If you have purchased our Revision 10 Catalog Please download and print this current Addendum

Best Electronics Rev.10 Catalog Addendum: Additions/ Corrections / New Atari Products / Sold Out Items as of 11-25-19


Page 4  Mega Touch Now one of those Must Have Upgrades for all 520STFM / 1040STF / 1040STE Owners! 520STFM/1040STF/1040STE/ 4160STE "Mega Touch" keyboards springs Firms up mushy ST keyboard key caps. One full ST keyboard set of springs. CB101634 Sold Out


 520ST US Keyboard assembly CB101617 $89.95

Page 5  520ST US Keyboard Key Cap set.  94 Key caps  CB101499 $55.95

520ST Keyboard Individual Key caps. CB102112 5.00 each

520ST Keyboard Space Bar. CB102112-SP $12.00

520ST UK Keyboard Key Cap set.  CB102653 $55.95

520ST Case screw set CB101618 Sold Out

Page 7 CB101615 4.3 Diagnostic Cartridge Was $59.95 Now $39.95

Page 8  520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon / Stacy R/A reset switch with gray cap CB101490 $6.95

Page 9 520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon right angle 40 pin ST Cartridge connector.  CB101494 $9.95

520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon right angle 40 pin ST Cartridge connector tested "Solder Pull".  CB101494P  $4.95

Cartright II ST/Falcon Cartridge port Ext. board set only, no ST 40 pin R/A connector, no ribbon cable, no IDE Male connectors CB101932  $29.95

Fully assembled Cartright II ST/Falcon Cartridge port extension cable set.  CB102118 $39.95

CB102811 3.61 Diagnostic Cartridge Was $39.95 Now $24.95

Page 12  Atari 520STFM / 1040STF / 520STE / 1040STE US Keyboard CB101501 $89.95

Page 13  520STFM/1040ST/1040STE Clear Keyboard Protector / Overlay CB101951 Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STE Full set of 94 ST US Keyboard Key Caps CB101499  $55.95

520STFM / 1040STF / 1040STE / Falcon keyboard key cap replacement Plunger and Silicon cup set $4.95

Page 14 The Best Top Rated Heady duty ST Internal Power Supply CB101638  Sold Out

Page 16  Atari 1040STF US Populated Motherboard  CB102502 $399.00

Page 17  520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Top plastic case with small disk eject button. CB102434 Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Bottom Case CB102435 Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Bottom Case with Modulator Opening CB102435-M Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Face Lift Kit CB102664  Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Top and Bottom Case set, Large Disk Eject Button CB101843 Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM Face Lift Kit CB102665  Sold Out

520STFM/1040STF/1040STF/1040STFM Top and bottom case set with small disk eject button. CB101621 Sold Out 

520STFM/1040STF/1040STFM/Falcon Screw set CB101623-HH, -TH  Sold Out 

Page 18 529STFM / 1040STF / STE / MEGASTE 720K DSDD Disk Drive mech 3/4 inch disk eject button CB101841 99.95

520STFM internal SSDD Floppy Disk Drive drive belt  CB101345  $9.95

520STFM to 1040STF upgrade label Atari CB101631  $10.00

Page 19  1040STE US Populated Motherboard, less the SIMMs and STE TOS CB101625-P $445.00

Page 20  520STE/1040STE/4160STE Clear Keyboard Protector  / Overlay CB102419 Sold Out

520STE/1040STE/4160STE Top Plastic with small disk eject button. CB102434 Sold Out

520STE/1040STE/4160STE Bottom Case CB102498 Sold Out

1040STE / 4160STE Bare / blank PCB board CB102615  Sold Out

520STE1040STE/4160STE/Falcon Screw set CB102416  Sold Out 

Page 21 520STE / 1040STE upgrade label Atari 4160STE  CB102025  $10.00

520STE/1040STE/4160STE Top and Bottom case set with small Disk eject button. CB102281 Sold Out

Page 24  Mega 1/2 height drive version Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Face lift Kit.  CB102667-K Sold Out

Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Top and Bottom case set, 1 3/4 wide disk eject button.  CB101656 Sold Out

Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Top and Bottom case set, 5/8 wide disk eject button.  CB101657 Sold Out

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 US Qwerty Keyboard assembly CB101513 Sold Out    Also see Atari Mega web page for reconditioned / upgraded Atari Mega replacement keyboards.

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 set of 94 Mega US Keyboard Key Cap set CB102102  $55.95

Atari Mega 1 / 2/ 4 Screw set CB102125-HH, -TH Sold Out 

Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Battery Door CB101658  $9.95

Page 25  Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Keyboard case Top / Bottom Case set only.  CB101519  $75.00

Best Mega 1 /2 / 4 Longer Keyboard cable CB101539 Sold Out  Back in stock Atari Mega ST replacement Keyboard cables! They have been out of stock for over 5 - 6+ years

Atari Mega ST 1 /2 / 4 short Keyboard cable. This flat gray Mega ST Keyboard cable measures around 23 to 24 inches end to end.  CB103157 $12.95

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 gray Coiled Keyboard cable.  This Best manufactured replacement Atari Mega Keyboard cable measures 4 foot end to end (stretched out, 9 foot 3/4 inch length), one end has 13 inches of straight cable the other end has 2 foot of straight cable and is 1 foot longer than stock Atari Mega keyboard cable.  It has larger 7/8 inch diameter gray coils vs the stock Mega key 5/8 inch coils. CB102055M  $17.95   

Atari Mega ST4 Upgrade label.  CB101659 $10.00

Page 27 MegaSTE New U.S. Qwerty Keyboard with cable CB102099 Sold Out

MegaSTE New UK Keyboard with cable CB102099-UK Sold out

Atari MegaSTE / TT Gray coiled longer Keyboard replacement cable  CB102055 $15.00

MegaSTE New UK Keyboard with cable CB102099-UK $155.95

Reconditioned MegaSTE U.S. Qwerty Keyboard with cable CB102099-RE Sold Out

Page 28 MegaSTE Top and Bottom Case set.  CB102423 Sold Out

Page 31  Atari TT Motherboard less chips CB101669 Sold Out

Atari TT Motherboard less chips CB101669-32  Sold Out

Atari TT Motherboard Populated CB101669-P  Sold Out

Atari TT Motherboard Populated CB101669-P32  Sold Out

Page 32  New Atari TT bare PCB board.  CB102796  Sold Out

TT US Keyboard with cable  CB101667  Sold Out

Reconditioned Atari TT US Keyboard with cable CB101667-RE  Sold Out

Reconditioned Atari TT UK Keyboard with cable CB101667-REUK Sold Out 

Page 33 TT 8 Meg plug in ST Ram Card CB102841 Sold Out

TT US Owners Manual CB101861 Sold Out

TT Hard Drive Install kit CB101989 $49.00

Page 34  TT 64 Meg TT Fast Ram Upgrade Board CB102610 Sold Out

Page 35 Stacy LCD Display CB101888  Sold Out

Page 36 Stacy US Keyboard CB101887  $125.95

Stacy Keyboard individual replacement QWERTY Key Caps. CB103047-(key cap symbol) $3.75 ea.

Stacy Keyboard replacement Space Bar. CB103048 $10.00

Stacy Keyboard Function, Numeric Keypad, Arrow, Help, Undo, Insert, Clear and Home Key Individual replacement Key Caps. CB103049-(key cap symbol) $5 ea.

Stacy rear panel, swing down door. CB102672  39.00  Two different styles available!

Stacy Mouse/Joystick Port Door. C103431 30.00

Stacy Left Side Cartridge Door. CB102764 30.00

Stacy Left Side Expansion Door. CB102770 Sold Out!

Stacy Battery Compartment Cover. C103476 Sold Out!

Page 38  Atari Stacy 4 Meg plug in Ram Card CB102144  $95.00

Atari Stacy 4 Meg plug in Ram Card with working Atari Stacy 2 (no exchanges on Stacy 1 Ram cards) Ram card Exchange CB102144E $50.00

Page 40 New Atari Falcon English Owners Manual C302952 Sold Out!    Call or E-Mail for used ones.

Falcon DSP Shorting Plug Required for above Falcon Diagnostic Cartridge DSP Test.  CB102844  $39.00

Page 42  Falcon Internal Hard Drive Install Kit. CB102411 Sold Out!

Falcon Internal 8 inch Hard Drive 44 pin IDE cable CB102147  $11.95

Page 43 Best Electronics Special Buy!  We now have in stock the Heatseeker SLMC Interface for the Atari Falcon Computers! This Custom Made Laser Interface takes the place of the Standard Atari SLMC Laser Interface box and will allow you to use your Atari SLM804 or SLM605 Laser Printers on your Atari Falcon! Installation of The Heatseeker is very simple, just plug it into Falcon DSP port and connect up the Atari Laser Printer 37 pin cable! R.O.M. Logic of Germany Heatseeker with Diablo Emulator, 1st Word, Calamus, T Write Drivers and Font-GDOS software Disk.  CB103083 Sold Out!

CB101419 Falcon Clear Keyboard Protector Corrected to CB102419 Falcon Clear Keyboard Protector $19.95

Falcon Second Hard Disk (3 1/2 IDE) Adapter board! Falcon Second Hard Disk (3 1/2 IDE) Adapter board! This Small Adapter board from Wizztronics, FHDADAPT2.jpg (1474 bytes)will allow you to Connect/Use up to two external 3 1/2 IDE Hard Drives, Yes Two more IDE external Hard Drives on your Stock Falcon Computer!  You can install, one 2 1/2 inch IDE Internal Hard Drive (like the Stock 80 Falcon Hard Drive), a Second External 3 1/2 IDE Hard Drive or third External 3 1/2 Hard Drive! This Wizztronics Small IDE Hard Drive adapter board, plugs into the Existing 44 pin IDE male connector under the stock Falcon internal Hard Drive Bracket!  After the IDE adapter card is installed, you can reinstall your stock Falcon 80 meg internal hard drive using the Stock 44 pin Ribbon cable!  A 40 Pin IDE female ribbon cable with a first and second IDE female connectors is required (not supplied) for the External 3 1/2 IDE Hard Drive(s) (Master / Slave).  The user supplied 40 pin IDE cable and the supplied IDE Power cable (on the Wizztronics Falcon IDE card) are then passed thru the T/B Falcon case set behind the Falcon).  CB103078  $45.95

Falcon QWERTY US Keyboard CB102150 Sold Out

German Sparrow Keyboard assembly CB102622  Sold Out

French Sparrow Keyboard assembly CB102623  Sold Out

Falcon German QWERTZ Keyboard Assembly CB102890  Sold Out

Falcon UK QWERTY Keyboard Assembly  CB102891 Sold Out

Falcon QWERTY Keyboard U.S. Key Cap Set CB102151 Sold Out

Atari Falcon Top + Bottom plastic case set.  CB102154 Sold Out

Page 44 Atari Falcon FX-1 Prototype Top label CB102895  $49.95

Atari Falcon ST Video adapter CB102157 $36.95

Page 45  Atari Falcon US Power Supply CB102160 $135.00

Atari Falcon 220/240 Power Supply CB102620 $135.00

Page 46  TrueMouse, Replacement Mouse for the Atari STM1 Stock Mouse. Of the hundreds of replacement Atari mouses on the market, The TrueMouse has been selected by Best as its Number One replacement Non Atari made Mouse because of the following Quality Features: Same over all physical size as the stock Atari STM1 mouse except a slightly lower and more comfortable profile with a back end of the mouse which is round in shape Not square with sharp corners!, Extra Wide Left and Wide Right mouse switch covers similar to the stock Atari mouse so it will fit all size hands and also has a tactical raised lip between the Left and Right switch covers, Extremely Positive Feeling Industrial Grade Micro / Mouse switches which are rated at a minimum of 1,000,000 operations per switch with only 120 grams operating force, Tracking resolution of 200 DPI, Opto-Mechanical Encoder Design, 5 1/2 Foot mouse cord, 4 replaceable Teflon feet and FCC Class B Approved. CB102079 $39.95


The Atari STM1 Original Mouse Shipped with the Atari ST / STE / MegaSTE / TT and Falcon computers CB101505 $49.95


Reconditioned Atari STM1 Mouse STM1-RE Sold Out


Atari STM1 replacement mouse cable CB101112, CB10112-HK, CB101112-MA, CB101112-UNI, CB102340 $10.00


Atari 520STFM /  1040ST / 1040STE / Falcon 030 owners   You can prevent this ST Mouse / Joystick Port connector going bad by using the Best's 12 inch Male to Female fully molded short Atari Mouse or Joystick Port Extension cable and never have to lift up your Atari ST computer to get to your ST Mouse / Joystick ports again.  CB101284  Sold Out

Auto Switching Atari ST/Falcon Mouse port box! This little small box (3 X 2 inch) with 3 ft Joystick cable and 2 DB9 Male connectors, plugs into Port 0 (Mouse Port) of all ST/Falcon computers and  allows you to connect up both a Mouse and Joystick at the same time! The self contained Auto Switching Electronics will automatically switch between the Joystick port or your Atari Mouse/Trackball port depending on which device your are using! On the top of the box are 2 different colored LEDs telling you which device your are currently using! Just think of it, No more lifting up your Atari Computer to change the Mouse and Joystick cables into port 0 on 520STFM/1040ST/1040STE/Falcons. CB103077 Sold Out

mouse joy adapter.jpg (3388 bytes)

handy1.jpg (23994 bytes)



The Atari Handy mouse mounted to the side of a MegaSTE Keyboard with supplied mounting bracket.  Handy mouse mounting bracket will allow you to mount the Atari Handy mouse on the Left or Right hand sides of the Atari 520ST, 520STFM, 1040ST, 1040STE or Falcon cases and the Mega 2/4, MegaSTE and TT Keyboard cases.


left handy mouse.jpg (11585 bytes)right handy mouse.jpg (11401 bytes)

Left or Right handed use!

Special Buy, Limited Quantities! Atari Handy Mouse. This Hand / Palm held Atari ST/MegaSTE/TT/Falcon mouse has a Very quick cursor response time. Faster than any standard mouse (and takes up very little desk space), because you are moving the mouse ball, not the mouse. Handy Mouse Features: For Left or Right handed Atari ST users. Three left mouse switches: one at 11:00 O’Clock left edge, one at 1:00 O’Clock right edge (for your Index fingers), and a Great unique feature, a single Thumb does it all left mouse switch under the solid Handy Mouse Ball itself! One Right mouse switch at 6:00 O’Clock position. Two rubber internal rollers for easy cleaning. All Handy Mouse Industrial Grade switches are rated at 110 Grams operating Force and 1 Million cycles each. 5 ½ foot mouse cord. Top side removable ball locking ring for easy cleaning, 25 MM solid Thumb actuated Q ball, FCC Certified. 2 7/8 Diameter by 1 3/8 inch thick. Atari Handy mouse is also supplied with a mounting bracket for mounting (similar to a Lap top side mounted mini Trackball) the Handy Mouse on the Side of your ST computer case (Left or Right side) or Mega 2 - 4 / MegaSTE / TT Keyboard case. CB103097 $32.95

Page 52  Falcon 030 Computer CB102988  Sold Out!

