do it at the end of the week."

PS. "You have a new fan in Europe, specifically in Poland, Warsaw."


Bryan C. of OH  Bryan was trying to repair his old Atari 2600 console.  "Just wanted to let you know I got everything fine AND the IO chip was all the old Atari needed.  Seems to be working perfectly, thanks so much."


Mark K. of OH  Mark ordered one of Bests ST Multi Sync adapter cables for his old Atari 520ST computer he was trying to get going again and our bench mark new replacement ST mouse for the last 20+ years the ST Truemouse.  By Marks very very low Best Customer number, we can tell Mark has been a loyal Best Atari Customer for over 24+ years now.  "I received my monitor cable and ST Truemouse today and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the items and your service."


Christopher R. of NY  "Just received the Jaguar CD and wow it looks spectacular! I can't wait to give you guys a call soon to place my next order! Thank you for doing what you do, scrolling through your site has inspired me to break the 8bit Atari's out of the closet and revisit the good 'ol days!"


Derik S. of KS  Derik ordered one of Best New Jaguar CD Players.  "It arrived today and is working great!  Thanks a bunch and Iíll probably be ordering some more stuff in the near future."                               


 Rick V. of VT   On Ricks 1st order to Best, he picked up (did an exchange, sent in his old CX52 Joystick cores) for two of our Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold lifetime Joysticks.  About ready to place his 2nd Atari order with Best.  "I have been super happy with my CX-52ís by the way! Thanks again for providing that great service."


Gary F. of CAGary is an old Atari Lynx II owner.  He decided to order one of Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx II consoles with the new Best Lynx II Upgrade speaker already installed.  "Thanks a lot! I got it today. I thought the speaker wasn't already installed." Best had given Gary the Atari Lynx II OEM speaker we had just removed and replaced with the Best better Lynx II upgrade speaker in his Atari order.  "But I noticed the speaker was in there, wow, the sound is way louder and more crisp.  Thanks again, and I liked all the extra papers with the interviews and extras from the catalog."


Mark S. of OR  Mark purchased Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari 5200 CX52 all Gold Joysticks with second gen. Gold dot fire buttons with the new tactical feed back feature.  "I just wanted to take a second to let you know (again) how happy we are with the 5200 controllers and the other devices/games I have purchased over the last couple of months. The quality of the Best refurbished 5200 controllers in particular was reinforced to me over this weekend, when I found one of my friends had an old 5200, which started a conversation about the controllers and we got his out and started playing it. Night and day differenceÖ if I had to play using his stock controllers, I would not be interested in the 5200 at all."  Marks forth feed back comment to Best.


Kevin R. of AZ  Kevin was rebuilding an old Atari 800 computer, he required a new Atari 800 Keyboard to finish his Atari 800 project.   "Just wanted to thank you for the superb product.  The keyboard was the final stage in the refurbish job I was doing on an Atari 800 and I'm very happy with it.  I plan on coming back when I have more funds to put towards my Atari collection as I'd like to get one of your 800 dust covers and 12' video cables and some games too."     


Mike D.  of NJ  "Just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service yet again!   The 5200 motherboard and controller arrived yesterday and everything worked perfectly!  So glad to have my 5200 system back."  This is Mike's second customer feed back comment to Best.                    


Mike M. of OR  Ready to place his third Atari order with Best.  "I really like the 2 Reconditioned / Upgraded CX52 Gold Joysticks I picked up last month, like enough so that I would like to pick up 2 more to round out my 4-port system."  This is Mikes second feed back comment to Best.                              


Oyvind W. of Norway  Oyvind is an old Atari ST Midi musician in Norway. He ordered Bests better New ST Truemouse replacement ST mouse, a fully populated 16MB Falcon plug in Ram upgrade and Best's Falcon 2 GB Falcon Compact Flash upgrade "I just received my box of Atari Goodies, and I must say it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you!  World class quality and service!  The 14MB ram kit worked perfectly, and for the first time since 1993 the Falcon doesnít crash playing large tracker tunes, Also the lighter Mouse worked fine." When Oyvind went to install his new Best Falcon CF upgrade, he found his Atari Falcon was missing the old Falcon Hard Drive 44 pin micro pitch I/O cable.  "I got a 44 pin micro now so the CF card works perfectly!"               


Guillermo G. of FL   Guillermo was trying to repair an ailing old Atari 810 Disk drive.  Best send Guillermo a new drop in replacement 810 complete side board, but it did not seem to get the 810 going again.  Several different E-Mails back and forth, Atari 810 diagnostic questions asked and 810 information back and forth to Guillermo.  "Proceeded to re-seat all the connectors & the unit is working great.  Thank you for all your help & believe me you are a life saver!  Now need to get my A410 fixed!  Can't wait for my next shipment of goodies to arrive! Thank you greatly with this & all the problems that I have had in the past. You have a customer for life! Much appreciated!"  This is Guillermo second customer feed back comment to Best.


Michael D. of NJ  Michael purchased one of Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded 7800 consoles with Composite Video out and Euro 7800 OS mods.  "Just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment and excellent service.  Just received the modded 7800 today and it looks and plays great!  Hope to do business again soon"


Steve P. of the UK  Steve contacted Best Electronics looking for the impossible to find Atari Lynx II internal Flex circuit.  Best sent Steve a New Atari Lynx II internal flex circuit, a new Lynx II Internal Silicon pad set (Best recommended to Steve that he also get the a new Lynx II internal Silicon pad set (other half of the mechanical switch) to get the Max. life out of his Lynx II rebuild), one of Best New Lynx II upgrade internal speakers and a new CX40 rubber boot  "A great big thank you to Best Electronics, I have just finished upgrading the Lynx, powered on and everything working perfect, my next job is the joystick. I cannot thank you guys enough and would recommend you to anybody, keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the Atari flag flying.  Steve (one happy customer)"

Tom K. of MN  Tom purchased one of Best Reconditioned upgraded Light 2600 6 switch console in May with the Rev. 3 Composite Video out mod.  He also exchanged out the two non Atari BP Joysticks for 2 Best CX40 Gold Upgraded Joysticks with Best's lifetime Gold CX40 PCB boards  "Thank you so much for the Atari! It arrived a few weeks ago in perfect condition and I have been playing it since. I especially like the upgraded joysticks - they work great!"


Mike S. of OR  For his 1st Atari order from Best, Mike purchased two upgraded Atari CX40 Gold Lifetime Joysticks, 1 each New Atari CX78 Joypad and New Best Atari Light Gun.  "I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with my purchases and the entire transaction as a whole.  Playing games with the upgraded CX40ís is a revelation and the CX78 pad was an appreciated recommendationÖ Iíll be after another one in the future.  There will be no more blaming the controllers in my household, thatís for sure.  In the not too distant future, Iíll be looking to find a 5200, at that time I hope to come back and pick up a few more things.  Thanks again for your time and your help."


Michael W. of TN  Michael ordered one of Best reconditioned / upgraded Gold CX52 Joystick with 2nd Gen. Tactical feed back Gold Dot fire buttons.  "I received my 5200 controller yesterday. After a minor adjustment of the consoles potentiometer, it works great!  Thank you for the super fast shipping!  I enjoyed reading the article inserts as well.  Keep up the good work. You are an asset to the Atari retro gaming community."                            


Jerry S. of CA  Jerry purchased two sets of new Lynx II replacement rubber grips and 5 of the new Best Lynx II internal upgrade speakers.  "Thanks for the fast shipping ! I was not expecting the shipment till during the week. The speakers sound better then new originals and I wasn't expecting oem grips. I'm looking forward to the next order."


Lisa  C. of Australia  This is Lisa's 4th feedback comment to Best.  Lisa purchased a reconditioned Atari 1040STE and had it upgraded to 4 meg of memory from Best Electronics about 3 to 4 years ago to replace her ST Midi computer that died.  Her latest Atari order was for one of Best's 2nd Gen. ST multi Sync Adapter cables.  "I have been meaning to thank you for the cable.  It works extremely well and the screen is so much bigger.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service"


Everett R. of WI   "Thank you for helping me with my first order. The order was shipped very fast and was accurate.  I can't wait to try out the rebuilt CX-52 joysticks but my 5200 motherboard is out for a video mod.  Along with rebuilding one of my own CX-52 with the parts I had ordered, they all look top quality to me.  I will make sure Best Electronics is my first stop for anything Atari.  Thank you for supporting the Atari community and many more years of a successful business."


Marek S. of Poland  "I received my New Best XE Keyboard Mylar CB101049 today. Really quick shipping to Poland - only 7 days!  I've just installed new keyboard mylar and my 65XE works  perfectly now:) Once again, Many thanks!"


Robert M. of MI  "It is amazing, that after 30 years these little 8 bit machines are still going strong and still have a pretty strong following. I have ordered parts and software from Best Electronics dating all the way back in to the 80's.  I really hope you do not decide to suspend Atari sales, that would be a huge loss to the Atari Community.  Every time I visit your site, I find something new, something I did not see before.  I have often wondered what kind of treasures could be found in your warehouse." 

Follow up Comment: Thank you for your continued support of the Atari after all these years.


Jeff K. of PA.  "Thanks again for the excellent service!  Its very comforting to know that I have a reliable source for all my Atari needs!"

Follow up Comment:  Yes, of course you can use my feedback for the site!  It is always well earned!


Ton P. of PA  Ton sent in two CX52 cores for exchange toward some of Best CX52 Gold Lifetime controllers.  He also picked up a new CX5200 console Translucent Dust controller and a New in the shrunk wrapped box Atari 5200 Moon Patrol game.  "I received everything and was able to test it today -- It all works brilliantly!  Thank you so much for the great controllers and awesome service!"

Follow up Comment:  "I'm so happy with everything I received from you!"


Jeff. G. of GA  Jeff contacted Best because he wanted to restore his original owned 1980 2600A console back to factory spec's.  So Best sent him a new drop in 2600A motherboard.  "Hey there got my atari up and running!!!  Thanks a million!"


Brice Z. of Canada  Best sent Brice one of our Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Lifetime CX52 Joysticks.  "I received the reconditioned 5200 controller (almost 3 weeks ago) and it works flawlessly.  Shipping was very fast and the environmentally friendlier packaging (with biodegradable foam peanuts) is a nice touch."


Ed M. of the UK   Ed originally contacted Best looking for a replacement ST Megafile 20 top and bottom case set for his very yellow old one.  We explained to Ed because of the high cost of International shipping to the UK ($$), it might not be cost effective for him.  He looked over the Best Atari Web site again and decided to get one of Bests reconditioned New looking Atari Megafile 30 ST external Hard Drives.  Best swapped out the internal US 110 Volt power supply for a 220 / 240 Volt UK version No Charge.  "Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for the Megafile - it arrived yesterday - lovely cosmetic condition, and works perfectly of course. Hope to do business with you again in future!"


Enrique S. of TX   Enrique was have some problems connecting up his Atari XE Game System to his display.  Two to three E-Mail back and forth, Best determined Enrique had a bad XE Game system motherboard.  Best sent him a New drop in XE Game System US motherboard.  "Just to report I installed the XEGS motherboard last night and everything went super. I was playing computer Chess and Pacman in no time!"


