Stock Euro Atari CX78 JoyPad controller

Best Atari CX78 JoyPad Gold Upgrade Kit

On February 28, 2018 Best Electronics started to work on one of the last Atari made Controllers that Best has not Upgraded / Enhanced to a Best upgraded Atari Lifetime controller.  In the last 40+ years in the Atari business, Best Electronics has upgraded the following Atari stock controllers from the stock Atari made controllers that use to always fail early, to a Best Upgraded / Enhanced Lifetime Atari controllers.  The Best Atari CX40 Gold Joystick, the Best Gold  Atari CX52 Joystick, the Best Atari CX30-S5 (5 lifetimes worth of normal use) Paddles, the Best Atari CX24 Gold Slimline / Prostick Joystick and now......... 


Atari CX78 JoyPad History.  15 to 20+ years ago (before the Internet and E-Bay), most US Atari console users back then, never heard of or even seen the Atari CX78 JoyPad controller.  Back then the Atari Sunnyvale marketing department made the marketing decision to only release the Atari CX78 JoyPads in the European Atari market place and it was never released, talked about or even seen in the US Atari marketplace.  They were sold in Europe with the Atari 2600Jr and Atari 7800 consoles and as boxed (See picture of the Euro CX78 JoyPad retail box below) replacement Atari CX78 controllers.  So most Euro Atari console users grew up using the Atari CX78 JoyPad only vs the same time frame, US Atari users grew up using the Atari CX40 and CX24 Joysticks.


Which really came first, the Atari CX40 Joystick, Atari CX78 JoyPad or the Nintendo JoyPad?  Best does not know for sure, but they seemed to be released around the same  time frame in the early video gaming world.


Jeffrey J. of NC.  Jeffrey is a developer of Atari Jaguar Homebrew games.  He contacted Best because he was looking for

Jaguar game Cartridge shells and internal Jaguar game cartridge PCB boards.  A month before Jeffery purchased one of the Atari CX78 JoyPads that have been upgraded with the Best designed CX78 Gold Upgrade / Enhancement kits, that cure

the known stock CX78 JoyPad problems that cause all of them to always fail early.  "I ordered the 7800 gamepad from you guys at Christmas time and I just wanted to let you know it is AWESOME"


Ricardo M.  of TX   On his 1st Atari order to Best, Ricardo picked up one of the Atari CX78 JoyPads that has been upgraded with the Bests New CX78 Gold upgrade Kits.  It cures the known stock CX78 JoyPad problems that causes all of them to fail early.  Its also Enhances the CX78 JoyPad and Fire button features with new Tactical feed back functions.  On his second order to Best.....   "I really loved the CX78 controller and now I want another one... :-). Can you please confirm the total price with shipping for one "CX78 Joypad upgraded with Best's New 2019 Gold Enhancement Kit""



Best Electronics 1st saw the Atari CX78 JoyPad controllers at the 15 to 20+ Atari Trade shows Best attended / had a Best Electronics Atari booth all over European marketplace we attended 20+ years ago.  On a business trip to Holland, Best found pallets and pallets full of Atari CX78 JoyPad controllers in an Atari Amsterdam warehouse.  Best purchased 2 pallets of the Atari CX78 JoyPads and had them shipped by boat to the US.  They landed in a seaport in Los Angeles, California.  Next they were trucked up from Southern California to our Northern California San Jose Best warehouses, half way around the world again and about 10 minutes south of the Sunnyvale Atari warehouses.  At that time, Best Electronics was the only Atari Company in the US to have Atari Euro CX78 JoyPads in stock.


Atari Euro version complete CX7800 console.  Most US Atari users have never

 seen this Atari European distributed boxed 7800 console / version.  Best

assumes Atari had a different International language version 7800 box (and

the CX7800 owners manual to) for each of the Euro countries it was sold in.

This exact new boxed Euro Atari 7800 console came right out of the Atari

Corporate Headquarters building in Sunnyvale.  It was located in the Atari

Engineering department.  What makes this a very unique Atari Collector

item, on the back side of this prototype 7800 Euro box it is marked in black

 felt pen, "Approved Sample 09-29-88"     



Stock Atari CX78 Joypad construction and known problems

which cause them to fail!


1.  The two internal Atari CX78 JoyPad PCB boards (the duel fire button rectangular shaped PCB board and the separate square X / Y PCB) are made out of the very very Old / weaker Phenolic PCB board maternal (1st Generation, 1965 to 1980 Electronics PCB materials).  This is the very same early PCB board material that the stock Atari CX40 Joystick PCB boards and early 6 switch 2600 mother board’s and angled switchboard assembly were made of 30+ years ago.  It is very possible with enough pressure / heavy game play on the fire buttons and X / Y JoyPad to crack / damage both of the stock Atari

CX78 JoyPad internal PCB boards because of the older weaker Phenolic PCB material.