Page 54 Atari Language Disk.  Atari Basic Language program with drop down menus for VT52 Emulator, Control Panel (setting internal Clock/Date, Mouse Speed, RS232 Configuration and Install Printer Configuration).  If requested at time of purchase, we can find an older version of the Atari ST language Disk with Atari ST Logo Language Included.  CA0262062 $5.00

Atari NEOchrome full color paint program.  DS5027 $19.95

Atari HyperPaint ST Graphics Package  CB102362  $29.95

Atari HyperPaint II Graphics Package STe compatiable version  CB102362-STE  $35.95

Page 55  Atari ST Battle Zone game.  DS5020 $19.95

Atari ST Cracked game.  DS5080 $17.95

Page 56  Introducing Atari ST machine Code book, 405 pages with ST Floppy disk.  CB102072   Sold Out!

Program Design Techniques Book CB102103 $29.95

The ST Assembly Language Workshop Book.  CB102287 Sold Out!

Page 58  Atari SF314 Upgrade label.  CB101117 $10.00

Page 59 Atari SF314 DSDD Chinon replacement Head with Copper head cover.  CB101118 $75.00

Atari SF354 External SSDD Floppy Disk Drive drive belt  CB101345  $9.95

Best made DSDD ST external disk drive  CB314  SOLD OUT

Best made DSHD ST External disk drive CB3140-HD SOLD OUT  

Page 62 In our recent move we did, we found a sealed new box of the older HD Driver 7 Hard Drive Utility software packages that some how got lost in our Atari Inventory.  This excellent Atari Hard Drive Utility software package will allow you to access just about any size Hard Drive you can connect up to any Atari ST computer (assuming you have the correct interface cables, Link 2's or extra hardware).  Although the Current version of the Hard Drive Software program is now in the Rev. 8 version, we still use the Rev. 7 version for about 95% of the Hard Drives we repair or upgrade on Atari ST Systems.  For the Average Atari ST Owner who only installs Hard drives on his System once in a while, this Rev. 7 Version has more Hard Drive Utilities then you will ever totally use.  SOLD OUT Current Rev. 8.1X version of this software package is below.

ICD Link 2, SCSI interface Adapter with DB19 Cable assembly and ICD Boot and Driver Software Disks. The ICD Link 2 SCSI Adapter allows you to Interface/Connect to your ST Atari System most 50 Pin Centronics type SCSI type Hard Drive devices. The ICD Link 2 Adapter has a DB19 female connector (connected to the ST Computer System Via, supplied DB19 Male to Male cable) on one end of the Adapter and a 50 Pin Centronics Male connector on the other end! The Link 2 also has a LED that indicates that 5 Volts is present at Pin #26 of the SCSI Hard Drive you are trying to interface to your ST system! The 69 page ICD Owners manual that come with the ICD Link 2 covers all of the ICD's AdSCSI interfaces and ICD Hard Drives! Sections covered in the ICD manual are: Introduction, A Hard Drive Primer, Building an ST Hard Drive System, An Internal Mega Drive, The ICD Hard Disk Formatter, The ICD Hard Disk Utilities Program, The ICD Desktop Accessory, The ICD Hard Disk Driver, Using the Hard Drive, Software Utilities and Troubleshooting! CB103039  Sold Out

Link 97 SCSI Interface cable (DB19M to SCSI 50 Pin connector). This Updated/Upgraded SCSI interface Cable will allow you to interface The newer Larger SCSI Hard Drives (1 Gig and above) to your Atari ST System! 3ft Cable assembly, NOT supplied with Hard Drive Software. CB103055  SOLD OUT

HDriver7 and Link97.jpg (3275 bytes)

Best Electronics has been selling to Atari 520ST / 1040ST / 1040STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT and Falcon Owners and using the Excellent Atari ST HDDRIVER 9 Software Package in house to prepare All of the Atari ST / Falcon Hard Drives we have sold for near 14 years now.  It has been our Bench mark ST Hard Drive prep program.  Compared to the original Atari HD ST Hard Drive program (has not been updated or supported for 8 - 10 years now) and the Old Bench mark ICD Hard Drive prep Software (has not been updated or supported for at least 5 to 7 years), the HDDRIVER 10 has gone thru constant upgrades and updates over the last 10 years.  I think when we first starting to sell the HDDRIVER 7 program years ago, it was on Rev. 7.0 version and currently version is Rev. 10.0.  The German HDDRIVER 10 author has constantly updated this excellent Hard Drive prep program from the very first very small Atari Megafile 20 Meg Hard Drives and small SCSI TT Hard drives to the State of the art Giga Byte very large Hard Drives sold today.   Every time something new came out for the Atari ST computers, including some of the ST updated Clones and ST /  Falcon Accelerator boards, the HDDRIVER 10 program was upgraded to support these new St products / New Hard Drives.

One of the reasons why we like the HDDRIVER Rev. 10.15 hard drive program so much, is it is a very easy to use ST program and has one of the fastest auto boot up ST hard drive programs we have seen.  In the 15 years of using the program in house we have only had one or two Non Atari made hard drive mechs we could not format, I think they had a defect on the hard drive motherboards.  With its easy to use intuitive drop down GEM menus, a beginner who had never even formatted an Atari ST Hard Drive to the Atari ST Hard Drive expert who likes to set his own Hard Drive internal settings will find the HDDRIVER 10.13 program Very easy to use.  In the past years the HDDRIVER program was supplied with a Owners Manual, now has an on board Read Me file on the 3 1/2 ST Disk and there is Now Free On Line Internet Support and Information in English for Registered HDDRIVER 10.13 Owners at the HDDRIVER 10.13 web site in Germany.   HDDRIVER Rev. 10.15   CB103057 $49.95

Atari 520ST/520STFM/1040ST/Mega 2 - 4/Stacy/MegaSTE/TT External SCSI Hard Drive! These External ST Hard Drives are Manufactured by Best Electronics using Recycled External Drive cases and "Pulled" from Working Equipment Hard Drives! Each External Hard Drive is Complete and is "Lock and Load" Ready to connect up to your ST DB19 pin Hard drive port connector! An excellent way to back up those Critical Midi Files! Hard Drive Capacities Range from 200 - 500 Megabytes to 1 Gigabyte internal Hard Drives. External Hard Drive case with Internal Power supply (Exact Case Style may Vary), 110 Volt Power Cord, 2 1/2 foot SCSI Adapter cable. When you order, please tell us which ST Computer/TOS you have, so we can Customize the boot up software to your system. CB103091 SOLD OUT

Page 64 Well known among Atari ST Midi users and ST Desk Top publishers for many years is the Bench Mark Best ST Trackball.  Although a Trackball is a personal type taste Mouse replacement item, if you like the Best Trackball, you will NEVER go back to standard Atari mouse again.  I personally Love my Best Trackball, and I have been using them for over 10+ years now.  All my Atari ST office computers use one, All of My PC's (I managed to find, the rare and impossible to find PC version) and My on the road Laptop all use the Best trackballs.  Just some of the Reasons why ST Midi and Atari ST owners Love their Best Trackballs:

On of the more typical comments we get back from Old Best ST Trackball owners years latter is, send me another Best Trackball !, I have literally worn out my old Best ST Trackball and can not go back to the Atari ST mice.  I will rebuild My old Best ST trackball and keep is as a back up!  8 - 10 years of doing Atari International shows in Europe, we would 100% sell out of Best ST Trackballs we brought to the shows every single time.

The Best CBT1 Trackball $59.95


PC Version Best Trackball CBT2 $59.95 

Page 67  Samsung made SC1224 Color monitor Video cable C399018 $29.95

Page 70  TTM195 CRT Tube plastic Front Bezel assembly CB102854 Sold Out 

Best Electronics Monitor Switch Box Allows you to switch between an Atari SM124, SM125, SM144, SM147 monitor or Atari SC1224 / PS3000 monitor. Has the added feature of Right angle RCA output jacks for Composite Video and Audio (Composite Video / Audio only available on ST Computers with R.F. Modulators). Saves wear and tear on the ST computers monitor right angle connector. CB102191 

Sold Out

Portfolio card adapter.jpg (5197 bytes)



Page 76 CB103017 Was PCMCIA Memory cards up to 1 Meg, Type I or Type II in your Portfolio. This Plug and Play Portfolio Adapter Cards Works with the Portfolio on board Software Now PCMCIA Memory Cards from 256K to 14 Meg, Type I or Type II in your Portfolio. At this time you can only access up to 1 Meg total S-Ram memory total using the PCMCIA adapter. This Plug and Format Portfolio PCMCIA Adapter Card Works with the Portfolio's on board stock Software and does Not.... Was PCMCIA Memory cards that can be used with this PCMCIA Adapter card are the 1 Meg Sram Type......Now PCMCIA Memory cards that can be used with this PCMCIA Adapter card are the 256K to 14 Meg Sram Type.......  CB103017 Sold Out 



Special Buy! Type 1, S-Ram 1 Meg PCMCIA Card (Red and Black card) for the Above Portfolio PCMCIA adapter. These Recycled 1 Meg S-Ram Cards are an excellent buy for the money. Think of it 1 Meg of Portfolio Total Drive Storage capacity for under $100 including the Portfolio PCMCIA adapter card! After that, 1 Meg of Portfolio drive Storage for only $15!! Also can be used with the Amstrad NC-100 laptop computer CB103058 $15.00

Was Portfolio (DOS 2,11) Corrected to Portfolio (DOS 2.11) Was CH103017-IV $84.95 Now CB103017-IV $84.95

Portfolio to IOMEGA 100 mb Zip Drive Software. The Portfolio Club Of Germany Has Developed some Brilliant products for the Portfolio like the Internal 512K Ram Upgrade and internal CPU Clock Speed up, 65 Mega Byte Portfolio Software CD, PCMCIA Ram Card Adapter for up to 1 meg Of Portfolio Memory Storage! Now The Portfolio Club of Germany is Proud to Announce their Latest for the Portfolio Hand held Computers, the IOMEGA 100 mb Zip Drive to Portfolio Software package! All that is required is a Portfolio with a Parallel interface installed, IOMEGA Parallel 100mb Drive with DB25 printer cable (Which was manufactured after 1995) and a way of transferring the 3 1/2 Disk based Portfolio Clubs software to the Portfolio memory! The Pofo-Zip Software will allow you to create up to 3, 32mb Portfolio partitions of storage on your Zip drive! Portfolio Zip Drive software (supplied on 3 1/2 disk) with License Agreement, Installation information in English, More Support Information in German and the Software authors E-Mail address for Comments and Questions in English! CB103043  Sold Out 

Portfolio / Roland 32K Ram card. Ltd. Supply HPC-201.  Sold Out

Portfolio PC Card Drive replacement PC 8 bit I/O plug in Card with 60 pin male connector. CB103040 $25.95

Portfolio PC Card Drive replacement Memory Card reader white interface box with 60 pin female connector. CB103041 $20.00

Portfolio PC Card Drive 26 page Owners Manual with 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 PC Card Drive software. CB103042 $7.95

Page 77 PORTFOLIO POWER BASIC Portfolio PowerBasic is the first structured, High Level programming language for your Portfolio. With PowerBasic you can harness the power of your Portfolio by creating applications tailored to your personal needs. Just some of the Features of Atari PowerBasic: You can use the Portfolio’s built-in Test Editor to write your application programs or import them from your desktop P.C. PowerBasic can COMPILE! pro-grams in either .COM or .RUN for-mats, PowerBasic Programs perform 4 to 100 times the speed of an interpreted Basic program, PowerBasic sup-ports a full complement of Rational and Logical operators, Create Portfolio programs that feature graphics and Text at the same time, Features Floating Point Arithmetic that con-forms to IEEE standards and Features Dynamic Strings and Comprehensive Data File Manipulation in either Sequential, Random-access or Binary Modes.  HPC-705  $36.95   New PowerBasic Card only, no manual, no box.  HPC-705-LM $25.00 

Page 78 Portfolio Buss Door CB101903 $5.00

Portfolio Battery Door CB101636 $8.00

Portfolio Motherboard CB102512 $125.00

Page 79 Portfolio Serial Interface to Mac, Null Modem cable Was CB10286 Corrected to CB102862 Was $29.95 Corrected to $9.95

Portfolio 1 Meg EPROM Burner Adapter board This special designed Atari Adapter board, allows you to insert a standard 1 MEG One Time Programmable Atari Bee ROM card into this Adapter board and then insert this Adapter assembly into a Standard Commercial dip chip EPROM Burner (that will program 1 meg Eproms) and Program your own ROM Cards at 12.5 Volts. You can Compile your own Custom programs using the Atari Power Basic Compiler and then program your own Custom ROM Portfolio Software programs.  Atari made adapter board with Portfolio ROM connector and Gold plated 32 pin male Dip Header.  HPC502  $99.95

Page 80 Portfolio French Version Owners Manual.  303 Pages. C3000851-003 $24.00

Atari Portfolio clear inner see thru plastic display window / cover (over the Portfolio LCD display) CB102207 $19.95 

Portfolio 60 pin edge card mount Male connector.  CB102637 $7.50

Portfolio 60 pin edge card mount Female connector.  CB101937 $7.50

Page 82  Atari 83 Key XT P.C. Keyboard CB102345  Sold Out 

Page 83 Atari PC1 Schematic set CB102975  Sold Out 

Atari PC2 Schematic set CB102976   Sold Out 

Atari PC3 Schematic set CB102977  Sold Out

Atari 400 door label "Atari 400" CA014155 $5.00

Atari 400 US Power Side board CA014155 $14.95

Atari 400 US Fully Populated Motherboard CA01807 $45.95

Atari 400 Flip lid door CO14016  Sold Out

Atari 400 Sliding door latch CO14018  $2.95

Atari 400 US Populated Motherboard, less CO12294 Pokey chip CA014807-P $25.95

Atari 400 Top Plastic Case CO14014  Sold Out

Atari 400 Bottom Plastic Case CO14013  Sold Out

Atari 400 48K Factory Ram Upgrade kit. CO61553  Sold Out

Atari 400 US Mono Panel Keyboard CA017999  $29.95

Page 84  Atari 400 / 800 snap in rubber feet (4) 88-1006 $2.00

Atari 400 Door spring CO14104 $2.00

Atari 400 Cartridge guide CO10421 $8.00

Atari 400 / 800 Ram and 800 ROM 44 pin pin cartridge connector CO14322  $9.95

Page 85  Atari 400/800 Internal Mini Speaker with wire harness CA011840 $3.95

Atari 800 323K Ram Card CB101377 Sold Out

Atari 400 / 800 IS Populated CPU board CA017173   $19.95

Atari 800 PAL OS Card  CA014961 $19.95

Atari 400 / 800 External SIO Shorting plug required for above SIO Port Test TE15639 $7.95

Page 86 Atari 800 / 800 UK PAL Field Service Manual. 254 pages  FD100002 $30.00

Atari 800 Brown Dust Cover 800  CB101066 Sold Out

Atari 800 Translucent dust cover CB101066-T $12.95

Atari 800 US Populated OS Card CO12989 / CA014803   $19.95

Atari 400 / 800 PAL CPU board.  CA015967 / CA06113  $19.95

Atari 400 / 800 Populated 16K ram card (less plastic case, 800 models) CA014802  $19.95

Atari 800 US Power Supply sideboard CA014171 $15.95

Atari 800 Top case clear LED light tube CO12991  Sold Out

Atari 800 Power Supply side board brown side panel Jack CO12992 $4.95

Atari 800 Top plastic case CO12947 Sold Out

Atari 800 Flip lid door spring.  CO14093 $2.50

Atari 800 Bottom plastic case CO12948 Sold Out

Atari 800 Flip Lid brown swivel lock lever  CO14001  $2.00

Atari 800 US Keyboard CA012952 $99.00  Limit One per customer!

