Bests Atari Hall of Fame!

One of the main reasons why we started Best Electronics 40+ years ago, we saw a need for a company to supply Atari end users and even Atari Dealers with much needed Atari replacement parts.  Atari had their Nation wide Atari run Service Centers and their Atari authorized individual Dealer network all over the US who would service Atari products with the stock replacement Atari parts the would bring into the US.  But Atari USA would not bring in certain Atari replacement parts to fix product problems that it seems all Atari users knew about, but no other companies that sold or supported Atari products wanted to tackle.  So Best Electronics found it's niche in the Atari world back then.

Best Electronics bought thousands and thousands of pallets of Atari goods out of the local Sunnyvale Atari warehouses over a 10 to 15 year period.  In theory we could run our Atari company for 15 to 30+ years on what we bought from Atari, take the easy way and only sell on E-Bay / Internet and never have to spend any more money on any new Atari Inventory.  But at Best, we strongly believe in Atari Customer Service / Support and helping our Atari customers with there Atari product problems.  We are always trying to do improvements on existing Atari products and bring in new Atari goods and upgraded Atari replacement parts for Atari users when we can.  We have seen over the years in the Atari Business other Atari companies who only tried to live off their Atari Inventory and never spend any money on new Atari Products and Inventory go the way of the Dinosaur.  Over the last 40+ years in the Atari business, Best Electronics has invested close to $100,000+ in Engineering Development costs, New tooling costs including New plastic molds, Silk Screens, test fixtures and new production processes (one time charge), to produce our Exclusive Best New Atari products, replacement parts, Atari upgrade parts and Atari product upgrades.  For a large company that amount of development costs is a drop in the bucket as far as developing new products.  For a small Atari company like Best, in a lot of cases it was a leap of faith and a long time investment in the Atari market place to invest that amount of company funds in new Atari replacement parts.  Most of the company funds we have invested in new Atari replacement and Atari upgrade products have paid off (covered all of the up front Development costs, tooling investments).  But some new Atari part sales have taken 8 to 12+ years before Best has even broke even on a new Atari replacement part or upgrade, a long time investment for us.  A very few rare cases, we will never even pay off, the development costs, new tool costs, shipping in costs on some new Atari replacement parts we have produced.  But for Best Electronics, the fact we provided Atari world wide users an impossible to find new Atari replacement part (even at a loss) that prevented that Atari user from scraping out the Atari product is very important to us.

Here is a short list of just some of the Custom made Atari replacement parts, upgrade Atari Parts or Atari user installed upgrades Best Electronics has developed over the last 38 years in the Atari business for its Atari customers.  All of the Best Atari items on this page with a click thru link to more information on that Best Atari product, are in stock.  Best Atari items without a link to a page on the Best Atari web site have sold out and have passed into Atari History!

Bests Custom made Replacement / Upgraded Atari 65XE / 130XE computer Internal Keyboard Mylars.  One of the three Atari XE stock Internal Keyboard mylars has a close to 100% failure rate.  The same Best produced Upgraded / Improved XE Keyboard mylar has a 1/4 of 1% failure rate based on selling that upgraded XE Keyboard mylar for over 25+ years now.   Atari never sold any replacement XE Keyboard internal mylars.







Bests Custom made TrueMouse, Replacement Mouse for the Atari STM1 Stock Mouse.    










Bests Custom made 520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Mega 2, 4 / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon Trackball




         Bests Custom made ST Best Mouse

Bests ST Custom made Gold Plated 68 and 84 pin High Insertion force PLCC sockets (with non industry standard staggered pin arrangement) for ST / STE / MegaSTE Computers, that cures known problems on all ST computers because of the stock Atari ST computer low insertion forces tin plated PLCC square I.C. sockets on the ST Custom MMU, Glue and CPU main chips on all Atari ST computers.  Atari only sold the stock 68 pin tin plated low insertion force PLCC sockets.