Typical Damaged / Cracked CX78 X / Y weak Phenolic PCB board front and back

views.  Also notice the quality of the Gold Plating on the X / Y CX78 PCB seems to

have a problem.  Almost looks like rust on the conductive back to back D shaped

contacts.  Just another possible stock CX78 X / Y PCB failure problem area.


With enough CX78 Game play, any fractures/ cracks on the back side of the weaker Phenolic X / Y PCB board would break thru the Gold trace side of the PCB board (breaking / cracking circuit traces) and the X / Y CX78 JoyPad functions would all stop working.  To Bests knowledge Atari Europe never released any CX78 replacement parts in Euro zone.  Best saw lots (pallets) of defective CX78 JoyPad controllers in the Holland Atari warehouse with at least one or both of the internal Phenolic PCB boards cracked or broken in half or bad CX78 cables.


2.  The three internal Silicon conductive pads (2 round fire button pads and 1 oval shaped X / Y pad) used in the CX78 JoyPad used the same early version conductive carbon dot technology used on the Atari CX52 Joystick Silicon pads which all had a very very high (almost 100%) failure rate.   


 Inside view of the top case of the CX78 JoyPad With the wire harness and the 2

attached PCB boards are removed, showing the 3 carbon dot CX78 Silicon pads


Ask any old Atari 5200 console CX52 Joystick owner how fast the early technology Silicon Carbon dot conductive pads went bad (went from a conductive carbon dot goes to a mega ohm resistance across the well used carbon dot pad surface) which was unable to make the switch closer (like a mechanical switch).  One of the good features on the stock Atari CX78 JoyPad PCB boards the helped the failing carbon dot pads to extend the useable life of the CX78 JoyPads, was all of the mating circuit trace pads under the failing carbon dot CX78 Silicone pads were Gold plated.  The Atari CX40 Joystick PCB board traces were either copper or tin plated, which added to the CX40 Joystick internal PCB board failure problems.  The Atari CX52 Joystick flex circuits used tin plated circuit traces.






Inside view of the Atari CX78 JoyPad top case, less the stock CX78 cable, 2 PCB boards and 3 Silicon pads. 






3.  Because of the early Silicon technology used to make the 2 Atari CX78 JoyPad internal gray Silicon fire button pads (like the Atari 5200 CX52 Joystick left / right mushy red silicon fire buttons) they have no tactical feed / bounce back feature when pressed and released.  So you had a mushy feeling on both CX78 fire buttons during game play.

You would only know you made a CX78 (conductive carbon dot and Gold plated circuit trace) fire button internal switch closer, is when you saw some game fire button action on the TV screen.




New Atari CX78 JoyPad cable in location              



Two used Atari CX78 JoyPads.  Note one CX78 in cable (right picture) has a single bump on the outside cable jacket and the other (left picture) has two bumps in the outer CX78 cable jacket near the CX78 controller body.  These bumps were formed (during months / years of game play) in the JoyPad in outer cable jacket (8 inner wires starting to bind up / bend) location are where the CX78 cables would always 100% Fail (break / fracture the 1 to 8 of the hair thin individual internal wire conductors inside the black outer cable jacket) because the lack of a properly molded on cable in strain relief.


One of the major design problems on the Atari CX78 JoyPad design which would cause most well used Atari CX78 Joypads to almost 100% fail was the lack of a proper molded on Cable strain relief as the CX78 JoyPad cable as it goes into the CX78 JoyPad body.            

 The above picture is the inside of the stock CX78 JoyPad top case.  You can see the CX78 stock cable is snaked / wrapped around the internal plastic bosses / studs on the inside of the CX78 top case.  This internal routing of the CX78 cable kept the CX78 cable from being pulled out of the CX78 JoyPad top case during Atari game play, but does absolutely nothing to properly strain relief the CX78 cable as it goes from the outside to the inside of the

CX78 JoyPad case.   