Atari 800 Start, Select, Option or Reset buttons CB101466-ST, -SE, -O, -R $3.50 each

Atari 800 US Fully Populated Motherboard CA014829 $44.95

Atari 800 US Populated Motherboard, Less Pokey Chip CA014829-P $29.95

Atari 800 US Motherboard, less plug in chips CB101064 $20.00

Atari 800 US Power Sideboard CA014171 $15.95

Atari 800 Power Sideboard brown Jack Panel CO12992  $3.95

Atari 800 US Owners Manual CO60057 Sold Out

Sams 800 Computerfacts CB101068 Sold Out

Atari 800 Brown Dust Cover with White Atari Logo CB101066-LO Sold Out

Atari 800 Brown Dust Cover with White Atari Logo CB101066-GL Sold Out

Atari 800 Computer Plastic Top Case CO12947 Sold Out

Atari 800 Computer Plastic Bottom Case CO12947 Sold Out

Page 87  Atari 1200XL / XL 38 page Supplement to the 400 / 800 Technical Reference notes.  CB101074  $19.95

Page 88 Atari 1200XL U.S. Keyboard CA060046  Sold Out

Best 2016 New upgraded replacement 1200XL Keyboard Mylar CB103156 $39.95

Atari Reconditioned US Atari 1200XL 1200XL-RE Sold Out

Atari US 1200XL Populated Motherboard CO60685  Sold Out

Atari US 1200XL Motherboard less plug in chips CB101072 Sold Out

Atari US 1200XL Bare Motherboard PCB  CO60585  Sold Out

Atari 1200XL vertical mount On / Off toggle switch CO61022 / CO7006 / C061913  $2.50

Atari 1200XL Right angle Cartridge connector.  CO60410  $9.95

Atari 1200XL white slide in side panel  CO60096 Sold Out

Atari 1200XL Dust Cover CB101075 Sold Out

Atari 1200XL Top, bottom and side panel case set.  CB101440 Sold Out

Atari 1200XL Clear Snap-In Bezel Cover CO60106 Sold Out

Atari 1200XL Operating System Manual Supplement to 400 / 800 Technical Reference Notes.  CB101074  19.95

Page 89 Atari 600XL 1064 Plug in 64K Ram upgrade module. CB101092  Sold Out

Atari 600XL 64K Ram upgrade kit CB101054 Sold Out

Atari 600XL U.S. Field Service Manual With Super Salt Manual (30 pages) included 61 Pages total.  Sold Out  

Atari 600XL Brown Dust cover.  CB101059 $6.00

Atari 600XL Top plastic case half CB101057 $20.00

Atari 600XL Bottom plastic case half CB101058 $20.00

Atari 600XL Composite Monitor  Modification Kit  CB101093  $17.00

Atari 600XL / 800XL US Keyboard with metal back upgraded with Best new Lifetime Keyboard mylar  CA061983-2nd $59.95

Atari 600XL / 800XL US Keyboard with PCB with mechanical switches CA061983PC  $65.00

Atari 600XL / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine 24 pin Keyboard Mylar Pinch connector.  CO61793  $9.95

Page 90  Atari 600XL / 800XL Cartridge guide CO60297  $9.95  Limit 1

C.P.S. Super SALT Extended Hardware Universal Test PCB(400-XL-XE Computers) FA100332 $89.95

Atari 600XL / 800XL Rear buss snap in cover  CB101342 $3.95

Atari 600XL / 800XL Cartridge silver metal door set (2) CO24582 $15.00, Limit 1 set

Atari 600XL / 800XL Keyboard function key cap adhesive Silver metal cap  CO60562 $2.50 ea.

Atari 600XL / 800XL vertical mount On / Off toggle switch CO61022 / CO7006 / C061913  $2.50

Atari CPS Super Salt extended Hardware box.  FA100332 $99.95

Page 91 16/16 Double sided Header with Gold Plated Pins for the Wizztronics 256K board. CB101071  $2.50

Atari Brown Vinyl  800XL Computer Protective Dust Covers with the Atari Logo.  Each Dust cover has full skirting around the Left, Front and Right sides, a fine inner cloth lining and a cut out on the back side so you can keep your Atari 800XL Power Supply, Controllers and SIO cable plugged in at all times.   Brown 800XL Dust cover with the White Atari Logo CB101069-LO  Sold Out

"Limited Edition" Atari Brown Vinyl 800XL Dust cover with "Gold" Atari Logo.  CB101069-GL  Sold Out

Same Atari Brown Vinyl 800XL Dust cover without Atari Logo.  CB101069 $9.95

Atari 800XL Top Case Label CO24577 $5.00

Atari 800XL Top Plastic case CB101565  Sold Out

Atari 800XL Bottom Plastic case CO24584 Sold Out

Atari 800XL NTSC U.S. Mother Board Populated  CA061854  $69.95


Atari 800XL MPP XL Buss Experimenter's kit CB101090 $19.95


Wizztronics 256K Ram upgrade board CB101070G  $24.95

For more Information on the 800XL 256K ram up grade click here.

Atari 800XL 64K PAL Computer CB102593 Sold Out

Atari 800XL 64K PAL Motherboard CB102591 Sold Out

Page 92  Atari 65XE US Owners manual with 38 pages of Atari Basic mini language information, 126 pages  CB101701 $17.95

Atari 65XE to 320K / 130XE Mod Kit. Instructions + Atari Custom Chip, TTL Chip + resistors and Ram Chips CB101616 Sold Out

Atari 65XE / 130XE Brown dust cover. CB101188-BR  Sold Out

Atari 65XE / 130XE Translucent Dust Cover.  CB103137 $12.95

Atari 65XE Right angle cartridge connector.  CB101699  Sold Out   See / use Atari 130XE Cartridge connector below.  CO070064

Atari 65XE/130XE Clear Keyboard Protector / Overlay for your XE keyboard. This clear, flexible skin covers the actual keys but lets you see and type thru it. Used to protect your XE keyboard from dust, liquids, metals and other small items that could fall into your keyboard and damage it.  CB101953  Sold Out

Page 93  Atari 65XE / 130XE vertical mount On / Off toggle switch CO61022 / CO7006 / C061913  $2.50

Atari 65XE / 130XE / 800XE  “The Best” “XE” Touch  Full set of 62 “XE” Touch Contacts. CB102117  $19.95 

65XE / 130XE “Mega Touch” Keyboards springs Firms up mushy XE keyboard key caps. Recommend for XE Keyboard without the spring under the key cap. If used with spring under key cap XE keyboard, it will firm up the key caps even more! One full XE keyboard set of springs.  CB101634 Sold Out

Page 94  130XE Sams Computerfacts U.S. Service Manual CB101046 Sold Out  

Page 95 Atari 130XE Top case label CB101974 Sold Out

130XE 320K Modification (Requires soldering and removing components) Includes Ram chips, sockets and instruction sheet.  CB101915  $36.95

Atari US / NTSC 130XE Populated Motherboard.  CB101089  Reg. price U$D 120.00 Sale Price!  $79.95

Atari 130XE Right angle Cartridge connector and Expansion port. CO0700064  $8.95

Atari 130XE / XE / XE Service Center Diagnostic Hardware kit CA026356 Sold Out

XE Game Machine Qwerty Keyboard Module Complete with DB-15F cable assembly.  CB102350  $99.95

Page 96

XE game adapter.jpg (4826 bytes)

With this XE Game Machine Upgrade kit installed, you will No longer have to reach over to the manual TV/Game Switch box and slide the lever on the Switch Box! Just Turn on the XE Game System and Play! XE Game Upgrade comes with a New Auto Sensing Atari RF Modulator, Auto Switch box and Instructions! This Upgrade requires the ability to Solder and Unsolder components! CB103059 $21.95

UK Version of above XE Game Machine Upgrade Kit. CB103059-UK $21.95

German Version of above XE Game Machine Upgrade Kit. CB103059-GRM $21.95






Atari XE Game System “The Best” “XE” Touch  Full set of 62 “XE” Touch Contacts. CB102117  $19.95 


XE Game Keyboard cable. CB101375  $15.00


XE Game System On / Off switch.  CB101776 $6.95

XE Game Machine Start, Select, Option and reset mother board vertical mounting small black switch.  CB101777 $6.95

XE Game Machine Keyboard 12 ft Ext. cable.  CB101201-12 Sold Out   

Page 97 Atari XE Game System 128K Ram Upgrade Kit CB102215 Sold Out

Reconditioned Atari US 1200XL. Comes with New US Power supply, New Upgraded RF cable, New Atari Cable Ready Universal TV switch Box and New Atari Basic Cartridge. CB102217 Sold Out

Atari 600XL 64K Computer. CB101423 Sold Out

Atari 800XL 64K PAL Computer CB102593 Sold Out

Boxed Atari 65XE 64K Atari NTSC U.S. Computer, U.S. rebuildable Power supply, Upgraded R.F. Cord, Cable Ready Atari Universal TV Switch Box and US 65XE Owners Manual.  CB102218  Temporally out of stock

Reconditioned Atari U.S. / NTSC 65XE Computer U.S. rebuildable Power supply, Upgraded R.F. Cord, Cable Ready Atari Universal TV Switch Box and US 65XE Owners Manual. CB102218-R  Temporally out of stock

Reconditioned Atari U.S. / NTSC 65XE Computer only.  CB102218-RO Temporally out of stock.

Atari XE NTSC U.S. Game Machine CB102220 Sold Out

Page 98 1010 Atari Program Recorder with U.S. Power supply. US Owners Manual and 3 foot SIO cable CB101780  $49.95

Atari 850 Interface new in the box.  Comes with 850 Interface, Atari US Power Supply, US 850 Owners Manual and 3 ft SIO cable.  A850 $125

Page 99 Atari 1020 40 Column 4 Color Plotter / Printer with 3 ft I/O cable CB101805 Sold Out

Atari SX212 300 / 1200 Baud Universal (IBM RS232 compatible too) U.S. Modem SX212  Sold Out  

Atari 40 Column Direct Connect Printer CB102376 Sold Out

Atari 825 80 Column printer CB101563  $199.00

Atari XMM801 80 Column printer CB102421 Sold Out

Page 101  Atari CX85 Keypad  CX85 $15.95

Atari CX85 Keypad handle disk  CX8139  $9.95

Page 102  Atari CX75 Light Pen CX75 $39.95

Atari CX75 Light Pen with manual in bag, no box CX75-BG 35.00

Atari CX75 Light pen only CX75-P $27.00

Atari CX75 / CX77 Atarigraphics Cartridge only.  CX8054 $10.00

Atari CX77 Touch Tablet Top and Bottom plastic case set only. CB103044 $30.00

Atari CX77 Touch Tablet replacement Mylar sheet  CB101222 $4.95

Atari CX77 Touch Tablet replacement Pen.  CB101223 $15.00

Page 103 Atari 400/800/XL/XE Empty Game Cartridge with metal back. CB101080 $7.95

Atari 16K EPROM populated printed circuit board.  CO60052 $9.95

Atari 1450XLD Bare Prototype PCB board.  CB102222 Sold Out

Atari 1450XLD Atari Engineering 1400XL/1450XLD Schematics.  7 "C" sized prints CB102297 $17.00

Page 104  Atari RF cable, Computer to switch box (400 / 800 / 2600 / 2600A / 5200 2 port) RCA Male Molded to RCA bare) 12 foot.  CB101871Sold Out  

Atari RF cable, Computer to switch box (400 / 800 / 2600 / 2600A / 5200 2 port) RCA Male Molded to RCA bare)12 foot with Clamp on RF suppressing Torrid.  CB101871-TOR Sold Out

Atari RF cable with RF Torrid coil inside Atari black plastic box, Computer to switch box (RCA Male molded to RCA Molded male connectors CB101710 Sold Out!  See Atari replacement cable below 

Atari RF cable with Clamp on RF Torrid coil, Computer to switch box (RCA Male molded to RCA Molded male connectors) for Atari 2600 / 2600A / 2600 JR / 5200 2 port / 7800 / 400 / 800 / 1200XL / 65XE / 130XE XE Game machine 12 foot RF cable CB101710T Sold Out

Bare Apelink SIO board with Apelink instruction / information sheet CB101047  $10.00

Bare Apelink SIO board (requires soldering) with 3 loose female Atari SIO R/A connectors and 4 rubber feet Kit with Apelink instruction / information sheet    CB101921 $49.95

Apelink Kit.  Bare SIO board (requires soldering), 3 loose SIO R/A connectors, Black plastic project box (black box has already been modified with two left and right cut outs for SIO connectors and one top cable in hole (Internal SIO cable strain relief plastic tie wrap supplied), 3rd SIO rectangular opening will have to be cut out of the bottom end of the top and bottom black cases.  4 internal case Apelink PCB board Phillips screws and 4 outside bottom case Phillips screws.  CB101411 $69.95

Assembled version of the above CB101921 kit (no box) with 3 SIO connectors soldered onto the Apelink board and 4 rubber feet.  Apelink instruction / information sheet    CB101921A  $64.95

Page 105 All ICD products (except the one ICD product below) listed on pages 105 and 106 are Sold Out!

ICD PR Connection Interface The PR Connection interface with SIO cable, plugs into any Atari 8-Bit SIO (13 pin) port and gives you one standard Centronics Parallel Printer port (DB-15F) for standard (NON Atari brand) Parallel printers and two RS-232 type serial ports (DB-9F) for Modems and Serial printers. The PR Connection is a flexible alternative to the Atari 850 interface and is 98% compatible with the Atari 850 interface. Requires optional Printer (CB101279) and / or Serial / Modem (CA015900-03) cables. Limited Supply!! PR Connection.  CB101224  $105.99 

Wizztronics "Midi Max" Midi Keyboard interface for the Atari 8 bit computers (with Min. 48K memory).  This heavy duty Midi Interface with SIO cable connection, plugs directly into your normal Atari 400 / 800 / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / 1200XL 13 Pin Atari SIO connector.  All you need is 2 standard Midi cables (CB101395 $6 each), Midi compatible Keyboard, Atari disk drive to run the supplied Disk based Midi driver software and you are already to make your own Midi music!   Disk based Midi software is supplied with a couple of sample songs to get you going right from the start.  CB103108 Sold Out!