Michael T. of CA  Michael purchased one of the rare (down to the last of them) new in the box Atari made 1064 Plug in Ram upgrade modules that takes his stock 16K Atari 600XL and upgrades the memory to 64K and same amount of memory as the Atari 800XL Computer.  "I received the 1064 memory upgrade the other day.  It looks and works perfect.  Its so nice to have Best Electronics as my #1 source for reliable Atari gear.  I am currently browsing your website looking for my next purchase.  Thanks so much!" 


Frank S. of OH   Frank was having some problems with his old Atari 2600 6 switch console, he read our 2600 information at the Best web site Atari 2600 parts section and even included a picture of his old motherboard (with his E-Mail to Best) to make sure we sent him the right 6 switch 2600 replacement motherboard (two versions are available and not interchangeable) "I received my replacement motherboard in the mail today.  Thanks for the super-fast shipping; I really appreciate it.  I just finished installing it and played my first game of Space Invaders in over 20 years.  And, Iím also happy to say, that I can now play Defender and Outlaw without the annoying glitches the old motherboard produced.  This is awesome.  Thanks again for the great service."


Lou M. of CA   Upon receiving an E-Mail from Best telling Lou his latest Atari order was just shipped to him.  "Thank you very much, not only for the outstanding service (as always), but for your continued support of the Atari community worldwide. No other platform out there has a nice guy with warehouses full of great stuff that they can depend on. We Atarians really have it good!"


Kit W. of APO (US Military person) Europe  Kit picked up several sets of Bests CX52 Joystick Gold Lifetime upgrade parts and new Atari parts to rebuild his ailing 5200 CX53 Trackball.  "My last two purchases have been on point. The 5200 controllers and the 5200 silver bezel makes my console seem like a new 5200. The 5200 trackball now works flawless as well, makes me happy you guys are there to get what I need."


Jeff K. of PA  Jeff picked a set of Bests New all Gold 5200 Atari CX52 Joystick upgrade parts that turns an old Atari CX52 Joystick that had its problems ever since they were 1st made some 25 to 30+ years ago, into a Lifetime CX52 Gold Joystick.  "I just wanted to thank you so much for the new gold updates for my 5200 controllers.  I have never enjoyed Gremlins and Gyruss as much as I am now!  Thank you!!"

Follow up Comment:  "I still cant believe how incredible my joysticks are running right now.  The responsiveness is amazing!  I am fairly certain that if the OEM ones ran like these do, the console would have been much more successful. 

I am just so thankful that a company like yours exists, to ensure that future generations get to experience the magic that is Atari!  Never stop doing what you do best!"


 Phil L. of the UK  Phil contacted Best via E-Mail because his old UK Atari 2600 console was cutting out after turning it on for a seconds.  Many E-Mails back and forth, 2600 display video clip received, many Atari 2600 diagnostic tech questions asked and answered, Bests 39+ year Atari Super Tech told Phil to go out and get a new 2600 power supply in the UK (no Atari sale for Best).  "You guys are legends!!!!  Got new power supply today and all is good!!  Please can you send me you PayPal account details so I can donate some money for your time?"  Best told Phil a PayPal payment was not necessary for our free Atari 2600 trouble shooting help for him.


John D. of MI.  John was having problems with his 14 year old Atari 7800 console.  After trying a forum (and getting practically no useful response) he came to Best Electronics for our free Atari Technical support from our 39+ Atari Super Tech.  7 or 8 E-Mails back and forth, Best sent John our Atari Super Techs recommended list of Atari 7800 Atari Custom chips he should replace on his ailing 7800 console motherboard.  "My order was on my doorstep this evening. What exactly does that mean? It shipped from CA to MI in one day! Thank you for being patient with all my questions, as well as filling and packaging my order so thoroughly. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, and I will look no further than Best for my future needs." 

A few days latter, follow up Comment back from John:   "Wanted to provide an update for your super tech. He was correct in his second guess, which was the CO10750 I/O chip. Once that part was put in, everything was as it was 14 years ago. I did, however, replace the remainder, just to be on the safe side (as well as new voltage regulator and capacitors). This machine should run strong another 20 years. A large thank you to everyone at Best for their part in assisting me with this repair." 


Ray P. of Canada  Ray contacted Best about a week ago.  He was trying to revive his 25 year old (the last time he turned it on) Atari 800 computer.  A couple E-Mails back and forth.  Ray purchased a Best Enhanced Atari Composite Video cable and a few new Atari 800 Games.  "Just wanted to say THANKS for your responsiveness and excellent service!!  We received our shipment from you guys in 4 business days and we are in Canada - that is amazing!  The Atari 800 fired up great with the new games and cable we purchased!"


Rommel M. of MD   Rommel contacted Best with a list of Atari items he wanted to buy.  We looked over his list of Atari items and suggested he drop the new Atari 825 printer he was thinking about getting and go with the Supra MPP Micro Printer interface (to allow him to direct connect an old Epson printer he still had to his Atari 800 computer).  Reconditioned Wico Ball Joystick, Best Custom made Translucent 800 Dust Cover, Atari 400 / 800 SALT 2.05 Diagnostic test cartridge and the MPP Printer Interface latter.  "Just writing to let you know that the package arrived, and that the Micro Print printer interface works wonderfully.  So does that Wico joystick.  Also like the cover very snug fit.  Will fire up the Salt II tonight.  Thanks, and I will entrust you with my Atari business from now on." 


James B. of MA  James ordered one Bests Reconditioned 7800 consoles with the Best Composite Video mods.  "I love the 7800! The picture is so clear and crisp! The console looks brand new! I don't know how you did it, but thank you for still being here and supporting Atari. You really are the best!"


Michael T. of CA   Michael ordered one of Bests new Atari 600XL computers.  "I just received my order this afternoon.  The packaging was excellent and the Atari 600XL looks and runs terrific.  After bidding on several Atari's on eBay and losing, and then winning one only to have the seller cancel, and finally winning one and having it arrive broken, let me tell you how happy I am to have discovered Best Electronics!  I look forward to doing more business with you.  Thanks again."                 


Joel A. of MI  Joel contacted Best Electronics a few days ago.  He was trying to help his Sister out (she found a used Atari 7800) and wanted to get everything it required to give it as a Christmas present.  So first decision was to ship an Atari order directly to his sister or to Joel who was going to visit his sister for Christmas.  Best told Joel, no problem we will ship his Atari 7800 Supplies direct to him (Priority Mail 9 days before Christmas).  "I wish more folks paid this much attention to detail and customer service. It's been awesome dealing with you. Thanks for turning my order around quickly and thanks a ton for the troubleshooting resource."


Stephen P. of Australia  "I received the Atari 65XE on Monday morning Australian time which is 1 week since posted, very fast.  Of course the unit is in perfect condition.  I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent communication whilst working out my purchase, and I was blown away by the lengths that Your shipping department went to in safeguarding my Atari in its long trip to Australia, incredibly well packed to say the least."


Brian R. of KS  "Got the TT-touch installed yesterday and they work wonderfully!!" The Best exclusive TT Touch ST Keyboard upgrade internal silicon contacts, that takes an Atari 520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Falcon stock keyboard with mushy feeling (when pushed and released) key caps and turns the Atari ST Keyboard into a high grade PC type of Keyboard with firmer key caps with a new tactical bounce feed back feature on all ST key caps.


Scott N. of TX  "Much to my surprise, the Lynx 1 arrived today thanks to some very fast shipping.  The system is in excellent shape and still working perfectly, so it survived the trip.  The quality of the system is excellent, I am going to enjoy buying more games for my barely used Lynx 1.  Thanks again for the help and great service!  This brings back some nostalgic memories from 1990 for me"


Blain N. Of Canada  Upon receiving his 1st International Atari order from Best.  "I received my order today and I am very happy.  I haven't opened the assembler yet but the books look just what I want!  The inserts about your company was a nice touch.  Interesting to read.  I will certainly buy products from you in the future! You've been a great help, thank-you."


Hirriam M. of MS  Hirriam purchased one of Bests New Atari Jaguar CD Players on the foam blocks.  "Every thing got here very fast, and in tact, the packing is AAA, The atari tape was a great add on.   And every thing all works fine, you are spot on."


Giovanni M. of DE   Giovanni bought an Atari 600XL Computer that ended up with some problems.  After hearing the different 600XL symptoms / problems, Best diagnosed the problem on Atari 600XL Computer as having multiple different separate problems.  The first order Best sent Giovanni, fixed one of the 600XL problems.  After hearing the diagnostic results of the 1st Atari parts order from Giovanni, the second Atari order Best sent Giovanni fixed the remaining 600XL problems.  About 6 to 7 E-Mails and sent videos to Best the Atari 600XL is now up and fully running again.

"I would also like to thank you and the Atari gurus for helping me out with my sick Atari 600xl. You were very thorough and made sure nothing was left out.  Youíve went above and beyond typical customer service you see nowadays. You guys are just the best! If you guys had a rating system, I would give you an A+++ for customer service. I Ďll be sure to come to guys first for anything Atari.


Homer M. of IL   Homer ordered one of Bests New in the box Atari Lynx I consoles.  Before his 1st Parcel Post Atari Lynx order arrived, he placed a second Atari order for another New in the box Atari Lynx game.  "I just wanted you to know both my orders arrived yesterday--for the Lynx 1 in the box with Qix and the Pouch, and the other order for Zarlor Mercenary. I'm a very happy customer."


Michael B. of FL  "I appreciate the great customer service I received when I purchased a Jaguar from you earlier this year..."


Paul W. of OR  Paul ordered Bests XE Touch product, internal Atari XE Keyboard upgrade contacts, that gets rid of the mushy XE keyboard key cap feel and gives you a new Tactical feed feature on all of the XE keyboard key caps.  "The XE touch upgrades are worth every penny!"


Ian C. of the UK   Ian was having some problems with his old 25+ year old PAL version Atari 800.  4 to 5 E-Mails back and forth, Atari questions asked and answered, a New 800 Keyboard, New PAL version 800 CPU card and 2 New 800 16K Ram cards latter.  "Just to let you know I received the parts yesterday and have fitted them and my Atari 800 is now back in full working order so great thanks!"


Guillermo G. of FL  "I would like to thank you for all the excellent advice & service you have given me throughout the years. Once again thanks for all your excellent service."  By his low Best Customer number, Guillermo has been a loyal Atari customer of Best Electronics for close to 15 to 20 years now!


Hugo B. of Canada  Hugo ordered one of Bests New Jaguar CD Players on the foam blocks.  "I Just received my Atari Jaguar CD in Styrofoam with Power Supply and all the combo with the three games and everything include.......WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much!  I was searching for this for so long....practically 3 years!  Awesome price, Incredible condition, Awesome customer service.  Thank you very very much!!!!!!"