4.  Essentially the top and bottom Atari CX78 JoyPad black plastic cases, just clamped on the CX78 JoyPad in cable diameter with no molded on strain relief to prevent over flexing of the CX78 JoyPad cable.  On the outside of the CX78 JoyPad, the in cable was allowed to flex (up to 90 degrees or more) and bend at any sharp angles over and over as it went into the CX78 top and bottom case during game play.  So within months of hard use or years of normal use (this failure was accelerated with heavy / rough game use) of the CX78 game cable flexing up / down / left and right flexing, the 8 separate small / hair thin jacketed conductive copper wires within the CX78 main cable jacket, would start to break / fracture / fatigue (bumps in the outer cable jacket) right at the point where the CX78 cable went

into the CX78 plastic JoyPad case.  When this happened certain features (sometimes all functions depending on which wire(s) failed) on the Atari CX78 JoyPad would simply stop working. 







Side by side view of the skinny diameter stock Atari CX78 cable, as it goes into the CX78 JoyPad case (left) and the 1st Article sample of the Best CX78 Upgraded / Thicker cable (with larger gauge internal wires) with New Best designed / Custom made CX78 "L" shaped strain relief cable (right).









The Best's New CX78 Enhanced / Rebuild JoyPad kit has the

following Best Upgraded components: 

1.  The Atari CX78 two stock internal weaker very old school Phenolic PCB board material, has been replaced / upgraded to the State of the Art FR4 much stronger Glass / Epoxy PCB board material (which most of the current electronic PCB boards are made out of now).  All Traces on the Best CX78 internal PCB boards have been 100% Gold plated.  The circuit traces (especially on the 9 CX78 internal wire attachment solder pads a long the edges of both CX78 PCB boards) on the older CX78 Phenolic boards would easily pull off / peal off on the Phenolic PCB board material if too much soldering heat was applied to the wire solder pads during CX78 PCB board assembly.  Best specified the stronger State of the Art FR4 Fiber Glass PCB board material because the all copper  Gold plated circuit traces and solder pads  are better bonded to the FR4 PCB material and will almost never pull of the base FR4 Glass Epoxy board material during the soldering or re-soldering process.  The CX78 JoyPad cable internal wire color codes are now etched in copper next to the CX78 incoming wire solder pad locations on both internal CX78 upgraded PCB boards.


2.  The carbon dots on each the stock CX78 two round Silicone fire button pads and the 4 carbon dots on the stock Atari CX78 X / Y Silicon oval JoyPad have been upgraded to 6 Gold plated metal disks.  These are the same type of Gold metal disks that Best used to upgrade the old carbon dot Atari CX52 Joystick Silicone Fire buttons that chronically failed all of the time to the Best CX52 joystick Gold Lifetime fire buttons.  Ask any of the thousands and thousands of world wide 5200 owners who have upgraded to the Best Gold Lifetime CX52 Joysticks, how well the Best CX52 2nd generation tactical feed back  Gold plated Dot fire buttons have worked for them for over the 15+ years now. 


3.  All 3 of the new Best designed CX78 internal Silicon pads have also been upgraded to have a new strong Tactical / Bounce back feed back feature when pressed and released, like the second generation Best CX52 Joystick  Gold Tactical Fire Buttons replacing the mushy feeling stock CX78 fire button Silicon pads.  See below for the audio clips of the new Best CX78 fire button sounds made with the Best improved Tactical fire button silicon pads.  Although the stock Atari made CX78 X / Y Silicon pad has a little tactical feed back feature to it, Best considers that tactical feed back feeling very very poor and we corrected this problem with the Best upgraded / very tactical CX78 X / Y Silicon pad.


4.  One of the Major upgrades in the Best CX78 JoyPad rebuild kit is the completely New Best Redesigned / Upgraded / Longer 7 ft (stock CX78 cable was only 4 ft) CX78 cable assembly.  Best went with 8 larger (beefier / stronger / larger gauge) diameter internal wire conductors, which also means a thicker outer diameter of the extruded CX78 wire bundle jacket which makes the Best CX78 cable less likely to break any of the internal conductive wires during years and years (a lifetime) of continuous Atari game play / cable flexing.


5.  A new Best Custom designed CX78 "L" shaped strain relief (fully molded on the CX78 cable assembly) was added where Best CX78 cable goes into the CX78 top and bottom case half's.  

CX78 Bottom (left picture) and Top case (right picture.  As can see there is very very

little free inside room around the CX78 JoyPad top and bottom cable in locations.  This

ruled out a stock off the shelf (existing / already paid for strain relief cable molds) for

the new upgraded Best CX78 cable.  It required Best to make / pay for a brand new

Custom injection mold to make Bests Custom designed New CX78 cable in molded on

strain relief.


Because of the larger upgraded diameter wire and wider pass thru molded on Strain Relief internal diameter thru the Top and Bottom CX78 stock in hole diameter used on the Best CX78 upgrade cable assembly, it will require you to open up / drill out the old stock CX78 cable in smaller diameter hole (Top and Bottom case) slightly to a larger inside diameter CX78 wire harness hole, to accommodate the larger diameter New Best JoyPad cable and new custom molded on strain relief.