Midi Max optional software disks with over 30 Midi songs per disk.  CB103109-1/15 (Disk List #1-15 available soon) $CALL

Page 106 Special Find! The Classic Atari SynFile+ Ultimate Filing System Program. No matter what kind of information you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynFile+ gives you the easiest and Most Powerful way to organize it with your Atari 8 bit computer. Create and Print Files, Records or Reports for Business applications like Expenses, Invoices, Addresses and Customer lists. For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank. Synapse SynFile+ Program Disk, Tutorial Disk, Quick Reference Card, 121 page Manual in a Binder. AX2031 $39.95

ICD Atari 130XE to 800XL buss adapter board CB101233 Sold Out

Page 108  Atari Stock Analysis CX8107 Sold Out

Page 110  Atari BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) Reference Manual, 3 ring binder format. 121 pages.  CO15307 $25.00

Page 111 Atari Basic Learning by using book by Hofacker CB101838-B Sold Out

Atari Basic Learning by using book and disk by Hofacker CB101838-BD Sold Out

Wiley Atari Basic Book  CB101317 $10.00

Page 112 Compute's First Book of Atari CB102799 Sold Out

Mapping the Atari CB102800 Sold Out

Master Memory Map Book by Craig Patchett and Robin Sherer CB101452 Sold Out    

Atari Microsoft Basic II (C + D) AX2025 $45.95

Atari Microsoft Basic II Reference Manual CB102827 Sold Out    

Atari Microsoft Basic II User Guide CO61251 Sold Out    

Atari Microsoft Basic II Quick Reference Guide CO61253 Sold Out    

Page 113 How to Program in 6502 Book CB101373-B $12.00

How to Program in 6502 Book and Disk CB1013730BD $15.00

Atari Assembler Editor program (C) CXL4003 $34.00

Page 114 Hacker Tips and Tricks Book CB102225 $12.00

Hofacker Forth on the Atari Program (D) Works best on the Atari 800 Computer CB101807 $39.95

Atari Logo Book CO61590 $9.95

Atari Logo Book CO61589 $9.95

Atari Logo Book Set BX4208 $18.95

Atari Pilot (C) CXL4018 $9.95

Hofactor Forth on the Atari Book CB101808 $10.00

De Re Atari Book CB101316  $29.95

Page 115 Atari Tech Notes BX4213 $26.95

Atari Ace of Aces (C) RX8099 $19.95

Atari Ace of Aces, (C) less manual RX8099-LM $9.95

Atari Airball (C)  RX8109 Sold Out

Atari Archon (C) RX8092  Sold Out

Atari Asteroids (C) CXL4013 $25.95

Atari Asteroids, (C) less manual CXL4013-LM $15.95

Page 116

Atari Ballblazer, (C) RX8064  $21.50 

Atari Ballblazer, (C) Less manual RX8064-LM  $15.95

Atari Basketball, (C).  Cartridge only, no instruction CXL4004-LM  $24.00

Atari Battlezone (C) RX8077 Sold Out

Atari Battlezone, Less manual RX8077-LM Sold Out

Atari Blue Max (C)  RX8081  $21.50

Atari Cavern's of Mars (C) RX8087 $31.95

Atari Cavern's of Mars (D) CX8138 $15.95

Page 117 Atari Crime Busters (C) RX8104 Sold Out

Atari Defender (C) CXL4025 $15.95

Atari Defender, (C) Less manual CXL4025-LM $7.95

Atari Centipede (C) RX8020 $29.95

Atari Choplifter (C) RX8096 Sold Out

Atari Crystal Castles (C) RX8102 Sold Out

Atari Crossbow RX8088  Sold Out

Atari Dark Chambers (C) RX8101 Sold Out

Atari Defender (C) CXL4025-LM Sold Out

Atari Desert Falcon.  RX8089   Sold Out   

Atari Donkey Kong (C) RX8031 $17.95

Atari Donkey Kong RX8031XE  Dark blue smaller XE box $45.95

Atari Donkey Kong, (C) Less manual RX8031-LM $9.95

Atari Donkey Kong, XE version, cartridge only, no instructions (C) RX8031-XELM $20.00

Atari Donkey Kong Jr. (C) RX8040 $19.95

Atari Donkey Kong Jr., (C) Less Manual RX8040-LM Sold Out

Atari Dig Dug (C) RX8026 $19.95

Atari Dig Dug, (C) Less manual RX8026-LM Sold Out

Atari E.T. (C )  RX8030  $29.95    

Atari Eastern Front (C) RX8039 $19.95

Atari Eastern Front (C) Less manual RX8039-LM  $9.95

Atari Fight Night (C) RX8085  Sold Out

Atari Fight Night, (C) Less manual RX8085 $10.95

Page 118 Atari ET (C) RX8030 $29.95

Atari ET (C) Loose RX8030-LM $14.95

Atari Desert Falcon (C) RX8089 $29.50

Atari Food Fight (C) RX8079 $19.95

Atari Galaxian (C) CXL4024 $17.95

Atari Galaxian, (C) Less manual CXL4024-LM $9.95

Atari Gato (C) RX8090 $19.95

Atari Hardball (C) RX8084 $19.95

Atari Hardball, (C) Less manual RX8084-LM $9.95

Atari Into the Eagles Next (C) RX8114 Sold Out

Atari Joust (C) RX8044 $17.95

Atari Joust, (C) Less manual RX8044-LM $9.95

Atari Load Runner (C) RX8082 $19.95

Page 119 Atari Mario Bros. (C) RX8103 Sold Out

Atari Midnight Magic (C) RX8083 $19.95

Page 120 Atari Millipede (C) RX8048 $19.95

Atari Millipede, (C) Less manual RX8048-LM $15.95

Atari Missile Command (C) CXL4012 $15.95

Atari Missile Command, (C) Less manual CXL4012-LM $9.95

Atari Moon Patrol. (C)   RX8052   $35.95    

Atari MS Pac Man (C) RX8043 Sold Out

Atari MS Pac Man, (C) Less manual RX8043-LM Sold Out

Atari Necromencer (C) RX8108  $21.95

Atari Pac Man (C) CXL4022 $29.95

Atari Pac Man, (C) Less manual CXL4022-LM $9.95

Atari Pengo, (C) RX8045   Sold Out

Atari Pengo, (C) Less manual RX8045-LM  Sold Out

Atari Pole Position (C) RX8034 $34.95

Atari Rescue on Fractalus (C) RX8063 $19.95

Atari Rescue on Fractalus, (C) Less manual RX8063-LM $9.95

Page 121 Atari Robotron (C) RX8033 $39.95

Atari Space Invaders (C) CXL4008 $17.95

Atari Star Raiders (C) CXL4011 $17.95

Atari Star Raiders, (C) Less manual CXL4011-LM $9.95

Atari Star Raiders II (C) RX8078 Sold Out

Atari Star Raiders II (D) DX5084 $13.95

Atari Summer Games (C) RX8098 Sold Out

Atari Super Breakout, (C) RX8006 $16.50

Atari Super Breakout, (C) Less manual RX8006-LM $8.50

Atari Tennis. (C)  RX8042  Sold Out

Atari Thunder Fox (C) RX8113  Sold Out

Atari 3D Tic Tac Toe (C) CXL4010 $9.95

Atari Bruce Lee Prototype / Unreleased XE Game Cartridge. 1 or 2 Player, Computer vs Opponent CB103105 $34.95

Atari Vegas Poker. Similar to early generation Las Vegas Video Poker machines, but you use your Joystick to Hold or Draw your Playing cards on the Screen. Atari Vegas Poker has a Set up mode where you can change the Default modes of your Video Poker Machine! Grubstake or Jackpot modes for the amount of Credits, Payoff values for different Card hands and Different Wager amounts to be subtracted from your Credits for each hand. Requires a Joystick. (C) Prototype CB103046 $15.00

Page 122 Atari 400/800 In Store Demo Cartridge CXL4019  Sold Out

Atari XE Demo Cartridge CA400201 $34.95

Activisions Decathlon Cartridge CB102086 Sold Out

Activisions Beam Rider Cartridge CB102089 Sold Out

Activisions Hero Cartridge CB102087 Sold Out

Activisions Keystone Kapers (C) CB102365 Sold Out

Activisions Pitfall Cartridge CB102085 $39.95

Activisions Kaboom (C) CB101918 $21.95

Activisions River Raid (C) CB102084 $19.95

Activisions Zenji (C) CB101886 $17.95

Activisions Zone Ranger(C) CB102088 Sold Out

Broderbunds Choplifter (C) CB103112  Sold Out

Parker Bros. Star Wars, Return of the Jedi CB101303 $24.95

Parker Brothers Astro Chase (400 / 800 Computers only).  (C). CB101365  $19.95

 Imagic Demon Attack (C) CB101355 $9.95

Zeppelin Games "Draconus".  Draconus is set on an Alien Planet ruled by the Tyrant Beast who must be Obliterated. (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102096  Sold Out     

Special Find!  The Classic Atari SynFile+ Ultimate Filing System Program.  No matter what kind of information you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynFile+ gives you the easiest and Most Powerful way to organize it with your Atri 8 bit computer.  Create and Print files, Records or Reports for Business applications like Expenses, Invoices, Addresses and Customer lists.  For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank.  Synapse SynFile+ Program Disk, Tutorial Disk, Quick Reference Card, 121 page Manual in a binder.  AX2031  $39.95

Special Find!  The Classic Atari SynFile+ Ultimate Filing System Program.  No matter what kind of information you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynFile+ gives you the easiest and Most Powerful way to organize it with your Atri 8 bit computer.  Create and Print files, Records or Reports for Business applications like Expenses, Invoices, Addresses and Customer lists.  For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank.  Synapse SynFile+ Program Disk, Tutorial Disk, Quick Reference Card, 121 page Manual in a binder.  AX2031  $39.95

Synsoft.jpg (26010 bytes)Special Find! The Classic Atari SynCalc Straightforward Spreadsheet. No matter what kind of figures you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynCalc gives you the easiest and most Powerful way to Calculate with your Atari 8 bit computer system. Set up and print professional spreadsheets for Business applications like Sales and Cost estimates. Use SynCalc to solve "What If" questions for Business and Personal investing. Handle personal finances like checkbook balancing, family budgeting and income tax calculation. SynCalc can also help you with your Math, Science or Business class homework. SynCalc is fully compatible with SynFile, SynTrend, Atariwriter and VisiCalc Atari programs. For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank. Synapse SynCalc Program Disk, Quick Reference Card, 146 page Manual in a Binder. AX2030 $39.95

Video 61's "Checkers" The Old Traditional Checkers game with a few new Twists! 5 Levels of play, Beginner-Novice-Expert-Master-Grand Master and Champion! Option for Red Player to move 1st or 2nd at the beginning of the game! 1 Player Vs Computer. 400 /800/XL/XE Computer with a Min. 16 Memory. Requires Joystick. (C) CB103036 $19.95

Video 61's "Hearts" The Object of the Hearts Card game is to get all of the Hearts cards or take as few as possible! In the version of Hearts Card game you are dealt 13 playing cards and will play 3 computer opponents! The lowest Score wins the game! For 400/800/XL/XE Computers with a Min. 48K Memory. Requires 1 Joystick. (C) CB103035 $19.95

Page 123 MPP / Supra Assault Force (C/D) CB101311 $19.95

Parker Bros. Frogger (C) CB101689 $17.95

Parker Bros. Astro Chase (C) CB101365 $9.95

Parker Bros. Qbert (C) CB103012 $35.95

Rocklan Gorf (C) CB101451 $29.95

Rocklan Wizard of War (C) CB101312 $17.95

Serria On-Line Mr. Cool (C) CB101313 $19.95

Synapase Software Claim Jumper (C) CB101897 $17.95

Synapase Software Chicken (C) CB101898 $17.95

Synapase Software Slime (C) CB101899 $19.95

TG Software's Abracadabra (C) CB101930 $9.95

TG Software's Ozzy's Orchard (C) CB101945 $9.95

Page 124 Datasoft Napoleon in Russia (D) CB103111 $14.95

Mirage Software's "Special Forces Operation Blood II"  CB102369  Sold Out

Mirage Software's Sound Tracker......CB102371 Sold Out

KE Soft's "The Brundles" a Lemmings type of disk Game.  100 Levels, 10 Landscapes and 10 Musical Tunes.  For Atai XL/XE Computer (D) CB102370  $32.95

Zeppelin Games Cavernia (D) CB102097 $13.95

Zeppelin Games Draconus (D) CB102096 Sold Out

Zeppelin Games Fred (D) CB102090 $19.95

L.K. Avalons Hans Kloss (D) CB102229 $14.95

Zeppelin Games Mirax Force (D) CB102093 Sold Out

Zeppelin Games Mountain Bike (D) CB102230 $14.95

A.N.G Software's Operation Blood (D) CB1012227 $19.95

Page 125 Zeppelin Games "Ninja Commando" CB102094 Sold Out

Zeppelin Games Scary School (D) CB102092 $19.95

Zeppelin Games Stackup (D) CB102095 $19.95

Micro Discount's Tagalon (D) CB102115 $14.95

Spinnaker Alf in Color Caves (C) CB101200 Sold Out

Page 126 Spinnaker Hey Diddle Diddle (D) CB101441 $14.95

Spinnaker Kindercomp (C) CB101310 $14.95

Atari /  Walt Disney's Mickey In the Great Outdoors (D) DX5050 $15.00

Atari Music Composer CXL4007 $19.95

Atari Music I (D) AX2020 $24.95

Atari Calculator Program (D) CX8102 $19.95

Page 128 Atari Video Easel Program (C) CXL4005 $9.95

Atari Conversational German Language, (less Binder) (Cass) CX4118-Lb $10.00

Atari Conversational Spanish Language (Cass) CX4120 Sold Out 

Atari Conversational French Manual CO15727-19 $4.95

Atari Conversational German Manual CO15727-18 $4.95

Atari Conversational Spanish Manual CO15727-20 $4.95

Atari European Countries and Capitals (Cass) CX4114 $9.95

Atari Educational System Master Cartridge (C) Cartridge only CXL4001 $45.00

Atari Educational Basic Sociology (Cass) CX6005 $15.00

Atari Educational Basic Psychology (Cass) CX6011 $15.00

Atari Educational Counseling Procedures Tape Set CX6006 Sold Out

Video 61 "Ultra Translator" Ultra Translator Cartridge is designed to run with the Atari 600XL (with 64K)/800XL/65XE/130XE and XE Game Machines!  The Ultra Translator allows you to run Incompatible Disk Based, Cartridge Based and Taped based 400/800 Atari Software designed originally designed to run on the 400/800 Atari Computers only!  No matter if they are Machine Language or Basic language version Atari software, the Translator does its job well.  Just some of the Features/Selections from the Ultra Translator Menu:  Toggle Between 48/52K, Run Translator, Toggle Basic and Run, Boot 400/800 Cartridge. (C) CB103037 $19.95

Page 130 Public Domain Modem Software (D) CB101880 $4.95

Atari DOS II Reference Manual CO16347 $15.00

Atari Master DOS II Kit CB102440 $22.95

Page 129 Atari U.S. Translator Disk (D) DX5063 $9.95

Atari PAL Translator Disk (D) FK100807 $9.95

AtariLab Light Module Fluorescent Light Stick CB102029 $3.50

Flip N File Disk Storage unit.  CB101924 Sold Out

Flip N File ST version CB101821 Sold Out

The Unreleased "Atari SX Express" Modem / Terminal Emulator Program with Atari 3 foot SIO cable.  DX5089 for the Atari SX212 Modem. (D).  CB102016  $25.00