Tom C. of NV  Tom wanted to get back into Atari again.  He was looking to pick up an Atari 800XL Computer.  "I have heard good things about your service from the folks at AtariAge.com."  Tom placed an Atari order for a Reconditioned Atari 800XL Computer and some other Atari hardware.  "Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service.  Fast responses, exceptional packaging, fantastic product quality!  Thanks for keeping Atari Alive!"


Andres W. of NY  "As always, Bradley" Owner of Best Electronics "is an amazing person and professional. Very prompt responses to my emails and very helpful with every single detail and questions about my purchase. Customer service was far above and beyond what was expected and I just couldn't be more pleased. I normally don't write reviews but I wanted to reward Bradley for his outstanding service and deep knowledge about Atari. Would recommend to anyone wanting to buy or repair Atari products!"


Andrew C. of New Zealand  Andrew picked up a bargain Atari 800XL computer but needed a replacement Atari 800XL Keyboard.  He asked Best Electronics opinion about the two different new version replacement Atari 800XL Keyboards we had in stock.  "Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  Thanks for the run down on each keyboard type.  The keyboard arrived this morning :) Thanks so much for the awesome service, help and quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future :)"


Mike O. of MN  "I just wanted to write you and thank you for the prompt service and excellent quality of my recent Atari order (Universal RF Adapter and boxed Galaxian).  The order arrived faster than I expected, the packaging was I think the best I've seen to date.  Also including the print outs of various articles and pricing lists was an appreciated bonus as well."  The normal Atari information flyers Best includes with each Atari order we ship out world wide.  "I'm really glad Best Electronics exists, I have been looking for an alternative to EBay that I can regularly go through as I build my Atari collection.  Having grown tired of modern video games and with the inflated prices of the various classic Nintendo and Sega platforms that I grew up with, I've decided to start collecting exclusively Atari systems from here on.  I think it's safe to say with such quick service, excellent packaging, how you take orders the good old fashioned way over the telephone instead of through some impersonal online form, and of course the fact you're probably the closest thing to "factory direct" Atari products still in existence, that you've earned a new repeat customer, and I look forward to doing business with Best Electronics again in the future."


Aaron L. of TX  Aaron wanted work on this ailing Atari 7800 console.  So he ordered from Best Electronics, New Atari 7800 replacement switches, Bests 7800 Composite Video upgrade Kit and Bests 7800 Euro OS upgrade Kit.  The new 7800 switches made Aaron's hard to turn on old 7800 console, act like it was brand new 7800 again.  The second 7800 upgrade Aaron did, the Best 7800 Composite Video mod went very well for Aaron and he was very happy with the 1st two 7800 upgrades he did.  But Aaron run into a problem with the 3rd 7800 Euro OS upgrade he was trying to install on his 7800 console.  Several Atari Information tips and Atari trouble shooting tips and E-Mails from our Atari 30+ Super Tech:"

Success!,  I couldn't have done it without your support!  You were correct: I "jumped the 7800 cut trace and moved the OS chip shorting jumper back to the original place" and was still experiencing no functionality."  We advised Aaron to put his 7800 back to a stock 7800 OS set up again.  "You were also correct: I had, cracked a trace under (solder side) or on the top side of the 7800 OS chip location.  I removed the IC socket (for the third time!) and finally discovered which top side motherboard trace I had damaged in the initial removal of the original OS chip.  One short jumper wire is all that was needed to correct the problem.  I did thoroughly read your excellent instructions which warned me about this, but in my limited experience I didn't take your warning seriously enough!  I now own the best Atari 7800 that I've ever owned!!
Thanks so much!"


Marius D. of the Netherlands  Marius purchased one of the rare Atari Factory 400 48K Ram upgrade kits.  "This was FAST!  Today received the package, and installed in my 400.  Everything works PERFECT!  Great deal, and thanks for your perfect handling!  My 400 is very cool now. Thanks again!" 


Johnny K. of CA  "Absolutely the BEST place to find your ATARI items!  Shipping is extremely quick and customer service is excellent.  The gentleman on the phone even persuaded me NOT to purchase an item which I really thought would help my problem.  That is a sign to me about how special they are.  A business run in this unique way with strange hours and way of operating doesnít last unless itís unique and special.  Be sure to purchase the catalog, I bet youíll find something there which you didnít even know existed or could really use for your system or computer.  Fun stuff!  You are looking for the BEST place to find items for your ATARI, which you have now found."


James A. of CO  "Thanks for your fast response the other week regarding my question on the ATARI 400 interlock switch.  Your dedication to customer service and willingness to answer any ATARI question is fantastic.  BEST ELECTRONICS has always treated me well, and I appreciate it!"


Justin G. of MS  "Well Best Electronics strikes again! I ordered "Pitfall and Wolfenstein 3D" for the Atari Jaguar Console and 3 days later they were at my door. Securely packaged and factory sealed in **MINT** condition!!! Included were the inserts, manuals and overlay. I highly recommend Best Electronics for any Atari collector!!!!!        Thx Best"


Benjamin H. of TX   "As always, everything arrived very quickly, professionally packaged, and in perfect condition, just as described on the website.  The Epyx 500XJ joystick is the absolute BEST joystick for playing any version of Pac-Man on an Atari!  It offers a nice 'clicky' tactile feel that can't be matched on any other joystick, believe me, I've tried nearly every other one and nothing comes close to the Epyx 500XJ! Worth every penny!"  Benjamin got one of Best Atari new Jaguar Power pad and adapter cable to other Atari systems Combo special.  "The BEST Custom made Jaguar Pad Adapter: For anybody who prefers a joypad style controller for playing Atari, it really doesn't get any better than the slick and ergonomic Atari Jaguar controller pad from the 1990's.  I haven't played a Jaguar since 1998, so I had completely forgot how comfortable the Atari Jaguar pad feels in adult hands. The pad moves extremely smoothly and the buttons offer a nice solid feel. I was able to achieve much higher scores on Pitfall II and Keystone Kapers using the Jag pad, and it feels as solid and as comfortable as it always did back in the 90's. Awesome build quality on the adapter cable as well, so glad to be able to use a great joypad-style controller for when a particular Atari game calls for it!  All of the Atari 2600 games I ordered arrived in mint condition and still sealed in their factory laminate, which is quite amazing when you remember how old many of these games are. There's nothing quite like opening a brand new Atari game for the first time and experiencing the excitement of putting a brand new game into your Atari console. I get all kinds of flashbacks from the 80's whenever this happens and it's always such a thrill to receive brand new games from such a great source!  Keep up the great work and thanks for being such a solid and reliable source for all my Atari needs!"

This is Benjamin's third feed back comment to Best.  See his other feed back comments below.


Steve N. of Australia  "I got order yesterday. Did you use a rocket ship for transport as it only took 7 days to get here. Quicker than stuff from local sources here.   Anyway was well packed and no problems. Thanks so much :) 


Paul W. of OR  Paul ordered one of Bests Reconditioned Jaguar CD Players.  "The CD player works flawlessly, and as always, was packaged to perfection." Each New and Reconditioned Jaguar CD Player Bests sells, comes with Bests Atari Tech Tips information sheet to extend the useful life of any Atari Jaguar CD player.  This Tech tip sheet is based on the Atari Jaguar CD Players sent into Best for repair, that could of been prevented by these Best Tech tips.  "The included tips tell me how most of them were broken ..lack of common sense and basic mistreatment.  Most happy with my purchase!"


Benjamin H. of TX  "Just wanted to say thanks! Got the board today"  Ben was trying to do a board level of an old Atari 2600A motherboard.  The more 2600 components he unsoldered and replaced on the old Atari 2600A motherboard, the problems seemed to get worse. So Ben found Best Electronics and ordered one of Bests New drop in replacement 2600A Motherboards.  "I am a very happy camper! Will probably order some joystick rebuild parts in the coming weeks. Thanks for your prompt service!"


Benjamin H. of TX  "I also wanted to say that it's been a pleasure buying from you. The stuff from my last order arrived quickly, and it's nice to be able to buy from people outside of eBay. I had no idea that you had so much Atari inventory on hand, and reading about your business in the print ad you sent was really interesting. Looking forward to doing more business with you very soon."


Keith C. of TX  "Hello Best Electronics, I am sending this message to say how unbelievably happy I am with my purchase from you. The 5200 controller is simply amazing!!!"  Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Dot CX52 Joystick with the New 2nd Gen. Tactical Fire buttons.  "It is immaculate and plays flawlessly! The 7800 controller is awesome!"  Atari CX78 Joypad  "No more arthritis pain from the dreaded ProLine(PainLine) controllers.)" CX24 Atari Joystick "Had a lot of fun with Mario Bros. Thank You Best Electronics! You made my day with these controllers and a happy gamer! You got yourselves a future customer! BTW you told me I would get my order by this Friday. And I got it today on Monday!?!?!? Lightning fast!! Thanks for everything!!! You guys are simply THE BEST!!! I will recommend all my retro gaming friends to you! THANKS A MILLION GUYS!!! A+++++++++++++++:-)"


Justin G. of MS  "I got my refurbished Jaguar CD console yesterday and once again Best Electronics stands TRUE. You guys are a force to be reckoned with.  Keep up the good work!  Absolutely no complaints here!!!!!!!"  Justin's second feed back comment to Best Electronics.  See his 1st feed back comment on the link below.


Beniot R. of France   "Just received my Lynx (So fast !!).  It's in perfect condition and work flawlessly. Thank you very much!"  When Beniot 1st contacted Best we told him that with the high cost of International shipping to France and incoming French Custom charges a Best Reconditioned Lynx I console might not be cost effective for him.  Beniot answered back "but with the euro/dollar conversion, $70 is still a good bargain for a working Lynx in France!"


Justin G. of MS  Justin purchased an 'as is' Jaguar console off E-Bay.  We gave Justin some Atari Tech tips on the Jaguar Motherboards but it ended up as another piece of E-Bay Atari scrap.  Justin purchased one of Bests drop in replacement Jaguar US replacement motherboards.  "I got my replacement motherboard today, popped it right in and my Jaguar worked like a charm just as advertised.  I've gotta tell you this definitely brought back some memories.  I felt like a kid again. This is awesome.  I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm very satisfied in Best Electronics!!!!! 2 thumbs up!!!! Thx"


Ben C. of TX   Ben purchased one of Bests XE Touch keyboard internal upgrade contacts for his Atari 130XE keyboard.  "The keyboard upgrade is great; the feel of the keys is much better than it was before."


Boisy P of LA   "I received my Atari 2600 order this weekend."  Boisy purchased a Reconditioned Atari 2600 Heavy console with the Composite Video mod.   "All I can say is WOW. What a beautiful, clean heavy sixer. It looks like it just came off the factory floor!   Thanks for providing this great hardware in fantastic condition. Iím very happy with the system and am glad I got the composite mod."


Richard O. of NY  Richard was trying to get his Atari ST computer going again but could not find he old Atari ST DMA cable for his external ST Hard Drive.  He ordered one of Bests new 6 ft Atari ST DMA cables. 
"Hi, just wanted to let you know that the 6' Hard drive cable works fine and thanks for the fast shipping. I ordered it on Friday and received it on Monday."