Bests Custom made Atari Translucent Dust covers for Atari 2600, 2600A, 5200, 7800, 800, 65XE, 130XE products




Bests Custom made Portfolio US / NTSC and PAL Keyboard internal upgrade / replacement keyboard mylars, Atari never sold replacement Portfolio Keyboard internal mylars.  In stock, but not currently listed at the Best Web site.

Bests Custom made Portfolio LCD Mylar cable.  Atari never sold this Portfolio part.

Bests Custom made Atari replacement upgrade internal Keyboard Mylars for the Atari US / NTSC MegaSTE and TT Keyboards (which have high failure rate on certain key functions) and the same Best made different PAL version of the MegaSTE and TT Keyboards mylars.   Atari never sold any replacement MegaSTE / TT Keyboard internal mylars.

Bests XE Touch internal Keyboard upgrade contacts for Atari 65XE / 130XE / 800XE Computers. Gets rid of the mushy feeling XE keyboard key caps and has a positive tactical feed back when the XE key cap is released.


Bests TT Touch internal Keyboard upgrade contacts for Atari 520ST, 1040ST, 1040STE, Falcon computers.  Gets rid of the mushy feeling ST keyboard key caps and has a positive tactical feed back when the XE key cap is released





Bests Custom made 5200 All Gold parts (Gold plated Flex circuit, Gold dot Auxiliary pad, Gold dot numeric Keypad and 2nd Gen. Gold dot tactical feed back fire buttons that takes a 100% failing 30+ old CX52 Joystick design and turns it into a lifetime Atari 5200 Gold Joystick.  All new injection molds were made to make the new custom Gold Dot CX52 silicon pads.  A second new injection mold was also made for the new 2nd Gen. tactical feed back CX52 Gold fire buttons






Bests Custom made Jaguar Power Pad Controller adapter cable for use on older Atari consoles.  A custom designed PAL interface chip is custom molded into each Jaguar Power pad controller adapter cable black connector body.


Bests Custom made Jaguar Controller 6 foot extension cable

Bests XE Game console upgrade RF Modulator upgrade kits for US/NTSC and also PAL Atari XE Game systems.  This XE upgrade kit, gets rid of the stock XE game console RF cable and mechanical TV switch box (manual slide switch on top) for use with new auto switching TV switch boxes and RF cable like the Jaguar Auto switching box and rf cable assembly.

Custom made Atari 1 foot SIO cables (stacked disk drive to disk drive) for Atari 8 bit computers




Bests Custom made Super pots for Atari C30 Paddles that turns a stock CX30 Paddles that go bad (shaky / jumpy Paddle cursor) into a lifetime set of CX30 Paddles.






1st Gen. Best CX30 Super Pots are now Sold Out.  Read what Best Electronics went thru searching the world for over 19+ months for a new 2nd Generation Upgraded / Extended Life CX30 S5 Super Pot     

Bests Atari CX30 Paddles upgraded with Best's CX30 lifetime S5 Super Pots





Bests Custom made Atari CX24 Proline 7800 Joystick Fire button and XY replacement internal PCB's.  Atari never brought in any CX24 Fire button or XY replacement PCB's


Atari US / NTSC 2600 6 switch model Composite Video upgrade Kit, backward Engineered and Enhanced from a PAL 2600 CV moded console found in Atari Engineered department at Atari Corp. headquarters

Atari US / NTSC 7800 Composite Video upgrade Kit, backward Engineered and Enhanced from a US 7800 CV moded console found in Atari Engineering department at Atari Corp. headquarters

Atari US / NTSC 7800 Euro Operating System upgrade Kit, backward Engineered and Enhanced from a US 7800 CV moded console found in Atari Engineering department at Atari Corp. headquarters






Bests Custom designed and upgraded Atari 8 bit computer enhanced Composite Video cable.



Bests Custom made Sega Controller to different Atari consoles adapter cable.




Bests Custom made 2nd generation. ST Multi Sync monitor adapter cable.