Page 130 Atari Touch Typing Lessons A & B (Cass) CX4110 Sold Out

Atari Statistics I Manual CO15727-03 $4.95

Atari Graph It Manual CO15727-09 $4.95

Atari States & Capitals  (Cass) CX4112 $4.95

Atari Juggles House Tape (Cass) CX4130 $4.95

Atari Juggles Rainbow Tape (Cass) CX4129 $4.95

Atari Salmon Run Tape (Cass) APX0120 $4.95

Atari An Invitation to Programming (Cass) CX4101  $4.95

Atari Writing programs, Basic (B tape only, no A tape)  CX4106  $4.95

Atari Writing Programs I & II (Cass) $9.95

Atari Writing Programs I & II Manual CO15727-6 $4.95

Atari Intro to Sound & Graphics (Cass) CX4117 $9.95

Atari Intro to Sound& Graphics Manual CO15727-17 Sold Out

Page 131 Atari 810 Analog Upgrade Kit CB101128 $79.95

Atari 810 Top Analog Card only CA017936  Sold Out

Atari 810 Rear Analog power supply board only No analog top card or ribbon cable CA017937 $49.95

Atari 810 Populated sideboard with plug in daughter Data separator board, no metal RF shield cover.  CA014834 $39.95

Atari  810 Factory Diagnostic Cartridge  CB101129 25.00

Atari 810 Brown dust cover CB101139  $9.95

Page 132  Atari 810 Top and Bottom case set  CO12972  Sold Out

Page 133  Atari Tandon 810 New Upgraded front Lift door Assembly FA100467 $4.95

810 Tandon 5 1/4 inch Disk Drive Transport CA017297  Sold Out Atari 810

New Drop in 810 MPI 5 1/4 Disk Drive Drive transport Mech. (810's with push button opening front door) CA014072 $45.00

810 / 1050 Drive select switch CO14725  $2.00

810 / 1050 1 - 8 Drive number stickers CB101460  Sold Out

810 / 1050 Felt (Rabbits hair) round pusher pad for the upper head assembly arm.   CO17511 $3.00 

Page 134 Sam's 1050 Computerfacts Service Manual CB101163 Sold Out

Atari 1050 CPS (Consumer Products Service) Diagnostic Disk.  Auto test mode Check / Does, MPU / Controller  / Drive Status, Command Test, Write Protect Test, Motor Start Test, Motor Speed Test, Stop / Settle test and Track 00 test.  A must have for any Atari 1050 Disk Drive owner.  FD100690  $20.00

Page 135 Atari 1050 White top case with label  CB101157 $29.95   (2 non interchangeable styles, E-Mail us)

Atari 1050 Bottom white case CB101158 $19.95

Atari 1050 Tandon disk drive mech.  CB101147  $69.95

Atari 1050 Tandon track 00 sensor CB101148  $12.00

Atari 1050 World Storage drive mech drive belt.  CB10149 $12.00 Limit 1

Atari 1050 World Storage track 00 sensor CB101150 $15.00

1050 Disk drive Head pad holder and Rabbit hair pad.  CB101159  $6.95

Page 136  XF551 Drive drive generic drive Transport CB102339  Sold Out

Page 137 Atari DOS II (2.0S) Manual CO16347 $15.00

Atari DOS II Source Listing, 100 pages CB101348  $12.00

Atari 1050 Owners manual / DOS 2.50 version, no DOS disk, 147 pages  CO72033


Atari DOS II Reference Manual CO16347 $15.00

Atari DOS II (2.0S) Kit.   Kit includes one Atari Master Diskette II (2.0S), one CO16347 Atari DOS II Reference Manual, one CX8111 Formatted Diskette and one Atari Diskette Holder (3 ring binder type).  CB102440  $22.95

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS Diskette II (2.0S).  Will run all on Atari 8 bit computers and Atari Disk Drives.  (D) CX8104  $10.00

Atari 1050 / XF551 DOS 2.50 disk  DX5075 $15.00

Atari XF551 DOS 2.50 Owners manual only, no DOS Disk, 149 pages  CO33537 $10.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 DOS 2.50 Disk and XF551 Owners Manual, 149 page CB102445  $24.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS XE Diskette DSDD.  For use with the Atari XF551 Disk Drive, other third party made Atari DSDD disk drives and XL / XE Atari Computers only.  DX5090   $15.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 DOS XE Diskette DSDD and XF551 English Owners manual, 135 page CB101719 $27.95

Page 138  Atari 5 1/4 2 disk holder.  This Atari hard cardboard disk holder has the 3 ring binder holes so

you can file your Atari 8 bit disks away in a three ring Atari binder.  CO16349  $1.00 each  

5 1/4 inch Tyvek Disk Sleeves CB101252-50 50 sleeves pack $5.00  CB101252-100 100 sleeves pack $8.00

10 Pack Bulk 3 1/2 DSDD Disks with other company disk labels attached CB102499-10   Sold Out

100 Pack Bulk 3 1/2 DSDD Disks with other company disk labels attached  CB102499-100  Sold Out

10 pack New 720K DSDD Blank disks (Blue, Black, or Tan colors) Bagged included with 10 Blank color 3 1/2 adhesive backed Disk labels supplied.   CB102499 $9.95 per pack 

More Information and pictures on our 3 1/2 inch floppy disks

10 Pack Bulk 5 1/4 Disks with sleeves SSSD CB101883-10  Sold Out  

100 Pack Bulk 5 1/4 Disks with sleeves SSSD CB101883-100 Sold Out

10 (Verbatim or Sony) New in the factory Shrunk wrapped box with disk labels/disk sleeves 5 1/4 DSDD Atari Soft-Sectored Disks with Hub rings CB101883B $15.00

New boxed 5 1/4" Plastic Disk Notcher  CB101364  $10.00

Page 139  Atari 410 Counter Belt FC100013  $7.95  Limit one

Atari C.P.S. Digital Test Tape CB101463  Sold Out

Atari 1010 Dust cover  CB101448   Sold Out

Page 140 Atari Chelco made 1010 Motor Drive Belt FC100250 (two styles) $3.00 each

Atari Chelco made 1010 Counter Belt FC100251 $3.00

Page 141 Atari 1030 Plastic Case Set CB101207 Sold Out

Atari 850 Top and Bottom case set CB101209 $29.95

Page 142  Atari 820 US Owners manual, 11 pages CO14762  $10.00

Atari 820 US Field Service Manual, 82 pages FD100048 $30.00

Atari 820 Printer Mechanism internal drive belt CO16732-025 Sold Out

Atari 820 Printer Mechanism CA014701 Sold Out

Atari 822 Printer Thermal Head CB101726 $19.95

Page 143 1020 Platen Motor Unit FC100371  Sold Out

1020 Head Motor Unit FC100370 Sold Out

1020 Printer Mechanism CB101170 Sold Out

1020 Small gear set (2) for the Platen and Head Motors CB101727 $15.00  Limit of 1 set (2 gears) per customer

Page 146  Atari XDM121 Top Smoke cover  C399020 29.95

Atari XDM121 US Owners Manual CO26323 $16.95

Atari XDM1 Single sheet feeder.  CB102024  Sold Out

Page 147 Atari XMM801 / SMM804 Top smoke cover C399022  $45.95

Page 148  Atari 820 40 Column Printer Paper roll. CB101922 $12.95  Limit 1

Atari 820 Ribbon CO14854 $15.95  Limit 1

Atari 825 Zip Ribbon pack CB101737 17.95  Limit 1

Atari 1020 BX4204 Color Pen Set (4 pens per set) CO61420-01 $6.00   New Limit 10 sets per customer

Atari 1020 BX4206 Black Pen Set (4 pens per set) CO61420-03 $6.00

Atari 1020 Plotter paper roll set (2 Rolls per package) These are the original Japanese Alps (the manufacture who made the Atari 1020 internal printer mech.) made 1020 printer rolls with the very smooth surface and bright white color.  Be aware of generic after market 1020 printer replacement paper with a rough surface and very off white/ light brown color.  Generic replacement 1020 paper not made Alps, does not print with the same quality as the OEM Alps made 1020 paper.  CO61533 Sold Out

Atari 822 40 Column Thermo Paper set (2 rolls) CO16345 $8.00

Atari 1025 Fresh Black Spool to Spool Ribbon CB101253  $12.95    

Atari 1027 Printer New fresh Black Ink Roller FC100626 $9.95

Atari 1029 Ribbon CB101923 $14.95

Page 149 Savmore Universal Re-Inking Machine, 220V Model CB102651-220 Sold Out

Savemore Universal Re-Inking Machine, 110V model CB102651-110 Sold Out

Savemore 50ml bottle of black Reinking ink CB102652 Sold Out

Microprint.jpg (6101 bytes)




Page 150 Best Electronics Special Buy! We Now have in stock the MicroPrint Parallel Printer Interface from Supra! This MicroPrint interface allows you to connect up any Industry Standard Parallel printer to your Atari 400/800/XL/XE 8 bit Computer! Like the MPP 1150 Printer Interface listed on page 149 the MicroPrint is the same type of Printer Interface but is missing the Extra 13 pin thru I/O Connector. MicroPrint Interface with 36 pin Male Centronics Connector and 5 ft Cable Assembly with Atari 13 pin connector. CB103038 $24.95





Atari 2600/2600A/2600JR US / NTSC Field Service Manual FD100133 $39.00

Atari PAL N 26000 / 2600A / 2600Jr Field Service Manual, 138 pages.  CB102554 $35.00

Atari PAL B / G 26000 / 2600A / 2600Jr Field Service Manual, 156 pages.  FD100047  Sold Out  

Atari 2600/2600A/2600JR Diagnostic Cartridge MA017600  $45.00

Atari 2600/2600A/2600JR PAL Diagnostic Cartridge  CB102363  $45.00

Atari DB-9 Shorting plugs (2) for all above 2600 / 2600A / 2600Jr Diagnostic Cartridges MA017602  $16.95 pr.

Page 151 Was Atari 2600/2600A Dust Cover Brown or Blue cloth CB10188-CL Sold Out

Atari 2600/2600A Dust Cover Brown vinyl CB101188-BR Sold Out

Atari 2600/2600A Dust cover Brown vinyl with white Atari Logo CB103100 Sold Out

Atari 2600/2600A Dust cover Brown vinyl with Gold Atari Logo CB103100-GL Sold Out

Atari 2600 / 2600A On/Off, Color/BW Slide Switch CO10373  $9.95 each   Limit 2

Atari 2600 / 2600A Momentary  Reset / Select Switch CO10388  $9.95 each   Limit 2

Atari 2600A/2600JR Left, Right difficulty and channel 2/3 Slide switch CO12241 $1.50 each

Atari 2600 / 2600A / 2600JR  2,200uF 16 V Japan made Axial Electrolytic Capacitor CO14373 $1.50

Atari 2600 / 2600A / 2600JR  820 pF Poly Sound caps  CO10821  $.35  (Limit 10)

Atari 2600/2600A Translucent Dust Cover.  CB103103 $12.95

Atari 2600A Switch Silver Foil Static Strip CO17295  Sold Out  

Atari 2600/2600A Switch Black foam Dust Cover CO10813 Sold Out

Atari 2600A 24 pin female Cartridge Connector, straight.  This new replacement 24 pin 2600A Cartridge connector is a slightly different version (but is fully compatible with the stock Atari OEM 24 pin straight connector) compared to the Atari OEM 24 pin 2600A Cartridge connector.  New 24 pin 2600A Cartridge connector is supplied with a quick reference Atari Tech install guide.  CO15902 $4.95

Page 152 Atari Reconditioned 2600 Video Game System! This is the Original / First 6 Switch Version 2600 System Atari Made! All Reconditioned 2600 Consoles are Circa Atari 1980 - 1984 Vintage. All Best’s Reconditioned Atari 2600/2600A systems are reconditioned with New Atari OEM Factory Replacement Parts and Tested and Burned in, using Atari 2600 Factory Diagnostic Equipment and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released.  Each Reconditioned Atari 2600 System comes with the 2600 Main Console, two BP or Pro-Stick Joysticks, New U.S. 110 Volt Atari Power Adapter, New Upgraded Atari R.F. Cable, New Atari Cable Ready TV Switch Box, New Owners Manual and New in the box Atari CX2692 Moon Patrol CB103086 $99.95

Atari Reconditioned 2600 Video Game System, Heavy Version (1st 2600 made in Sunnyvale CA) This is the Original / First 6 Switch Version thick case 2600 System Atari Made!  All Reconditioned 2600 Consoles are Circa Atari 1978 - 1980 Vintage.  All Best’s Reconditioned Atari 2600/2600A systems are reconditioned with New Atari OEM Factory Replacement Parts and Tested and Burned in, using Atari 2600 Factory Diagnostic Equipment and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released.  Each Reconditioned Atari 2600 System comes with the 2600 Main Console, two BP or Pro-Stick Joysticks, New U.S. 110 Volt Atari 2600 Power Adapter, New Upgraded Atari R.F. Cable, New Atari Universal Cable Ready TV Switch Box, New Owners Manual and New in the box Atari CX2692 Moon Patrol Game. CB103086H Sold Out

2600 12 pin female single row ribbon cable socket.  CO14778-3  $.50

2600 Sams 2600 US Service Manual CB101744 Sold Out

2600 Populated NTSC U.S. Mother Board Assembly CA010434-M,-F  Sold Out

Atari 2600 6 Switch NTSC/US Populated Motherboard CA010434 Sold Out

2600 NTSC U.S. Mother Board (Less Plug in I.C. Chips) CA010434-LC  Sold Out

2600 PAL Mother Board Assembly CB102595 $35.00

Atari 2600 Complete Switch board assembly CA012233-M, -F   Sold Out

Atari 2600 5 pin RF Modulator CA012174 $9.95

Atari 2600 3 pin RF Modulator  Call or E-Mail

Atari 2600 angled 24 pin female cartridge connector CO10806 $15.95

Atari 2600 angled 24 pin female cartridge connector, solder pull off new defective 2600 motherboard CO1806SP $9.95

Atari 2600 12 pin flat Mylar Male connecting cable  CO12776 $8.95

2600 Bezel Label CO10786  Sold Out

Page 153  Atari 2600 / 2600A  5 pin RF Modulator CA012174 $9.95

New Atari 2600A US Console CB102441  Sold Out

Atari Reconditioned 2600A Darth Vader version (all black) Video Game System! This is the Second Generation Atari 4 Switch 2600A System! All Best’s Reconditioned Atari 2600A systems are reconditioned with New Atari OEM Factory Replacement Parts and Tested and Burned in, using Atari 2600 Factory Diagnostic Equipment and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released.  Each Reconditioned Atari 2600A System comes with the 2600A Main Console, two BP or Pro-Stick Joysticks, New U.S. 110 Volt Atari Power Adapter, New Upgraded Atari R.F. Cable, New Atari Cable Ready TV Switch Box, New Owners Manual and New in the box Atari CX2692 Moon Patrol.  CB103086V $94.95

Page 153 Atari Reconditioned 2600A Video Game System! This is the Second Generation Atari 4 Switch 2600A System! All Best’s Reconditioned Atari 2600A systems are reconditioned with New Atari OEM Factory Replacement Parts and Tested and Burned in, using Atari 2600 Factory Diagnostic Equipment and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released.  Each Reconditioned Atari 2600A System comes with the 2600A Main Console, 2 BP or Pro-Stick Joysticks, New U.S. 110 Volt Atari Power Adapter, New Upgraded Atari R.F. Cable, New Atari Cable Ready TV Switch Box, New Owners Manual and New in the box Atari CX2692 Moon Patrol Game CB103086 $89.95

2600A Populated NTSC U.S. Mother Board Assembly CA015911 $49.95

2600A NTSC U.S. Mother Board (Less Plug in Chips) CB101190 $27

Atari 2600A/2600Jr 24 pin female Cartridge Connector, straight CO15902 $4.95

All ICD products listed on pages 105 and 106 are Sold Out!