Jesus D. of Spain  Jesus ordered a couple of the last 5 inch Atari I.C. Collector chip wafers we got out of the Atari parts warehouse when we cleared it out years ago!  "Wafers safe at home!  Thank you very much. A very interesting collector's item." 

Follow up Comment:  "It is indeed a very interesting piece for me because I worked in the past for Lucent Technologies Microelectronics, and we made wafers like these, so double interest for me also being an Atari fan."


Miguel S. of Portugal  "I need to thank you very much for a lot of reasons.  So, I'm happy and the order arrived quickly here.  Second, thanks for the perfect packaging, it protects very well the order.  If I need more Atari stuff, you know I will be in touch with you in the future again!  Excellent company and service ! You rock !"  Miguel has placed at least 5 to 7+ International Atari orders to Portugal with Best Electronics


Jason H. of MD  Jason had a bad (certain keys stopped working) Atari 130XE Keyboard.  He ordered one of Bests better made XE internal replacement Keyboard mylars.  Also Jason, had the right Atari 130XE Keyboard that would accept Bests XE Touch internal contacts that upgrades the feel (tactical feed back) of the Atari 130XE Keyboard key caps.  "I received my XE Touch keyboard upgrade parts and the improved keyboard Mylar for my 130XE and installed them tonight.  My keyboard works again and feels better than new."


James W. of the UK   James ordered a new Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Internal plug in Diagnostic card to test and repair Atari Mega ST Computers  "Just to let you know I have received this item. Many thanks for a smooth transaction and fast delivery."


Paolo S. of Italy   Paolo's Atari MegaSTE computer Internal Hard Drive mech went bad and his MegaSTE computer was down.  He ordered one of Best's lock and load ready to drop in and run, new 324 MB SCSI Hard Drive mechs.  "I received the CB103115 hard disk and now my old Atari is born again!  Thank you for your invaluable help and I send you my warmest greetings."


Jose R. of AZ  "I can't believe how fast everything went, and you don't even have an online ordering system, un-real, I got my parts like the next day, I will never order from anybody else from now on, forget ebay!!  Thanks!"


Jose L. of Spain  "Iíve received my order, everything is OK, the packaging was excellent and everything arrived in perfect condition, thank you very much. The Atari Lynx Pins are perfect, and the Blue Lightning Demo card, as you told me is in an AWESOME GREAT SHAPE (many, many thanks), as well as the boxed games (Ninja Gaiden III and Baseball Heroes). The Atari box and the other stuff was a really nice surprise."


Del M. of TX  "Four orders in three months and with fast shipping and great customer service.  Thank you again."  Del's second Atari feed back comment to Best.


Alex O. of France  "Not only you provide the BEST services but since you shipped my Stacy very quickly last week after my payment Saturday it was delivered FASTER THAN LIGHT in front of my door Tuesday in the morning.  Anyway I am a very happy customer ;)"


Daniel G. of Sweden  Daniel had some old Atari CX40 Joysticks that did not work very well. He ordered a couple of the Best Atari CX40 Joystick rebuild kits with the lifetime Best made Gold CX40 board.  "Item received and installed today! Works like a charm, thank you so much! =)  Also, is it okay if I point other possible Swedish customers your way?" Yes!


Ben L. of GA  "I finally placed my Lynx order for a refurbished system, battery pack and large carrying case, along with a replacement 7800 power supply and, what the heck, some joystick rebuild kits for the Atari 2600.  When the package arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised.  First off, the box itself was covered in Atari packing tape, which was a really nice touch.  Iím happy to say the refurbished Lynx came in Ďlike newí condition and screen looks fantastic.  The large Lynx carrying case was new in the box and the NiCad battery pack works great.  All in all, opening the package brought a smile to my face."  "The Best Electronics website may be a little retro compared to contemporary eCommerce sites, but I have to say, Bradley is great with helping you with your order via email.  If you are in the market for some old Atari items, or even new items, I highly recommend browsing the Best website.  They really cater to the Atari fan"


Rodrigo G. of Brazil   Rodrigo ordered some Atari CX40 Joystick new Fire buttons, new CX40 Rubber boot and Best exclusive Atari CX40 Joystick Improved / Upgraded Rebuild kits with the Bests CX40 Gold Lifetime PCB board.  "Last night I installed the new parts on my old joysticks. The upgrade is remarkable: the "mushy" feeling when pulling the lever and pressing the button disappeared! I have precision again and I love the "clicky" feeling of the new gold boards. I feel my joysticks like new again! Thanks!"


Ken S. of NY  Ken contacted Best Electronics late June 2013.  He said he had a bad Atari 2600A console and was thinking about getting one of Best Electronics complete Reconditioned 2600A systems.  We suggested to Ken it would be more cost effective for him to get a new drop in (Phillips Screwdriver Job) Atari 2600A replacement US Motherboard.  We sent Ken a new 2600A US Motherboard on July 1, 2013.  Toward the end of July Ken contacted Best Electronics and said his new Atari 2600A motherboard had developed some 2600 sound issues.  We said for him to send it back in and he did.  It arrived on a Monday afternoon.  Our 29+ year Atari Super tech, jumped right on it.  He had the problem fixed and sent back the 2600A motherboard back to Ken the same Monday evening.  "I received the replacement motherboard and the boxed Mousetrap game yesterday. Thanks for your fast service and the unexpected gift!  I've installed the new board and all is well.  Thanks again for your amazing service!  Best is an amazing resource and company."


Steve M. of IL    Steve placed a large ($$$) Atari order for some New Atari Lynx and New Jaguar Games, other Atari hardware and Atari Controllers.  "Everything arrived as expected, thanks again! Keep up the good work for us Atari fans!"


Gordon M. of CT  "Thanks so much, I received my package today!"  Gordon contacted Best Electronics about sending in his Atari 800 computer with a keyboard problem for repair.  Because of the very heavy nature of the Atari 800 8 bit computer with the internal die casting RF shield, we told Gordon it would not be cost effective for him to send it in for repair and back to him.  Best suggested a new drop in (Phillips screwdriver job) Atari OEM US 800 replacement Keyboard he could very easily install himself.  I am very impressed by your professionalism and service. Thanks so much.


Del M. of TX   Del was going to be in San Jose, CA area on a business trip for a week.  Del had made arrangements via E-Mail to pick up some Atari items he needed from Best Electronics.  "I did post on Atari Age Forum that I had a great experience at your shop.  It generated a lot of responses.  Hope to do more business in the near future."


Derric T. of CA  "My order arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thanks for your fantastic service and quick shipping!"


Bobby S. of TX  "Everything arrived in the mail today."  Bobby was getting he old Atari 2600 console connected up and running again.  He purchased from Best Electronics 2 Upgraded Atari CX40 Gold Joysticks, Upgraded set Atari CX30 Paddles with Best Lifetime Pots, Atari Cable Ready TV Switch box and 2 Atari 10 ft Joystick Extension cables.  "Got it all hooked up and flipped the on switch for the first time since 1985, and it works just like new! Except for the 60" screen lol. Thanks for all your help and the fast shipping. I will be contacting you for anything I might need in the future"


Curtis M. of AZ.  "I received my modded 7800 tonight."  Curtis ordered one of Bests Reconditioned / upgraded 7800 Consoles with Composite Video out and Euro OS mods.  "I was really blown away by the condition it is in and wanted to send a thank you note for the excellent service!  You have a great reputation on so many classic gaming forums I go to though that I decided to take the plunge and I'm gad I did.  My games are playing great and it's nice to know there's a resource like Best if I need anything else for my console or some more games.  Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.  Hopefully I'll be placing some more orders soon!"


Alberto R. of Spain.   "I received the games today and all is perfect as always, thank you very much for packaging it so well, it's a pleasure to deal with you!"  Alberto ordered some new Atari Jaguar games.  This is his second or third International Atari order from Best.

Follow up Comment:  "you're one of the best shops I ever bought from".


David R. of MA.  "Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your prompt service, and truly excellent hardware.  Anyway, thank you for the service - And the great hardware."  Dave was looking for some Atari parts for a project he was doing.


Steve O. of IL  "I was really pretty shocked to receive the order on Monday after placing it Friday afternoon. The 400 is working great."


Brett L. of Canada  "Arrived today, unpacked, everything works and looks great!!!!!  Thanks a bunch."  Brett ordered a Best Reconditioned Atari Mega ST4 Computer and had the Atari ST TOS OS upgraded to TOS 1.4 latest version.


Ashton H. of NC   Ashton's second Atari order from Best, he got a Reconditioned Atari Jaguar CD Player and Reconditioned Atari 1040ST Computer.  "I received the Jag CD and 1040STF. Wow is all I can say they look brand new especially the 1040 next to my old yellowed one I've been using the past few years."


Ben F. of the UK   "Got the Jag CD last month from you and have it set up now with a power supply.  Brilliant item.  Thanks for your great service!"  Ben was looking for complete Atari Jaguar CD Player sent to England.  We recommend to Ben, because of the Very high cost of International Shipping to the UK and the heavy nature of the complete Jaguar CD Player, that he should get Bests Reconditioned Atari Jaguar CD player only and get the Atari Jaguar CD software and UK Atari Jaguar Power supply in the Euro Zone, where shipping costs are about 1/5 to 1/6 of the high cost of International shipping.


David M. of WV    "thanks for your help. I have Best Electronics saved in my favorites file and will check from time to time to see if you have anything else I might need for my system. I still enjoy playing Atari games and appreciate your company keeping the Atari tradition going strong."  David was putting his old Atari 800 back in use and purchased a Best Enhanced Atari Composite Video Cable for his Atari 800 Computer and a couple or our Atari CX40 Gold Joystick Rebuild kits.

Follow up Comment:   "thanks for your help."  David was having a problem with his New Enhanced Atari Composite cable he just received.  "I got my system going, the picture is very good and the RF interference is gone. Changing the mode on the TV did the trick. Thank you and your Atari Super Tech for your patience, assistance with my problem, and responding so promptly. You truly are an asset to the Atari gaming community. Have a great day!


Mike H. of OH   "I received the system today, and it works wonderfully -- thanks!"  Mike got one of Bests Recondtioned 7800 Consoles with the Atari Engineering Composite Video and the Euro 7800 OS Mods.  "I think the first thing I noticed (other than the excellent composite output) is how easily the cartridges are to insert. The two used systems I tried previously were very fussy and hard to seat the games, but they pop in neatly and easily on this system."



Matt F. of VA   "I ordered a CX78 joypad, light gun, and Sentinel for the 7800. I want to thank you for the speedy shipment and let you know that the light gun *does* work with my 7800."  Before Matt brought the Best Atari Light gun for his CX7800 Console and Atari 7800 Sentinel Light Gun Game, we explained to Matt, that the 7800 Consoles we not 100% Tested at the Atari 7800 production / assembly line for proper use of any Atari Light Gun and we have run across a very small percentage of 7800 consoles will not properly work with any Atari or Best Light Gun made or Atari 7800 Light Gun games made. 