Bests Custom molded 6 foot ST DMA Cable, Atari standard for the time was a 24 inch to 3 ft ST DMA cable

Bests Custom molded 6 foot ST JVC made SC1224 color Monitor video cable, Atari stock JVC made SC1224 video cable was only 3 foot.  In stock currently not listed on the Best web site.

Bests Custom molded XE Game system replacement Keyboard cable, Atari never sold this XE Game System replacement part.  In stock currently not listed on the Best web site.

Bests Custom molded Atari 6 ft ST SC1435 Monitor Video Cable, stock Atari made SC1435 monitor cable is 3 ft.  In stock currently not listed on the Best web site.

Bests Custom made Atari 2600JR internal switch Mylar strip, Atari never sold this replacement 2600Jr part.


Bests Custom made Atari Light Gun, Atari never had any Qtys of XE Light guns for sale.




Bests Custom made CX34 Joystick, like Atari 7800 CX24 type of Slim line Joystick but a lot more heavy duty internal design.





Bests Custom made Atari STM1 ST Mouse Teflon internal roller upgrade, Mouse +, to upgrade the Taiwan made STM1 mouse (the bulk of the STM1 mice made) from steel internal rollers to easy clean Teflon internal rollers

Bests Custom made Atari STM1 ST Mouse, better than stock thicker replacement Teflon ST Mouse feet.  Atari never sold any STM1 Mouse replacement feet. 

Late 2014 Best knew that we would finally run out of the 2005 1st production run of the very very popular Best designed CX40 Upgraded Gold PCB board, that takes a stock Atari CX40 Joystick that would prematurely fail (for the last 30+ years) all of the time and turns it into an Atari CX40 Lifetime Gold Joystick which is extremely popular with old Atari CX40 users.  We went back to the PCB company who made the 1st production run for us.  They came back with a new price that was triple the 2005 original cost of the Gold PCB boards and plus a new tooling cost that was 2X the original 2005 tooling cost.  We said we can not live with that amount of cost increase.  So started another 6 month search for a new supplier of the Best CX40 Gold PCB board that would meet our strict Atari Engineering requirements and at a cost effective price for our Atari Customers.  On March 10, 2015 Best received it's 1st small shipment of the 2nd Generation Improved CX40 Gold PCB boards with a thicker PCB material and now 5 fully Gold plated dome contacts.  For more information on the 2nd and 3rd Gen. Best CX40 Gold PCB's click here

 Bests New Upgraded Lynx II Speaker       Stock Atari Lynx II Speaker     


April 04, 2015 Best Received it latest Atari Upgraded / Custom made Atari Lynx II Internal Speaker replacement part.  Cures the known problems on the Atari Lynx II Hand Held console internal speakers that slowly but surely lose their sound volume out.

June 19, 2015 Best Electronics is now shipping the second generation CX52 Joystick Gold Numeric pads with increased pressure to push each keypad number and a much improved tactical feed back bounce back (more tactical bounce back than the new 2nd Generation gold dot 2nd gen. fire buttons) on each upgraded keypad number.  For more information on the all Gold dot lifetime Atari CX52 Joystick parts click here.

December 21, 2015 Best Electronics released it latest Lifetime Gold Upgrade internal board set for the Atari CX24 Joysticks











March 16, 2016 Best Electronics released it latest Atari upgraded replacement part for the Atari 1200XL Keyboard.  After 30+ year after they were 1st made, the Atari 1200XL Keyboard internal Mylars now has almost a 100% Failure rate.  Best sold out of the New Atari 1200XL Keyboards we got from the local Sunnyvale Atari parts warehouses about 5+ years ago.  Using our 25+ year experience with making 8 to 9 different upgraded Lifetime internal Atari Keyboard mylars, Best has now released one for the Atari 1200XL Keyboard


April 20, 2016 Best is releasing its latest exclusive Atari upgrade.  It is a 2016 Upgraded / Improved version of a bench mark / proven Atari 800XL 256K Ram Upgrade, 1st released in 1990





July 24, 2016 after a 19+ month search, Best is releasing its 2nd Generation S5 Super Pots for Atari CX30 Paddles.