Page 154 Best Electronics Special Find. New in the Atari Silver Collector’s Box, Atari 2600Jr ’s, Euro Version (Plays all US/NTSC 2600 Games). These New Atari 2600Jr’s are How Atari sold the last 2600Jr’s in Europe. Each Silver Atari Euro 2600Jr. box has information on the outside of the Box in 6 different Languages. Comes with Atari 2600Jr Slim line NTSC/US Console, one Atari CX78 Joypad, Atari 2600Jr. US Power Supply, Upgraded Atari 2600Jr. RF cable, Atari TV Switch box with Coax Adapters and 2600Jr. Owner’s Manual. CB102570-Euro Sold Out

Atari 2600Jr US Motherboard CB103110 $39.95

Atari 2600Jr. Top case Rainbow Silver label CB102263 $9.95

 Atari 2600Jr Top Case label, small rectangular red LED plastic Lens fits into small rectangular opening behind the 2600Jr silver metal label.  CB103158 $1.00

Atari 2600Jr Right Angle female RF RCA jack CB101362  $1.50

Page 155  Sears Arcade II US Motherboard CO18028  $39.95

Page 156 Atari Game Cartridge Library ORG300 Sold Out

Atari Game Cartridge Library Vinyl Binder ORG400  Sold Out

Atari Game Cartridge Library ORG500 $12

Page 155  Sears Arcade II / Atari 2800 Joystick / Paddle combo controller replacement X / Y / Fire button PCB board  CA018237 $4.95

Page 157 - 158 5200 Wico Command control Joystick CB102067 Sold Out!

Page 158  5200 Smoke colored Flip Lid cover CO18952 Sold Out!

Atari 5200 CPS Diagnostic Joystick Loop back 4 port jumper board. FA100046  $25.00

Atari 5200 CPS Diagnostic Joystick Loop back 2 port jumper board. CB101743 $30.00

5200 Auxiliary function snap in plastic bezel CO19654 / CO18110 $1.25

5200 2 / 4 port console left rear small Expansion door CO18139 $3.50

5200 CX52 Brown top plastic controller case half, no label CO18108 $7.50  (New found 5200 item)

5200 CX52 Top Actuator Plate CO18112 $3.95

5200 CX52 Bottom Actuator Plate CO18113 $2.95

5200 FC100214 Atari Consumer Products Service CX52 Knob Puller  Sold Out

5200 CX52 CO18118 CX52 Controller Potentiometer, 1st Gen. Panasonic version Sold Out

5200 CX52 Pot Ring, required on Panasonic version Pot CB101928 $1.50

5200 CX52 Flex circuit support plate CO18123 $4.95

5200 CX52 Controller Silicon carbon dot Numerical Keypad set (1-9, #, *) CO18126 $4.75

5200 CX52 Controller Boot CO21084  Sold Out 

5200 CX52 Gold Dot 2nd Gen. with tactical feed back Numerical Keypad set CO18126-G 2nd CX52 $7.00 

5200 CX52 Controller Cable assembly CA018145 $16.95  (Limit one)

5200 CX52 Joystick CB101201-12 CX52 12ft Extension cable (M – F)  Sold Out    

5200 CX52 Non Atari made new CX52 Controller cable assembly CA018145N $12.95

Atari 5200 Brown Dust Cover CB101066 Sold Out  See 5200 web page, custom made new translucent 5200 console dust cover

Atari 5200 Brown Dust Cover with white Atari Logo CB101066-LO Sold Out

Atari 5200 Brown Dust Cover with Gold Atari Logo CB101066-GL Sold Out

Atari 5200 Translucent Dust Cover Atari CB101066-T $12.95

Page 159  Atari 5200 4 port CX522 Switch Box CA018266 Sold Out

Atari 5200 Top Case Silver label CO18141 Sold Out

CO18130 CX52 Top case Name Plate

CO18108 CX52 Joystick top half case $4.95

CA021374 Atari 5200 2 Port fully populated US NTSC Motherboard (less RF shields) $55.00


CA018087 Atari 5200 4 Port fully populated US / NTSC Motherboard, less HD RF cable Sold Out


CA018087U Atari 5200 4 Port fully populated US / NTSC Atari Engineering Upgraded, last version 5200 Motherboard made with Atari 5200 retro fit Kit built into the motherboard.  This last production run of Atari 5200 4 port Motherboard has the 5200 Retro fit kit designed into last 5200 4 port motherboard.  So this Atari 5200 4 port new replacement motherboard will work with the Atari CX55 2600 "T" shaped 2600 adapter.  About 98% to 99% of the Atari 4 port consoles and 4 port 5200 motherboards made will not work with the Atari CX55 2600 Adapter, less HD RF cable $75.00

5200 4 Port Heavy Duty RF Cable CA018218 $21.95

5200 4 Port used / tested Heavy Duty RF Cable CA018218U $16.95

5200 2 /4 motherboard 36 pin female cartridge connector  CO18081 $5.95

5200 CX52 Controller Rev. 9 Gold Plated Flex Circuit CO18124-G $17.95

Page 161 New boxed Atari 5200 CX53 Trackball CX53  Sold Out

CX53 Trackball Cable (Tested Pull) CAO20338 $15.00 

CB103118 Atari CX53 Trackball Bearing only.  set of 5 New Bearings  $15.95   Below Wholesale cost!   Special buy!

CB103169 Atari CX53 Trackball Top Case Silver metal label  $15.95   (New found 5200 item)

CB103163 5200 CX53 Trackball rebuild kit, a set of 5 complete CX53 Motherboard I.C. chips plus 2 Optocoupler modules $15.00  (for Atari 5200 CX53 Trackball with one or two dead cursor X / Y directions)  New Item!

CB103164  5200 CX52 Trackball Complete rebuild kit, a set of 5 complete CX53 Motherboard I.C. chips plus 2 Optocoupler modules and 5 New CX53 bearings $30.00   New Item!

CX53 Trackball internal top control PCB board  CA020286  $15.95

Page 163 New CX7800 System SOLD OUT!

Atari 7800 top case silver label CB102348  Sold Out

Atari 7800 used Top and Bottom RF shield set  CB102238 $15.00

Atari 7800 bottom case rubber feet set (4 feet) CB103158  $2.95

Atari 7800 32 pin female game cartridge connector CB101193 $9.95

Atari 7800 power adapter cable CB102080  CB102080 $9.95

Atari 7800 Black cartridge guide  CB102320 Sold Out

Atari 7800 R/A Power Jack, solder pull  CB101194 $12.95

Atari 7800 14.31818 motherboard hand selected and tested Crystal C024912-7800 $4.95

Page 163 Reconditioned Atari US CX7800 System. Comes with CX7800 Console (All in like New condition) with 2 BP Joysticks, New US CX7800 Power Supply, New Cable Ready Universal TV Switch Box, New Upgraded Atari RF Cable (better than stock supplied 7800 RF cable), New boxed 7800 Jinks and New 7800 system Owners Manual. CX7800-RE  Temporally out of stock!

Reconditioned Atari US CX7800 System, same as above CX7800 System but Upgraded (substituted for the two BP controllers) to one New European version Atari CX78 Joypad (shipped with all Atari European CX7800's sold). CX7800-RE78 Temporally out of stock!

Reconditioned Atari US CX7800 System Upgraded with the Atari Engineering 7800 Rev. 2 Composite Video Modification.  Comes with CX7800 Console (All in like New condition), two New Non Atari brand PB or Pro-Stick Joysticks your choice (Click here to see pictures of the Joysticks) (Some Atari 7800 game cartridges require an Atari CX24 Joystick or CX78 Joypad for proper game operation), New Atari CX7800 Power Supply, New boxed Atari 7800 Jinks game with Owners Manual (see Atari 7800 Game listing below for more information on the Atari 7800 Jinks game), New 7800 System Owners Manual and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released!    CX7800-RECV Temporally out of stock!

Reconditioned Atari US CX7800 System Upgraded with the Atari Engineering 7800 Rev. 2 Composite Video Modification and Atari 7800 OS Upgrades below.  Comes with CX7800 Console (All in like New condition), two New Non Atari brand PB or Pro-Stick Joysticks your choice (Click here to see pictures of the Joysticks) (Some Atari 7800 game cartridges require an Atari CX24 Joystick or CX78 Joypad for proper game operation), New Atari CX7800 Power Supply, New boxed Atari 7800 Jinks game with Owners Manual (see Atari 7800 Game listing below for more information on the Atari 7800 Jinks game), New 7800 System Owners Manual and comes with the same Atari 90 day Warranty as when they were first released!    CX7800-RECVOS Temporally out of stock!

phonecard.jpg (25036 bytes)

Atari Euro CX78 Joypads $39.95 each

7800 NTSC U.S. Mother Board populated CO25233  Sold Out

7800 Translucent Dust Cover CB103122 $12.95

7800 Top and Bottom plastic case set CB102237 Sold Out

Page 164 7800 Populated Game Cartridge printed Circuit board (no game ROM) C100339 Sold Out

CB102576 Was Lynx II LCD Back light assembly. Includes Black Light and reflector Corrected to Lynx II LCD Back light assembly. Includes Back Light and reflector

Was Lynx II 34 pin Right Angle Internal Game Card connector Assembly CB101847-2

Now: Lynx II 34 pin Right Angle Internal Game Card connector Assembly, "Solder Pull" CB101847-2 $12.00

Lynx II Motherboard CB102586 $65.95  Limit one per customer.

Lynx II Clear snap in Window cover. CB103145 $35.00  Limit one per customer. 

Blu Lightning Cart.jpg (4247 bytes)



Atari Lynx Blue Lightning Demo Cartridge with Gold Blue Lightning Label. Never sold retail by Atari, but was given out to Large Chain Stores to Demo the Lynx I and II units on display! The Atari Demo Cartridge runs a Continuous Impressive Blue Lightning Demo CB103092 $20





Page 165  Lynx I ROM cartridge swing open door CB101849  $25.00

Page 166  Lynx I Sun Screen  PAG3400 $12.95

Page 167  Lynx II Internal Flex Circuit CB102573 $12.95

Page 168  Atari Lynx II Speaker CB102577 $9.93

Bests New Lynx II upgrade Internal Speaker CB102577-BEST  $12.50   

Best Lynx I/II Ni Cad battery pack.  Sold Out

Atari Lynx II generic Speaker, no wire harness CB10577-G $4.95

Jaguar ProController….. CB102939 Sold Out

Atari US Jaguar Console New in the box CB103050 $699.00  Limit 1 per customer!

Page 169 Jaguar System Test Cartridge! This Atari internal use Jaguar System Test cartridge runs over 6 different systems Tests, includes a Mini Cybermorph game, digitized Picture and a Jaguar Joy pad  test program! CB103073 $79.95

Atari Jaguar Power Pad and Atari Jaguar Pro controler replacement cable.  CB102255 $9.95

Page 170 Jaguar S-Video Cable CB102355 Sold Out

Bests New Jaguar , Enhanced S-Video and Composite Combo cable CB101280E  $44.95

Jaguar Composite Video Cable CB102354  $35.00

Page 171  Atari CX20 Driving controller replacement cables CA010865 Sold Out

Reconditioned Atari CX20 Driving controller CA910866-RE  Sold Out

Jaguar CD replaceable Pass thru PC Card Was CB10239 $19.95 Corrected to CB102939 $19.95

Atari Jaguar Promotional Audio CD! This "Atari Launches" the Jaguar Audio CD (Left in picture below) has a under 5 minute Audio Promotional/Commercial for the New Jaguar CD player. This Jaguar Audio CD was never sold by Atari but given away at Trade shows or potential Atari Dealers/Distributors. A very Unique Atari Collector item! Black and Red Silk-screened Atari Jaguar CD in a Jewel Case. Very Limited Quantities!! CB103084 Sold Out

Jag Test CD.jpg (3559 bytes)Atari Jaguar CD Test Disk. This "Atari Test Disc 2A Multisession Format 26 October 1995" (Middle CD to left) came right out of the Atari Tech area! This Audio and Visual Jag CD Test Disk was used by Atari Incoming QA Departments and Also used to check all returned Jag CD players.  Requires a Jaguar CD Test cartridge to use this Jaguar CD Test Disk. Jag Test CD in a Jewel Case. CB103085 $25

CX22 Atari Track Ball Controller CX22 Sold Out


Page 172  Atari CX22 Trackball  Round Fire Black / Brown Fire button.  CB102327 $12.00

Atari CX22 Trackball rebuild kit, a set of 5 complete CX22 Motherboard I.C. chips plus 2 Optocoupler modules CB103165  $15.00  New Item!

Atari CX22 Trackball Complete rebuild kit, a set of 5 complete CX22 Motherboard I.C. chips plus 2 Optocoupler modules and 5 New CX22 bearings CB103166 $30.00   New Item!