Ronald H. of KY   Ron has been a Best Atari Customer for over 10+ years now and also runs an Atari Internet BBS site which you can view and access, see Atari Links at bottom of this Best Home page.  He was having problems with his Atari ST Stacy portable LCD display and asked about getting a new replacement Stacy LCD Display $$$.   "The one I have is showing  lines or streaks horizontally across the screen, with some vertical ones. Otherwise, it displays fine."  We talked to our 28+ year Atari Super Tech about this Atari ST Stacy LCD display problem.  He gave Ron some Atari Tech tips to try on his ailing Atari ST Stacy LCD display.  "Please tell your tech "thanks!" and give him a big hearty pat on the back for me. :) I did what he said, and I'm slowly getting the streaks/lines out. At first,  they would just disappear and then come back. After I kept doing it for a while, and repeatedly, it started working. I'm down to a few streaks in one corner. I think I'll have them all gone before long."  


Mike H. of OH   "I received the system today, and it works wonderfully -- thanks!"  Mike got one of Bests Recondtioned 7800 Consoles with the Atari Engineering Composite Video and the Euro 7800 OS Mods.  "I think the first thing I noticed (other than the excellent composite output) is how easily the cartridges are to insert. The two used systems I tried previously were very fussy and hard to seat the games, but they pop in neatly and easily on this system."


Matt F. of VA   "I ordered a CX78 joypad, light gun, and Sentinel for the 7800. I want to thank you for the speedy shipment and let you know that the light gun *does* work with my 7800."  Before Matt brought the Best Atari Light gun for his CX7800 Console and Atari 7800 Sentinel Light Gun Game, we explained to Matt, that the 7800 Consoles we not 100% Tested at the Atari 7800 production / assembly line for proper use of any Atari Light Gun and we have run across a very small percentage of 7800 consoles will not properly work with any Atari or Best Light Gun made or Atari 7800 Light Gun games made. 


Ronald H. of KY   Ron has been a Best Atari Customer for over 10+ years now and also runs an Atari Internet BBS site which you can view and access, see Atari Links at bottom of this Best Home page.  He was having problems with his Atari ST Stacy portable LCD display and asked about getting a new replacement Stacy LCD Display $$$.   "The one I have is showing  lines or streaks horizontally across the screen, with some vertical ones. Otherwise, it displays fine."  We talked to our 28+ year Atari Super Tech about this Atari ST Stacy LCD display problem.  He gave Ron some Atari Tech tips to try on his ailing Atari ST Stacy LCD display.  "Please tell your tech "thanks!" and give him a big hearty pat on the back for me. :) I did what he said, and I'm slowly getting the streaks/lines out. At first,  they would just disappear and then come back. After I kept doing it for a while, and repeatedly, it started working. I'm down to a few streaks in one corner. I think I'll have them all gone before long."


Jacob N. of LA  "Just wanted to thank you :)  Got my new 800xl power supply"  One of Bests New 800XL Rebuildable versions.  "and 7800 rapid fire controller today"  Bests CX34 Joystick.  "Quick shipping and awesome product.  Ill definitely be a return customer :)  Thanks again :)"


Mike W. of AL  "I received my order today."  Mikes 1st Atari order was for a new Atari 7800 and new 2600 Atari Power Supplies and a couple of new Atari RF cables.  "Everything was well packed and all of the items work great. Thank you for a great experience. I will be ordering from you again soon."


Alex H. of the UK  "Just a quick note to say thanks for my lovely new Atari Lynx's."  Alex bought two New in the Box Atari Lynx I consoles.  "Your the best Atari sales outlet in the world.  Keep up the good work."


Owen S. of CO  (Owens third Best feed back comment)   "Both the Jaguar and 7800 games look and sound great!Owen bought a New in the box Atari Jaguar console and a Best Electronics Reconditioned / Upgraded 7800 with Composite Video out and 7800 Euro Operating System Modification.  "I am very happy with both systems, all the games and for opting to go with the CX-34 joysticks as recommended; they feel unlike any other joystick I've ever used: quite responsive and precise and a bit more comfortable and easier to hold than the CX-40s.  Heresy (not) I say!  : ) I am very glad to have the CX-34s over CX-24s. Thank you again for your time and help."


Jim H. of NY    Jim bought one of Best New looking Reconditioned Atari 1050 Disk Drives with the normal 90 day Atari Warranty in late September 2012.  About a month later it developed a problem and we asked him to send it back in.  "I am very thankful for your prompt return of the Atari 1050 disk drive and it works FINE ! WONDERFUL ! and I am off to use it now.  Many thanks for bringing life back into my Atari life."


Follow up Comment:  "I am a loyal Atari user, and love taking care of my collection.  Your products do all of that and more, With your continuing care for us and the great products you have, the Atari will always be around in the future."


Markus V. of Finland  "I want to thank you for your great service. Got my merchandise quickly and as promised. This was my second time ordering from you and it's been perfect from your part both times. Thank you!"


Marcelo S. of Brazil  "Just to let you know, the controllers arrived here today."  Marcelo bought a pair of Atari CX78 Joypads.  "Awesome products, man!   Hope to buy from you again!"


Denham P. of the UK  "The cards have arrived and they were in great condition.  Just fitted them to my 800 and now it is back up and running."  Denham was having problems with his PAL Atari 800 Computer.  5 E-Mails back and forth with Best Atari Tech Tips and a shipment with a new PAL 800 CPU and PAL ROM Cards.  "Thanks for sending them through, and also for your swift and helpful responses to my questions."


Steve M. of VA  "Wanted to let you know the 1050 arrived with no issues!"  Steve ordered one of Best Reconditioned new looking 1050's in the Atari box.  "It was an awesome experience opening the box."


Mark D. of the UK   Was having a problem with an Atari Mega ST 4 computer he was trying to repair himself.  He had tried all of the standard Atari ST repair tricks like swapping out socketed Atari ST custom chips on the Mega ST 4 motherboard, but was still getting nowhere and was totally stumped.  He E-Mailed Best Electronics to get some of our FREE  28+ year Atari ST repair information, suggestions and knowledge from us.  Best suggested several different Atari Tech tips to check out on his ailing Mega ST 4 motherboard.  Several E-Mails latter  "I have repaired it thanks :0)   it was the RAM chips  thanks for being so helpful"


Joey S. of Canada   "Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know the package arrived today safe an sound!  Everything Looks great and I plan to give to a run this evening!  Thanks again and I know where my future purchases will be made for my Atari needs!"


Tino F. of Germany   "WOW, the cd drive"  Tino bought a reconditioned Best Atari Jaguar CD Player.  "looks like new..... very good condition, fast shipping, good working... really perfect!!! thank you very much for that great deal!!!!! I am very happy ;-)  This is not my last order!!!! Best wishes from Germany:"


Boisy P. of LA   "Got the stuff in today!"  Boisy ordered one of Bests Custom made New 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine replacement internal Keyboard Mylar for a bad Atari 130XE Keyboard he had and two of Bests XE Touch, Internal Silicon contact upgrade kits (for better tactical feed back on his XE Keyboard Key caps) for his 130XE and XE Game Machine Keyboards   "The 130XE keyboard mylar works great, as do the new key cups.  Night and day difference!  Going to tackle the XEGS keyboard next...  Thanks for very fast service and great products!"


Owen S. of CO  (Owens second Best feed back comment)  "The more I do business with you, the more impressed I am: the amazing turn around time on my XF551 last week;"  Owen had a minor problem with a new Atari XF551 Disk Drive he bought from Best, in came back on a Monday and was turned around the same day and shipped back to Owen.  "consistently shipping new orders both quickly and carefully; your incredible, vast and varied Atari inventory; and the honest, veteran advice and decades worth of Atari expertise.  With your help my new Atari 130XE system is really starting to take shape, already off to a great start: if you build it, they will play..."


Branton O'B. of Australia  "Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday, and had time to install the cartridge connector in my 2600. Tricky install, but that just makes it all the more rewarding. I love that I can just pop the game in and have it start up first time, every time. I can even knock it around a bit and not lose my game! I haven't installed the pots yet,"  Bests New Super Paddle Pots for the Atari CX30 Paddles.   "but I'm certain I'll be just as impressed. Cleaning the old cartridge connector and pots only got me so far, but I'll be sure to make these new one last. Many thanks!"


Ryan D. of MN  "The package arrived today," Ryan ordered one of Bests Reconditioned Jaguar CD Player with some Jaguar CD Games.  "as a first time customer I am really impressed with the careful packing (the Atari tape is a great touch) and the printouts you sent along with the Jaguar CD. I had fun looking through the Atari information you sent and really appreciated the CD tips that came packaged with the Jaguar CD.  I followed the instructions and was careful attaching the CD unit and everything works flawlessly.  In addition the CD unit looks brand new.  I am very pleased I found your site before purchasing a questionable Ebay unit for way too much money. Great prices and great service, I'll be back.  Thanks again!"


Stan S. of KY  "My Atari universal switchbox, Millipede, and joystick controller upgrades came in today and they are great!  Thank you all.  You are the best."

Follow up Comment:  "I have had my Atari 2600 System since age 14 and my 7800 Pro System since age 27.  I am 45 years old now and still play with Atari, it is great!  Please never stop providing Atari for us gamers out here.  We really need you to keep the ďold-schoolĒ games alive.  Thanks so much for what you do."                 


Joe S. of MN   "Thanks again for your assistance with calibrating my Atari 5200 console."  Joe had exchanged out some old non working Atari CX52 Joysticks for Best Reconditioned CX52 Joysticks.  When Joe received the Best Reconditioned CX52 Joysticks, he was having some problems with one of the two Best reconditioned CX52 Joysticks he had received.  We explained to Joe that all Atari CX52 Joysticks Bests reconditions are tested on Atari Factory consoles that are calibrated to Atari 5200 Engineering Spec's using Atari 5200 Diagnostic hardware.   During the Best reconditioning process, each reconditioned Atari CX52 Joystick is tested on several different Atari 5200 Consoles using several different Atari 5200 Game Cartridges and then are put into our stock.  Just before the Reconditioned CX52 Joysticks are sent out, they again go into our Atari Tech's area to be again tested on Factory spec Atari 5200 consoles.  We explained to Joe, that we have found over the last 25+ years selling Atari CX52 Joysticks, that some of the Atari 5200 consoles have electronically drifted off the Atari 5200 Factory Joystick port settings, casing the one reconditioned CX52 Joystick problem Joe was having.  We explained that we can help Joe do the minor internal setting adjustment over the phone within his 5200 console to get his one Best CX52 Joystick problem corrected.  "Controllers are working great!  Kids and I are having a blast!  Thanks"


Bill D.  of NJ  "Just acknowledging receipt of this order"  Bill ordered an Atari Falcon 16MB Plug in Ram Upgrade and a New Falcon internal Clock Module.  "and say thanks for your super speedy delivery and excellent service!"


Owen S. of CO  "I received my 130XE, enhanced composite video cable, Best Electronics upgraded CX40 joystick, and Eastern Front and Star Raiders cartridges yesterday!  Thank you so much for getting this package out to me in a expedient manner (placed order Friday p.m. and it was shipped that afternoon/evening!!!).  Best Electronics rocks: with courtesy, service and breadth & depth of in-stock products, you have more than earned my business!"