6.   The stock CX78 cable DB-9 Female connector body with its tin plated 8 metal internal contacts have been upgraded to Gold plated contacts on the New Best CX78 Upgraded / Enhanced cable assembly.   Each Best Gold Plated DB-9 connector body metal internal contact specifications was upgraded for more Insertion and Extraction cycles before failure, compared to the stock CX78 DB-9 internal contacts.


7.   The Best Electronics Name and Web site information is Silk Screened along the CX78 black cable length.


8.  Best specified, that all wire solder joints on the two Best CX78 FR-4 PCB boards to be solder rosin free.  Usually fresh solder rosin (which helps hot solder to flow around a solder pad / joint) on a new solder joint starts out as a light amber color and with age (years and years down line) turns a dark brown / black color.  Best felt this color change

over the years, might be caused by the out gassing of the old solder flux material onto the two on the stock CX78 PCBs circuits traces and onto the 3 silicon pads conductive carbon dots making them less conductive / effective, causing both of them to failure early.


 9.  The stock Atari 6 CX78 bottom case small black oxide or black cadmium plated Phillips screws that would always rust with any kind of CX78 JoyPad use, are Replaced / Upgraded with 6 new 304 Stainless Steel Phillips type case screws.



Two used Atari CX78 JoyPads.  Top CX78 with the

Black Oxide plated Phillips rusty screws.  Below CX78 JoyPad

with rarely used bright cadmium plated Phillips rusty screws.




1st Article sample Stainless screw samples.

After a month of testing, they ended up being

bright cad plated screws that rusted under

water and salt water long term testing.

Final Best CX78 JoyPad upgrade kit has 304

Stainless Screws.



Like the last several Atari projects we have done with our main manufacture, they said they production / manufacturing scheduled was booked solid until mid July 2018.  In preparation for the Best CX78 JoyPad Upgrade project, Best sent several mocked up CX78 JoyPad samples with all of the improvements / Enhancements / Upgrades Best wanted and a complete Word doc on the CX78 project early February 2018.



Mid July 2018 our manufacture started to work full time on our CX78 JoyPad Upgrade project.  They sent Best several Engineering prints on the CX78 new upgraded cable, the 2 new upgraded internal CX78 PCBs and the 3 upgraded Silicon  Gold plated dot pads.  The print on the new upgraded / enhanced replacement Best CX78 JoyPad cable had multi problems / missing features we asked them for, but was not on the Engineering CX78 cable print.  Over two plus weeks, Best and our manufacture went round and round over (receiving and rejecting Engineering prints) missing features we ask them for.  It seems they either misplaced the mocked up sample Atari JoyPads we sent them in February 2018 or did not fully read or understand the Engineering Word Doc we sent them on the features and requirements for CX78 Upgrade project.


The main problem area on the new Best CX78 upgraded replacement cable was Bests New custom designed CX78 (into the JoyPad plastic body) molded on strain relief to fix the stock CX78 in cable problem with no molded on Strain relief.  Its new one of kind / unique Best custom design, had to cure the known CX78 internal wire conductors breaking / fracturing during years of Atari game play problem and still fit within the very very tight and limited free space inside the Atari CX78 top and bottom inner case features / construction without the average world wide Atari CX78 JoyPad users having to make major / impossible changes / modifications / hacks to the inside space within the existing CX78 JoyPad inner case (almost fixed) internal design.  This CX78 cable in Strain relief design, also had to allow for the new larger upgraded CX78 wire diameter.  On top of all of those CX78 new cable requirements, the new Best CX78 Upgraded / Replacement cable, must fit / work on the two different Manufactures versions (most Atari CX78 JoyPad users do not know fact) of the CX78 JoyPads made for Atari.  Each version made CX78 JoyPads had slightly differences / variances between them.


Early new CX78 cable Engineering prints submitted to Best, had a round larger outside diameter shaped (like the end of a stock made Atari CX40 Joystick cable molded on strain relief, as it goes into the CX40 bottom case) molded on strain relief with smaller  / step down molded on round center diameter that passes thru the top and bottom CX78 case cable in hole.  Best rejected this molded strain relief design, because we knew because of it completely round diameter thru design (outside and inside the CX78 case set), the new CX78 cable and molded on strain relief would spin 360 degrees on the outside of the CX78 case, with nothing to stop this movement between the CX78 Top and Bottom case round cable in hole.  With enough CX78 game play / years use, the wires within the new round molded strain relief would again fail / fracture from too much cable rotation, torque shearing action or over flexing wire conductors within the CX78 cable in hole.  The requested right angle molded strain relief internal tab on the inside the CX78 was missing from the CX78 cable print.  So again Best rejected the CX78 print and this information was sent back to our manufacture.