Atari CX24 Joystick Black Mushroom Handle  CB101240 $3.95

Atari CX24 Joystick Handle Metal Shaft CB102249 $3.00

Atari CX24 Joystick + Clear Plastic Actuator  CB103153 $3.50

Atari CX24 Joystick Left and Right Orange Fire button  CO21388 $2.95

Atari CX24 Joystick Fire button conical spring  CB102330 $1.00

Atari CX24 Joystick controller cable CB101196 $7.50

Atari CX24 Joystick stock Fire button PCB board  CO20292  $2.50

Atari CX24 Joystick stock X / Y PCB board  CB101239 $3.50

Atari CX24 Joystick bottom case  CB102329 $4.50 

Atari CX30 Paddle Pot Locking nut CB103109 $ .50

Atari CX30 Paddle Knob CO10457 $4.50

Atari CX30 Paddle Front case CO10737 Sold Out  

Atari CX30 Paddle Back Case CO10738 $3.50

Atari CX30 Paddle "Y" cable CO10810   Sold Out 

Atari CX30 Paddle Fire Button CO10739  Sold Out  

Atari CX30 Paddle Label CO12766  $2.95  Limit 2

Atari 1 meg CX30 Paddle 2nd Generation Super Potentiometer CO10464-S5 $12.00

CX30 Atari Paddles CX30 Upgraded Atari Paddles with Bests lifetime 2nd Gen. S5 CX30 Super Pots  CX30-S5 $38.95

CX23 Kids Keyboard Controller CX23 Now $14.00

Page 173  CX40 Joystick Rubber Boot CO12109 $4.95  Back in stock temporally no Qty limit at this time

The New 2016 Best CX40 Silicon Lifetime Joystick boot.   CO12109-S $6.50

Atari CX40 Joystick Handle CO12116 Sold Out


The New 2018 Best CX40 Super Handle CO12116-SH  $12.95 (Min. Qty 2)

The 30 month story behind the making of the just released Best CX40 Super handles


Now for the 1st time in the last 2+ years the very popular Best CX40 Atari Joystick Gold rebuild kits are back in stock with the just released 4th Gen. Best CX40 Gold PCB boards and Brand New 2018 Upgraded / Improved Best CX40 Super handles.  CB101211UG-4th GEN $20.95

Atari CX40 Orange/Red Fire button CO12114  Sold Out

Best 4th Gen. Upgraded Gold CX40 Internal PCB CO121110G  $9.95 each (Min. 2 Qty per order)

Atari CX40 6 conductor Joystick Cable CA014058 / FK100306  Sold Out

The Best New 2019 Upgraded / Enhanced 7 foot Atari CX40 replacement Joystick cable CA014058-B  $12.95 

Non Atari made replacement CX40 Joystick cable.  This PPI made DB-9 female Joystick cable is 5 1/2 feet long compared to stock Atari Joystick cable of 4 foot.  It has the same Atari color coded 6 conductor wires as the Atari OEM CX40 Joystick cable.  But the 6 loose wires are shorter in length compared a stock made Atari CX40 joystick cable wires.  These shorter wires are only 2 1/4 to 2 5/8 inches in length and only the black wire has the Molex slide on metal clip.  The other 5 Atari color coded CX40 Joystick wires are bare and will have to be stripped down to the copper wire and soldered directly to the Atari CX40 internal stock Internal PCB board or the Best CX40 Gold PCB board trace pads (which have the Joystick connection / wire pads on the right hand side of the internal CX40PCB boards)  Older Atari CX40 style PCB boards with the 3 slide on connections per left and right sides of the older style Internal CX40 PCB board will require an extension wires be soldered to the 3 Joystick conductors to stretch them to the far left side of the older internal CX40 PCB board contact pads. CB103148  $7.95    Limit of 2 per customer  

Non Atari made fully wired 9 conductor black Joystick cable, 4 1/2 foot CB101283  $9.95

Atari Joystick cable fully wired 8 conductor with 3 inch leads with metal contacts.  CB102261 $12.95

Atari Joystick cable with 8 conductors with 1 inch bare wires.  CB101216 $12.95

Atari CX40 Fire Orange Fire button CO12114 $4.95  Limit 2

New! CX41 Atari Single Joystick Repair Kit.  Comes with 1 each, CX40 XY PCB, CX40 Fire button Spring, CX40 Boot Locking Ring, CX40 Rubber Boot and CX40 White plastic handle.  Sold Out

Atari 40 Deluxe Joystick rebuild Kit  FK100172  Sold Out

prostick3.jpg (7378 bytes)The Pro-Stick Joystick is like a standard CX40 Joystick but with a Red Base/Black Top, Red Joystick boot, Left or Right side dual Red Fire buttons on the base (for Left or Right handed People), Molded Plastic Handle Grip with Top Fire button too and Joystick cable comes out of the center bottom of the Pro-Stick! Special Buy! Limited Supply CB103045 $7.95

CX20 Atari 500 Driving Controller. CA010866  Sold Out



Atari CX24


Atari CX24 Joysticks.  These are Not "Reconditioned"," Tested" or Used Atari CX24 Joysticks you find on the Net (ask before you buy), but all New in the Box Atari CX24 Joysticks!  The Atari CX24 Joysticks are the Slim Line Double fire button Joysticks that were shipped with the US Atari 7800 Systems.  They will also work on all of the Atari 2600 series machines made and all of the other Atari systems made except the Atari 5200, ST Computers and Jaguar systems! CX24 Sold Out

Reconditioned Atari CX24 Joystick Upgraded with Bests All Gold lifetime PCB board set  CX24-RG  $29.95

The history of the Atari CX24 Joystick and the making of the Best new CX24 Gold Lifetime board set



CX42 Atari 2600 Remote Control Joysticks CX42  Sold Out

Page 174 The Best Wico Command Control Joystick for the Atari 5200….. CB102067 Sold Out

Super Stik Atari Joystick. Of all of the Atari Joysticks we have seen and had in stock for the Last 17+ years, the Super Stik has one of the most Smoothest Joystick actions (next to the Wico Brand Joysticks) and Heaviest internal contact constructions we have ever seen. These Super Stik Atari Joysticks are Reconditioned (in most cases, all they needed was a New joystick cable to replace a defective one) by Best Electronics. Features of the Super Stik Atari Joystick. Self-Centering Joystick Handle, Internal Heavy-Duty Metal Leaf and Metal Ball contacts, 4 inchJoystick 2.jpg (16422 bytes) Long Red Cylindrical Joystick Handle with top white Fire button, just perfect for the average size hand, for Left or Right handed Atari Joystick users, Countered bottom Joystick case perfect for holding the Super Stik from the left or right side or in your Palm, Smooth 8 way Joystick handle action, so smooth in most cases you can not feel the metal Leaf Switch making contact, For use with Atari 2600 / 7800/ 400 / 800/ 800XL / 1200XL / 600XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game System / 520ST / 520STFM / 1040ST / Mega / MegaSTE / TT and Falcon Atari Systems, Vic 20 and C64 Commodore Systems, All Super Stik replacement parts available from Best Electronics, Super Stik Joysticks Made in the USA. Unbelievable! 1 year Limited Warranty on the Super Stik Joystick from Best Electronics. CB103095 Sold Out

Page 175 Jaguar ProController….. CB102939  Sold Out

Atari CX80 Trackball CX80 Sold Out

Page 177 Wico Arcade Game Machine Heavy Duty Joystick CB101213  $25.00

Best CX34 Joystick replacement cable CB101799 $8.95

Page 178.  Atari 400 / 800 3 ring Mylar binder.  CO14722  $4.95

Page 179 Atari Service Center Hanging Silky Wall banner, 60 inches by 31 inches.  CB101330 $79.95

Atari Lynx hanging wall banner, 20 by 34 inches CB102517  $34.00

Atari Jaguar hanging wall banner, 23 1/2 by 47 1/2 inches  CB102943 $49.95

Atari Solid Brass Paper Weight CB101400 Sold Out

Atari Ms Pac Man Hanging Mobile CB102256 $59.95

Atari XC12 Cassette / Data program recorder XC12 $59.95

Atari XE Demo Cartridge CA400201  Sold Out

CA020528 Atari Service Center or Atari Club Stand Alone Test Unit  Sold Out

Page 180 Special Buy! Limited Supply! From the First World of Atari Trade Show in Las Vegas, Atari Collector "T" Shirts! These high Quality Fruit of the Loom brand short sleeve "T" Shirts, 50%Cotton, 50%Vegas tee.jpg (3199 bytes) Polyester Bend, are Navy Blue in color! Over the left chest area is a 3/4 inch Diameter Light Blue thin circle with a Solid Yellow Atari Fuji symbol inside, to the right of the Fuji symbol are the Red outlined words "The World of Atari", to the left is a light blue World Globe and below the Fuji symbol, Solid red words "Las Vegas 1998". Large and Extra Large Sizes. CB103094-L, -XL $20.00




Page 180 Atari Logo Shirt. Page 180 Atari Logo Shirt. These Quality Fruit of The Loom Brand, Dark Navy Blue "T" shirts are a 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blend. Each Short sleeve "T" shirt has a reinforced/stretchable neck lining. The front side White Atari Logo measures Approximately 7 3/8 wide by 8 inches high. Available in Large and Extra Large sizes. CB103096-L, -XL SOLD OUT

New HIGH Quality Embroidered Atari Logo T Shirts. Unlike other Silk Screen Logo Shirts, Our New Navy Atari Logo Embroidered T shirts will out last any regular Silk Screen T shirt! You will most likely wear out the T shirt before you wear out the Permanent Embroidered Eye Catching Large White Atari Logo on the front. These High Quality Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton Heavyweight T Shirts are made of 100% 6.1 oz. Pre-shrunk Cotton. Each shirt has a Double-stitched neck / Seamless Collar, Double-stitched Sleeves and Bottom Hem and Taped Shoulders. The High Quality Large 2 inch by 2 ¼ inch White Atari Logo and Name on each T Shirt has over 2,165 Stitches of White Polyester thread which is Embroidered on a 15 Needle machine. Each Large Atari Logo on the front is Quality Embroidered onto each T shirt with a Strong Pellon backing material. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XXXL sizes. CB103102-M, -L, $18.95 each  CB103102-XXL  Sold Out

Because of your Many Many requests, we also have a Very "Limited" Quantity of Embroidered Atari Logo Polo shirts! Because of your Many Many requests, we also have a Very "Limited" Quantity of Embroidered Atari Logo Polo shirts! The perfect gift for that Atari Person! These Stedman Knit Navy Sport Shirts by Hanes are made of 100% 7 Ounce Pique Knit Cotton, Welt Collar and Cuffs, Double Needle Bottom Hem and Wood Tone Buttons. Unlike other Embroidered Shirts with small hard to see Logo’s, Any person standing five to six feet away from you, will instantly recognize the Large Eye catching 2 inch by 2 ¼ inch 2,165 Stitched White Atari Logo and Name. Each Large Atari Logo is Embroidered onto the Hanes shirt with a Strong Pellon backing material. Available in Large, Extra Large sizes. CB103103-L,-XL CB103103-XXL  Sold Out

Atari 2600 Stargate Mylar Poster CB101329-SG $20.00

Atari Dig Dug Poster CB101329-DD  SOLD OUT!

Atari Jaguar Alien Vs Predator CB101329-JAP $24.90

Atari Jaguar Iron Soldier CB101329-JIS SOLD OUT!

Atari Real Sports "T" Shirt CB101333- S,-M $5.00 Now SOLD OUT!

Atari Computer Serious Business "T" Shirt, Gray Large and Extra Large.  CB102944-L, -XL $29.95 Atari Computer Serious Business "T" Shirt, Blue Large and Extra Large.  CB102945-L $29.95  XL Sold Out

Atari Jaguar T Shirt CB102947-M, -L, XL Sold Out

Catch on to Computers with Alfie and Atari.  Child Size 14 - 16 CB102949  Sold Out

Jag Clock.jpg (9660 bytes)




Atari Jaguar Clock Atari Jaguar Clock This battery operated Jaguar Clock, comes with an Atari Original Equipment Jaguar Green Blank PCB Board with Clock Mechanism (with wall mounting bracket) already installed. The Only installation that is required is to install the Brass Tear Drop Brass Shaped Clock hands (Hour, Minute and Second Sweep) on to the Clock Mechanism! (No Tools Required) One "A" size battery supplied with the Jaguar Clock! CB103060 $29.95




Atari Stock.jpg (5576 bytes)




Right out of Atari Corporate Head Quarters, Mounted and Framed Atari Technology Corp. Unreleased Stock Certificates! Each Atari Technology Corp. Stock Certificates has a Printed face Value of 20,000 Shares at $1 each! A very Unique One of a Kind Atari Collector Item! 5 Certificates left out of 20! CB103070 Out of stock at this time $75




Luv Atari Sticker.jpg (2599 bytes)We found a box in our Warehouse with a lot of Atari Dust on it, full of Atari Bumper stickers. We found a box in our Warehouse with a lots of Atari Dust on it, full of Atari Bumper Stickers (Circa 1987 Atari). They Say "I (Red Heart) Atari" These I Love Atari Bumper Stickers are 11 3/4 by 3 1/2 in size, with a black background, white block letters and Red Heart! CB103075 $10

Space invaders.jpg (4509 bytes)

A One of Kind Atari Collector Item! Mounted and Framed Atari 35mm Slide (each slide is imprinted "Atari Corporation" in black ink proving authenticity) and Atari Print (Approx. 3 X 5 inch) from that Slide! Each Full Color Print and Color 35mm Slide is handsomely Mounted in a 8 by 10 inch Frame ready to be hung up on your wall! Like Walt Disney Cels, these Atari Artwork 35mm Slides will Only increase in Atari Collector Value! 2600 Battlezone Box Cover Art, 2600 Space Invaders Screen Shot, 2600 Pole Position Box Art, 2600 Yar's Revenge Screen Shot, 2600 Missile Command Screen Shot, 5200 Gremlins Box Art, XE Thunder Fox Box Art, 7800 Food Fight Box Art, 7800 Scrapyard Dog Box Art, 7800 Moto Psycho Box Art, Xenophobe Box Art, 8 Bit Millipede Box Art and 8 Bit/5200 Pengo Box Art! CB103071-BA, -SI, -PP, -YR, -MC, -GR, -TF, -FF, -SD, -MP, -XE, -MI, -PE  All Out of stock at this time $59.95 ea


ATARI Schematic.jpg (5181 bytes)

Atari Internal Paperwork Collection! This is your chance to see a part of Atari Very few Non Atari Employees have seen! This Atari Internal paperwork collection ranges from the early days of Atari (1979) to the Last days of Atari/JTS (1998). You get 20 - 22 Original Atari Documents with Atari logo's like, Atari Finished Goods, Release (FGR) (5 Part form), Atari Inventory Control card (Right out of one of the Atari Warehouses), Atari Purchase Requisition (6 Part From), over 6 different Atari Mailing Envelopes, Atari Warehouse Shipping Label, Atari Material Transfer Order (MTO)(5 Part Form), An Atari Engineering Working Blue Print, Atari Graphics Department Project Card, Atari Accounting Shipping Document (3 Part), Atari Warehouse Box Stencil and much more! You also get Photo Copies of 10 other Atari Documents like, First Article Requisition (Atari QC department, Taiwan), First Article Sample Inspection Report (Atari Taiwan), Atari Engineering Fax cover Sheet (Atari Japan), Atari Fax Cover Sheet (USA), Facilities Work Order Request, Atari Corporation Engineering Change Order (2 part), Atari Approved Source of Supply, Atari Engineering New Release Documents and More! As an added Bonus, you also get two Atari Internal Documents that tell you how to Fill out the Atari Finished Goods Release forms and Shipping Documents. A Grand total of 35+ Atari Documents, Labels, Forms and Envelopes used at Atari! CB103082 $35

Microfish.jpg (2498 bytes)Right out of Atari Purchasing/Engineering Departments! This Atari Micro Fiche/Aperture Card is 7 3/8 by 3 1/4 inch card with Key Punch rectangular squares and a 1 3/4 by 1 1/4 inch Atari Negative imbedded into the Micro Fiche Card! Each Atari Micro Fiche Card has a printed Atari Engineering Part Number with a Description, Atari Engineering Drawing Size (A, B, C, D), Model used on, with the Atari Logo and Name! When Atari Purchasing would go out to buy a New or Past Atari part they would Give the Atari Vendor a Copy of the Print or Written Atari Specification that was on the Negative portion of the Micro Fiche card for quotation! 5 to 10 Thousand Different Atari Micro Fiche cards/Atari part numbers in stock! You may get an Atari Schematic Diagram, Engineering Blue Print, Electrical Diagram, Assembly Print, Exploded Assembly print or an Engineering written Specification Atari Micro Fiche Card! CB103072 $17