As of September 10, 2016 Best released it latest Upgraded Silicon Replacement Lifetime Joystick boot for the 35+ year old Atari CX40 Joystick










June 21th 2017 Best released its 2nd Generation Enhanced / Upgraded Custom made Atari Composite Video cable for the Atari 800, 1200XL, 800XL, 65XE and 130XE Computers.







January 23, 2018 Best released its 2nd Generation Enhanced / Upgraded Atari 600XL / 800XL replacement Lifetime Keyboard Mylar




April 5, 2018 after 11 months of work, Best has cured the known Atari 7800 Power supply problems with its New Upgraded / Improved / Enhanced 2018 Auto switching Atari 7800 Power supply







Bests Custom made Atari CX40 Gold PCB upgrade board.  Turns a old non working Atari CX40 Joystick that fails all of the time into lifetime Atari CX40 Gold Joystick.  On July 10, 2018 Best is now shipping 4th Generation / Rev. 4 CX40 Joystick Gold PCB's

Bests New CX40 Joysticks upgraded with the Gold lifetime upgrade internal PCB board.








On August 09, 2018 Best released its latest upgrade for the Atari CX40 Joystick.  Best designed Upgraded / Improved replacement CX40 Super Handle.















On June 19, 2019 after 16+ months work, Best is releasing an Atari CX78 JoyPad Upgrade / Enhancement kit to fix one of the very last old school Atari controller made with known failure problems.





On June 19, 2019, after 16+ months work, Best is releasing its 4th Upgraded / Beefier replacement part for the Atari CX40 Joysticks.  The Best designed Lifetime CX40 Gold Joystick cable.  



Left: Stock Atari CX40 Joystick cable.

Right: Best New Upgraded / Beefier CX40 Joystick cable




February 14, 2021 after 36+ months work, Best is releasing a
second New Atari Auto Switching Power.   The New State of the Art, Upgraded / Enhanced Auto switching Atari 2600 Power Supply.  Due a quick search on the Internet and see why hundreds of Atari 7800 Owners / Users have purchased the Best 2018 1st Gen. Atari 7800 Auto Switching Power supply. 
















After 14 months of work, on June 1, 2021 Best is releasing another Atari CX52 Joystick Gold replacement  lifetime part.  The Best designed Upgraded / Enhanced Rev. 10 Gold Plated CX52 Flex Circuit.  It replaces the Atari designed 1982 Rev. 9 stock CX52 Joystick internal flex circuit (light green) with its known problems which added to the stock Atari CX52 carbon dot joystick failures for over 35+ years!










2nd Generation Best TT Touch and XE Touch Keyboard upgrade internal contacts

After selling the 1st Generation Best TT Touch and 1st Generation XE Touch Atari keyboard upgrade internal key cap Silicon contacts for over 20+ years to World Wide Atari computer users, Best has finally sold out (happened September 9th, 2022) of both popular Atari upgrades.  Both turned stock Atari ST / XE keyboards from a mushy / spongy feely key cap function, to a State of the Art keyboard with stiffer feeling key caps each with a Tactical feed back (bounce back) on each key cap function when released.   After 5+ months work, Best is now shipping 2nd Generation Upgraded / Improved TT Touch Touch upgrade silicon contacts for Atari 520ST / 1040STF / 1040STE / Falcon computer keyboards and 2nd Generation Best XE Touch for Atari 65XE / 130XE, 800XE and XEGS computer keyboards as of September 17, 2022


2nd Generation Best TT Touch Upgrade 520ST 1040ST / 1040STE / Falcon Keyboard contacts CB101980-2nd


2nd Generation Best XE Touch Upgrade keyboard contacts CB102117-2nd


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