Alex J. of Norway   "The HD arrived and it works perfectly...."  Alex ordered a New replacement Atari  324 MB SCSI Hard Drive Mech. for his Atari TT Computer Internal Hard Drive Mech. that went bad.  "Thank you so much for good and excellent service.  I will highly recommend you to others"


Adam P. of of WI  "I just wanted to say thanks for the quick email replies and the great service. I was very surprised when I received what I ordered from you 2 days after I ordered it.  The composite video mod works great!  It's a world of difference compared to the RF video/audio."  Adam ordered one of Bests 7800 Composite Video Upgrade Kits.  If I ever need anything else Atari related, you can be sure I'll come to you first. Thanks again!

Lawrence P. of Canada  "I'm very pleased with the Best XE touch upgrade.  The XEGS is my favorite 8-bit, and I love that it has a detachable keyboard.  The stock keys, are quite mushy and not fun for extended typing.  My XEGS is pretty heavily modded, but this was one heck of a dramatic upgrade.  I also thought it was a nice and smart touch to make the upgraded contacts red.  Nice that it is impossible to confuse them with the stock ones during the upgrade.  A subtle but nice touch"                


Matt C. of WA  "Thank you very much for getting back to me so fast, and for the info."  Matt had a question on his Best Reconditioned 7800 Console with the Composite Video and Euro OS upgrades he had received.  "You guys have great customer service, and are always helpful and nice when I call. Expect to see more orders from me in the future."


Chris M. of the UK  "Just a thank you note to let you know I got the flex circuits and games a few weeks back."  Chris got 2 New Atari Lynx II OEM Internal Flex Circuits (to repair some ailing Atari Lynx II consoles) and some New Atari Lynx games   "I was delighted with the service you've provided, and the printed material you included was very interesting - especially the replacement parts you've designed and had manufactured.  It's amazing what you've achieved supporting Atari products over the last 15 years, keep up the good work and I wish you every success in future."


James A. of CO   "The European chip mod I bought for the 7800 last time was a great project, by the way."  James upgraded his Atari US / NTSC 7800 with Best 7800 EURO Upgrade Kit.  This Best Upgrade kit replaces the stock Atari 7800 OS ROM with the upgraded Atari Engineering 7800 Euro version.  This 7800 Upgrade ROM removes the normal Atari 7800 delay Color Rainbow window and allows any 7800 game to instantly boot up / play.  It also installs a complete internal Atari 7800 Asteroids Game as the default game when no 2600 or 7800 game cartridge is installed in the 7800 console.


Thomas A. of SC  "The package arrived today."  Atari 2600 parts order from Best.  "Thanks very much!  Always excellent service when buying from you :)".

Steve G. of FL   "Iím grateful for the services you offer to the Atari community.  Keep up the good work.  You guys are the best."


Jay G. of PA   "Just wanted to say the Atari 800 I purchased off you guys is awesome!!!"  Bests Recondtioned Atari 800 Computer.  "My 16 year old daughter and I had so much fun over Christmas break playing all the retro games I have."


Gary T. of the UK   "Thanks again for all the great work & excellent service"  Gary's comment before placing his second International Atari order with Best Electronics.


Norm C. of MD    "Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I love the 7800 Atari I purchased from you guys.....  It plays like new...."  Bests Reconditioned Atari CX7800 Console.


Bill D. of NJ  "I received your cable today."  One of Bests ST Multi Sync adapter cable to Multi Sync Tube and LCD Monitors, to replace the standard Atari made ST Monitors   "I'm very excited for a few reasons, but first I wanted to thank you very much for your speedy ordering and delivery process.  But I'm doubly excited, because when I connected this to my Coby LCD TV-TF1514 color TV with VGA inputs, it appears it can natively handle ALL the ST resolutions WITHOUT a converter box!  I just plugged the cable in, and figured I could at least test the monochrome part of it, since I know that is basically at the same scan rate as VGA, but to my surprise, I saw color in ST Medium mode, rather than monochrome ST High mode. I tested all three resolutions and they all work!"


Ed M. of the UK  "I received the new cable and mouse thanks - very happy with the product!"  A New replacement Atari MegaSTE Keyboard cable and New replacement ST Truemouse.


Joe W. of IL  "Based on what you said, I'd like to drop the 1200XL Diagnostic Cart and Ext. Hardware test box from the order."  Joe was ordering an Atari Super Salt 8 bit Diagnostic Box and Atari Super Salt Cartridge on the same Atari order, which supersedes and replaces the older 1200XL Diagnostic Cartridge and 1200XL Diagnostic Hardware Test Box which he wanted to order also.  We recommended that Joe drop the 1200XL Cart and Ext. Hardware box from his Atari order.  "I very much appreciate that I've always been able to trust you (since the days when I was calling you from a pay phone at college to figure out what was wrong with the Atari stuff I was picking up at flea markets -- back in 1991!)."


Gary G. of TX   "Just wanted to follow up with you on this. Item arrived today.  Really quick shipping!   Works like a charm, Thank you for helping me save another Atari from the dumpster.  I will definitely keep ordering from you in the future.  Thank you again sir for a fine product !"  Gary had an Atari 130XE computer with a bad internal XE Keyboard.  He bought the Best Made Upgraded 130XE Keyboard  replacement XE Keyboard Internal mylar.  The stock Atari made 130XE single layer version Keyboard internal mylar (two different style used over the years not interchangeable) has close to a 99% to 100% failure rate!  The Improved Upgraded Best Internal XE single layer replacement XE Keyboard Mylar has a 1/4 of 1% failure rate last 25+ years of selling them.


James R. of Australia  "I received my brand new Atari Jaguar today.  I can't thank you enough for your prompt service and help along the way.  It has been a pleasure to deal with Best Electronics and I definitely plan on coming back for more!   Also, thank you for the included sales brochures and interesting articles relating to your business.  They are a good read!"


Kevin S. of TX   "I received the package."  New Atari CX52 Joystick rebuild parts  "Thank you very much for the hook up!  I'm already making a list for my next order.  I also write a brief post on Atari Age to plug your services and tell the community how great you guys are."


Markus V. of Finland  "Atari thanks!  Got my Atari Lynx front side case today."  A new replacement Atari Lynx I top case with clear top window  "It's perfect.  I will definitely use your services in the future if I need of any Atari products.  Thank you very much!"


Kevin O. of SC   "Thanks for getting that order out so promptly!  Got the XE-touch keyboard upgrade installed in my 130XE's keyboard already.... never thought rubber cups made THAT much of a difference in the feel of a keyboard!"  Bests new 65XE / 130XE / 800XE / XE Game Keyboard replacement Internal Silicon cups for a much improved XE Keyboard feel / tactical feed back.  "It went from "barely tolerable" to "damn, that's nice" in like 15 minutes!  If I ever get another XE, it's getting one of these kits too.  Too bad people can't feel the difference online.  I never realized how bad the stock XE keyboard was when I was a kid until I got another XE recently."


Mark W. of the UK    "Thanks very much for the cable, it works a charm."  Best ST Multi Sync Adapter cable.  Follow up question:   Do you have a similar cable, but with audio break out?

Answer:  Already built into the Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable.

Follow up Comment:  "It was great before I realized it had built in audio out. Now I'm over the moon."


James A. of CO  "Thanks for the last order - - stellar selection, service, and shipping speed, as always!"


Dimitrios B. of Greece   "I receive yesterday my  Falcon 2 GB Falcon Compact Flash Upgrade Kit and im very happy !!! Thank you!!!!"

Follow up Comment "Im very happy with my 2 GB Falcon Compact Flash Upgrade Kit!!!  Excellent quality and the best documentation ever seen!!!! Thank you!"


James A. of CO  "the new, refurbished 5200 controllers are FANTASTIC!" Bests Reconditioned Upgraded 5200 Gold CX52 Joysticks


Mark R. of UK  "I'd like to thank you for your previous outstanding service.  I thoroughly intend on coming back again and again."  Marks comment after placing his fourth International Atari order with Best.  "I wouldn't normally mention this, but a few months ago, I bought a 600XL keyboard from another seller via eBay (this was before I found Best) and on unpacking, it looked like the bare keyboard had just been thrown into a box with others (i.e. it had scratched up keys with dings in the trim)."


Brian M. of KY  "Thanks for the quick/great service. Everything showed up today while I was at work. Should have called in sick..."
Follow up Comment 
"I was very pleased with the service. Wish the people that sell new, modern computers were even a tenth as responsive."


Sergio M. of Argentina  "Last order was great"  Sergio's first Large $$$ International Atari order from Best.


Mike R. of the UK  "Many thanks for your help and service, it is much appreciated.Mike placed his second International Atari order with est Electronics.

Follow up Comment  "I find your service very quick, helpful and efficient...and you are always true to your word. If other companies dealt this way, then the recession would end tomorrow.  All the very best of luck to you, you deserve it." 


Kip W. of FL  "Have received the parts and am pleased to say my Jaguar CD is working again."  Kip had a bad Jaguar CD Player, Best sent a new replacement Jag CD Main motherboard and New Jag Myst CD.  "Fortunately, the disc drive is still good; the Myst disc had no problems loading at all and all FMV sequences played with no skipping or stuttering.  I wish to thank you for your expedient service and your provision of the required parts."


Adrian R. of Canada   "You'll be happy to know that I got the console in the mail today."  Bests Reconditioned Atari 7800 console with upgraded Composite Video out Modification  "I was surprised at the quality of the packaging, you could probably toss that boxed 7800 off a three storey building and it'd still be okay!  Thank you for your courteous and prompt service, I look forward to doing business with BE in the future."

Follow up Comment a month later before placing his second Atari order  "The 7800 console has been working perfectly, if you're wondering... plays like the day it rolled off the assembly line."


Mark R. of the UK  "Thanks once again for providing such a great international service, selling products which are difficult (if not impossible) to obtain in the UK.Marks second International Atari order for a reconditioned Atari 2600 Heavy console with Best's Upgraded Composite Video out upgrade.


Tony W. of Canada  "I just recently purchased a new Atari jaguar system"  New in box Best Atari US Jaguar console.  "and it is perfect I could not have asked for better."


Schon S. of Germany  "Today I received the package."  Atari Hybrid Ajax Disk Controller chips.  "Makes me smile the long day :D  Thanks for years of service to the Atari scene."


S.H. of MA  "Thanks, got it yesterday in fact."  Bests exclusive CX40 Gold  Joystick Rebuild Kit  "I installed one of them last night and that joystick works perfectly now. Thanks!"


Mark R. of the UK  "Thanks for shipping the XE Touch kits."  Best's exclusive Atari XE Keyboard Internal upgrade for the key caps.  "I've fitted one to the keyboard of a European 800XE and it makes a world of difference to the feel of the keyboard when typing in programs."


cTrix of Australia  "I simply can't believe how quickly this arrived!  The units are in amazing
condition."  Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx I and II consoles and New Lynx Games  "The Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure game even came with a poster which we are flattening out and framing on the wall :-)"
Follow up Comment  "I simply can't believe how quickly my Lynx arrived to Australia after
ordering!  My unit is in amazing condition, came ready packed in my carry case with accessories resealed and in place.  You don't get better than this."