Atari Buttons.jpg (2645 bytes)Circa 1980 to 1985 Atari! Right out of the Warner/Atari Company store, Clothing label (See Above Picture, left side, right side Atari Home Computers Label). This 3 1/2 inch white paper Round Label says "Atari Company Store, A Warner Communications Company" it also has the Atari name with the Atari Fuji logo above it. Each Atari Clothing label has been laminated into a clear 4 inch protective cover so they will last for just about ever! They will make a Very Unique Atari cup coaster! We have actually talked to Atari Employees who say "I remember this label", it was on a Jacket I bought at the Atari Company Store! CB103074 $10

"Atari Home Computers" Label, Circa 1980 to 1985 Atari! These 1 1/2 inch Round labels "Atari Home Computers" Label, Circa 1980 to 1985 Atari! These 1 1/2 inch Round labels(Right side of above picture) were used by Atari on 8 bit products boxes and Trade shows! Each label is Silver in color with Blue letters and a Red, Yellow and Blue 1/4 of the label size Rainbow across the top. Each Atari label has been laminated into a clear 1 3/4 protective cover, so they are a Very Unique one of a kind Atari Collector item. CB103706 $3

Atari Epoxy Collector Pin! This 3/4 inch Square Atari Collector pin with Tie Tack mounting clasp, has a Multi Colored Atari Fuji Symbol with a White boarder and Black "Atari" name below! The Atari Name and Logo are on a polished Brass Back ground with a Clear Epoxy cover! CB103056 $7.95

 Atari Pins sm.jpg (1412 bytes)"I Love Atari" Collector Pin. This Brass plated Collector pin, has Individual Stamped out Metal Letters that Spell out "I Love Atari". Instead of a small letter "O" in the word Love there is a small Red Colored/Shaped Heart. This Atari Collector pin has a Double Tie Tack Mounting. CB103054 $7.95


Same as above "I Love Atari" Collector Pin, but in a Necklace version. Supplied with a Gold plated Chain with Locking clasp!  VERY LIMITED SUPPLY!! CB1030540-N $16.95  Limit one per customer!

Lynx Epoxy Pin! This very tiny (3/8 by 1 inch) Atari Lynx Epoxy Pin has the Lynx Logo and Atari Name/Logo below. This Tie tack pin has a Plastic backing clasp! CB103080 SOLD OUT!

Lynx APB Cloisonné Style PinLynx APB Cloisonné Style Pin. This Atari Collector pin has a multi Colored picture (blue, red, black and yellow colors) of the APB Game Logo with is outlined in Brass borders. This Atari Collector Pin has a Tie Tack mounting! CB103079 $10.00

Things to do.jpg (5373 bytes)




Circa 1982 Atari! Atari Employee internal use, "Atari Things To Do Today" white note pad with the Atari Logo and Name in the Left hand side upper corner with Block letters across the top "Things To Do Today". Below that there is a blank space for the Date and a Check off column for things Finished that day and then 1 - 12 places to list Things to do!! Note pad is about 1/4 inch thick, 8 1/2 by 11 Inches and each sheet of paper used in this note pad, is a heavy white bond type paper you do not see in most note pads today!! CB103081 $12




Atari Jaguar VHS NTSC Promotional Sales Video's or Jaguar TV Commercial's right out of the Atari Marketing Department! CB103086 $39.95

Page 181  Atari Car / Truck / Van or store Window Pressure sensitive Atari Service Factory Authorized decal  CB102081 $29.95

 Atari name with Atari Fuji Logo decal Set CB102687 Sold Out

Atari White Coffee Cup CB101337 Temporally out of Stock

Atari Black Coffee Cup CB101911 Temporally out of Stock

Page 182  Inflatable Red Atari Bird Kite  with string CB102056 $12.00

Atari Auto Recall Calculator CC192.  We have found that all of the New in the blister packed Atari CC192 Calculator series have a defective Chip.  They have all Failed or will soon Fail and the Calculator will not function properly.   The Atari CC192's Are Sold as a New Non Functioning Atari Collector Item! CC192 $15.95

Was Atari Sew-on 3 1/4 inch Diameter Blue, Red and Yellow "Atarian Certified Game Player" Patch CB101662 $3.50 Corrected to ........... Patch CB102662 $3.50

Atari Blue Logo and Name Transfer CB103018-LG Sold Out

Atari Navy/Black Logo and Name Iron on Transfer CB103020-SM Sold Out

Atari Jaguar CES Cat Eyes badge.  CB102996 $10.00

Page 183 Atari Auto Recall Calculator CC192 Sold Out

Page 184 Atari Rubber feet, sheet of 56 adhesive black feet  88-1004  $4.95

Atari 810 / 800 square metal Fuji label  CO14309  $6.95

Atari Hand held Printing Calculator  DMP2000  Sold Out

Atari Desk Top Printing Calculator  DMP2002  $69.95

Page 185  Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE / Disk Drive 1 foot SIO cable CB101276  Sold Out 

Atari 850 Serial CX87 Modem Cable CA015900-03  $15.00

Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE / Disk Drive / Peripheral SIO Devices 5 foot SIO cable CX81 $14.00

400/800/XL/XE 6 foot SIO cable CA015900-01 Sold Out

Bests New Enhanced 12 ft Atari 800/XL/XE Composite Monitor cable CB101280 $16.95

Was CC180 ...... $17.95 Corrected to Features of the CC193 Atari Solar Calculator: 23 Plastic entry Keys ........... CC193...

All new Atari CC193 Solar Calculators have developed a internal chip problem, which translates

to a LCD display problem. So they are now sold as a non functioning Atari Collector item.  Blister

packaging has been opened up on all CC193 left in stock.  $15.00

Page 186  Atari ST SF314 / SF354 25 inch Disk Drive fully molded cable (14 pin Male to 14 pin Male) CB101859 $15.00

Atari ST SF314 / SF354 3 foot Disk Drive fully molded cable (14 pin Male to 14 pin Male) C070139 $17.95

Atari ST SF314 / SF354 6 foot Disk Drive fully molded cable (14 pin Male to 14 pin Male) CB101119 $20.00

Atari DB-9 "Y" cable.  CB101215 $12.95 

Atari 850 Serial Modem Cable CA015900-03  $15.00

Page 187  21 inch Atari ST DMA Hard drive extension cable.  CB102952 $20.00

Page 189 Best Tech Tip, Multi Sync ST Compatible Monitors, Addition: Samsung Model # CN455, Acer 15P, Acer 7015, AOC CM-324, AOC CM-326, Carroll Touch CT1381A, Compeq CT-1458, Compeq CT-1958, Conrac 7214, Conrac 7250, Cordata CMC-1500BF, Eizo 9060S, Fora MON-7C5, HP1755 and HP1955 LCD displays,  Idek/Iiyama MF-5014A, Idek/Iiyama MF-5015A, KFC Computek CH-14, Link Computer CE-8, MAG Technology PMV-14AC/plus, MAG Technology PMV-1531, Microvitec 1020/SP, Microvitec 1020LP, Microvitec 2012/LP, Microvitec 2019/SP, Microvitec 604/FST, Microvitec 704/FST, Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 29 (XC2930), Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 20M (HC3925), Mitsubishi LVP-X300 Projector (LVP-X300), Mitsubishi MegaView 29 (AM2752), Mitsubishi MegaView 37 Plus (XC3717), Mitsubishi MegaView 37 (XC3716), Mitsubishi MegaView Pro 37 (XC3730), Mitsubishi The Big Easy 1281 (VS1281), Mitsubishi VS1280 Projector, Modgraph MG-3200, Monitronix MX-200MC, Nanao 9060S, NEC Multi Sync 2A - 2V - 3D - 3Ds, NEC Multi Sync LT80, NEC Multi Sync MT810, NEC Multi Sync MT1000, Princeton MAX-15, Princeton MultiView, Princeton MultiView II, Samsung CT-4581, Samsung MF-4771, Tatung MM-1295, TTX 3436AG, TVM MG-11, TVM SuperSync 3+, ViewSonic PJ800, ViewSonic PJL1005

Portfolio 6 foot Null Modem Cable (DB9F to DB25F). For use with Portfolio Serial Interface to PC Computer Modem port transfer. HPC-409  Sold Out 

Page 191 Atari 6 ft Paddle / Joystick / Trackball (fully wired) Extension cable CB101217-6  $9.95

Atari 10 ft and 20 ft Joystick and Paddle Extension cable, Corrected to Joystick only Extension Cable CB101217-10 $6 and CB101217-20 $8.00

Atari 3 to 15 ft fully wired Joystick / Paddle coiled cable.  CB101218 $15.00

Atari 5200 and XE Game system 12 foot Extension cable CB101201-12 Sold Out

Page 192  Atari 5 pin R/A female video / ST Midi connector CO14388 $2.50

Atari 7 pin Male cable connector CB101063 $2.50

Atari 2600 / 2600A / 2600JR, most Atari products DB-9 Male right angle connector.  FK100307 / CO19062 $1.50 each

13 Pin Right Angle Atari I/O Receptacle CO12995 $12.95  Limit 1

13 Pin Right Angle Atari I/O Receptacle, solder pull off New Atari PCB board CO12995-SP $8.95  Limit 1

13 Pin Female SIO cable connector CB101272 $8.95

13 Pin ST Female cable connector CB101274  Sold Out

Page 193 16/16 Double sided Header with Gold Plated Pins for the Wizztronics 256K board.  CB101071  $2.50

Atari 600XL / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine 24 pin Keyboard Mylar Pinch connector.  CO61793  $9.95

Atari 400 / 800 / 600XL / 800XL / XE Game vertical mounting 30 pin female connector CO14389 $3.50

40 pin 520ST / 1040ST / STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT / Stacy / Falcon right angle ST Cartridge connector.  CB101494 $9.95

40 pin 520ST / 1040ST / STE / Mega / MegaSTE / TT / Stacy / Falcon right angle ST Cartridge connector tested "Solder Pull".  CB101494P $4.95

Page 194  CO10444D UM6525N US ("TIA" 2600/2600A/2600Jr/7800) $25.95  Limit 1

CO11903 UM6525P PAL ("TIA" 2600/2600A/2600Jr/7800) $11.50

CO10750  6532 I.C. $10.00

CO12294 / 137430 Atari Pokey chip $20.00  Limit 1

Page 195  Was: (XF551 8050 MPU) See CB101303 8040 MPU.   Corrected to: (XF551 8050 MPU) See CB101393 8040 MPU.

Mega 1  /2 / 4 64 pin female Internal buss connector CB101854 Sold Out

CO20120  FGTIA, this PAL GTIA chip will only work / run on Atari SECAM version XL / XE Computers  $15.95

CO24947A  "C" Basic chip  Sold Out

Atari 7800 OS Chip CO24922 $19.95

CO61720 1400/1450 Speech SC01 chip Sold Out

C398081  DP8516 TT 44 pin PLCC)  Sold Out

Page 197 C398056 MF4-100 (STE/MegaSTE/TT) Sold Out

Was C302824 (DAC, Falcon SMT) .. $12.00 Now C302824 (STV8438 DAC, Falcon SMT).. $12.00

Page 198 Atari MegaSTE / TT SMT PLCC DMA chip C398789 $55  Limit one!

SC414200AT Jaguar and Atari Arcade motherboards 2nd Generation CPU Chip.

  Not interchangeable with 1st Generation Jag chips $45.00


SC414201FT Jaguar and Atari Arcade motherboards 2nd Generation DSP Chip.

  Not interchangeable with 1st Generation Jag chips $45.00

Page 199 Transistors STA303A FC100393 Sold Out

2N6044 Transistor $2.00

Page 200 Linear Series MF4-100 (STE/MegaSTE/TT) Sold Out

6502B (400/800) CO14377  $6.95 

Page 201  8 Pin Solder Tail Sockets, typical 20 per tube.  CB101358   $.12 each

Page 203  3.57945 Crystal  CO10177 / CO61090 / CO70759  $1.50

25.593906  Mhz Oscillator  Sold Out

CO70034  14.1876 or 14.1875 Crystal $1.50

2.0 MHZ Oscillator is now 2.048 Mhz Oscillator $1.95

Page 207  74LS00  .20 each

74LS04 .29 each

Atari 32.084988 CO70176 Falcon crystal corrected to Atari part number C398097  $10.00

Atari 32.215905 C398097 (STE / MegaSTE / TT) Oscillator corrected to Atari part number C398068  $10.00

Page 209  4164 Ram Chip CO60612 $2.50

4464 Ram Chip C101685 $3.50

41256 Ram Chip CO25991 $3.75

Page 210  Atari 1040STE, MegaSTE 1 meg 30 pin SIMM.  CB101630 $15.00

Page 211  Atari .6 to 1.2 Mh Variable orange / red Inductor (Sound Circuit, 400, 800, 2600, 2600A, 5200, 7800 CO14384  $1.50

Page 226 Now Based on USPS rates Effective January 21, 2018

There is a 1.5% Finance Charge on outstanding Invoices/Accounts per month

Future Best Rev. 10 All Atari Catalog addendum updates

Since the Best Rev. 10 All Atari catalog was 1st published, we have been maintaining the Rev. 10 Catalog addendums / updates on two different platforms / software programs, that are not compatiable for ease of interchanging data / updates.  So we would have to input changes in one software program (print it out) and do a second updates / changes to the addendum at the Best Web site.  The busier we got at Best Electronics, it was getting harder and harder to maintain and to keep both version Catalog addendums in sync and up to date.  The last printed version of the Best Rev. 10 Catalog addendum (supplied with all new Best Rev. 10 Catalogs) was close to 9 months old.  So in an effort to get Best Catalog owners the most current and up to date Best Rev. 10 catalog addendum, all future catalog addendums will only be only posted at the Best Web site for quick and easy down loads.  This will also save the 8 to 10 cases of paper to print out the Best Catalog addendums only for an average year.

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Phone: 408-278-1070 (1:30 - 5 PM, PST, M - F)

Current Pacific Standard Time is:

Via E-Mail: bestelec@concentric.net

Because of the big volume of Spam E-Mails we receive everyday, we had to install E-Mail Spam filters on our server.  When sending an E-Mail to Best, Please put the word "Atari", Atari item or Atari part number, Atari Question or Atari Sales inquiry in the Subject line.  E-Mails with the typical Spam subject matter like: Urgent, Must read, Regarding, FWD, HTML Code, Blank subject line (RE:) or other SPAM E-Mail Subject lines you receive, will be automatically deleted on our E-Mail Server and never reach us.

After sending your E-Mail to us, if you do not hear back from us within a day or less, please resend your E-Mail inquiry with a different Subject matter information or from a different E-Mail address.  We do 100% respond to every Atari E-Mail we receive.  But sometimes Spam Filters on your Internet Service Provider or your own personal E-Mail Spam software filter you have installed may delete or send our return Atari E-Mail to your Trash can.