Close up view of the New Best CX78 Upgrade cable features


The next CX78 cable print submitted to Best, changed the CX78 cable strain relief design from a straight in profile / style to a right angle )to the CX78 outside case molded on strain relief design.  Again this CX78 cable print was rejected.


One of the CX78 cable strain relief features Best requested from our Manufacture from day one, was to add an extra small rectangular shaped molded strain relief body attached to the strain relief body inside the CX78 case.  This extra right angle rectangular shaped body would sit / in between the insides of the CX78 top and bottom case half's, thus preventing the CX78 in cable, molded on strain relief from rotating in the CX78 in case hole.  


The next CX78 cable print did finally have the internal rectangular locking "L" shaped strain relief feature Best designed and required.  But our Manufacture redesigned CX78 cable print with a large molded in square shape design that passed thru / fits between a new mating square opening (in the CX78 Top and bottom case half’s, our manufactures suggestion to prevent the JoyPad cable strain relief from twisting between the CX78 top and bottom case halves).  Again Best rejected this CX78 Cable strain relief print because our world wide Atari CX78 JoyPad users who would install this Best CX78 JoyPad upgrade kit, did not have an easy method to modify the stock Atari CX78 case small diameter round small in hole, into a larger (for the larger diameter wire) new plastic case set square shape in the CX78 case cable in opening.


A few days latter Best received another revised CX78 cable print.  Instead of a round thru diameter pass thru strain relief we requested, our manufactures cable vendor, changed the square shaped molded strain relief cross section to a D shaped one.  Again Best rejected the cable print again.



Side by side view of the of the stock Atari CX78 weaker Phenolic PCB board set

left.  Right side Bests Upgraded / Stronger state of the art FR4 Glass Epoxy PCB

board material.  Note the stock thin 28 AWG Gauge wires on the stock Atari CX78

board set and the 1st Article sample Best CX78 board set with its 26 Gauge wires.

Also note the solder rosin around each solder joint on the stock CX78 PCB boards

and rosin free solder joints on the Best FR4 CX78 upgrade board set.



After inspecting basic CX78 Cable print for over 2+ weeks, Best also noticed that on cable print cable vendor had stripped off the outer cable jacket housing off all of the wires inside the JoyPad body almost the length JoyPad internal case.  Best knew that with 8 exposed wires floating inside of the CX78 top and bottom case, it would make for a very messy installation of the Best CX78 upgrade kit and would increase the chances of one or more of the 8 loose floating wires within the CX78 case would get pinched, damaged or cut during the install / closing up process.  Best asked our manufacture to ask the cable vendor to extend the inner cable jacket (from the molded on strain relief) inside to the CX78 case so it would end (expose the 8 wires) very close to the two CX78 PCB boards, so this would minimize the exposed 8 loose wires floating around the inside of the CX78 case.  So again Best rejected the latest CX78 cable print and sent another rejection report with items on the print that have to be corrected.



           Atari German 2600Jr Owners

              Manual with CX78 JoyPad











The free space between the top and bottom CX78 inside case halves is so very limited and the exact location of the of the CX78 cable in case hole (right next to one of the 6 CX78 JoyPad bottom screw holes, which means an internal CX78 case top and bottom round  molded support buss / cylinder was right next to the CX78 cable in hole), which means you can only put the molded rectangular shaped extra strain relief molded on inside tab / ear on one side the incoming CX78 wire conductor only.  A normal cable molded on internal strain relief design would have two rectangular shaped tabs on both sides of incoming cable to prevent the cable from twisting.  There was simply no free room inside the CX78 inner case half’s to install a second locking tab on the other side of the molded on inner strain cable in location.

















End of July 2018, Best received another revised CX78 cable print.  This time it finally had all of the features and changes we had requested over the last several months and was finally approved by Best for production release.



All of the Best CX78 JoyPad upgraded internal parts required a New Injection mold for the 3 Silicon pads with Gold plated metal dots.  A New PCB Software program (Programmers time to write a new program) to route out the 2 new FR4 PCB boards out of solid sheets of FR-4 PCB material vs the older / more costly method of making a new stamping metal fixture to punch out the CX78 Internal PCB shapes.  New CX78 cable DB9 connector body (DB-9 and new molded on Strain relief) mold and new tooling to Silk Screen Best name and Web site information along the length of the CX78 cable length.  Also all of the DB-9 molded on connector body Female Gold plated internal metal contacts, the  Gold plated metal dots (used on the 3 CX78 internal Silicon pads) had to be purchased up front.  All which cost Best up a front non refundable deposit of $,$$$ before a single prototype new CX78 part was even made.  This deposit was paid to our manufacture on July 14, 2018. 