Stian E. of Norway  "Jaguar pack arrived!"  New in the box Atari US Jaguar Console.  "You should know I am very happy with this."


Rodrigo G. of Brazil  "Well, I managed to put the things together yesterday and... it worked very well!"  New replacement Atari 5200 2 port US Motherboard and New US Atari 5200 Power Supply.  "I noticed the image is clearer and the colors are brighter than the deceased motherboard.  Also, it seems that the sound plays a little louder (requires less TV volume).  So I'm very satisfied with the products that I bought from Best"


Stian E. of Norway  "I can really see overall performance improvement after installing both the CF and RTC chip."  Best's Atari Falcon 2 GB Compact Flash adapter (upgrade / replacement for a Falcon mechanical internal Hard Drive mech.) and new replacement Falcon Clock module


Bill B. of PA  "You guys are awesome for making it possible for us to properly re-enjoy parts of our childhood, by making these things like new and at completely reasonable prices." 

Received a new Atari US Jaguar console and after placing a second Atari order.


Bart K. of IN  "Really enjoying my 2600!  The console looks like new!"  Bests Reconditioned Atari 2600 6 switch console with the Bests Atari Composite Video modification installed.   "I'm soooo pleased."


Hugues D. of France  "Just to say that you did a great job !  I received all my items last week,"  Bests Atari Falcon Compact Flash adapter with 2 GB Memory card and New replacement Falcon Clock Chip "that's perfect!!!  THANK YOU!"



Dominic T. of the UK   "Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for my Atari order that arrived in the United Kingdom today! (2x48k 400 upgrade packs and 1029 ribbon)  Excellent service from yourself, quick dispatch/delivery and well packed, and the items are great!  I look forward to placing another order with you very soon, thanks again for your good work!"


Nathan J. of Australia   "I just thought I should let you know that the Atari Jaguar CD unit came this morning and is in perfect working order.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.


John J. of WI  "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you & everyone at Best Electronics, for what would be an otherwise have been costly investment these past few months getting back to my Atari gaming roots.  You folks have saved me a ton of money over the sharks on eBay.  You can rest assured that I will always look to Best Electronics FIRST, before spending my hard earned money on my Future Atari needs."

Follow up Comment  "You guys have been nothing but good to me !   whether it be on the phone, or via email,  You've been patient and helped me find what I needed and "walked" me through the technical issues. John"


Paul D. of MD   "Already got" arrived on Saturday "the controllers" 2 Best Atari CX52 Gold Joysticks "I ordered on Thursday!!  You guys rule!"

 Follow up Comment  "Out of my attic" boxed Atari 5200 console with 25 5200 games "Between this and the controllers I just received re-manufactured from Best Electronics, it's like Christmas in 1983 all over again!  This mean gaming system has a mind blowing 1.79 Mhz CPU, and a 320◊192 video resolution w/256 color display output!   If anyone wants to play, tickets are $3 and the line starts at the side door... Paul"


Thomas A. of SC  "Just wanted to say thanks again for another great order!  The switches & monitor A/V cord work excellent :)  And extremely fast shipping."


Marceau M. of France  "The parcel arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  Thanks a lot for this absolutely perfect transaction.  I really appreciate the astounding quality of service you provide."


James A. of CO  "All I can say is WOW - - I installed the Upgraded Gold CX40 Internal PCB in a classic Atari CX40 joystick last night, and immediately after testing it, went and took apart two other joysticks that worked fine, JUST to replace the boards with these AMAZING upgrades!  All of my CX40 joystick rebuilds from now on will be using these Upgraded Gold CX40 Internal PCBs!"


Chris A. of NV  "I just wanted to say thank you, for the fast order and excellent service."  Atari order for 10 of the Atari Lynx Collector Pins.   "All the pins are A-1."


James A. of CO  "The package arrived today in great condition and I had an excellent time soldering and repairing my 2600s in the garage tonight!  I finally got a few working that I had been meaning to fix forever!  Thanks so much for the great, speedy service, and I look forward to doing more business soon!"


Jason L. of Canada  "It's a real pleasure doing business with someone like you. This HAS been drawn out"  Jason's reconditioned 1040STE's Keyboard got damaged in shipping.  After filling all of the Insurance paper work, the final Insurance payment took months to finally get issued. "but you followed it through to the end with excellent communications and service. Thanks again"


Jan J. of Sweden  "Now I have tried the Cable" Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable "together with my Atari Mega4 + Megafile 30.  Works great ! and what a big screen !  Now I can start to make music again with Notator."


Matt J. of IN  "I just received my refurbished CX52 controllers today"  Best Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold CX52 Joysticks  "and I have to say I am absolutely blown away...WOW!  All the buttons feel amazing and while I haven't had time to hook them up and play yet, I have a feeling they will be worlds better than the old version."


Gilbert H. of Belgium  "Just got hands on the adapter cable,"  Best ST Multi Sync / LCD monitor adapter cable  "it works great with a compatible monitor !"


Bruce P. of NJ   "I just wanted to inform you that these items arrived today.  Wonderful to have a new Jag CD unit!  I haven't seen one functional since I purchased it brand new in the store back in the late nineties. You cease to amaze me ;) I will be back in the near future for a spare Jag CD unit providing you still have them in stock.  Also, these 7800 joypads are incredible. Thank you once again for the great service!"


Sam C. of TX  "I could not be more pleased." Sam was trying to revive his old non working Atari ST SH204 External Hard Drive and run into several different problems, several Atari orders latter.  "Thank you for your technical service and customer support these past months.  It has been an extreme pleasure dealing with Best Electronics.  I have never had a more enjoyable "virtual" business experience on such friendly terms."


Bruce P. of NJ  "I received it today"  Best reconditioned/upgraded CX52 Gold Joystick "and it exceeds my expectations!  Thanks so much for a fantastic product as well as a fantastic service.  I WILL be ordering from you again :)"


Sam C. of TX  "I rec'd the HD Friday"  New Atari SH204 Hard Drive Mech. "and was able to install it in no time.  I appreciate the system setup your tech performed and the hardware you included as well.  Thanks for your service and for being an important resource.  I look forward to doing more e-commerce with Best Electronics."


Havard R. of Norway   "Parcel received undamaged," New Atari XE Game system Power Supply "very properly packaged, product working well. Happy customer!"


Mike S. of PA "To start let me say thanks for all your help up to this point. Not many people would go out of their way to help someone for free these days and I want you to know how much I really appreciate that. You can count on me buying Anything I need from you in the future.  Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to doing business with someone like yourself who is VERY Professional, courteous, kind and helpful."





Thomas A. of SC  "Just wanted to let you know got the package.  Also installed the 5200 controller port and tried it out with the new power supply...works fantastic.  Thanks again for another great transaction :)"


Adolfo M. of Mexico "Thank you Bradley and Best Electronics for the great service for all Atari lovers."


Daniel J. of Sweden   "Yesterday I received the ordered chip!"  A New Atari Falcon replacement GAL chip  "I'd like to thank you for great service and fast shipping! (I expected it to arrive a week from yesterday at earliest :-) ) Works as a charm..!" 


Lisa  C. of Australia  "You have been very helpful.  If I had known you existed earlier trying to get this together would have been a lot easier.  I will certainly deal with you pertaining to all Atari products in the future.  Your customer service is phenomenal." 

Follow up Comment after receiving her first International Atari order from Best Electronics  Best ST computer Multi Sync monitor adapter cable.  "Thank you for the cable it works perfectly - in fact everything is working -  Atari, better than this newer one.  Extremely happy"  "PS hope you don't mind but I will only deal with you in the future with regards to any Atari products.  Thanks for all the extra info"

Follow up Comment after receiving her second International Atari order from Best Electronics   Best Reconditioned Atari 1040STE upgraded to 4 Megs of memory  "Received the STe Atari today.  Absolutely thrilled with it.  It looks brand new.  Your company is so easy and professional to deal with.  Just amazing communication and quality.  Really there are no superlatives to describe your customer service and competitive prices.  Thank you so much."


Scott H. of AZ  "I just wanted to let you know the Heavy Sixer arrived safe and sound earlier this week and it's absolutely beautiful!  Essentially indistinguishable from brand new!  As a serious Atari fan for many years, I'm really thankful I found your site. It's a real blessing to us Atari lovers.  It was great doing business with you.  Many, many thanks"


Devin B. of US  Was having problems with His Atari Jaguar Cartridges not working all of the time.  He was considering sending in his Atari Jaguar console for Best's Atari Jaguar Custom made 104 Pin cartridge connector replacement service.  Several Best E-Mails to Devin with Best Atari Jaguar Tech tips, Jaguar Cartridge connector Information, Tests and Inspections latter:  "Oh, wow! I'll give it a few days to make sure, but I believe the toothbrush cleaning has fixed the problem! Since I cleaned the pins, I have tested each of my seven games several times, and each time the games started right away, without a hitch.  Thank you very much for all your help. I am definitely going to be coming to Best Electronics for all my Atari shopping from now on!"


David P. of FL "just wanted to extend my sincere thanks, the package" (2 Best CX52 Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Joysticks) "arrived this morning, thanks for the quick shipping, very much appreciated."

Second Atari order follow up Comments  "Just wanted to extend my sincere thanks once again, the motherboard" New Atari 5200 4 Port Motherboard "arrived today.  Shocking how fast the shipping is!!! Anyway, I installed it immediately and I haven't gotten the TV back from the kids since.  The joysticks are flawless and the kids are having a great time playing all the "New" games they haven't had the pleasure of experiencing."


Erick V. of TX   "Got the parts yesterday." (Atari 2600 side switch and 5 Best Gold CX40 Joystick rebuild Kits with upgraded Atari CX40 Handle "As always, SUPERB SERVICE!!! Thank you."


Jeff G. of KY   "I was amazed when I got home this afternoon." (Atari order placed on Friday afternoon)  "The package was already waiting for me." (Monday)  "I couldn't believe it.  I can't wait to plug in the new IC and fire up the old 5200.  Thanks for the super fast shipping.  Thanks for all the help.  I look forward to using Best Electronics again in the future."


Erin W. of TX  "Thanks a lot for the replacement motherboard." (Atari 2600A) "Shipped very quickly," (Shipped out on Thursday) "I received it Saturday, and it works perfectly.  Well done"


Alex K. of Sweden "thank You very much for my MEGA STE who I received yesterday.  I'm very happy and pleased with the machine"


Perry T. of IL  "Thanks for the 7800 repair parts.  My system is working like new now!"


Martin C. of the UK  "Just a quick note to let you know I received the keyboard" (Best produced Atari 130XE Keyboard internal mylar) "membrane today and it works perfectly! Thank you again for saving my Atari ;)"


Mike J. of IL "Just a quick note thanking you for the products." (New in the box Atari 820 Printer and New Atari 822 Owners Manual)  "Everything arrived safely and in top-notch condition.  Thanks for supporting us die-hards!"