On August 21, 2018 Best sent the final payment $,$$$ balance to our manufacture to fully fund the balance of Atari JoyPad upgrade project.  It now came down to waiting for the 1st article JoyPad prototype parts for Incoming Inspection, Review and Engineering function tests. 


About a month after we sent the payment to our manufacture, they E-Mailed us saying they had a hurricane in their area of the world and their factory had same damage.   So this added about two month delay in getting to us the 1st article samples of the CX78 Upgrade components to review. 



Around November 6, 2018 Best received the 1st article samples of the new Best CX78 Joypad upgrade kits.  Right off, Best noticed 8 different major problems with the 1st article CX78 Rebuild / Upgrade kits which were not up to our CX78 Upgrade project spec's.  A full 1st article receiving report was sent back to our manufacture, stating these 8 problem areas are to be corrected before the final production run was made.


The 1st article Best CX78 upgrade kits were installed into 6+ used (non functioning) old Atari CX78 JoyPads and passed onto to our Best CX78 JoyPad testers.


All testers said the over all weight of each upgraded CX78 JoyPad went up, compared to the stock made Atari CX78 JoyPads, because of the larger length cable and large diameter upgraded cable, custom made L shaped cable strain Best used and the newer longer length of the CX78 cable.  But after the Atari game play started, the extra weight

of the Best Upgraded CX78 JoyPad was no longer noticeable.


All of the Best upgraded CX78 JoyPad testers said they 100% loved the New Best tactical fire button silicon round pads.  Gone is the stock Atari CX78 fire button mushy silicon pads with no tactical feed back when the CX78 fire button was depressed and released and it has now been upgraded to a crisp feeling (requires a little more pressure to push down the CX78 orange / red fire button) fire button with great tactical feed back (bounces back and hits your finger tip) when the fire button is released.  Most of the Best CX78 upgraded controller testers said if they they let go (released) the CX78 orange plastic fire button fast enough, they said they could get a mechanical click sound out of the CX78 orange / red fire button as it bounced back and hit the inside of the CX78 top plastic case.


A 1st Article receiving report was sent back to our manufacture on 11-26-18 with corrective actions required.




Most US Atari Owners, have never see this rare Euro 7800 Joypad display

box.  This is a front and one side panel views of the European Atari CX78 box


Here are a couple of the same sound bites (click on one of the two buttons below) of the Best Upgraded new firm Tactical Gold fire button upgraded Silicon round pads being tested on a used upgraded CX78 JoyPad.  As each CX78 fire button was pressed down, it would reach a point in its downward direction / travel and fire button round silicone pad would snap down (1st tactical feed back feel) the Gold contact against the inner PCB board, this is the 1st lower pitch sound on the sound bite.  As the fire button silicon pad is released you will get the same reverse tactical bounce back on your finger tip thru the fire button.  The second louder / higher pitch sound is when the released CX78 red plastic fire button hits the inside of the CX78 top case.  Listen to one of these two sound bytes and tell us if you do not think these sounds sound like a mechanical push button switch bring pushed and released.


                  MP3 Sound bite                             WAV Sound bite



The Best CX78 upgraded JoyPad testers said the new Best upgraded tactical X / Y silicon pad increased the pressure to actuate the CX78 JoyPad by about 25 to 50% (depending which of the two different CX78 Joypad manufactures made the CX78 controller), they all said the New Best Tactical X / Y Silicon pad gives you a firm / cleaner / positive / crisp feeling CX78 Joypad with a tactical bounce back in all four directions (vs the stock CX78 feeling Joypad X / Y with very little tactical feed back), which translates into Atari CX78  game play with a more positive / precise movement. 



So from the middle of November 2018 to early January 2019, Best went back and forth with our manufacture to trying to work out the 8 problems we identified in our 1st Article report we sent them.  Engineering corrected / updated new prints for review and approval or sent back for more corrections


One problem Best identified right off, was the internal gauge / thickness wires our Manufacture's cable manufacture used in the 1st Article CX78 cable samples was about the same gauge (or looked like) wires used in the original CX78 cable cable.  Although the cable manufacture claim they went from the stock Atari CX78 cable individual wire gauge from 28 AWG wire to the 1st article cable wire thicker gauge of 26 AWG wires.  Best knew there was a very very slight chance even the 1st Article thicker 26 AWG internal wires with the thicker / larger diameter wires, might break 10 to 15+ years of during normal CX78 Game play.  But in most cases the Best thicker diameter CX78 cable jacket and new custom made "L" shaped strain relief, would prevent this problem.  Best asked our Manufacture cable manufacture to increase the Best CX78 Upgraded / Enhanced internal wire gauge to the even thicker 24 AWG wires.  Since the Best CX78 Joypad project was already fully paid for up front, this meant Best would have to pay an extra charge (another up front cost) per upgraded CX78 cable before the final cable production could be run / made.


A second point that Best went back and forth with our Manufacture was over the size of the Gold plated metal dot used on the 3 new CX78 Silicon pads.  Our Engineering CX78 project specifications to our manufacture asked them to increase the diameter of the stock old carbon dot diameter size of 4.5mm to a larger metal dot diameter to match the larger mating contact pad size on the mating PCB boards.  The 1st article CX78 silicon pads (3) had 5 mm Gold plated dot metal pads.  They said that is the largest size diameter Gold plated dot pads they have ever used before.  We sent them a picture of the the Best designed 2005 Atari 5200 CX52 Auxiliary pad with its 8 mm Gold plated dot pads.  We

asked them to search and find some larger diameter of the Gold plated metal dots.  About a week later and half later, they got back to us and said they found 6 mm and 8 mm Gold plated dot plated disks.  But if we went with 8 mm Gold plated disks, this would cause a problem with the new Silicon pad mold.  Essentially it would mean that Best would have to scrap out the fully paid ($,$$$) for New CX78 Silicon pad mold and start all over and pay for a brand new mold again.  Another week and half of back and forth with our manufacture, we came to a compromise.  Best agreed to go with the 6mm Gold dots on both of the two round CX78 fire buttons and the X / Y silicone pad without any new costs to modify the new existing Best mold.  But this inside metal disk diameter change required some dimensional diameter changes on the opposite side / outside of the silicon pads (3) built up diameter pusher pads over the metal disks.  Best approved the updated Silicon pad changes on 01-04-2019.     



Left stock CX78 Silicon fire button pad.   Middle is the Best 1st article sample pad.

Right Left is the 2nd article of the final Black fire button pad.

Note the Best new tactile design (reduced side taper design under the round top push

button section) to get the pronounced bounce back tactile feel and click sound as the

CX78 Red Fire button travels rapidly back up and hits the inside of the CX78 top case.




   Left stock CX78 Silicon fire button pad.   Middle is the Best 1st article sample pad.

Right is the 2nd article of the final Best Black fire button pad.


Stock Atari CX78 fire button pad has a 5 mm carbon dot pad that makes contact

with the stock mating 6.50 mm diameter Gold PCB fire button contact pad.


1st Article Best CX78 fire button Silicon pad has a 5 mm diameter Gold plated

Metal disk.


The Best CX78 2nd article / Final Fire button black Silicon pad has a 6 mm

Gold plated Metal disk that makes contact with the Best designed larger

8 mm diameter Gold PCB fire button contact pad.  Which means more positive /

Increased fire button fire button contact surfaces over the stock Atari

made CX78 fire button carbon dot contact and mating PCB contact pad.   


But of course the bad news, since the CX78 Upgraded project was already fully paid for, Best had to pay for the larger / thicker gauge CX78 cable wires and the 6 larger diameter Gold plated metal dots which cost more.  On December 10, 2018 got the new costs for these changes $,$$$ from our manufacture.  Also in this cost, was a extra charge

to upgraded the wire gauges on a new Best Upgraded Atari CX40 replacement cable project that was running at the same time as of the CX78 upgrade project.


On December 18, 2018 the extra payment was sent to our Manufacture.


On January 4, 2019 Best finished some long term Engineering receiving tests on the CX78 upgrade kit Stainless Steel screws received on November 6, 2018.  Sample screws went thru water and salt water bath testing for that time period.  The final test results on all sample screws was they were not Stainless screws (starting to show rust all over the bodies of the screws), but normal Steel screws with a bright cadmium plating.  So another receiving report was sent back to our Manufacture rejecting the CX78 kit screws and informing them of this problem and they had to correct this problem.




Left stock CX78 Silicon X / Y pad.   Middle is the Best 1st article X / Y sample pad.

Right is the 2nd article of the final Best Black X / Y pad.


Stock Atari CX78 X / Y pad has a 5 mm carbon dot pad that makes contact

with the stock mating 5.80 mm diameter Gold PCB X / Y contact pad.