Matheus L. of Brazil "Thank you, I received my order today and I am very, very satisfied.  Thank you for supporting Atari for such a long time, I really appreciate it."


Guy T. of Australia  "wow, the catalog is really quite impressive! I didn't realize half those things existed... :)"


Matheus L. of Brazil "Thank you, I received my order today and I am very, very satisfied.  Thank you for supporting Atari for such a long time, I really appreciate it."


Guy T. of Australia  "wow, the catalog is really quite impressive! I didn't realize half those things existed... :)"


Elmer H. of The Netherlands  "BTW The MIDIMAX is a FANTASTIC product, WOW what a sound! Incredible! Thank you so much!  I LOVE the editor that comes with it. I've been playing with it for a while and it's so easy and intuitive"


Wilko L. of Namibia  "Goods received in good order today in Namibia.  Thanks for the excellent Service"


James P. of Australia  "Thanks for your help, I should have found your website earlier, you are a life saver (or an Atari saver to be correct)."


Darren N. of CA   "That was FAST...I have the package in hand this very moment!  As always, HUGE thanks to you!!"


Caleb C. of CA   "I just wanted to let you know I received my order today!  I was surprised to get it so soon.  Everything was packaged well and the systems look fantastic. Thanks again and I'll definitely recommend you guys to anyone needing Atari products."


Barbara M. of PA "I just want to give you a note of thanks for so quickly processing my order and getting it shipped to me.  Everything was perfect and I am definitely ordering from Best again in the very near future!  I work in customer service myself and you definitely surprised and delighted me with the service you provided.  I am coming to Best from now on with all my Lynx needs!"


Brian Moss of Ireland  "Once again, I really must compliment you on a great service."   

Follow up Comment after Atari order was received  "Great service/contact and incredibly prompt delivery even with the Christmas chaos."


Scot S. of CO "Just a note to say I received my 7800 package and am extremely pleased! What fast shipping. Thanks again for the top notch customer service. You chose the right name when you went with "Best". My family would have a much different weekend if not for your high level of professionalism."

Follow up Comment "Seriously, every time I deal with Best, I wonder why I would bother with anyone else? You've got quality items of all varieties in excellent condition! Since my last 7800 death (an eBay acquisition years ago), I can't be bothered to try saving $10-20 for questionable quality and lousy service. I tell everyone I know who knows anything about Atari to keep Best Elec. in mind. Even if they don't play, a friend or relative might need something one day."


Christi P. of TN  "I am so impressed with your site, knowledge, service, & quality.  I received the joystick today & already tried it out on Pitfall & Donkey Kong.  It truly meets & exceeds the description on your product page for smoothness & ease of use.  I know you probably get tons of emails, but I wanted you to know I am greatly impressed, & will be back to shop soon."


Jose M. of NY  "Thank you so much for shipping my order so quickly and packaging everything very carefully and professionally.  I just had to take a moment to thank you for running such a professional, friendly, and extensive Atari store.  You make shopping an enjoyable experience."  




Denis K. of Kenya  "My my my that was SUPER fast!.  5 days from CA to Kenya? I'll be back for more. The catalog is excellent, and if you ask me, worth more than $7.70!"


Panagiotis K. of Greece  "I've received everything and I am very satisfied with the fast delivery and the quality of the parts."


Aaron S. of KS  "I just want to thank you guys for all your help fixing my Atari 5200. The gold-dot buttons and keypads are fantastic, and a new motherboard fixed all other problems. I must have the best working 5200 in the Midwest!"

Follow up Comment "couldn't be happier with the service of Best Electronics"


Tim H. of TX  "As always you provide the fastest shipping and the best service of any Atari vendor, period."   


Noel M. of Canada   "Holy cow! That was ffffaaaaaaaaST delivery time!!!!!!!!  I seriously can not believe the amount of data in the Best Catalog.  It's like opening up an encyclopedia on extinct animals and seeing a guaranteed fresh in 5 minutes or its free restaurant steak menu -for each featured extinct animal -in both 8 and 16 ounce servings embedded within the knowledgebase!   Or like finding a whole new color never seen or experienced before. :)  Great job"  


Cathal B. of Ireland  "It's rare to find this level of service anywhere now! I must say that it's been a real pleasure dealing with Best, both in terms of Atari gear and your customer service. I love the fact that I can get reliable answers and hardware for my Atari systems (2600, Jag, Lynx and ST)"


Michael B. of FL  "Again, you've come through like charm. I appreciate your help, and even more so your patience. You've been outstanding in my ordering inquiries, and I want to thank you.  Take care, and I look forward to ordering again shortly".

Follow up Comment  "I meant every word of it.  This day & age, it's becoming rather difficult to find someone courteous...in any facility, so whenever I do, I consider it a treat.  This is why ordering has been a real pleasure.  Not only did you answer my questions without complaint, you took time on every one of them.  Again, that goes a long way with me. Thank you, and as for the comments .... you've earned it. Top class, all the way.  I appreciate your help".


Robert L. of TX  "I have been a customer of Best Electronics on and off over the years from my Atari 130XE about 20 years ago, to a replacement Mega STE case about 4 years ago.  I have always received great service and quality of products.  May Best Electronics continue for another 23 years!"


Greg T. of FL "I received my order today (two Atari 1064 600XL memory modules).  They are perfect!  Once again, your products and services are a godsend for Atari serious enthusiasts such as myself."


Charles C. of PA  "Thank you for the fast and professional service. You are the best!!!"


James E. of Canada  "Just wanted to let you know that I got my new Lynx and it's just AWESOME! Openning a sealed Lynx pack was just as exciting yesterday as it was 18 years ago - I feel like I'm back in 1989!! I was playing California Games last night Lynxed up with my son, and we had a blast.  Hey, you made me feel like a kid again - it really made my week! Thanks"


JESUS D. of Spain  "Your catalogue is gorgeous and I am really enjoying it. Congratulations.  Again, thanks for your effort and continue keeping the Atari community alive!"


Gary D. of CA  "I ordered a replacement case for my TT030 from Bradley at Best. Although the top portion of the case was brand new, the bottom half was used. I expected some sort of yellowing or dings, but Best exceeded my expectations and the used bottom case is a perfect match! Now I have a mint condition TT030. Plus, my order arrived in two days. What a surprise! I recommend best for all of your Atari needs!"


Tony P. of the UK  "Success!  Many thanks to your Atari Super Tech!  I'm back up and running again :o)))  Totally appreciate your time & patience.  I look forward to many more Atari years to come!  If I need any further "parts" at least I know that 'Best Electronics' will be my first port of call!!  Once again, Many thanks!  Tony P.   P.S. a VERY happy customer!"


Randy P. of MI   "Thanks for the fast shipment Two days from Ca to MI is impressive.  Thanks for being there for us Atari fans!"


Jon H. of the UK   "Just like to say I got the parcel today.  Thanks to you I now have my Atari talking via a NULL modem to my PC.  The service was first class, I will be using you again.  Thank you very much indeed!!!!!"


Greg T. of FL   "I just want to thank you for the great service and awesome product."  (New in box Atari XE Game System)  "Iím very pleased, and the packaging was great!" 


Shayne B. of NC  "The upgraded atari joystick" (Best Gold version upgraded Atari CX40 Joystick) "I bought from you is AMAZING!!! You guys are awesome."


Michael C. of the UK  "Package arrived this morning!  Thatís faster than the UK post office can get a letter 200 miles!!  The joysticks" (Best Gold version upgraded Atari CX40 Joysticks) "really are the BEST, Thanks for your excellent service."


Jeff P. of VA  "My parts order arrived yesterday, I am very pleased with the merchandise.  It's all of the caliber I remember from my last order."  "You have certainly made a loyal and happy customer."


Maurizio P. of Italy  "WOW, the new Italian TOS 2.06 is wonderful (I think the last version for STE computer).  Anyway, thanks a lot for your help and suggestions."


Paul B. of Australia  "Finally I must congratulate you on such a fine service.  The last time I did business it was fantastic."


Kevin M. of OH  "Your company name is truly fitting.  I installed a set of your gold contact circuit boards in a pair of CX40 joysticks.  They're fantastic!  These boards are the best thing to happen to the 2600 since the creation of the console itself!  I couldn't be happier with my joysticks now.  They're better than new!  Thanks for making such a great product!"


Kurt S. of CA  "Got the order today & thanks so much for the hecka quick shipping!  You guys are definitely THE BEST ELECTRONICS when it comes to Atari; I'll definitely be ordering from you again, this first transaction went well beyond my expectations of service quality."


Theodore D. of TX   "I received the 130XE today. I didn't expect such fast delivery. I was quite pleasantly surprised. Brand new!"


Lindsay K. of Canada   "You guys are Awesome!  Just got the new Megafile connected up and running..  just in the nick of time as we were starting to get corrupted inventory and mail files.  Thanks a $million, you saved our files of 20 years of hard work!"


Rudy F. of NV   "I  got my new Atari 5200 replacement parts so fast, no problems at all, everything works better then I thought it would, count on me to order a replacement gold for my 2600 controller soon, PS you may find stuff cheaper, but BEWARE IT WILL NOT BE NEW AND RECONSTRUCTED, AND NO WARRANTY.  I say pay a little more now or pay a lot later, Place your next order with Best Electronics you'll be glad you did."


Antonio B. of Brazil  "Let me specially mention your kindness, courtesy and professionalism. I'm very impressed!"
Matt D. of MO  "You rock" - "Thanks so much for all your help."  "Anyway, you and Best Electronics are fantastic. I have bought several things from you in the past and been very happy with the service and the high quality of the products - I will certainly keep you high on the favorites list."


Mike G. of MA  "I just wanted let you know I received the games today. Mint condition. That was definitely the fastest shipping. Excellent packaging. Also, thanks for all the extra information you sent with the games. Very helpful information. You have the quickest Email response, something I wish everybody had. So thank you very much and I definitely will be buying from you again."


A & L  F. of New Zealand  "Received keyboard membrane.  130xe is now working just fine.  It is not to hard to see why you win the awards.  Your service has been the best we've ever had on the net.  Thanks again and we will be in touch if we need your help again."


Stephen B. of Singapore  "Just to let you know that the parcel arrived today with everything in mint condition.  As always, its fantastic dealing with you and I'm sure I'll be making further purchases in the not to distant future."


A. Wheelan of the UK  "I am really am most impressed indeed, not only with your superswift replies to mails, and friendly manner etc, but also with the goods themselves.  All round quality and it was a pleasure buying from you.  Anyway, looking forward to more purchases in the near future."


D. Alexander of VA  "This is my third time shopping at your website, and I wanted to let you know that the speed of service, the order accuracy, and most importantly the condition of the games and accessories I have received from your company have been excellent every time. This is the most reliable, comprehensive Atari dealer on the internet and I am also greatly appreciative of the technical information that you have on your site to educate Atari collectors".


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