1st Article Best CX78 X / Y Silicon pad has a 5 mm diameter Gold plated

Metal disk.


The Best CX78 2nd article / Final X / Y black Silicon pad has 6 mm

Gold plated Metal disks that makes contact with the Best designed 6 mm

diameter Gold PCB X / Y contact pads.  Which means more positive /

Increased JoyPad contact surfaces over the stock Atari made

 CX78 X / Y carbon dot contacts and mating PCB contact pads.   


On January 21, 2019 Best received 2nd article samples of the 3 upgraded black silicon CX78 internal pads with larger 6 mm Gold plated disks (see pictures and new information above).  Also in the same shipment was samples of  CX78 case true stainless screws for our tests.  The new black silicon pads passed all of the tests Best could think of.  The

stainless screws met all of Best CX78 case requirements but the screw total length was too long.  So another 2nd article receiving report back to our manufacture on January 24, 2019.     



On February 19,  2019 we received an E-Mail in from our Manufacture saying after some searching, they found a supplier that had type 304 Stainless Steel small screws in stock.  They sent 2 different Stainless Screw Engineering prints for our review.  Both screws were the right type of screw we were looking for, but was to long and the second screw print met all of Bests requirements for the CX78 JoyPad upgrade kits.  So we E-Mailed back the same day and told our Manufacture which Stainless Screw / Engineering print we approved for the Best CX78 JoyPad upgrade kit.  The next day we received an E-Mail back from our Manufacture saying they would send us some samples of the 304 Stainless Steel screw samples with some updated CX78 cable assemblies for our final review.


On April 10, 2019 Best received the upgraded / corrected final samples of the CX78 JoyPad upgrade kit.  The new sample CX78 7 foot CX78 cables, now has the Best part number and Web site address silk screened a long the length.  The 6, 304 Stainless screws were indeed made from 304 Stainless steel and to Engineering print spec's.  Over all the CX78 kit components passed all Bests Engineering requirements / specifications.  But we did notice one minor sample assembly step problem which could be easily corrected during the full production run.  So on April 11, 2019 Best E-Mailed our manufacture and released the CX78 upgrade kit to their production line.



Final approved version of the Best CX78 Upgrade cable.  It has the thicker

24 gauge wires Best required.  


With the 1st deposit (for the two brand new Injection molds (silicon pads and CX78 cable mold)), what we thought was the final payment and the third extra payment for Best required CX78 upgrades to the CX78 Upgrade kit, the Best CX78 JoyPad project is now the most expensive $$,$$$ Atari Upgrade project Best has ever done in the last 40+ years in the Atari Business.  But we believe the final Best Upgraded, Enhanced Lifetime Gold CX78 JoyPad upgrade kit was worth the time and capital investment in it.


On June 19, 2019 Best received the 1st shipment of the Best CX78 JoyPad upgrade kits!



So dig thru your old Atari controller box, for that abandoned Atari CX78 JoyPad you did not like how it functions when you 1st bought it or your old Atari CX78 JoyPad that started to fail or lost its basic functions years ago.  Upgrade it with Best's 2019 technology applied to a 25+ year old Atari CX78 JoyPad basic design.  Turn that old school Atari CX78 JoyPad into another Upgraded / Enhanced Best Lifetime Atari controller. 


 1st article sample kit, final Best

 CX78 Upgrade kit has black silicon pads.









The New 2019 Best CX78 JoyPad controller Upgrade / Rebuild Kit.  Includes the Best designed New 2019 Upgraded / Longer / Beefed up CX78 cable, two New stronger FR4 Glass Epoxy Gold plated CX78 PCB boards, New Gold plated 6 mm dot X / Y and two Fire buttons with Gold plated 6 mm dot upgraded Silicon pads all with New tactical feed back functions, 6 new Phillips Stainless Steel screws.  The New Best CX78 Cable is already soldered onto the 2 new stronger PCB boards, making this CX78 upgrade kit, a solder less type of installation.  All that required to install this CX78 upgrade kit, is a small Philips screwdriver to take apart the stock CX78 JoyPad, Drill with a small drill bit (or a rat tail round file or easy out hole opener), small diagonal cutters and a small Phillips screwdriver to put it back together.  Complete Best CX78 Upgrade instructions included.  CB103168  $36.95














Atari CX78 JoyPad Upgraded with Bests Lifetime CX78 upgrade Gold tactical feed back

kit. CX78-B  $59.95


Bests Atari CX78 JoyPad Upgraded replacement cable only with new Beefed up Strain

Relief / Longer 7 ft. length.   CB103167  $14.95   


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